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The Game


I’m Mike Capatano. Thankfully,  Hunter didn’t publish that last article I submitted to Occidental Dissent. For my first assignment, I was asked to write an exposé about the Northwest Imperative. Since I actually do reside in the Evergreen State, it seemed like a reasonable request.

Hunter was under the impression I possessed some pertinent acumen on the matter. I was asked to discuss what I heard and saw and insightfully comment on the breadth of my exposure among the racialist scene there. Straight forward enough. I should have been able to do it.

But after a few brief writing excursions sprinkled into my Facebook and reading time – a sentence here,  a paragraph there (score, thesauruses are awesome!) – a transgender, Jewish Eskimo probably could of fabricated a more compelling synopsis of the Northwest Imperative. That child I birthed with the mangled limbs and the lazy eye was put up for adoption without even a quick read through.

Yet for some selfish reason I sent it to Hunter anyways. On receiving the draft for posting, I feel he didn’t have the heart to say how shitty it was. Oh well.

So, I am sitting here in OD revolutionary command ( i.e., a dilapidated mansion), and as the evening slowly wanes, I’m scolding myself for merely thinking that sub-par piece of shit could have set the tempo for my political journalism. Staring into this empty Dr. Pepper can on my desk, I’m approaching the pathetic conclusion that I might not be good at writing or… anything. The frantic keyboards pounding away next to me personifying the real writers with something worth saying is forcing me to draw comparisons.

Ever since high school, romanticizing about the bloody, glorious revolution was always my escape from trigonometry; fighting for the physical survival and metaphysical advancement of our people. With sword and shield in hand, I would charge the battlefield slaying every last filthy Zionist and colored dupe. Though how could this become remotely possible when mustering the most menial dedication and desire to write my first essay took a backseat to Citizen Renegade?

The unyielding drive for tragic perfection that defines the Aryan soul regretfully doesn’t dwell in my work ethic. My whole life, much as I hate to reflect on it, is littered with that fact. My GPA this last semester was a 2.0; must of taken classes in molecular biology, right?

Try political science. Koreans scoff at the bullshit. What about my dust encrusted guitar?  The one that’s ensconced in the spare room at my folk’s house. What about the go-kart I gave up on building? The beautiful girl in geology I planned on having sex with?

Repeatedly, like a script to a porno, I have failed to do what I said I would accomplish. Now, sitting alone in the dark as the fan clunks away and the light from this screen blinds me, I think I know why I’ve squandered so many opportunities to do so many epic things.

I’m afraid of failing.

This isn’t some cheesy after school special. I’m deadserious. I’m actually horrified of complacency and that is why I botched the article. Had I invested my blood and sweat and it still sucked ass what would that of said about my worth in the grand picture of our cause? Almost instinctively, I rationalize my acts personifying laziness to shield me from the feelings of potential inadequacy.

It is a safety mechanism. It shields me and diagnoses a warped perspective of laziness as the problem rather than the inadvertent chance that I lack the skill or the innate intelligence to articulately convey my thoughts. That’s what really scares me

Ironically, the salvation I am seeking  has come  from a book that I have been reading. Written by a Jew, Neil ‘Styles’ Strauss, it is entitled The Game. In this semi-dated tome about a pickup artist, a surprisingly sincere thirst for the fruition of his dreams forces this Jew to get over his fear of rejection from women. He pumps every last ounce of his being (neglecting his family, friends and job) into his goal of becoming a ladies’ man; a chance to be a modern day Casanova that would leave everything on the club floor. He risks rejection, fear, and loss of face to make the pickup.

Not having any real problem with women other than the geology girl I let get away, I have found applying Strauss’ lewd stories chalked full of womanizing helpful, regardless of his ethnicity. In my older, haggard years, would I want to gaze into the mirror and wish I had slept with one more woman – or, more applicable to my situation – gave more than my silent support for the movement that others risked life and limb for all because I surrendered to my own feelings of personal inadequacy?

So now I’m left with how to put this Jew’s advice into practice. Lucidly put, I have three options: risk rejection time and time again in order to score with women and propagate the White race, write a decent article for Occidental Dissent, or establish a cosmic order that transcends our current mental and physical forms for ceaseless new forms of excellence.

I hope writing for this website will  help focus this personal trek of mine. I would also like to overcome these Freudian feelings of inadequacy.


  1. The “guys with small peckers” forum is the blog down the road. I’m sure they’d be happy to listen to the sounds of you rolling in your hair-shirt. Cheers. Mike

    P.S. that’s my way of saying, “forget about it.” When you’re at the bottom in a society, the true dreaded Negroes of our generation… well, you get the point. Welcome aboard. I’m sure you’ll be cheered by the friends and family as much as the four horsemen.

