Review of Invictus

Clint Eastwood’s latest attempt to school America on racial issues takes place at the very moment in history that South Africa went to the dogs. To contrast the struggle between White and Black South Africa, we see a White rugby coach watch Mandela being escorted from imprisonment declare “This is the day our country went to the dogs.” Shortly thereafter, we hear a clip of the global media declaring “This is the day the world has been waiting for!”

While the two lines were intended to contrast the two sides of the struggle, to understand this historical event is to understand that the lines don’t really contradict one another: the world had been waiting for South Africa to go to the dogs. Every government in the world had submitted to the global imperative of replacing Whites except for one, the “skunk of the world”, South Africa.

The world did everything it could to abet Black Africa’s tribal agenda, including boycotts, embargoes, and agitprop to turn the entire world against the beleaguered White regime. But it’s a waste of time and energy to try to defeat Whites on their own martial and mercantile terms. All one needs to do to drive White nations into the sea is pretend that you’re not trying to do so. Then they’ll, like the mythical lemmings, drive themselves into the sea.

InvictusAll you need is a Judas Goat like Nelson Mandela or one of David Axelrod’s fabrications to persuade them that you’re transcending your own racial and tribal concerns, and Whites’ altruistic instincts will do the work for you. In hindsight, it’s obvious to anybody observing South Africa that this was an elaborate ruse, and that the Blacks never seriously hoped for or worked toward manifesting all that “rainbow nation” bullshit.

But who’s observing South Africa? Nobody. That’d be a real downer. The Apartheid villains were defeated and THEN THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

And that’s what’s the most despicable thing about Invictus. Throughout the movie, impotent, mean-spirited, hateful Archie Bunker types barked what the movie dismissed as misguided canards. One White guy angrily objected, “Look at Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They’re going to take our jobs and drive us into the sea!”

Every single thing these reactive bigots predicted proved spot on, of course. And I assumed until I saw the closing credits that Clint Eastwood would attempt in some way to square the circle. It was only later in the afternoon that I remembered what I keep forgetting, that facts don’t matter to these people. What matters is projecting themselves as victorious, intelligent, attractive, and high status.

Earlier racial parables from the mainstream media no longer work that well. Gone are the days of the Black wheelchair-bound rocket scientist of the 80’s or the tedious finger-wagging  Pocahontas cartoon of the 90’s. The newer ones, like Gran Torino, The Blind Side, and Invictus largely drop the guilt shtick in favor of pity. Ditch your own family and adopt a struggling Black one. Leave your own womb barren and abet another woman’s fecundity. Abandon the nation you and your forefathers raised up from the wilderness and gift it to the sullen foreigners in your midst.

And then they will all live happily ever after.

Happily Ever After

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  1. I have hit the wall, politically-speaking. I have bene MIA, due to a rather pleasant event in my personal life. But form a White Perspective?

    What a nightmare.

    I resent the Whit Schmoos more than any-one else on Earth. The White masses, who flatter themsleves that they are “good and viryous, for actively participating in the whoelsale extermination of thier own kind have led me to a place…I…..don’t care to be in.

    I used to try to get the word out – but I’m giving up. I thought I was getting through to people, because the people I dealt with largely agreed with me. However – there is a second wall, behind the one I thought I broke through. It’s a kind of passivity/blind hope wall. I don’t know what to call it. An obsidian refusal by “mainstream” Whites to do one little thing about what they know is happening. They still seme to beleive that “the elections of 2012 will flush out the bad guys” – and “We will take our country back/we are all in this together -and IT’S NOT ABOUT RACE NO IT’S NOT TV AND GLENN BECK SAYS SO!!!! I KNOW A GOOD ONE!!!!”

    It’s hopeless.

    They want to disappear.

    For those of us that don’t – we need to keep our heads down, and just try to survive. This may take decades. Or it may not work at all. We are fast becoming Rhodesia.

  2. Denise,

    Don’t lose faith, sister!

