Meg Whitman: A Different Kind of Republican

Meg Whitman demonstrates bold conservative leadership in California:

Meg’s “crystal clear” position on illegal immigration while she was running in the Republican primary. According to Pete Wilson, she was “tough as nails.”

Meg wants to create a new California: one with plentiful jobs, public schools that lead the nation, and a chicken in every pot.

Meg is a “different kind” of Republican: one that welcomes the invasion of America by illegal aliens.

Meg is a different kind of leader: one that will create “high tech” jobs for illiterate Hispanic high school drop outs.

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  1. Jeez imagine once, just once, if some politician explicitly cared about Whites! All one hears about is caring for this colored group or this Jewish group or whatever!

    It has been almost twenty years since David Duke! This has gone on long enough!

    (Ok yeah when Hillary Clinton was losing she did make one comment about Whites, but she had already lost by that point so it didn’t really matter, pretty thin gruel…. )

  2. There was a Jew named Steve Poizner (also a Silicon Valley billionaire like Whitman) who ran for the Republican nomination and oddly enough made opposition to illegal immigration his top issue. Whitman responded by running a gazillion ads saying that she was also against illegal immigration.

  3. But she’s a woman, she should be back home knitting and baking cookies, right? We don’t need her help! ­čśë

  4. Yeah Tom…Don’t get me started. The female was not made for governance in any form . Republicratitarian or whatever form.
    She is man’s HELPER not his leader.

  5. One of the more transparent whores running for office this year. I suppose that these Republofilth are hoping to take advantage of BHO’s troubles and fasten their own lips to the Big Teat.

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