  2. Captain,

    My advice to you is to put some money together and go backpacking through Europe (stay away from Britain however). It’ll clear your mind, it’s a wonderful experience and you’ll likely meet all kinds of pretty girls along the way.

  3. Mike,

    Go to qigong and yoga classes, and also do these practices from free videos on your computer. It will make you calmer and more centered, and more energetic. This will make chicks dig you more, too.

    It’s good that you are reading up on Game. Also, check out Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction and Roissy.

  4. I don’t need help on picking up ladies. My inadequacy squarely lies in writing. ‘The Game’ just helped jar my senses. A capricious attitude to tackle my first reveries is all I needed. Styles just helped me internalize it.

  5. Congratulations, you have failed indeed. This is completely useless. What’s your point, really?

  6. Mike, I thoroughly enjoyed your post here.

    Fear not my man, you WILL find your soul mate if you desire to do so. I’m sure of it. But whatever you do, don’t be too desperate. Wait until you find someone who is on the same intellectual plane as yourself.

  7. You want to “man up” Mike? My strongest recommendation is the exact same prescription Mike Judge gives at the end of Office Space: get a blue collar job.

    Go lay some road or cook or become a Plumber’s assistant. Anything but, please God, work in a soul killing office job. Seriously, you want to grow a set step one is challenging yourself, find out what your limits are and you won’t do that working in a feminized office environment.

    I’m no fan of game but bedding women is not the same thing as becoming a man in my book.

  8. “I was asked to discuss what I heard and saw and insightfully comment on the breadth of my exposure among the racialist scene there.”

    The task seems straighforward enough and when your initial submission was rejected, you might have tried going back over your work to improve it, asking questions to elicit useful feedback so that it could have been rewritten in an acceptable form. Instead of doing this, you tell the forum (and the world by proxy) that your grade point average is mediocre and complain that you have no “follow-through”, thus:
    “What about my dust encrusted guitar? The one that’s ensconced in the spare room at my folk’s house. What about the go-kart I gave up on building? The beautiful girl in geology I planned on having sex with?”
    Then you end your post with an admission of having “Freudian feelings of inadequacy”(which was really apparent throughout your post anyway).
    If you wish to be successful at what you are trying to do, then you need to work at that to the exclusion of all else. You need to stick to the subject matter you were “assigned to” and be serious about it. As regards your other concerns with “women”- there are few men who are “naturals” at “scoring”. Rejection comes with the game and when it comes to dating and finding a mate, it is a woman’s world-they have the control. Keep trying and you will rise to whatever level of success your abilities allow. If you don’t try, you will be assured of failure – both in writing and in attracting women. One final comment; the place to “bare your soul” is either a diary or a VERY trusted friend or relative-not the internet.

  9. Hunter, why do you allow crap like this to get posted? Every time I feel like contributing I read something like this (or the other rant by Val K.) and realize how pointless it is. Why would people who put a decent effort into their contributions want to be associated with rants about sexual frustration? It doesn’t belong on a White Nationalist website.

    I’d be more than willing to help moderate or contribute daily content but what’s the point?

  10. Mike, you are a talented writer (although I recommend deploying “have” in place of “of” to appease our snobbish grammatical sensibilities here at OD), but you do need something of substance about which to write. You have a knack for journalistic prose, so perhaps you should focus on going forth into the city and finding a story worthy to report here. I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding something to critique. Anyway, cheers bro!

  11. “I’d be more than willing to help moderate or contribute daily content but what’s the point?”


    What you really mean is you want to censer thoughts you don’t agree with.

  12. Sam,

    I realized that in posting this there would be complaints. Some perspective is needed here. When I was 21, I spent a lot of time chasing women too. I wasn’t nearly involved in the movement as I am now. I also wasn’t nearly as a good a writer as Mike is at his age.

  13. Mike I found your confession moving. I really wish I knew what to tell you so that you can gain some confidence. Unfortunately there are no easy answers. It is easy to utter exhortations like “man up!” It is quite another to know what precisely to do even when the will and desire to sacrifice is there. The moment of crisis arrived for me when I was in graduate school and I realized I would never make it as an academic or researcher. To boot, even if I had suddenly blossomed into a great researcher, I would have been in penury for a long time to come: in the late 1980’s the starting salary for a post-doctoral fellow in my area–a “hard” physical science–was only about $20,000 (and they wonder why Americans don’t go to graduate school!)

    I abruptly changed course, decided to go to professional school and went ahead and took some post-baccalaureate classes. That decision was the best I have ever made.

