Jewish Tribalism in Action: Charles Schumer poised to become Senate Majority Leader

Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader?

Charles Schumer, a Jewish Senator from New York, is poised to become the Senate Majority Leader if, as currently expected, Harry Reid of Nevada is voted out of office, but Democrats retain an overall majority in the Senate. How he got there is, like the Elena Kagan nomination to the Supreme Court, a prime example of Jewish networking. An article in the Washington Post, written by an admirer and fellow Jew, is quite revealing in its celebration of both Schumer’s stereotypically Jewish behavior and listing his myriad connections which helped him rise to the top, most of whom are Jewish. Horowitz opens by praising Schumer’s stereotypically Jewish behavior as ‘effective’, but admitting that average white Americans find it repugnant:

During his three-decade legislative career, Schumer, 59, has developed a reputation as a razor-elbowed, shamelessly self-serving, media-addicted political monster. He is also arguably the single most effective lawmaker of his generation.

There is a sense within the White House that Durbin would be easier to work with, that Schumer would pose a problem on issues that could get him press back home, and that his Brooklyn bearing doesn’t exactly play between the coasts.

From an early age, Schumer’s Jewish networking is evident:

He worked for Stanley Kaplan, the testing guru, and aced his SATs.

“A strong education was enormously important,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who, like Schumer, former Minnesota senator Norm Coleman and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, graduated from James Madison High School in Brooklyn.

Stanley Kaplan, Bernie Sanders, Norm Coleman, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are all Jewish. The U.S. Senate, which by population proportion should only contain one or two Jews, has three Jewish Senators from the same school in Brooklyn (and 14 total, including the soon to be departed Arlen Specter).

Lanky with bushy sideburns, Schumer joined the assembly’s basketball team, where he played guard alongside Sheldon Silver, now the powerful speaker of the assembly.

“We both come from a non-jumping background,” Silver said.

Schumer made more of an impact on the chamber floor, and on Fridays accompanied another rising star, Jerrold Nadler, now a veteran congressman, for the long drive back to the city from Albany.

Both Silver and Nadler are Jewish, as Silver jokingly refers to. Horowitz describes Schumer’s power base, the Jewish financiers and heavily Jewish national media in New York City:

Schumer’s political power in Washington has always rested on the local pillars of voracious fundraising and manic courtship of the media, a cornerstone of which is the Sunday news conference. The idea is that exposure demonstrates hard work to voters and shows colleagues that collaboration will be rewarded with coverage in the New York-based national media.

“It may seem he has a pathological need for attention,” said one of more than a dozen former aides interviewed for this article. “But there is a method to the madness. He thinks it’s key to his survival.”

Schumer also helps out other Jews in their rise to power:

“He’s a half-a-loaf guy,” said Anthony Weiner, a former aide who now represents Schumer’s old congressional district. “He understands that’s the art of legislating.”

David Yassky, a former aide who is now New York’s taxi and limousine commissioner, recalled how in 1992 Schumer navigated the House’s committees and applied media pressure to outfox powerful Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) and pass a measure requiring identification numbers on automobile parts.

Weiner and Yassky are Jewish of course.

The story continues:

The campaign introduced a new Schumer breed of operative — press-savvy political wunderkinds like Josh Isay and Howard Wolfson — who have since guided local, state and national candidates into office. From Schumer they all learned a common goal: to annihilate the competition.

Isay and Wolfson are also both Jewish.

More stereotypically Jewish behavior, praised by the Jewish author as ‘effective’:

He also glommed onto colleagues’ legislation or news conferences, a tacky scheme so common it became a verb, as when a colleague “got Schumered.”

What he lacked in decorum, he made up for in persistence.

Schumer always carried a narrow white card in his jacket’s breast pocket: On one side was a call list covered with dozens of names and on the other, colleagues he needed to nab.

“He’d buttonhole the senators,” recalled one former staffer, who added that Schumer, upon making an agreement, would rush to the cloakroom, relay the news to his staff and instruct them to coordinate a news release with his counterpart’s aides, “before they could unwind it,” inking any deal at the moment of agreement.


As a junior member on the Judiciary Committee, he took the unusual step of lobbying Justice Department staffers to get someone on their payroll to work for him.