    When you allow their cynical decisions to remain silent silence yourself, you’re lowering yourself to their level. Don’t think for a minute that it’s about them. It’s about our forefathers and the birthright they entrusted you to preserve at all costs. It’s about future generations who won’t be decadent and self-destructive. It’s also about your comrades who are awake, who are fighting alongside you.

    For the love of God, do NOT do this for the sheeple masses around you or the despair will break you.

    We may well lose. I can’t promise victory. But I would rather suffer humiliation, poverty, defeat, or even death before I would silence myself or submit to the steady and methodical destruction of everything worth living for in this fallen world. Throughout history, men and women who were apparently cornered have rallied to victory. Throughout history, crushing defeats of courageous men and women have stirred other men and women to rise up and avenge them.

    Hang in there.

  3. Don’t get bummed out, Denise. I know how you feel.

    Focus your resources (time, energy, money) into productive activities. These include gardening, food storage, exercise, firearms training, and the like. If we’re “fast becoming Rhodesia,” which I agree we are, why not be ready?

    It’s going to be hell, but it’s a hell I can’t wait to witness . . .


    Denise I hear you sister. One of our main challenges is getting our people off the brainwashing that is the Idiot Box.

    Not long ago I watched a group of White tourists from the Heartland in Times Square, New York City. They were lined up looking into a glass window of a TV studio and waving to get a few seconds on TV.

    TV used to be an amazing technology that awed the masses. Now? Anyone with fifteen dollars can get a webcam and post a video online.

    Why is it still so enthralling to people? It makes no sense. It’s just a video camera. Anyone can do it.

    I watched an outdoor performance of Glenn Beck outside the FOX News studio in Manhattan. The whole show is staged by liberal New Yorkers, and they hold their audience in complete contempt.

    Yet the heartland rubes still eat it up. What can be done about this?

    • “Yet the heartland rubes still eat it up. What can be done about this?”

      Not much, without control of the mass media.

      To paraphrase David Lane, the White masses are despicable. They currently hate us. But, if we had control of the media for just twenty-four hours, they would love us.

      It’s unlikely, however, that White nationalists will take control of the media anytime soon. This is why I think quality over quantity is a better strategy. We Whites who are aware of what’s happening need to prepare ourselves to weather the storm instead of fretting over the negro-worshipping White masses.

  5. I remember reading a few years ago that the SA national rugby team had some kind of affirmative action policy where by they had to have some black players even though by merit, there would be no black players.

    • Yes, there need to be at least three black players on the field at all times. This was decided by the government. The White rugby establishment was strongly opposed to this.

      This also applies to our Provincial domestic rugby (our equivalent of your NFL roughly).

      There is at least one coloured player who would make the Springboks on merit Bryan Habana.

      I am WN and would not select Habana because I believe in segregation, but I would acknowledge he is one of the best wings in the world.

      There are a large and growing number of South African who play rugby overseas. I know for a fact some have played for Australia, New Zealand, France, England, Ireland and Italy

  6. I can understand, Denise. It causes so many problems for us.

    yesterday I was arrested at a protest in Woodstock, IL against the illegal immigrant march and vigil at the ICE center here. My sons and I were the only 3 there holding signs against their advocacy of illegality. Since we were the only ones there, we became targets. We had no idea there was any spot reserved for counter-protestors. As soon as we took out our signs, several police converged on us and told us to go (apparently to the spot for counter-protestors but I did not know that). I told my kids who had started walking away immediately to stop because I wanted them to stay with me and I thought I had a right to be there. Before I could say anything more, before I knew what was happening, they were handcuffing me. See the picture here:
    Mine is the last picture of the bunch — picture 20.
    AFTER I was handcuffed, they explained all about how I needed to stand in a specific spot, etc and why — which would have helped immensely BEFORE they attacked and arrested me. I did nothing disruptive or wrong, and it is pretty strange that they arrested basically the ONLY counter-protestor for no good reason. I was made an example. They could do that because there was not a lot of counter-protestors (I think maybe 5 total — ours were the only 3 signs). The crowd of 1-200 protestors cheered when they handcuffed me. Our signs were pretty benign, said things like “What is wrong with THEIR country ?” and “God Bless Arizona”, and “Why is the church taking sides AGAINST the USA?” (it was church-sponsored!).

