Nashville: 2010 CofCC National Conference, June 4 to June 5

2010 CofCC National Conference

A heads up from James Edwards:

Our 2010 CofCC National Conference is Friday and Saturday June 4th and 5th. The conference is sponsored by our Franklin, Tennessee Chapter and located in the middle of the state.

It is $45 a person to attend and $40 for each additional family member. This includes a luncheon banquet Saturday. The featured luncheon speaker is Jared Taylor.

Other speakers include Memphis talk show host James Edwards, Palm Beach talk show host Derek Black, Croatian author Dr. Tomislav Sunic, Canadian free speech activist Paul Fromm, Sam Dickson, Esq., and more. 18 speakers in all!

To register call 636-940-8474.

As you can see, should you attend the conference you’ll also be able to rub elbows with notable TPC guests such as Derek Black, Tom Sunic, Paul Fromm, Sam Dickson, Jared Taylor and more!!

I encourage all OD readers in Tennessee and surrounding states to attend. I will be there myself along with OD contributors Matt Parrott, Pip Pockets, and H. Rock White.

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  1. Since scarcity often creates a demand, and nobody knows who I am, there will probably be thousands of groupies for me, too. Please be careful so y’all don’t get trampled. Ok? 🙂

  2. “Soren,

    You’re not coming?”


    I have it on good authority the CofCC couldn’t raise the $80,000 fee soren charges for giving one of his compelling speeches.

  3. Good location (compared to AmRen farce). Just the same, I’d lay on some security. Then if Reds show up, they get thrashed.

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