The person he got on the payroll as an ‘unusual step’ is not named, but I’m sure most of us would bet a fair sum of money on the ‘religious background’ of the staffer.

More praise for Schumer’s stereotypically Jewish behavior:

Throughout the race, Schumer flirted with the notion of running for governor. With reelection secured, he met with Reid, who wanted Schumer to head up the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. According to former staffers, Schumer used the threat of leaving to angle for something more.

“It was brilliant,” one of them recalled. “He never even wanted to be governor.”

In exchange for staying on as chairman of the DSCC for the ’08 cycle, Schumer received a previously nonexistent position in the leadership, under Reid and Durbin. As an unequivocal big shot, he started imparting the “Schumer method” to top candidates, which boiled down to: create a blizzard of press, answer every attack within 24 hours, take strategic orders from Schumer and raise a whole lot of money.

Schumer has now adopted a nationally palatable opposition to Wall Street, but in the years before the economic collapse, he padded his coffers — now an astonishing $21.8 million — with donations from the financial industry.

According to one attendee at a fundraiser for the DSCC during the 2006 cycle, Schumer and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, another Brooklyn son who found success, entertained guests by performing nostalgic duets of furniture store jingles. “Chuck is the only political person I know who enjoys that part of the job,” said Silver.

Blankfein, like many other bigwigs in the financial industry, is Jewish.

Although liberal on most issues, Schumer is a ‘far right’ neoconservative when it comes to Israel. In an interview with a Jewish radio show recently, Schumer described his response Hillary Clinton’s mild criticism of Israeli President Netanyahu:

So I called up Rahm Emanuel and I called up the White House and I said, “If you don’t retract that statement you are going to hear me publicly blast you on this.”
Of course they did retract it. Now what’s happened, and many of us are pushing back, some of the Jewish members will be meeting with the President next week or the week after, and we are saying that this has to stop. You have to have, in terms of the negotiations,
you have to show Israel that it’s not going to be forced to do things it doesn’t want to do and can’t do. At the same time you have to show the Palestinians that they are not going to get their way by just sitting back and not giving in, and not recognizing
that there is a state of Israel. And right now there is a battle going on inside the administration, one side agrees with us, one side doesn’t, and we’re pushing hard to make sure the right side wins and if not we’ll have to take it to the next step.

The ‘battle within the administration’ is likely between gentile liberals, who tend to sympathize with Palestinians, and Jews, who make up a large part of the administration and the upper echelons of the Democratic establishment in general. Schumer continues, discussing both the large number of Jews on the Supreme Court (this interview came before Kagan’s nomination was announced) and his support for Israel:

Luckily in terms of Jewish people we have good representation in terms of the Supreme Court. That will continue. One thing I want to assure your listeners, Nachum [the host], my name as you know comes from a Hebrew word. It comes from the word shomer, which mean guardian. My ancestors were guardians of the ghetto wall in Chortkov and I believe Hashem, actually, gave me name as one of my roles that is very important in the United States Senate to be a shomer to be a shomer for Israel and I will continue to be that with every bone in my body for of the other is against me.

Steve Clemons, the liberal author of ‘The Washington Note’, makes this observation:

Schumer’s screed gets to the edge of sounding as if he is more a Senator working in the Knesset than working in the United States Senate.

This is the 2nd time I know of that Schumer has publicly crossed the line when it came to zealously blaming his own government and colleagues in delicate matters of US-Israel-Palestine policy.

During the third of three major efforts of the George W. Bush administration to get the recess appointed US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton confirmed in the US Senate, Senator Schumer launched a passionate personal campaign to help Bolton succeed.

Schumer called many Democratic Senate colleagues and bluntly said, “A vote against John Bolton is a vote against Israel.”

The ‘liberal’ Schumer was also a supporter of the Iraq War, as well as Bush appointees Michael Mukasy as Attorney General, and Michael Chertoff as Secretary of Homeland Security, both of whom are Jewish.