    Anyway, it makes it 10 times as hard when you feel alone, when everyone is scared to stand up for themselves. I sat in jail for 3 hours. I have a court date. It is depressing. Why doesn’t anyone show up for this stuff? I get discouraged too! But we have to remember how important this is. I truly believe there is no cause more important than saving my people and their culture of freedom, individualism, truth, creativity, and industriousness that characterises us. I think the future of the world depends on us, and ALL the evidence says so too. Our genocide is not a good thing, and the churches should certainly not advocate it–and replacing us with some of the most corrupt people, who demonstate little of the qualities that make them want to come HERE ironically! Keep up the fight.

    • Steve, my sympathies are with you. That was a stupid and very despicable act by the police, period. To do that to a fellow citizen in front of his kids is pretty damned low. Remember that slight the next time they try to solicit you for donations to their police funds, or anything else they do. Yes indeed, where were the supposed patriotards and the ‘American Legion’ to “stand up for America”?? Anglo America is rotting from within, and I commend you for your genuine patriotic efforts to protest this fact.

      It is common knowledge in many areas that are financially broke, that the local police, the state patrol, and even the sheriff’s deputies are out trying to write traffic citations to generate revenue. Now that the tax base went to China, Mexico, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and Israel, they are desperate for money. So, every arrest that they make, generates money for them through the courts. The system is now cannibalizing itself, and it’s somnolent citizens through any tax or fine that they can scheme up.

  7. Denise,

    Don’t give up! Multiculturalism has just about run its course, because the multicult exists on government funding and government ENFORCEMENT. That’s why the libs freaked out at Rand Paul — OF COURSE they need laws against White free association! WIthout enforcement of multiculturalism, the “ebil white raziss will come out of the woodwork and discriminate like there’s no tomorrow. White only businesses will thrive! The horrors!”

    Bloggers post what they claim to be the “scariest economic chart” or the ”chart of the century.” Indeed, many data sets are frightening, but none more so than the one to the left. Modern government has failed. These countries are insolvent and will default.

    Jagadeesh Gokhale compiled these figures on European debt. This data shows incontrovertibly that all western democracies are on death row. The unlimited welfare state is the cause. Some governments are delusional, believing they can continue on their present paths. Others cling irrationally to hopes of some miraculous reprieve. All are dead men walking.

    Government has always been inefficient and mostly ineffective. For most of history that was inconsequential, because governments had limited roles. Monarchies and various forms of authoritarianism had no reason to buy votes. That changed when participative government was instituted. The dangers of participative government devolving into democracy were well understood:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. From that time on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.” – Alexander Fraser Tytler, 18th century Historian and Jurist

    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” – John Adam

    The US is insolvent. Mathematically, it is impossible to service the obligations without defaults. It is highly improbable that inflation can solve the problem, although that will probably be tried. Europe is in a worse condition. Japan, not shown, is in a similar state.

    In the US, the numbers are even worse than they appear. Gimmickry extends beyond accounting. For a sampling, see “Government is 79% of the Economy.” In addition, more than unfunded entitlements are unaccounted for. Per the Wall Street Journal:

    The bigger issue is that all of Fan[nie] and Fred[ie]’s liabilities, whether kept inside the companies or hidden in a dark corner of the Treasury, are now Uncle Sam’s responsibility. Moving their bad assets into a new Baddie Mae would only preserve the fiction that there is a difference between the government’s obligations and those of Fan and Fred. Not even Barney Frank could believe that any more.

    Proper accounting for Fannie and Freddie would add over $5 Trillion of additional government debt. That would raise the debt obligation of the US government to $18 Trillion, well above the 90% of GDP that Reinhart and Rogoff consider critical.

