The Non-Productive Economy

Addendum 2 from an

    interview with John Robb

Unlike a failed state like Somalia (utter chaos), a hollow state still retains the facade of a nation (borders, bureaucracy, etc.). However, a hollow state doesn’t exert any meaningful control over the countryside. It’s not only that the state can’t do it militarily, they don’t have anything they can offer people. So, instead, control is ceded to local groups that can provide basic levels of opt-in security, minimal services, and jobs via new connections to the global economy – think in terms of La Familia in Michoacana.

The real danger to the US is that not only will these groups expand into the US (they already have), it is that these groups will accelerate the development of similar homegrown groups in the US as our middle class evaporates.

Do you see a diminishing role for the state in large-scale governance? Does this compel communities to do it for themselves?

Yes, large scale governance is on the way out. Not only are nearly all governments financially insolvent, they can’t protect citizens from a global system that is running amok. As services and security begin to fade, local sources of order will emerge to fill the void. Hopefully, most people will opt to take control of this process by joining together with others to build resilient communities that can offer the independence, security, and prosperity that isn’t offered by the nation-state anymore. However, this is something you will have to build for yourself. Nobody is going to help you build it.

The ruthless economic contraction is the hollowing out of the United States.

Addendum: When liberal multiculters attack White ethnic advocates, their paychecks are their weapons and their motives. WIthout their paychecks and the promise of social approval leading to bigger paychecks, they would have to attend to more important and immediate needs. There are no volunteer multiculturalists; our side is nothing but volunteers. Economic contraction will force the multiculters to “criticize white dominance . . . for food,” or seek a new line of work. The anti-white army of envious freaks, failures and white-haters marches on its stomach.

The main reason that political correctness has managed to gain such a strong grip over this once very free country, is that our primary economic activities consist of jive and butt-kissing.

That is, most of the sources of middle class income require a surrender of one’s conscience and freedom of political expression, unless your political expression IS multiculturalism and political correctness. If you are a True Believer in the fantasy utopia of a rainbow multicult, you got it made. I suppose such people exist; I see their articles at Alternet and Our Future. Many others just simply give up political freedom and live in “quiet desperation.”

Back when Americans directly produced things of value such as food, textiles, and machines, their livelihood did not depend on other people “liking them,” which means they didn’t have to avoid controversy at all costs. We were a livelier and more dangerous people. Modernity has castrated us.

The entrepreneurial middle class now are largely middlemen (resellers), advertiser/marketers, and bureaucrats of either the public or private sectors. All of these require absolute surrender to Mammon. This is the ideal arrangement of a One World Order. The whole world as just a bunch of real estate agents who dream only of making a lot of sales, and going on vacation to Aruba and sipping an umbrella drink. And of course a massive population of “invisible” slaves who actually do the productive work, and do it in a very slipshod manner, ala Kurtagic’s novel “Mister.”

When you produce something of value, such as food, you can always find another buyer. You aren’t beholden to social approval. To a lesser but significant extent, this is true of being an IT tech and “best practices consultant.” Such a person is not selling “jive,” he is helping the jive professions get more done faster. He is a Mind-Weapon who is not so easily replaced, and can always sell his service in the next town, or the next county, or another state.

Being an intellectual sets you apart from the Mammon society, but it’s best if one of your intellectual pursuits has a practical use, such as speaking a relevant foreign language or two. The four relevant languages in are English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. In the rest of the world it’s no big deal to be multilingual; among Americans it is a very rare and prestigious thing.

The truth is, life here is awful in its own way. If you have lived here all your life, you should go live in Russia for a year and see the difference. See what it’s like to be among people who don’t worship Mammon and haven’t surrendered their conscience. Expatriation is one way to get free of the hell of the land of jive and buttkiss.

The other way, the harder way, is to become a primary producer here, and show others how to do it, and form small “trading alliances” of primary producers. Every farmer I know is eager to help other people become farmers, because we are desperate to create enough farmers to form a “trading alliance” and political bloc. Farming in New England is treated as a hobby, and the farmers are desperate to become as important and respected as real estate agents.

I suspect that the Planners and Designers of Shuck and Jive America know that producers are less beholden than resellers. Thus I have reverse-engineered the One World Order and found that production equals liberation. If you don’t want to live under One World Slavery, you had best become a producer again.


  1. Expatriation has many benefits; on the other hand, it can tempt virtuous men to ignore their duties to the ethny by pursuing purely personal profit.

    Expatriation to Russia or Eastern Europe might be a solution, but I’m not an expert.

    A word on hypnosis, charisma, and sales skills: even an artisan or professional should be able to sell an idea or a product. Even a computer programmer can benefit from knowing how to “turn on the charm” with a bit of hypnotic showmanship. However, don’t worship salesmanship and don’t trust societies that worship charismatic salesmen such as Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins.

    Salesmen are easy to organize into pyramidal hierarchies. (I think James Thurber wrote that one can fool too many of the people, too much of the time.)

    Be aware of sales, but build core economic value by concrete productivity. Add value to something – a product, a classroom, an orchard. Know how to add value in a concrete sense before you study salesmanship.

  2. Kievsky: Another good post. What you say reminds me of the passage in the Bible in Revelations where it says, “no man is able to buy or sell except he has the beast’s number or the number of his name on his forehead or on his hand”. Of course this is not literal. The forehead is the mind and the hand is the individual’s work or works. PCness is part of this marking system wherein everyone censors themselves in order to keep their job. Must not upset her royal mommyness….