Schumer’s rise to the top is both an example of Jewish networking and power.  If Schumer becomes Senate Majority Leader, the leadership of the Democratic Party will be a black activist from Chicago (Obama), a stereotypical New York City Jew (Schumer), and a San Francisco feminist (Pelosi).  This will make it even harder for the Democratic leadership to relate to average Americans.  In the past, they were conscious of this, nominating Southerners in their successful runs for the White House since 1964, and appointing Congressional leaders from the ‘heartland’ such as Harry Reid of Nevada, Tom Daschle of South Dakota, and Dick Gephardt of Missouri.


  1. Gee, and this right after the Kagan nomination.

    Utterly disgusting and disrespectful to the White American Majority, and especially to America’s Founding Stock population.

  2. It will be very hard to sit and listen to Senate majority leader Schumer, Congressal Banking Committee Chaiman Frank, Treasury Secretary Geithner, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke, and former Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan explain why it was right to give $ billions to Lloyd Blankfein’s company, Goldman-Sachs.

  3. Maybe if we stopped being anti-semitic, like Ian Jobling said, Schumer will start working for the interests of the White American majority . . .


  4. If Schumer is not the Boogey-man from Central Casting, I don’t know who is.

    Schumer has declared himself a shameless promoter of Wall Street, for the obvious reasons, and is the main Bankster client in Congress.

    Schumer has said that “God put him in Congress to protect Israel” – yes, the US Congress, not the Israeli Knesset. But that’s a distinction without a difference at this point.

    While Giuliani doing drag queen performances for New York City’s elite may have turned off the heartland, Schumer is like the Anti-Christ when it comes to social issues, all of them.

    Schumer is so blatantly anti-White and pro-replacing Whites with anyone else that I would guess his anti-Christmas hatred alone would make good political fodder.

    If the non-non-Gentile wing of the Republican party actually wanted to take power, having Schumer and Obama being the face of the Democratic party would be like winning the lottery or getting an inside tip from Goldman Sachs.

    Is there anything you could change about Schumer that would make him a better leader of the enemies, aside from literally tattooing a JP Morgan Chase logo on his forehead, dancing on the grave of a Vet who died in Iraq, or perhaps a leaked video of him eating an unborn baby?

    So how will the Republicans screw this up? I expect them to surprise us all with their ingenious new techniques for kissing bankster ass.

  5. This latest overt-power grab by organized Jewry is a symptom of real desperation. The Jews know which way the wind is blowing, and feel that if they can seize personal control of every elite institution they can ride out the storm. What a shock they are in for. As for Schumer himself, it could not get any better for us: a Wall Street-Socialist, rabid Zionist, gun-grabbing shyster lawyer who talks through his nose. A nasty, whining Jew-boy. Bring him on.

  6. Great post.

    Jewish nepotism/networking is one of the reasons for their tremendous success. All they need is one or two influential Jews in one part of society and then they set up “the pipeline” and start sending in more. Nobody realizes it because they constantly preach against racism, tribalism, and ethnocentrism. Say one thing, do another. Anyone with a keen mind and a willingness to take notes can follow this process. One simply has to know what to look for.

  7. It will be very hard to sit and listen to Senate majority leader Schumer, Congressal Banking Committee Chaiman Frank, Treasury Secretary Geithner, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke, and former Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan explain why it was right to give $ billions to Lloyd Blankfein’s company, Goldman-Sachs.

    Top notch.

    I’m stealing and spreading this.

  8. Schumer, may be an improvement over Harry Reid. Don’t forget it is Reed who is often quoted claiming he bases his votes in the Senate on his wife’s Jewish family.

    At least with Schumer you get the Jew straight from the source in all his Jewishness—no excuses.

  9. This is good. It is better that our enemies not wear masks.
    It seems that events are speeding up, lines being drawn. Compassionate Fascist says that it’s a sign of Jewish desperation, but maybe it’s a sign of confidence. I don’t know, I just want things to be sorted out before I’m too old.

  10. Hey Tom Watson – thanks for sticking up for Schumer! At least he’s not a Catholic, right? Wink wink!

  11. Again, all of this is obvious. What is less obvious, and what should be more important to us in the white nationalist movement, is why European-Americans are so helpless in the face of such obvious enemies.