    The welfare state, a relatively recent historical concept, has failed miserably all around the world. The inability of politicians to say no or not play Santa Claus appears to be universal. It has every welfare state headed for bankruptcy. It is unlikely that politicians will act to head off this problem, but markets will eventually put these states out of their misery. Unfortunately, more damage will be done while we await markets to ring the bell that tolls for the welfare state.

    It is ironic that the first democracy, Greece, may also be the first casualty. But then, they went through this process before, eons ago.

    Monty Pelerin published an earlier version of this article on PajamasMedia.

  8. Like anyone else I always loved Clint Eastwood, so it pains me a lot to see him doing conformist dreck like that (and also see the guy who once dated a woman like Sondra Locke now being married to some horrible Japanese-Black hybrid). Thinking of “Letters from Iwo Jima”, he could do much better. If there ever will be a fair movie doing for the German p.o.v. of WWII what this one did for the Japanese, he should be the one to direct it. But I guess he is too old by now, and Spielberg will provide such a movie will ever be made.

    That being said, I enjoyed “Gran Torino” a lot. Though Eastwood’s character finally and predictably loses most of his “prejudices” (I can accept that in the context of the movie’s plot – there is nothing wrong with obtaining friendships with decent folks of other races), it portrays multi-cultural society as criminal, violent, chaotic and vibrating with racial tensions. As in “Dirty Harry” only counterviolence and a pointed gun help here. Watch the scene where the Hmong girl walks along with a “wiggerified” white boy in Hip-Hop-outfit when they get threatened by a black/latino gang. The white boy proves to be a pure milquetoast douchebag, only raising the gang leader’s contempt and inviting even more aggression when he tries to chum up by calling him “Bro”. As things get more nasty, Eastwood enters the scene and shows him how these matters are being settled.

    As for the main character’s stubborn misanthropy and his clinging to American Old-School-values, the movie is completely on his side. The film also emphasizes traditional masculinity and a man’s right to act or talk “politically incorrect” and “racist” if he pleases to do so.

    Now I think the most important political point of the movie is this: Kowalski /Eastwood is being abandoned by his own family who thinks of him as some reactionary dinosaur. He is isolated and unable to communicate with them. The Hmong neighbour family is far more conservative and traditional than his own; at one point he realizes, to his own shock, that he has got more in common with them than with his own family. It is the Hmong boy that learns and accepts Kowalski’s lessons of masculinity and self-respect. So he is the one that finally inherits the Gran Torino and carries on Kowalski’s tradition. The movie seems to say: if white Americans themselves abandon and despise their own traditions given by their fathers and grandfathers, all they have inherited will be passed over to someone else, and even deservedly so. And that is actually what is happening in Obama’s America. White self-abandonment is probably the biggest problem today.

  9. Most white people i know, even if they whole-heartedly agree with our position and know the score, absolutely will not miss a single minute of work to protest, etc. The work ethic thing, while good in many respects, is so ingrained in their hearts and minds that they will not budge.
    This sucks but it’s a fact…
    I’ve suggested to many people many times that we can bring these fuckers to their knees if we have an All-the-white-guys-in-america-call-in-sick-at-the-same-time Day (or preferably Week) ‘uh, sorry boss, i bought a taco at a stand run by an illegal alien last night and i think i have food poisoning…i wont be in today’…in the first 5 minutes, there would be brokers jumpin off the highest buildings and all of the Goldmans would be hanging themselves by their Sachs. This would be more devastating to the enemy than all of the protests and target-specific boycotts in the world. Also, refuse to buy ANY christmas presents in November (say no to black friday…we can have a white friday instead)!!!

    ps Denise, don’t give up!

    • “absolutely will not miss a single minute of work to protest, etc. The work ethic thing, while good in many respects, is so ingrained in their hearts and minds that they will not budge.”

