Is Obama the Next Mugabe of Zimbabwe?

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

“America, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Canada and Australia make up the Fishmongers Group and their meeting on Tuesday will deliberate on the state of the inclusive government, debt relief, public finance administration and the controversial economic indigenisation regulations. “Zimbabwe has no elected government. The coalition government has failed to implement the global political agreement in full because of Mugabe. He should move off the stage if the country is to reengage with the international community.” — NZ Independent

AUSTRALIA has taken a tough stance on Zimbabwe, demanding that President Robert Mugabe must “move off the stage” before the international community can bankroll the country’s reconstruction and revival.

This is the first time Australia has publicly stated that it wanted to see the back of Mugabe. The country sees Mugabe as the “major obstacle” to democratic reforms in Zimbabwe.

“As I have said, at some point in the cycle President Mugabe will leave the stage, removing the major obstacle to the reforms that Zimbabwe so desperately needs,” Smith said. “The international community, including Australia, will then be able to fully assist with the difficult task of rebuilding Zimbabwe’s economic social and political fabric.”

He said his government had a responsibility to support Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and ministers from his party in their efforts to bring change to Zimbabwe.

“We have a responsibility to bolster the cause of reform,” said Smith, who met Finance minister Tendai Biti in London on January 28 to discuss ongoing reconstruction efforts in Zimbabwe. “Late last year, Australia decided it would consider opportunities for ministerial engagement on a case-by-case basis with those Zimbabwean ministers making a genuine contribution to the country’s social and economic recovery.”

As long as Mugabe holds power there will be problems. No, he does not control the weather but good farmers know what needs to be done. You drive them away and give the land to non-farmers and you get what you sow. People have tried to vote Mugabe out of power and look what happens. A once profitable economy goes down the tubes with the help of all the western do-gooders who backed Mugabe against the “evil empire” of Ian Smith.

For those who are unaware, here is a little history about Zimbabwe and what lays in store for the United States: After a decade of economic decline and hyperinflation, Zimbabwe’s economy grew about 4 percent last year, consumer prices fell about 8 percent, and bank deposits tripled, the International Monetary Fund reported Tuesday. But the I.M.F. characterized the outlook for this year as “highly uncertain.” President Robert Mugabe’s insistence on some local ownership of companies has slowed foreign investment, while higher wages for civil servants have consumed a growing share of the still limited public spending. NYTimes

The western solution seems to be throw money at the problem. I wonder what Robert’s bank account looks like in Switzerland. Whites built the country. Do-gooders in the west helped bring it down. The solution it would seem is to find a man the people can trust and who really cares about his country and his people then topple Mugabe. Mugabe and this regime did not appear from nowhere. Zimbabweans willingly brought it onto themselves. They were unhappy with Rhodesian franchise that required educational minimum and wanted “one man – one vote” regardless if that man had a stick through his nose.

Many willingly supported Mugabe’s guerrillas, danced at the independence, kept electing Mugabe and supported evictions of white farmers. Now they are dying of hunger. Yes they brought it onto themselves, no doubt. To be fair to them – they could not have done otherwise: uneducated, tribal and easily converted by cheap revolutionary slogans and hollow promises of Mugabe’s commissars they could not have resisted temptation. They can be blamed as much as the mouse for trying to steal cheese from a mousetrap. The real guilty ones are those lefties’ politicians who knew that this would happen but preferred to stay politically correct and support majority rule which they knew would fail the country in a matter of years.

African people need aid that puts them to work but our aid agencies have been hijacked by the Christian right who are determined to keep these people vulnerable. If the West actually started investing in home grown African businesses and China started employing African citizens rather than shipping in thousands of Chinese to build infrastructure then Africa would be on its way to a better future, but instead outside parties have put Africa in a position where it needs to ask for help on absolutely everything.

Mugabe is going to go down as the worst leader in the history of Earth. He has successfully turned Zimbabwe into a dirt poor, lower than third world country. Hyper Inflation due to unchecked printing of money because Zimbabwe’s economists don’t understand economics has wiped out the wealth of nearly everyone there except Mugabe and his friends who only deal in US currency; who also routinely intercept aid and funding to live lavish lives. He took farms from white owners who knew how to farm and gave them to the native black population who knew nothing about farming and didn’t want to farm.