    I mean, let’s face it: our people are not exactly covering themselves with glory right at the moment. Despite the fact that the government is obviously, at best, dysfunctional and that we are engaged in not one but two wars, in which it is stated openly that the goal is to turn two backwards Muslim nations into stable democracies–again, openly batshit crazy and obviously so, the number of people asking really basic questions is very, very small.

    At a certain point, we have to start figuring out what to do about this. Pointing out the honor-less assholes who profit and gather success under the current system is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    What I want to know is what are we going to do if, as I really don’t hope for, our people’s time has in fact come and gone and we are facing a period of systemic decline. Where does that leave the pitifully small minority who still has a sense of race and place in the world?

    What happens to us? Are we just destined to live lives of misery, having to walk around our own cities, whose very nature have been turned against us, our every cell screaming against almost every image presented to us on every street corner?

  12. Are we just destined to live lives of misery, having to walk around our own cities, whose very nature have been turned against us, our every cell screaming against almost every image presented to us on every street corner?

    Not at all, Matamoros. The cities will be reclaimed in one generation.

    The enemy really has nothing, aside from the TV – more and more irrelevant everyday – and the ability to nuke a few cities. That’s the worst they can do.

    In a lot of ways, I’m very optimistic. It may get bad, but the worse it gets, the more White people will survive. The enemy paid too much attention to strategy and tactics, and not enough to logistics. A decade ago, people believed in the “paperless voting machines” and “money market accounts” and other video games. A significant minority of White people understand how it works, and can persuade the masses of White people – a tiny minority/8% of the world – as well as the TV used to.

    Game over, Hollywood and Wall Street. You better start rehearsing your alibis! 🙂

  13. I wish I shared your optimism. I see no real signs of any resistance whatsoever, either in the popular culture or in high culture. I think there are around 10,000 people who agree and chat on the Internet. But this is a nation of 300,000,000 people, more and more of whom are going to be against us because of who they are, meaning the United States as a proposition nation becomes hard-wired and really believed. Hell, I think a large majority of our own people believes this now.

  14. I think it’s becoming more of a necessity for Jews to move into these positions themselves. White liberals have always been more sympathetic to the Palestinians, and the nonwhite ones even more so. The ‘Holocaust’ is wearing thin. On the other hand, most whites who support Israel are also social conservatives who don’t like things such as gay marriage and separation of church and state.

  15. White flight from the cities and suburbs into rural communities has never been higher. There is also a trend toward healthy eating (taking responsibility) and growing your own food (self sufficiency). I call this silent resistance because it is effective resistance that makes no sound. These whites are smart enough to get themselves out of harm’s way even if they aren’t conscious WNs. They might not be card-carrying members of the David Duke fan club, but they are white resistors, whether they know it or not.

    There isn’t a political solution to this battle because the current federal capitalist system cannot be molded to suit our needs. In other words, the empire has to fall before we can carve something out of the ashes. Until then, the only effective resistance is self sufficiency and mitigation of risk.

  16. H. Rock White: So Jews are shoving White liberals aside, because they’re not trustworthy enough? Hmmm…maybe being a White liberal puts you in such close contact with Jews, that you become Jewishly aware. Whites don’t go to expensive colleges so that they can become a Jew’s sidekick.

  17. …Whites don’t go to expensive colleges so that they can become a Jew’s sidekick.

    Then again, maybe some do.

    While many authors in the West sport staggering erudition in unabashedly challenging modern myths, the most sensitive point of reference of the twentieth century — Jewish influence — is carefully avoided. If the subject of Jews is ever brought up in a European or American public forum, it is in a laudatory fashion — a clear indication of the morbid desire of White ruling elites to curry favor with the Jews.

    In the same vein, many intelligent White American and European racialists frequently decorate themselves with their “token Jews” in hopes of achieving some legitimacy in the mainstream media and seeking some camouflage in their opposition to non-European immigration or to various other myths of multicultural ideology. These individuals will likely be the first to declare themselves anti-Semites if the wind changes and critiques of Jewish influence become part of a new Zeitgeist.