      Not to whine, but some of us are holding on by our nails – we literally are so focused on remaining valuable to our employer, we cannot risk the time to get arrested protesting the NWO and dispossession. There is a dichotomy we don’t spend much time upon: Public vs. Private spheres. Public employees cost twice as much as a private – it used to be the opposite. Furthermore, I’ve never heard of a public employee getting fired, whereas it happens all of the time in the private arena. Also, it is no secret that government has been aggressively hiring during this depression, while jobs traditionally held by white, male breadwinners, have been shredded at a rapid clip, many of which will never return. The tax feeder jobs now are charged with regulating, leeching, and blighting the private sphere. In the world run by whites for whites, there wouldn’t be such bullshit jobs like “human resources” and “compliance officer,” nor would we have paramilitary law enforcement. We would have “protect and serve” police officers. What a joke… on us.

      Stay strong Denise, and others, for the die is cast. Warfare/Welfare is going down, big time. The coffers are drained for generations to come. South Africa never had to contend with 200 million whites who have been lied to their whole lives and sold such a preposterous bill of goods. We are just the top 1% of “early-swallowers” of the red pill.

      If you need to get out and start waking comrades, remember the rules:

      Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.
      Never go outside the experience of your people.
      Wherever possible go outside the experience of the enemy.
      Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.
      Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.
      A good tactic is one your people enjoy.
      A tactic that drags on too long is a drag.
      Keep the pressure on.
      The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.
      The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.
      If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counter side.
      The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.
      Pick the target, freeze it, personalize and polarize it.

  10. Had South Africa taken preventative measures against the Jews they wouldn’t be the rape capital of the world today.

  11. Eastwood’s movies have always been racially pc — with the exception the Outlaw Josey Wales, and it on closer inspection probably is too. In the spaghetti westerns practically the entire west was populated with dirty, dishonest, bushwhakkin polecats, except for the non whites and Eastwood’s character.

  12. Two different South Africans took down two versions of South Africa sucks due to people telling the truth about the Jewish influence behind the fall of Rhodesia and South Africa both.
    Odd that people would not want to be informed, or rather have OTHERS informed.
    If you don’t know where the punches are coming from how can you fight back?
    However if that is what the average SA White thinks then they are welcome to it, fighting symptoms rather than CAUSE.
    Same thing happened here and in rest of West
    Dr Macdonald

  13. Denise,

    Sometimes it is necessary to get away from the spiritual kali yuga that is our society. Communing with nature works for me. Get a pocket book on your local bird life, a nice compact pair of binoculars, and walk somewhere beautiful and identify birds. Keep track of which ones you happen to see and then research their habits later that day. Get to know your local bird life. Plant identification is fun too. Take a course in plant i.d at your local community college. Or just walk. I find walking up hills in nature to be good exercise, and I always feel great when I’m done.

  14. The novel upon which “The Outlaw Joses Wales” was based was written by a KKK-member who posed as an Indian and was very fond and knowledgeable of Indian culture. I can understand fascination and respect for Indians. In the Eastwood film I liked the idea of an Indian and a Southerner joining against the treacherous yanks. What I find especially appealing about the film is that Josey Wales is an outlaw only because the values of the world he lives in have turned upward down, so righteous and courageous men are outlawed while the villains are running the law. Much as today, no?

    In Spaghetti Westerns, EVERYBODY was tainted, ugly, greedy, violent, corrupt and grey-shaded, some more, some less, including non-whites and Eastwood’s characters.

  15. Petronius says:
    May 24, 2010 at 12:43 pm
    >Like anyone else I always loved Clint Eastwood….That being said, I >enjoyed “Gran Torino” a lot. Though Eastwood’s character finally and >predictably loses most of his “prejudices” (I can accept that in the context >of the movie’s plot.

    Petronious – like most anyone else in blanko White America has some bad habits to break, some mind conditioning to get out, away from.

    This one you have here is a rather common addiction, condition for White Americans.

    It’s the:

    “I despise PC Liberals in Hollywood, so I will swallow hook, line and sinker any supposedly Right Wing movie, actor that looks tough, “pro American”, “pro military”, “pro Western” etc.

