Juneteenth: Celebrate diversity!

Happy Juneteenth, everyone!

On June 19, 1865 General Gordon Granger of the United States Army stood upon a balcony in Galveston, Texas and reaffirmed the Emancipation Proclamation that had been declared three years earlier. Thus the slaves of Texas were freed and a state holiday was born: Juneteenth.

Although it is celebrated mostly in Texas, the Juneteenth holiday is gaining support in other states. By the end of 2009 at least 36 states had recognized the holiday. Typical celebrations include forming mobs and beating random people. Another favorite tradition is to block streets and then smash stopped cars. Ah, diversity!1

A man dragged from his car and beaten.

The 2006 Milwaukee celebration ended with “revelers” starting fights with tentpoles they had stolen. 2

In 2007 David Rivas Morales and his friend Victor were driving to an apartment complex in Austin, Texas. The nearby Juneteenth celebrations had attracted several thousand people to the area and their car struck a 2 year-old boy. When the driver and Morales exited the vehicle to check on the child they were attacked by a large mob and Morales was beaten to death. The child sustained non-life-threatening injuries.3

Back in Milwaukee the people decided to celebrate more joyously in 2007 than ever before. So they dragged Pat Kasthurirangaian out of his car and beat him. “They broke my nose, they busted my lip in many places and I have a fractured eye socket,” said Kasthurirangaian. He doesn’t know who it was and he doesn’t know why they did it. 4

“It all happened so fast. They started banging on the car. I don’t know exactly now, but I was trying to dial 911 on my cell phone. They managed to open the door and pull the cell phone out of my hand,” Kasthurirangaian remembered. 5

“They didn’t know who I was, I don’t know, I’ve never seen them before. They didn’t say a single word to me. And I know a lot of people in that neighborhood, given that I work there, and I was looking for faces that I recognize, they just wanted to beat me up.”6

Policemen attacked in Milwaukee.

The crowd dispersed after police officers arrived on horseback. Another car had been attacked before the beating of Mr. Kasthurirangaian. The first driver had smashed into another vehicle as he attempted to escape the crowds, but was not injured.7

On another Milwaukee street a police sergeant attempted to break up a fight between some girls. One of the girls turned on him and smashed his face-mask (a necessary precaution for Juneteenth celebrations) and broken material cut into his face.8

In another incident that day, three women were busy fighting when an 18-year-old male joined the melee and said he’d return with a gun. And return he did – firing five shots into a crowd and hitting a 39-year-old man.9

How will you celebrate?

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  1. This reminds me of the violence that frequently occurs at St. Patrick’s Day parades in American cities. Interestingly enough, the individuals participating in the violence never look very Irish.

  2. Say what you will about Hispanics, but they obviously have…something that blacks don’t. Morales acted like a responsible human being, and died for it. No doubt he did it instinctively, without thinking.

    I remember when this happened…the Leftist (read: mainstream) blogs reported it with the angle of “racist Texas rednecks fired up by Lou Dodds lynch Hispanic man.”

    When it turned out to have happened in the Booker T. Washington Projects, they shut up.

    As for Mr. Kasthurirangaian, I’m sure the ghetto garbage was overjoyed to find “one dem chink-chongs” to beat up.

  3. Shit, mofo, I ain’t gonna jive yoo, the brothas juss be lettin off some steam, ‘n shit, yoo know wha’ I’ be sayin? Every thang gonna be koo, too, now dat dair be a Negro brotha wiff ‘skils’ in da White House. Shit man… don’ be worryin bout da small shit, know wha’ I meen?? Cause we be eewkwal ‘n shit too & dem laws be fo’ silly assed Whites, not us! Sides, we got da White ‘chicks’ now, & got the White mofo’s on da run!

  4. Hell, Junghans- that is some very authentic sounding “ghetto patter”, for a moment (before I glanced at your name) I thought it really was a “brothah” posting on OD! 😀

  5. Violence is pretty uncommon in Juneteenth celebrations. Today I attended a pretty upscale event; good food, good liquor, and good times.
    How does this qualify? Juneteenth events generally are all Black events that contain little to no diversity.

  6. Wonder if any libtard commentators will bewail the lack of diversity at Jamara’s Juneteenth celebration? After all, too many melanin deficient white people in any given location at the same time smacks of kkk activity (without the sheets) so large numbers of black people gathering in any one place must mean it’s a new black panther party event. I have my doubts, though, as there’s always dead bodies at all negro events.

    I happened to be in Texas one year after this event took place. David Rivas Morales appeared to be just a regular working person and father who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All he was trying to do was help the little black girl who ran out in front of his car and for that he met a violent demise. Predictably the ultra liberal Austin establishment has been dragging their feet in prosecuting the niggers responsible for Morales’ death.

    This was a major setback for the black-brown alliance.

  7. Matt, I suppose in a general sense you can say Black events are far more likely to erupt into violence that White events. But there are class, age and ethnicity distinctions to be made. I think events held for upper middle class Blacks are less violent than those frequented but poor and working class whites.

    I left out a word in my last post. Since one the tags for this blog was diversity. I was asking how do these event qualify as diversity? They are largely Black held and attended events.

  8. It’s a joke, Jamara. Diversity is a code word for “non-white.” Having blacks in Europe is “diverse.” Having Whites anywhere in the world is “imperialism.”

  9. Jamara,

    I believe you’re honest and intellectually consistent. I don’t have any problem with Juneteenth celebrations. I think we all win when both Whites and Blacks celebrate their unique heritages and identities. As you surely know, my people are not only discouraged from coming together to celebrate our White American heritage, we’re often actually forbidden to do so.

    As I understand it, you’re not part of this problem.

    Best wishes to you and yours.

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