    The lack of open discussion about Jewish influence corroborates the thesis that Jews play a crucial role in opinion making in Western societies. True power shows itself by not being open to discussion. Hypothetically speaking, if Jews, by some miracle, were to play a marginal role in Europe or America — as they publicly claim they do, then logically, they would not object to being the subjects of critical discussion, or for that matter derision — just as it is legitimate to discuss the power of other groups. But Americans are far more likely to read books about the nefarious power of Christian conservatives or “white racism” than they are to hear about the far greater power of the organized Jewish community.

    A common trait among many liberal Whites is intellectual servility — to look up to Jews as paragons of intelligence and moral rectitude. In the beginning of the 21st century there is no worse insult than qualifying a White politician or a White academic as an “anti-Semite.”

    Who is an anti-Semite?
    Tom Sunic

  18. Discard: Jews are displacing Liberal White Gentiles on the U.S. Supreme Court, in the Democratic Party, and in Leadership positions (particularly in Federal Congress). This is due largely to ethnic networking; they are more cohesive, than we White Gentiles are. We are more spread out and heterogeneous. The Jews are largely concentrated in large Northeastern cities, South Florida, and California. They also get more homogeneous communities (even racially, as hypocritical as it may be), and share a common religion or at least Official ethnic identity*.

    *I personally think we multi-ethnic White Americans are a new ethnic group of our own. But, of course the Jews deny us the right to honor and preserve our ethnic identity-which they reserve for themselves.

    I also find it hypocritical that mutli-racial people like Tiger Woods, and Heidi Klum’s children get to be proud of their multi-racial heritage, but not us multi-ethnic Whites.

  19. I will admit you have a very good point on the Bush and Kennedy family types, Discard. Race-traitor, White Gentile elites probably still call most of the real shots.

    Regarding my and H. Rock White’s points, however, I do find it interesting how the Jews are slowly taking over the Democratic Party’s top leadership, much like they did with the media. They also appear to be doing the same thing in the GOP, to a lesser extent.

  20. Do Jews not trust their Shabbus Goyim?
    If so, what will the Shabbus Goyim do about being displaced themselves? They know as much about Jewish power as anyone here, and will recognize what is happening to them, unlike the White masses who blame Blacks for affirmative action.
    I’m going to speculate here. Just as some elite Whites recognize the intellectual inferiority of Blacks, and are trying to let the idea of racial differences seep into the public’s awareness in order to control the response, might they also begin to let slip the role of Jews in our present misfortunes, in order to avoid blame themselves and to position themselves to reclaim their former positions?

  21. Jewish influence in the GOP seems to be on the wane, especially with the Tea Party movement, and people don’t care as much about foreign policy anymore. The big government/socially liberal strain which was dominated by jews is on the way out in the GOP. They still control a lot of the big money institutions and think tanks, but these are losing influence.

  22. I think that organized (secular) Jewry/liberal Jewry is making a horrendous mistake. In the long run, it is best for Jews to defend white civilization and try to maintain a white majority. We should be working within white culture and supporting it, not trying to undermine it. Already, thousands of Jews, along with whites, are victims of black and Hispanic violence. What will those pathetic leftist Jews be saying when the blood really begins to flow? I’m not counting on them taking any of the blame for it.

  23. Generally, their response to this has been to favor the enactment of a police state. This was the initial impetus to the ‘neoconservative’ movement before Israel and the middle east became such a big issue, urban jews began to support ‘law and order’ mayors in the northeastern cities and other such politicians.

  24. This is good news. I can really feel anger boiling up, the target will be more clear to the public with a few more of them in top positions.

  25. I think they’re finally slipping into open positions of power because they can. At last nobody is going to say or do a damn thing about it. They are finally coming out as the elite rulers of the world because they are reaping the reward for their generations of hard work. Soon an important position not in the hands of a Jew will be out of the norm. I mean already you can’t say anything in the mainstream that is anything less than three degrees removed from a smell of anti-semitism. I strongly disagree with the sentiment that the Republican party is less controlled by Jewish ideology than it used to be. What?

    They have the world by the balls, finally, and they’re less and less afraid to show it. That’s all there is to it.

  26. @ Veni Vidi Dixi

    Right. We could have a Roman Catholic version of Reid, a Pelosi running the US Senate.

    Your co-religionist Roman Catholics in the Senate are starting to feel some heat over their alliance with the Jews—so having a Jew like Schumer heading the Jew & Roman Catholic alliance in the Senate takes the heat off the Catholics and puts it on the Jews.