    This is the same game the cursed Jewish Neo Conservatives do to our people – they put out the lie that there are only two choices and one is “those gosh darn liberal Democrats, who hate America, who are pussies so we should support George Dubya Bush, the Iraq War, the Weekly Standard, National Review, David Frum, AIPAC etc.

    Petronius, Grand Torino is one of the worst, most blatantly anti White movies ever made. The theme is older White Americans who once served honorably in combat, who had good jobs in the auto industry, who lived in the time when White America was a good place should completely disown their own White family, their children, their grand children as hopeless, worthless and instead embrace third world immigrants of color, in this case Laotian Hmong – because only these non White Third World immigrants can renew America, only these non White immigrants have any chance of living a positive, American life.

    What the $*$&%(*#!

    What doesn’t the Clint Eastwood character embrace some White kid getting terrorized by Blacks, or getting passed over at school by these low life Asians?

    Grand Torino is pure anti White propaganda, but it’s hidden in some lying “pro American patriotic immigrant” disguise – the Catholic priest is for once supposed to be a good guy…. just good to Whites, kind of like the new pro Mexican LA Catholic church.

    I want to puke!

    And I have just see the adverts for Eastwood’s other PC “feel good movie” about the South African White Rugby team that embraces Nelson Mandela and the new, non RACIST South Africa….

    Here’s hoping Clint Eastwood and his Right Wing Conservative, anti White, non racist fans get to experience the New South Africa and experience what Amy Biehl experienced!

  16. I haven’t bothered with an Eastwood flick since the Dirty Harry series. From movie to movie, you can see how the Hollywood Jews got to and literally tamed him: money, awards, and all that. Same with most of the “Conservative” politicians and SC appointees. Once in DC, they are broken and controlled by the Jew$$$ and Jew-media. WNs cannot “secede” from these power-structures; they must first be destroyed.

  17. Like Eastwood, Damon has strayed. Some here may consider Matt Damon’s wife to be “white” but I say it’s miscegenation.

    I don’t see how anyone could consider her to be “white.” She’s clearly hispanic. Apparently from Argentina according to Damon’s Wiki page. She’s obviously a mestizoid of some kind, with amerind, bantu, semite, and lord knows what else in there.

  18. We don’t know her origins. Maybe she is OK, just dark European. Lets leave it at that.

    What really damns Damon is this, from wikipedia:

    “Damon narrated the audiobook version of historian Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States”

    Oh dear.

    He can hardly say he needed the money, can he.

  19. V V V– re:

    Thanks, I just commented there once, no other connection to them.

    I think its an idea thats really worth pursuing. Whats needed is a systematic look at TV, movies etc. The one comment I made there was relevant to this. We can point to an episode of Law & Order and point out how unlikely the demographics of offender and victim are. And a typical leftists/liberal/whatever will say “So what? It just happened to a be white on black rape in that episode, its a one-off” ie not like every other episode.

    Its that “just happened to be”, thats the weasel phrase. Because no actor “just happened to be” black or white and no way on earth did some actor “just happened to be” cast in a role, never mind on the basis of race. (except very minor extras – maybe)

    If we could point to an annotated list of reviews of every single episode screened. Then our liberal friend has got nowhere to run, the unliklihood of the scenarios presented is really highlighted.

    Ive heard it said that many L&O plots are taken from real crime stories. It “just happens to be” that the writers tend to have non-white offenders become white offenders and white victims become non-white victims.

    A list should include any known instances of this, comparing the real story with the TV one. Again trends in switching offender/victim dynamics would then be noticible. Nowhere to hide again.

    We suspect this goes on, lets face it, we know it goes on. But evidence would be great.

    The trick for any liberal is concentrate on the particular, this TV show, that movie. If we can show that any comparable show or movie he can think of has the same bias, then he’s got nothing.

