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  1. I read somewhere someone stated, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to run a WN organization, but it sure helped!”

  2. Good video editing, it could be included in a longer TV show like something you’d see on The History Channel.

    Even the blacks who aren’t criminals and psychopaths are just a lower class of people. They’re far more often rude, hostile, incompetent and degenerate.

  3. “William Pierce wanted to exterminate the Jews.”

    As a marketing idea i’d say that scores about 0/10.

  4. “Yet the Jews’ desire to exterminate us seems to have taken off like wildfire.”

    They market is as diversity.

    Pierce should have said he wanted to diversify them.

  5. White liberals rage all about the introduction of invasive, Old World species and their impact on the North American ecosystem such as Dandelions, Dutch Elm Disease, Asian River Carp, Burmese Pythons, Snakehead fish, etc. But by far the most destructive non-native species to the Western Hemisphere must be Homo Africanus Criminalus. Whole cities and regions have been devastated by this species such as Detroit, New Orleans, Rio de Janiero, and most of the Caribbean. Plus, without Homo Africanus Criminalus, there never would have been a so called “Civil Rights” movement that was the keystone in initiating all these other leftist movements that followed in the wake of it’s success. With this destruction, the presence of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly pales in comparison.

  6. William Pierce was a great thinker, a Great Man, and potentially a great leader. But before his time. Now, the Time is upon us, but there is not – yet – a Pierce. In fact there are hundreds of men with his potential now waiting-in-the-wings and, as the economic-political decay of ZOG continues and accelerates, they will begin to appear. Some will rise, only to fall again…then One will triumph and change the World.

  7. Pierce should have said he wanted to diversify them.

    Indeed. This is an ideal way to market it at unfriendly sites. We just want to “eliminate Tay Sachs” and excessive inbreeding by diversifying the Jewish population.

  8. @danielj

    Yes. High IQ causes so much trouble in the world they want to diversify the brains out of us for the good of the planet.

    Perhaps we should start with the highest IQ group as a test?

  9. I went to Jamaica last May. It’s about the same situation in Haiti, except Jamaica isn’t that bad on the west coast near Montego Bay. Kington, however, is on par with Haiti because they’re too busy defending a cocaine/marijuana/arms smuggler who is supposed to be extradited to the USA for his crimes but he’s so integrated with the local corrupt politicians that they have put that off for years.

    It’s interesting to drive through a slum, then an affluent neighborhood, slum, gated community, slum, bigger slum, and through gates of safety at your private house you’re staying at with a “security guard” with dreadlocks supposedly going to keep you safe at night.

    I stayed at the Hammerstein House (also called “Highland House”) where Oscar Hammerstein wrote “The Sound of Music” musical score.

    Watching this video was an eye opener. Anyone care to post it to liberals to get a hilarious reaction? I remember the “Help Haiti” was all the craze when the earthquake happened. I’m sorta on the side of Pat Robertson, maybe God was at work since the corruption went all the way up to the President and his mansion was completely destroyed.

  10. Haiti should get more attention. Something Pierce didn’t mention is that the island of Hispaniola is divided between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Dominicans are not white, but they’re a lot whiter than the Haitians, and their half of the island is a paradise compared to Haiti.

    That island is like an HBD lab in the same way that the two Koreas are like a lab to show the relative merits of communism and capitalism.

  11. If I truly believed in white nationalism (as opposed to being curious and ambivalent) and wasn’t half-Jewish, I would be member of National Alliance and work to rebuild it. Pierce created an amazing body of work, intellectual and organizational, in his lifetime. It is a shame from POV of white nationalism that the organization he founded apparently is a ghost of its former self. A top-down organization led by charismatic founder/unquestioned leader needs to transform itself into s bottom-up organization accountable to its members after the death of its founder, or it will decline into shells of its former self, usually governed by some laughable tinpot dictator.

  12. Whenever I see a niggerlover leftist I ask my self: Is he really a niggerlover leftist or is he a satanic kike only pretending to be a leftist niggerlover. I think this is a very important point: Jews must me taught to shut up about racism! They must appear inadequate to accuse others for racism.

    This may be the winning strategy in a debate against “anti-racist” left: Always point out Jewish racism and suffering of other races from jews, never of your own race. Think about your own misfortunes but always point out misfortunes of others.

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