VDARE on Fox: Overton Window Just Took a Flying Leap in Our Direction

I don’t know if Fox News has ever promoted VDARE before. It sure would have helped if they had done so years ago.  VDARE is an excellent gateway to HBD and the JQ, and the whole question of the White race as an accepted social identity.

Now it has, and millions of Tea Partiers will be channeled in our direction. The Loony anti-white Left will really pitch a hissy fit now.

What’s most interesting to me is to see my prediction about “the death of outrage,” to come true. Back in the 1990’s, I remember picking up the term “death of outrage” coined by Judge Robert Bork. I knew leftist types on my college campus who were all in favor of the death of outrage and “anything goes,” and “if it feels good do it.” At the same time, they were politically correct enforcers. I said to them that the death of outrage means they won’t be able to get people hopped up as much over their hobby horses such as “racism.” In destroying the very mechanism of outrage, they undermine the long term prospects of their influence.

Now it’s coming true. Libs are freaking out about Rand Paul. They’ll definitely go nuts about this particular tidbit. And it’s all a big yawn. After all, we have bailouts, gay marriage, open borders, and we’re not supposed to be outraged at these things. So it’s going to be pretty hard to get more than a small minority charged up about the appearance of Allen Wall on Fox and Friends, and even a verbal reference to the VDARE link on the web site! Yeeee Haaa!


  1. The Fox & Friends 24 May interview of Allan Wall is no longer available in YouTube.

    P.S. I cannot open VDARE (another hacked website)?

  2. White identity is a like the brain recovering from severe damage. Right now we’re relearning how to talk.

  3. Speaking of relearning how to talk, I need to proofread my comments before posting them, or not comment from my iPhoneTM. I see OD as a churning idea machine firing off ideas that may or may not get picked up by media outlets one level more mainstream than OD is, and that process can bubble up all the way to the MSM.

  4. Well, its nice to see some of that money from ‘VDonate’ being put to good use! 🙂

  5. Here’s an interesting bit of pop culture: The new video game, “Red Dead Redemption,” apparently has a shopkeeper who denounces Jews.

    Some judeophile – possibly a Jew – brags about killing the shopkeeper repeatedly.


    I don’t know if I’m citing the correct game title. It appears to be a Rockstar Games project. Thus someone at Rockstar Games might be pushing the Overton window – possibly in an anti-Jewish direction, possibly in a pro-Jewish direction.

    The interesting angle to this story is that the video game company

  6. HAH! I like it. The degeneracy of the left has come back to bite them in the fundiment! Too rich.

  7. Irma – good to read your posts again. Once again a smart lady. Are you the same Irma from VNN?

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