    Think about your future NOW! Start making plans. Act! Now! Time is of the essence. Be ready to sacrifice. Hard sacrifices now will help prepare a comfortable life later. Fail? Try again. Keep at it! Your plans don’t work out. Get ready to start all over again doing something else.

    On a more practical note, medicine and health care, while not glamorous, still offer rewarding professions. It is not for everyone but it might be the right thing for you. Jobs are in abundance and look like they will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

  14. White men need to get White women or else a lot of them will go with ethnics.

    For guys who’ve not been taught how to attract girls, Game is useful.

    A lot of the stuff on the internet is bull, but if a guy starts trying to get women instead of vegging out, then that is good and should be encouraged by WN.

    WN needs to offer people positive outcomes, not Old School conservative condemnation

  15. According to studies European women prefer their men more feminine than American women by a significant degree. So I suggest White American males that are unlucky in love take a trip to Europe and engage the women there.

  16. Americans don’t have a good rep in Europe.

    Here’s my take:

    I know a lot of guys who don’t do well with women. These men have a lot of “issues”. The problem with these PUA sites and books is that they give me with issues false hope. They tell them that they “deserve” the hottest girls, and with some “game” can bang “hot chicks” on the regular or get a “hot chick” to commit exclusively to them for LTRs (long term relationships).


    Even if…. what happens when the hot chick moves in, sees the dysfunction that her man lives in and is faced with a lifetime of reminding him to take his “meds”.

    Many guys are on meds for ADD, ADHD, Depression, this, that, the other, u-name-it. Many of them have addictions such as video games or are otherwise controlled by their Moms.

    My realistic advise to guys: There is NO SUCH THING AS A SOUL MATE. There is NOT someone “out there” just “waiting for you”. You cannot get the hottest chick and keep her. HOWEVER, if you stick to your own pool, you MIGHT find a woman with the same exact issues you have, who is willing to tolerate you for a while.

    Filling these guys heads with fantasies of getting the hot chick with no issues is setting them up for major disappointment and is CRUEL, in my opinion.

  17. “If this bald, effeminate, hook-nosed Semite can get a girl anyone can.”

    Knock yourself out!

  18. Mike, good essay. As a writer, you are already leagues beyond most, and you’re only 21. So…write. A lot. It’s good for you. Also, take the time to read other good writers.

    Obviously, you are an introspective sort. Whites seem more prone to introspection than most, and a subset of whites are pretty much off the charts with this characteristic. I’m quite introspective as well, it’s just my nature. A mixed blessing, I think. It can allow one to develop a more nuanced understanding of the world, oneself and others, yet it can be somewhat paralyzing at times. Thinking can become more of a habit than acting, and that’s not necessarily for the best. Still, I say embrace it. If you see it through, you’ll find more balance as you get older.

    By the way, I read The Game as well. Wasn’t too impressed with it, seemed like a bunch of guys with obsessive compulsive disorder. Still, I can see why it might be inspiring in a way. At least Strauss ACTED, even if in often pathetic ways – I seem to remember him saying that he took lint into the bars so that he could then put it on girls and make fun of them in a flirtatious way. As a guy who has chased plenty of skirts – and not to brag, but caught well over my share of them – this just seems kind of, well, Jewish. Whatever works is their motto, no sense of shame whatsoever. Maybe there is a lesson there?

    I’d advise guys not to get too caught up in these “guru” types. Learn what you need, don’t worry about the rest. There are definitely lessons to be learned from them, but there is also a distinct lack of balance and perspective.

    In any event, looking forward to your future writing. Don’t sweat the small stuff, or the inevitable complaints at anything smacking of introspection. I suspect that your essay is touching more nerves amongst white nationalists than you know. A lot implications there, and it’s worth exploring.

  19. I’m with Jake Jacobson here: Get a man’s job. Most office work is pointless. “Administrative Assistant” is an eight syllable phrase for “clerk”. How could an honest man have any dignity when he is doing nothing of consequence? Now, if you happen to have the talent and skill to actually do productive labor at a desk, good for you. You can feel some pride at the end of the day. But it’s a lot more likely that you’ll increase your self-respect by wiring a house or fixing a transmission or some other task that has tangible results, than by being a house nigger for XYZ Inc. If you want the appearance of self-assuredness, read a book about it. If you want the real thing, go out and earn it.

    As for writing, it’s best to have something to write about. Start living a life, accept the lessons that get poured over your head, read good books, and if you have it in you, you’ll learn to write.

  20. “By the way, I read The Game as well. Wasn’t too impressed with it, seemed like a bunch of guys with obsessive compulsive disorder”

    My point exactly.