  3. That was one of Sam Francis’ major points in “Revolution from the Middle.” He believed that an employee was less independent than a man in business for himself, and that the independence afforded by working for oneself is part of the virtue our founding fathers believed was necessary to have a free country.

  4. The only domestic industry seems to be high quality crafts for a niche market. I noticed a lot of the Beatnik types seem to have “Organic Goat Cheese Farms” etc. One place around here bought up the leftovers from a local orchards apple crop and turned it into Apple Cider. The stuff tastes fantastic, just as good as those expensive bottles of Lambic. Oddly enough, these Hippies are actually doing something about a local economy and buying American while the fat weekend flag wavers waddle into Wall Mart to buy Chinese plastic junk. It’s no wonder the American Economy is sick, Uncle Sam’s been having promiscuous Unprotected Trade with every dung heap on the planet. Our “Trade Policy” is as recklessly irresponsible as the “Up Your Alley” fair in San Fran’thith’co.

  5. This is another great post.

    I wonder how many OD readers are involved in some type of primary production, even on a micro scale.

  6. Must not upset her royal mommyness….

    Haha, great comment Brandon! Also Nightowl comment — you are quite right. I’ve been watching the hippies for years and encouraging White advocates to do something along those lines. If you go live soemwhere like Eugene Oregon or Portland Oregon you’ll find all kinds of alternative economy stuff.

    In my own town someone just opened a bicycle repair shop/Internet cafe/beer brewing supply store. I have patronized them a few times. I hope their business model works in my depressed little mill town.

    One insight I have had in starting a small business is that you should try to design it so that EVERY MINUTE you work is earning money. You don’t want to sit in an empty store all day and not make any money. Whenever I am working on my garden, or fixing a computer, I’m producing income, either immediatley or in the future. That’s why I would avoid opening any kind of storefront, unless it was a convenience store.

  7. I noticed a lot of these Hippie types also use bicycles as primary transport and live where they work. Avoiding the automobile racket and 1000% markup “auto repair” rackets puts an enormous amount of money back into your pocket. I see the young girls with that “old maid” look of horned rim glasses and hippie gowns commuting to and from work by bikes adorned with “Obama” stickers on the fender all the time.

  8. Nightowl,

    Exactly true! The auto is a huge ripoff. I didn’t own a car from age 23 to age 27, the last year in Boston and those were a great 4 years. I actually spent my time studying and learning violin and just enjoying life. Had I had the insight to learn information technology, I could have made a huge savings from the difference between the high income IT work and the low expense non-automobile lifestyle. But I got married and got sucked back into owning a car and working my ass off to enrich the globalist scum.

  9. In my own experience, out West, these high quality hippie craft businesses largely exist in boutique towns, places that have got a university or two. A college brings tons of money into a community. All those socially conscious upper tier young people with ATM cards are busily transferring the taxpayers’ and their parents’ money to the watering holes and shops of the student ghettos. The faculty have their own favored places to spend the money the taxpayers and parents give them. In particular, I have in mind Santa Cruz and Chico, California, and Ashland, Oregon.
    Kievsky, your New England farming sounds like it has real prospects, but I wouldn’t count on the market in well-made trinkets for the refined parasitic class. When the stocks go down, Justin and Fiona will be spending their parents’ newly limited money on rice and onions, not $1200 bicycles and silver jewelry.

  10. Independent business has always been a great idea, but exponentially more difficult now! Tons of beaurocracy has grown around so many “real” enterprises. And the fact is that with motors and computers, real “work” has greatly been reduced (for now). So most employment is artificial crap we don’t need, but it makes folks conform and serve.

    Warning: Walmartizers look for new products to flog cheap (from overseas), killing our independent producers. I sought to make a nifty new simple object; distribution proved very tough to negotiate with a likely store chain. Before it could be arranged, a copycat item (assembled in China) popped up. It lacked a special thing my version had, but swamped the market for this useful tool… which would actually reduce work for the user, so he would not need to hire people to do it. See, we destroy work! Years ago I told how a computer might do the tedious part of my job. My boss ignored it. Other firms developed such a way, and soon my kind of work lost 85% of employees!]

    Farming in US has a strange new entity, a new Executive Order! (Might this lead to an IDENTITY CARD to get even basic food or herbs? [Satan’s 666?])

    Check out…

    It’s a new Executive Order [a “CODEX ALIMANTARIUS”?] that aims to control all food, herbs, treatments, etc.

    Meanwhile Monsanto seeks a global monopoly on many crops, since it holds GMO patents and crushes folks not using its supplies… look at the sugar beet seed conflict! Stay away from such crops, if you go farming.

    Probably the best bet is to produce food, fuel, transport (even horses hauling firewood) cloth and basic supplies for yourself, and locally swap items, but plan to exist cashless and obscure for a few years – only possible far from cities. (Preferably out of US and Europe’s EU too.) Then pray for a shocking major “meltdown” to implode the govt, paper money, and corporate entities very very soon.* Then you will be a wise rising pioneer! (Many others will simply be… dead.)

    Well, we were ordered to get out of “Babylon” or suffer!

    PS* Some say Bilderbergers met (quietly during FIFA reportage on MSM) and are now pushing hard for US to take out Iran. Will a bloody big war come soon? (Well, wars push attention from real issues! But if a war goes badly for your side, society gets disarrayed to chaos.)

  11. Learning the trades, at least at the basic level, is also a huge positive.

    You can save literally thousands of dollars a year on auto and home repairs doing it yourself, and you are learning a potential business.

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