  20. Tangent: if WNs want some real-world leadership, check out Richard Spencer’s “Is the GOP Becoming More Badass” at alternativeright. com. Focus is on embedded ad by Dale Petersen, running for state office in Alabama. HW probably knows about this remarkable individual.

  21. @Jack Ryan

    I disagree, I do not regard “Gran Torino” as “blatantly anti-white”. It’s a bit more complex than that, as I have tried to point out. But certainly there is a message such as “old (white) Americans are dying out” and “new ones are about to carry on the torch” to it. There may be also some soothing element about it so Clint’s fans don’t get pissed off, like “yeah, sure, those old school Frontier Republican army veteran flag- & gunwaving hardworking white American men were great, we wont piss on them and acknowledge all that, but they had their time and their days are over…” To make the goodbye to Old America taste sweeter, see the “sunny side” of resignation so to speak. That is terrible of course.

    But as I said, there is one aspect of the movie that should be kept in focus: that this ethnic take-over happens because Whites refuse and despise to carry on the torch given to them by their fathers and grandfathers. It is their own desertion and cowardliness that makes this development possible. A film like this is more like a symptom rather than propaganda. Certainly I’d rather want to see a film as you have suggested, Clint telling the wiggerified boys to man it up, drop the Ghetto outfit, realise who their “bros” are and who aren’t, and fight back… we will never see that I’m afraid.

  22. “Certainly I’d rather want to see a film as you have suggested, Clint telling the wiggerified boys to man it up, drop the Ghetto outfit, realise who their “bros” are and who aren’t, and fight back… we will never see that I’m afraid.”

    But he DID say that, basically.

    [to the kid]: Shut up, pussy. These people don’t want to be your “bro” and I don’t blame ’em

    I think that got the point across, and is one of the reasons I liked the movie.

  23. Anything I’ve ever heard of read about the Hmong is that they are nasty, aggressive and hateful. Sort of like the Puerto Ricans of Asia.

  24. Petronius says:
    >There may be also some soothing element about it so Clint’s fans don’t get >pissed off.

    The “soothing” element you speak of is a terrible narcotic poison to make frustrated White Americans “feel good”… for a few moments.

    For those of us who know the score, we must take a firm line:
    Don’t take the Hollywood anti White poison. You would be better off drinking “Cool-Aid” at the Rev. Jim Jones Peoples Temple in Guyana. At least the Cyanide/Cool Aid death is swift – with anti White Hollywood it’s slow torture.

    #*%&#$* anti White Hollywood!

    Sure, occasionally some OK movie manages to sneak through the system,
    but the same could be said about the Soviet Union during the Jew terror period of the 20s and 30s.

    Though I am not a violent person, I have no problem challenging Islamic fundamentalists, Islamic extremist to dare “try something” against the most powerful, corrupt force in the United States:

    Hollywood – the mainstream media.

    If I still lived in Southern California I would enjoy standing outside the Academy Awards with big target signs saying:

    “Hey Muslims”

  25. Anything I’ve ever heard of read about the Hmong is that they are nasty, aggressive and hateful.

    Do you remember the Hmong hunter that murdered all those Whites over a trespassing dispute? Further the Hmong community defended him and even gloated about it, saying maybe Whites have learned a lesson.

  26. Further the Hmong community defended him and even gloated about it, saying maybe Whites have learned a lesson.

    I’m sure some of them have – but possibly not the one the Hmong were hoping for.

  27. There is a message you and many others like yourself who have not made a change of heart; but continue looking at all attempts of spreading love and tolerance by showing mankind where we have been, so we do not make that same mistake again, continually pick apart and find fault.

    Did you watch the Ten Commandments? Are you claiming that is bring up old issues of war between the Egyptians and the Children of Abraham?

    You attitude is what keeps the fires burning in the Middle-East and causes wars and hatred. So, next time before you blame a movie, take a good hard look at your own soul.

    Walter D. Wright

  28. Clint Eastwood is the final great American film star that has not let all he has completed go to his head. You possibly can at all times say that I want there was more to honor him with but he in all probability wouldn’t like that.

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