    As far as Schumer goes he’s your run of the mill New York Jew asshole.

    Btw, what’s with this wink, wink—are you are a Roman Catholic homosexual advocate like Murphy & Pelosi? LOL.

  27. Tom,

    Pelosi could never run the Senate, because she is unelectable in a statewide race, even in California. She’ll stay in the House until she decides to retire.

    The alternative to Reid and Schumer is Mitch McConnell, who is the head of the GOP in the Senate. McConnell is a baptist, according to his bio.

    He did however, divorce his first wife and marry Elaine Chao, Bush Jr’s Secretary of Labor. Chao was born in Taiwan and has a MBA from Harvard, yada yada yada…

  28. Thank you for important evidence on structural characteristics of the Jewish group.

    Just a comment. A link to this article is only good for a limited number of people. This is unfortunate, because it does have valuable information. Two points.
    First, like a number of such articles, there is no evidence or links to show why or how you know the different people in the article are members of the Jewish group. If the reader doesn’t know these things, why would they believe the author. Such evidence would make the article influence more people.

    Now what constitutes being a member of the Jewish group can vary. Kevin MacDonald takes as a criterion for membership some evidence of genuine ethnic/strong identification.

    And we shouldn’t lose sight of why we are interested in what characterizes membership. We are basically looking at evidence/confirmations for the following statement: pretty bad stuff for the rest of us and our society and our civilization has come out of the Jewish group, and over a long period of time.

    If you want the article to work for more people, you have to give evidence that the people mentioned in the article are members of the Jewish group, whether the evidence is a link, or an article, or quote, or whatever, or whether you put all that evidence at the end in something like references, or whatever.

    There might be some fine points of different criteria of what determines membership in the Jewish group, and maybe these have to be eventually nailed down as to what the alternatives are. If the author thinks it is a good idea to mention which criteria is being used, well, then mention it.

    Oh, the second point. Just some references for the quotes in the article – where did the quote come from, sometimes it’s also nice to have a date, sometimes not.
    I know when I start a thread in some internet discussion group, I either don’t know or I don’t like going through the work to get references. It depends what kind of article you want to write. Sometimes it is best to write something rather than nothing.

    Thanks for a good article.

  29. Bob points out a problem with WN discourse – there are essentially 3 groups that need to be addressed.

    1. People who know nothing about the actual state of affairs.
    2. People who know about race-replacement / mass immigration.
    3. People who know about the decline of our civilization and the role the Jews have played in it. (Plus the finer points of our treasonous financial and political elites.)

    Articles directed at one group will usually fail to reach the other two. I suppose that’s why it’s convenient that some of the people in group 3 accept certain publications like American Renaissance as necessary to reach the first two groups. Our overall goal should be to reach as many people as possible.

    H. Rock White’s article strikes a good balance. If anyone doubts that the people he mentions are Jewish, all they have to do is start googling names.

  30. Schummer fits perfectly all the well known sterotypes of a scheming,back stabbing sleazy Jew hell bent on harming the White Christian Majority. Schummer is an evil Jew..nothing could be more obvious.

    I can not get a post through on American Renassaince anymore. Although, if you think asians are the master race and think its great that they demographically outnumber White Americans on the California State University system, you can get multiple posts through on threads about asians in America.

    If I had to speculate, Jared Taylor has a a former poster named jewamong in charge of comment control on American Renassaince. Make critical statements about Jews and Israel..comments that are highly reasonably true based upon solid evidence, you will be banned from American Renassaince. If what I am saying is true, it would only go to show that Jews can not be allowed in any leadership position in the White Nationalist movement. Does any have any ideas what ‘s going on over at American Renassaince. Is a Jew in charge of comment control over there?

    If it hasn’t happened yet, American Renassaince will be eclipsed by Occidental Dissent and Alternative Right.

  31. Amren has a policy where they want to encourage good grammar and spelling. Proofread your posts. Don’t use ALL CAPS. Use correct grammar and spelling at all times. Don’t ride hobby horses. You should be fine.