    People with OCD, ADD, ADHD, Depression and all those other “disorders” need to date people with the same. It’s impossible for most guys to shoot of their league, which is the false hope that “game gurus” give them.

  21. Seems to me the unlucky men who buy into this stuff are the one’s being “gamed” for their money. Just another Jew or spiritual Jew taking your money.

  22. I read The Game, it’s crap and creepy.

    Women want confident, powerful men. So get rich and work out. It’s literally that simple.

  23. ‘go nail some Jewesses’

    Think of the sexually transmitted diseases, and then avoid Jewesses! Not to mention the fact that if you impregnated one, you would be reinforcing their ranks!

  24. A lot of these motivational type gurus are essentially selling you the false hope that the way to become an Alpha Male is to read a book or attend a seminar. There might be some enlightenment in listening to what they have to say, however ultimately the only way to be an Alpha Male is to be born one.

  25. Mark’s advice about treating prospective partners like one would treat a little sister is the best advice you’ll get on the matter.

    That, and bothering to write something that relates at least tangentially to the site’s subject. Ladies are hot for topicality.

  26. As for game, it can work to a degree. When I started reading up on David D’s concepts of “cocky and funny” and treating girls like a bratty little sister, I was thinking: “Shit, my crew was doing this back in the nineties.” We just never thought about marketing it.

    The problem isn’t that the techniques don’t work. Some of them can, at least for a good number of guys. The problem, of course, is that the gurus simply take the current rotted out kwa at face value. They live in a land of no substance, and don’t fundamentally question or judge the situation. Roissy is a big exception here, and that’s the genius of his blog. He combines social criticism of the world around him with game. But then, he’s not making money off of this. The guys with products to sell wouldn’t touch the material that he covers.

    So let’s say a guy learns “game,” and becomes at least measurably better with women. O.K., that’s cool. Nice option to have. But the problem is, what are you getting? There are a lot of fundamentally screwed up people out there, but even putting the horror stories aside, the Kwa is full of people that simply lack elemental good character and values. A rapidly declining culture tends to have that effect. Having learned game, what are these clueless guys doing to handle the influx of low quality women? One shudders to imagine.

    So it’s not enough to learn Game. It’s not enough to learn how to reel them in, one must also know how to spot quality and, just as importantly, poor quality. All that glitters is not gold. What guys really need is a “guru” that will not only help them bring in the women, but help them navigate a collapsing culture as well. Roissy is pretty much the closest to this, which makes him worthwhile, some of his nihilistic tendencies notwithstanding.

  27. Still scratching my head over how the fuck everyone seems to think I’m focusing on the penis/vagina scheme of game.

    Could of sworn I was talking about illegal fruit stands…

  28. This site is in dire need of quality control. What do posts from the likes of Mike Capatano and Reginald add to this site? Nothing. They detract from it.


    Hunter Wallace said OD signing up new contributors was “good news.” However, it is not “good news” if it means a decline in the quality of posts. It is better to have a few high-quality posts and contributors than a ton of low-quality posts and contributors.

  29. “Mark’s advice about treating prospective partners like one would treat a little sister is the best advice you’ll get on the matter.”


    That is very BAD advice!

    Concerning the poster who discusses the merits of game and if it actually helps and if a guy is actually getting anything by having it, I note only that eliminating sexual frustration and feelings of rejection is a big plus rather than having those two conditions on top of everything else that is wrong today.

  30. Mike, a few things —

    — I think I get that this post isn’t about being pathetic with women. I take ‘The Game’ references as part of some realization to a ‘get off your ass and DO something about it’ re: writing/movement/etc. If that’s the case, good. I get it, but damn, bad delivery there. Swing and a miss.

    — There is definitely something to your writing style. It is just rather schizophrenic in this article. There are elements that i can see as part of some characteristic style or flair you might have if developed. It is humorous, witty, and a bit self-depricating (which can be fine, just don’t go out of your way).

    — This is not LiveJournal. I can totally understand a fear of failure, especially if you’ve got a decent brain and can imagine the shame (all the things that could go wrong, what if i am not everything i think I am? oh no!). Brainy under-achievers worldwide can commiserate. Deal with it however you will, but please, don’t post about it.

  31. Hunter,

    I have to echo Sam and MGLS’s comments. WTF? Is this some sort of trial-by-fire for new contributors? March them all out, and the crap will either be shamed away, or they’ll up their game?