Now he’s forcing white owners of businesses to fork over control to black employees, employees that don’t know how to run businesses. He’s been rigging elections for years, even when he loses his own rigged election he refuses to leave power. Why the African Union or the United Nations has done nothing to get rid of this man is beyond xomprehension. Zimbabwe is a product of rejection[by the West] of the common sense in favour of political correctness. Now we are all asked to pitch in to alleviate some pain from past mistakes without accepting that they WERE mistakes repeating them in South Africa.

Once it was a beautiful Rhodesia with flourishing agriculture and industry. Rhodesian government stated that eventually blacks and whites will rule together, but currently “black majority is not ready to rule.” Weren’t they right? It was very true, but it didn’t fit egalitarian principles embraced by the West so tightly, that it was impossible to accept that this principle can not be universally applied. For its “racist” practices Rhodesia was shunned by the UN, placed under economic sanctions and finally yoked under the economic pressures and military attacks of Mugabe’s guerrillas backed by Soviet Union and communist China.
So, common sense was defeated and political correctness won. Educated and hard working Rhodesians both white AND black left the country. The industry was affected first, however in 2000 oppressions on the white farmers started and this last pillar of the economy also crashed. Rhodesia’s infrastructure including water supplies and sewage treatment systems stopped functioning due to wear, tear and lack of repair. Hence, cholera. The failures of “liberated” African countries proves that “equal representation” democracy does not work in Africa: Congo, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, Rwanda, Zimbabwe. South Africa is well on the track. But the West keeps sacrificing common sense in favour of political correctness. Until that is fixed, Africa will continue its plight and aid humanitarian aid will only give a temporary relief, without changing overall pattern.

Jack Augh blogs at The Coming Depression.


  1. Does Mugabe have a little Hitler ‘stache in that photo? Is that a bit of personal propaganda to frighten his enemies?

    In a saner world, we’d be able to recognize Mugabe as the pathetic tinpot ruler he is, and promptly put the smack down on this impotent fool, turning him from the “Great Dictator” into “the Little Tramp.”

  2. Yes, Mugabe has the little hitler-stache. Much of the world still reveres that man for he tried to rid it of the international parasite Henry Ford spoke so much about.

    I think much of the world does recognize Mugabe as a maniac, but alas, nobody cares.

  3. Don’t blame the “West” for Zimbabwe. Blame the Jewish high-finance globalistas and media networks, who brought Mugabe to power precisely to do what he has done. What you see today in Zimbabwe is the future of any nation – America in particular – that submits to Zion.

  4. Why should Austraiia give a damn about Zimbabwe? Why should they have any involvement in repairing Zimbabwe society? The have zero culpability for what went wrong, no organic connection to the blacks of southern Africa. It’s a joke. It’s a liberal scam.

    Money will be taken from hard working white Austrailans and given to some kleptocrat in Africa. If not Mugabe some other tribalist fool who will also not deserve it. Has Africa *ever* lifted a finger to help Austraila? Or any other country, even on their own continent.

    Fools folly. Disengage and let them seek their own level. Stop taxing white people to help Africans: they don’t make good use of the money, they don’t appreciate the help, Africa isn’t rising. Idiocy.

    I think it’s a bit of a stretch to blame the Jews for Zimbabwe. I don’t think they had much to do with it. The Rhodesians abandoned the cause. Loss of will power. They need not have surrendered, but they did. Now they are hated refugees in their own land. There is a lesson there, if we are willing to learn it.

  5. Yes, Mugabe has the little hitler-stache. Much of the world still reveres that man for he tried to rid it of the international parasite Henry Ford spoke so much about.

    I think much of the world does recognize Mugabe as a maniac, but alas, nobody cares.

  6. Why this fixation with Mugabe? Everybody seems to think, if only we could get rid of Mugabe everything would magically work out fine. It won’t. Mugabe is only one Muntu (plural : Bantu), and blaming him for Zimbabwe is like blaming the biggest bacterium for the infection. Remove him, and nothing will change. The entire continent of Africa proves that Mugabe is not a necessary condition for failure.

    It’s ironic that Australia feels some sort of moral obligation to Zimbabwe. Just last week we had news of some performing monkey from Zimbabwe spreading AIDS among Australian women. 13 women identified so far, and police believe it could be hundreds. Darwinism in action – no sympathy from me.

    There’s only one sane policy towards Africa, and that’s quarantine. Stop feeding them, and let the pathology run its course. Feeding them not only does no good, it exacerbates the problem. It allows them to breed more hungry mouths to feed, while at the same time destroying any local agriculture. How can any farmer compete with charities handing out free food? Why should he even grow food for himself, when he could just join the queue?

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