  32. Hunter

    I think I’ve been able to put two and two together. Matt Parrot is in charge of comment control over at American Renassaince. He is upset that 1)I don’t write about the race-replacement in a his White Nationalist-if he really is one-PC way;2)that I flattened him in the exchange we had in the Elena Kagan thread and over at Alternative Right. I mean, the comments about CAP LOCK and poor grammar were a dead give away. I get more responses to my posts than any of the other posters over at American Renassaince.


    Oh by the way, I have absolutely no problem getting posts through over at the classier Altertnative Right. Your comments about why I am banned over at AR are patently silly and of no merit.

    Is Jared Taylor aware that Parrot brain has been blocking my posts for his own weird pc reasons. Oh , I forgot, Parrrot brain is upset that I trashed and the the other Liberal PC immigration organizations.

    My suspicion is that you are complicit in my banning over at American Renassaince also.

    I still get through on Sailer whenever I want-anonymously-although I am certain he knows which stage name I use now over on his web site…hint:a very famous Civil War hero from Maine.

  33. The hobby horses. The ENORMOUS issue at hand isn’t very complicated. American Renassaince,no doubt has newbies comming all there all the time. If Jared Taylor harped on some very basic-fundamental points in every public debate-in a pit bull kind of way- he would be much more effective. This is what I do all the time. The folks over at will never quote from any of my posts-out of fear I supopse. But I am absolutetly certain thatthey read them.

    The posts of mine that are banned now on American Renassaince were posted on Alternative Right. The one that was blocked last night on American Renassaince was posted on Dennis Mangans recent post on Alternative Right. And like my posts on American Renassaince, my posts get the most responses on thumbs-up clicks.

    So basically Hunter=Parrot, you are full it. If my banning over at Renassaince is a divine edict that comes from Jared himself..all I can say is that Jared is fool. No one else will take the predatory asians LEGAL IMMIGRANTS on the way they should be taken on. Someone’s gotta do the dirty work. And it will confirm my worst suspicions-and of many other White Nationalist- of Jared Taylor…that he is a closet asianphile.

    Let’s see if you have the intellectual honestly to post this post Hunter.

    As I have already mentioned your reasons-Parrot brians reasons- for having me banned over at AR are transparernly without merit.

  34. I have never made a post about Jews on American Reanssaince..never submitted one…


    The chinese would go apolectic- and as a consequence-BLOW OPEN-and blow it open it would- the debate on LEGAL IMMGRATION.

    That I am being banned by on American Renassaince is obvious. I will no longer turn angry White Americans on to that crummy little web site.

    Parrot brain is in charge of comment control over sat AR. Jared Taylor is asianphile….

  35. 1.) Matt Parrott is not the Amren moderator.
    2.) I’ve asked about why your posts are being deleted. I was told it was because of grammar and spelling errors.
    3.) You are not banned from Amren. I’ve been assured of this.

  36. Jupiter —

    I’m looking at an American Renaissance article from yesterday. Your comment is posted. You are obviously not being banned.

    When some of your comments don’t get through, it is probably because they are like your comments immediately above on Occidental Dissent. Half the words are spelled wrong, punctuation is non-existent or incorrect, words that should be capitalized are not, and entire sentences are written IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

    I don’t know who the moderators are but they probably don’t care about you one way or the other. They simply see a page of illiterate gobbledygook and delete it.

    Use spellcheck, take your time, and for God’s sake, proofread your posts.

    You often make excellent points but they are lost if you come off like the online equivalent of a homeless man screaming outside a grocery store.

  37. I added in some new hyperlinks-it’s from the same article, though, most of the quotes in the first part. As to whether they are jewish, as Sam says, anyone can google if they need verification.

    Jupiter: We don’t need your AmRen discussion on every single thread. Please use the forum for any off topic discussions such as that.

  38. Gregory

    Believe it or not, that post wasn’t meant for American Renassaince. It was meant for Alternative Right. There is a lot of blame to go around.
    I’m suprised that it was even posted. Wasn’t aware until now.
    I was only speculating about Matt Parrot. If he is innocent of all charges, he should be set free.

    It is absolutely crucial to stick it to the asians in OUR AMERICA:BRING BACK THE CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT!!!!.. Piss ’em off..make them respond….