    I don’t think anybody wants a censor-fest, but damn. Crap posts and wacky reader comments don’t do anything for a WN image and wider acceptance of our views. Its great that OD is growing, but when I read article comments and they’re filled with copy-pasting of obscure anthropological texts, odd-ball terminology, and in-fighting on outwardly petty topics (as in the otherwise good Blonde Parade post), I worry about where this is going.

    Aryan this, nords-vs-meds that, women suck at everything but babies, etc. Why are commenters trotting this stuff out if the goal here is to pull normal folks into our movement? People already in the movement (i.e., non-mainstream people) have thoughts on these things, myself included, but what sort of broad appeal do these messages have? The comments increasingly read like SF threads.

  32. “go nail some Jewesses

    Think of the sexually transmitted diseases, and then avoid Jewesses! Not to mention the fact that if you impregnated one, you would be reinforcing their ranks!”

    Sounds like somebody doesn’t know Jewesses very well. Yentas pop birth control pills like they were tic-tacs, and the unlikely event of a pregnancy would just give them the opportunity to engage in their sacred, hard-earned right of abortion.

    To my knowledge, there’s no way you can weedle money out of a man who impregnated you AFTER you’ve had an abortion, but all it takes is the right lawsuit and the right court ruling, and BAM!

  33. Here’s the proven way to find women: make male friends.

    Network. Build up a good reputation. If you consistently behave honorably your good name will spread from your male friends to their acquaintances, some of which will be female.

    Mating is a social function and takes socializing to bring it about. “Alpha male” body language, “neg hits”, and game theory will not substitute for strong friendships and participation in social circles.

  34. I stopped reading halfway through this rambling mess that started off about that kook “Northwest” thing and was then all over the map from weird “boody revolution” fantasies finally drifting into sexual frustration. I guess it could have been worse, at least the author didn’t drift into that weird, oddball slang from stormfront such as “jooz” “groid” etc that destroys the credibility of a post. Is Occidental Dissent so desperate for material you publish teenagers?

  35. I think I get that this post isn’t about being pathetic with women. I take ‘The Game’ references as part of some realization to a ‘get off your ass and DO something about it’

    Right, it’s about increasing your odds. Neil Strauss said that he’s been rejected over a thousand times. Maybe he’s exaggerating, but certainly he has had a lot of rejection. That’s the point that most men fail at, they give up. What’s great about the social landscape out there is that most people suck, and just by other people’s failures you look better. The competition really isn’t that stiff.

  36. @Nightowl

    OD has a split personality. On the one hand, the goal is supposedly to attract young, intelligent, educated Whites. On the other hand, the things that those Whites often are interested in can’t be talked about, because that would make us look “kooky” – 911 conspiracies (a huge draw on thousands on internet sites), the latest Israeli terrorist attacks (three articles on TOO, zero here), sex, money (Fed a huge topic), etc.

    Aside from Kiev’s always great articles, and Parrott’s funny ones, there’s little to attract that supposed target audience – young, intelligent, educated Whites. Instead, it’s rehashing ancient White history, Hitler, bitching about blacks and mestizos, obscure debates about Meds, Nords, polygamy and religious arcana (not so much recently).

    Look at what the non-racialist sites that attract young, intelligent, educated Whites discuss – sites like reddit, Zerohedge, digg, the various Ron Paul forums, Democratic Underground/Free Republic, etc.

    That being said, whenever someone reads something they don’t like, they scream “this is making us look bad!!!” instead of simply ignoring it.

    I suggest more topic and sex and women, but with a different approach then “game” – and yes, please cut down on the Live Journal style confessionals.

    I’d love to see OD get the balls to write one article about the massive “911 Truth” movement like AE911, etc. We Are Change can get thousands of people to march in Southern California and generate billions of page hits, but y’all are here blogging about academic arcana.

  37. This site is in dire need of quality control. What do posts from the likes of Mike Capatano and Reginald add to this site? Nothing. They detract from it.

    While you’re on the subject, the poseur Kievsky, too. Look at his latest, his advice to Capatano to learn “qigong.” Who the hell has ever heard of it? Only a total poseur would breezily advise learning it without an accompanying description of what it is. Yeah, WN 2.0s are going to take the world by storm by speaking Chinese, growing their own potatoes all while meditating in the lotus position.

  38. Re Qigong:

    I have some lower back issues from years of lifting/construction that were sometimes done improperly. Every once and a while, the pain spikes and the muscles tighten to a point that my movement is severely restricted. There are some Quigong moves that will loosen it up and get it moving again where stretching would be an impossibility.

    That said, I don’t see what Qigong has to do with WN. However, I didn’t read the post under question.

  39. I’d love to see OD get the balls to write one article about the massive “911 Truth” movement like AE911, etc.

    Why don’t you write it?

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