Radio Free Virginia: CofCC 2010 National Conference

Hunter Wallace, Mike Capatano, and Pip Pockets discuss the CofCC 2010 National Conference which was recently held in Nashville, Tennessee. Hunter explains why he joined the CofCC and lists the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

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  1. You criticize the CofCC for calling themselves “Conservative” but then your glad that they are able to participate in mainstream politics with elected state representatives. I seriously question if they’d have members in elected office if they were to throw off their name for a more radical sounding one.

  2. You say that the CofCC abandoned its segregationist position when it adopted it’s current name, but I’ve never read an issue of the Citizens Informer that was anything but segregationist.

  3. Agreed on Louis March’s speech. Simply stirring.

    Can’t wait to see the hit job that Essence does on the conference. The skinny blond Asiatic looking women in attendance was a reporter from the magazine.

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