  39. The Opera browser comes with a spell check. I can forgive a few mistakes, the thing that absolutely ticks me off are illiterate morons who use that “u” in discourse. Another is these clowns who somehow think it is OK not to capitalize the word “I” anymore. Seeing that “i” and “ur” all the time tells me I’m dealing with an ignoramus.

  40. I make mistakes, but I always try to write as well as I can. Errors distract people who might be sympathetic, and give the unsympathetic an excuse to ignore me. I want people to contend with my thoughts, not my English.
    And yes, I know, sometimes my subordinate clauses are too long or too frequent.

  41. Does spelling and grammar matter?

    “The problem’s name is Charles E. Schumer. He is the son of a Brooklyn exterminator, the smartest kid in his Flatbush high school, a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law, a state assemblyman at age 23 and a congressman from Brooklyn since he was 29.”

    “He was valedictorian at Madison High School in Brooklyn, with 1600 SAT scores. His parents and sister recall that he was never nervous about exams at school. In fact, they say he enjoyed tests. He was devoted to public-affairs programming on television, loved thick biographies of worthy statesman and edited the high school paper.”

    Next time you think spelling and grammar are not worth the effort, think of what Schumer would do. We must rise to the challenge of our rival.

  42. Sam Davidson says that our goal is to reach as many people as possible. That is definitely one of our goals. Another is working on internal enthusiasm, energy, morale. But reaching more people is always good, especially if we think maybe 60 percent of the public would agree with us if they knew the facts, when maybe only 3 percent will read what we write, given the way we write it.

    The sources that your post depends on, if it is a major post, is always important to how large a number of people you can reach. Even more so if you belong to a group successfully demonized before the public. Many of the readers of your article will want to consider the sources the article is based on, though even a few not-so-good sources are better than none.

    There is another factor, new competition internal to our side. The appearance of William Johnson’s American Third Position, now with Kevin MacDonald, (after all my talk about references, I felt pressured to put a reference here – it did take a little searching, and if you are new to searching, it may take even more work and time, but sometimes ask others, for a while). American Third Position will probably open up a more factual, logical, well-referenced, beach-head of information to the public. This competition, like competition does generally, will inspire many others on our side to look more carefully at what kind of material they are putting out.

    What I call the J-J-J article, Jews this, Jews that, Jews everything, with typically no backing up of the information, unless just by wilder and wilder hand waving. It’s questionable how many people ever bothered reading such articles, reached, except for the readers who are already die hards. Worse, I think there is concern that such articles actually harm our side. Whether they really do in the larger long-term picture is hard to say with sound logical reasoning. But when I am struggling hard to get some information across to people, and at the same time, outside of their view, I come across a J-J-J article, my feeling is, oh my God!

    Getting back to references for who is Jewish, it would be great to have a single website where people could check these things out. Our goal for articles like the kind we’re discussing here is to give examples of the following statement. Terrible things have come out of the Jewish group, terrible for our culture, our people, our civilization, and for a long period of time. To give such examples, it would be helpful to have a website where people could easily find out if someone was Jewish.

    As to the comment by the author H. Rock White, I think the article will indeed have a better chance of reaching more people, with the added references. As for google searching whether someone is Jewish, I have found it not always easy. Further, why should a reader be burdened with such a task. You are the one trying to sell the reader. Generally a sales person does not put obstacles in the way of the person they are trying to get to buy something, especially when there is already so much demonization of such information to the public. Though like I said in a previous response, this advice has to be taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes it is better to write something than nothing.

  43. U r obviously a racist,and an anti-Semite. There are many catholic, Protestant , Lutherans, anti American collaborators in the US govt. pelosi , Reid, the Kennedy clan, Mitch McConnell , the percentage of Jews in the Senate and Congress is tiny. U mention Harry Reid this ass saw a UFO AND IS A DRUNK. bigwigs in the financial industry are Jewish? Let me tell u something asshole, I am a retired bat boy,look it up dumbass, and am an orthodox Jew. The liberals are one gigantic entity made up of diverse backgrounds like the republicans. So email me and I’ll show u what a Jew can really do, your family tree is a branch. U r a used condom.

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