I came up with an original concept that I termed “Mind-War,” and “mind weaponization” and wrote a few articles about it last winter.

Since then the concept has served me well, and I am gradually finding ways to describe it.

The first concept of Mind-Weaponization is its energy source.  Every weapon needs a fuel or a propellant of some sort.  This propellant is what the enemy has defined as “hate.”  It can be more accurately be described as “a strong negative reaction to social conditions.”

Hate is actually universal; it just depends if its turned outward or inward, or spun in circles, in which case it’s turned into fuel, just like uranium in a centrifuge.

Hate turned inward is overeating, heavy drinking, drugs.  Anything to numb the pain of the burning hate.

Hate turned outward is what the enemy is projecting in using the term to describe us — attacking others.  Of course in multicultural America there’s plenty of hate turned outward against Whites.

Hate spun in a centrifuge is “jihad energy.”  You can make a “hate centrifuge” in your stomach by practicing Falun Gong, which means “wheel work.”  Specifically, the wheel in your abdomen.  Here’s the link to the free .wmv file, get the 65 MB All 5 in Succession video:


The big secret of this practice is to do isometrics at the extremes of the movements, that is, push as hard as you can, and try to pull your chest as far apart as you can.  This will make you physically strong in ways that weight lifting cannot as well.  And there’s a lot of movements that go from a slight squat, to getting up on your toes.  You play with gravity a lot, which is of course how you make the centrifuge.

A lot of people I have known in the movement have said that they have to turn away from it periodically, because it’s emotionally draining.  The choice is to drown the hate in liquor, or do a James Von Brunn.

The third choice, the only sustainable choice, is to weaponize the hate into a highly enriched fuel, and use that fuel to learn foreign languages, math, and science and do a one-man business operation.  When enough of us accomplish these things, we can form a Diaspora and begin to work as an ethnic bloc that is separate from the official “white” anti-white System.

The non-white and/or leftist intellectuals claim that the governments and the “system” overall is “white.”  This is their reasoning as to why Whites are not supposed to have our own ethnic organizations — the System supposedly is “our” organization.  Nonsense, of course.  White nationalists were massively opposed to the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures, to name just one sharp distinction.

Niall Ferguson’s two volume “The House of Rothschild” can be read as a manual for creating a Diaspora.  Rothschild children were raised to be multilingual since the first generation of the “house” in the early 1800’s.  Tribalism, patriarchalism (only the sons inherited control over the house, though daughters inherited a lot of money), secrecy, and ethnic networking were all weapons of this “house.”

When comparing peoples or nations, those with a Culture of Learning are always coming out on top.  Modern white Americans have a very strong streak of anti-intellectualism, and as a direct result, a large percentage are fat, broke and helpless . . . and going to race-mixing.

Our number 1 priority is to re-establish a Culture of Learning, and root out anti-intellectualism.  The intellect is the source of RAW POWER.  The Rothschilds knew it, the Chinese know it.  The television disarmed us of this source of raw power.

Re-establishing the Culture of Learning (starting with oneself), and turning “hate” into fuel, are the first steps towards re-arming for the Mind-War.

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