The War against the American Worker; Fighting Back

I was listening to the local neocon commercial talk station, and there was an ad for Sean Hannity. He played the following quote from Hilda Solis, US Secretary of Labor:

Report illegal alien employers!

Find employers who hire illegal aliens here

You can find the complaints at “we hire aliens” and copy paste them
A lot of the entries are actually complaints by the relatives of the illegal aliens, because the illegal is literally being enslaved.

In short, illegal aliens can now call the Obama administration and complain if some traitor-scumbag that hired them doesn’t pay them. Sean Hannity’s comment, “So much for the rule of law.”

However, this may have unintended consequences. Maybe illegal aliens will wage a “war against the employing class” and report their employers for a quickie payoff. This would be the “short time horizon” thing to do. This would be a most excellent development, as it would make hiring illegals a lot less attractive.

If you know someone who hires illegals, or know where illegals congregate, give them flyers with the number for the Secretary of Labor. Here’s the number: 1-866-4-USA-DOL (1-866-487-2365) Habla Espanol of course. If anyone here knows Spanish, please put in the comments the following wording:

Did your employer not pay you, or pay you less than agreed? Maybe you think you should have been paid more, or worked more hours than they claimed. Call 1-866-487-2365 and report your employer. The Department of Labor will make them pay you a lot of money! Immigrants have been ripped off for long enough! Now Obama is ready to help you! Every time you call, you help yourself and other hard-working immigrants! Spread the word!

President Obama is providing us the mechanism for striking back against the greedy traitors that replaced Americans with illegals! I knew he was a standup guy all along! Or maybe he just doesn’t think through all the consequences. No matter – it’s all good! Thank you so much President Obama!

Any Spanish speakers out there can also make anonymous tips against traitor companies, of course. You are “afraid” to give your information, but here’s the company that is enslaving poor undocumented workers! Oy vey!

So you see how it’s possible to get stuff done without hot lead and cold steel? The Mind-Weapon sees two or three moves ahead; our enemies are dogmatic thinkers who act on their class and racial resentment and don’t see unintended consequences.

Meanwhile, if you have even 1/8 of an acre of lawn (5000 square feet, or 50 by 100 feet), you can make a good side income with a vegetable garden. I won’t go into detail, but you can make at least a few thousand on 1/8 of an acre in a season. And with mulch paper, your weeding will be a minimum. Use a horse manure fork to separate the lawn from the good dirt, and discard the lawn, and add horse manure. Local dump truck drivers often collect and sell horse manure by the yard. My connection sells it for 25 a yard, delivered, which is an excellent price. You would want about 16 yards if you are just getting started, or one yard for every 250 square feet. Also, collect leaves and compost them in a huge pile, and put horse manure on top to keep them from blowing away and form a heat seal. After a year you’ll have nice black and reddish dirt.

The Gulf Oil Spill is going to make it more likely that oil is going to go up, and the economy down. High oil prices = high food prices. Even I am able to peg my prices about 15% above local supermarket prices, and do quite well. The 15% is the freshness premium, and I have a minute fraction of the overhead of the Industrial Farming/trucking/supermarket system.

Using mulch paper, you can keep your day job since you don’t have to weed and water as much. You can actually set up the garden to run as an automatic food production machine, and let it run for you all summer. A little bit of maintenance with OMRI certified pesticides when needed, and of course harvesting and selling. But you won’t need to spend long days in the hot sun thanks to mulch paper from Most of the actual work is March to June, and then the sun, rain and soil do the rest. You can also do “setup work” in the cool months of September – November, until snow falls, and have the garden ready to plant the next spring.

The other thing to do, for a day job, is be an office manager generalist. A business hires a low paid secretary and you set them up to work automatically and very efficiently, and they only call you when they need you. You will need basic IT such as Comptia A+ certification, maybe a Microsoft MCSE, and Quickbooks and basic book-keeping knowledge. Do some office jobs long enough, and do some self education, to learn to be an office manager generalist, and then strike out on your own. Also, become an expert in cell phone technologies such as Blackberries, so you can help people program their cell phones to synch up with their e-mail and the like. One of the electives of the Microsoft MCSE is the “Microsoft Exchange Blackberry Server.” Definitely do that one if you do an MCSE. And learn PGP email encryption, and integrating PGP with cell phones.

The globalists threw us out of our economic niches — our farms, our factories, our landscaping jobs jobs, even our high tech jobs with the H1-B visa program.

Now it’s time to take back those economic niches without their involvement. We can compete with them because, as Mind-Weapon Entrepreneurs, our overhead is lower at every stage of production and sales. When we have a critical mass of MWE’s, we can start our own banks. If we manage to boot-strap a successful alternative banking system, it will pry the economy from their fingers. And why shouldn’t we? If we can bootstrap ourselves into a producing class, then we can bootstrap our own banking and loans. It doesn’t mean we’ll “control” the economy, but it does mean we’ll bite a bloody, fatty, painful chunk of power away from the Central Bankers and globalists. All without firing a shot.

The Kievsky definition of White Nationalism 2.0 is not a straight definition, but is the answer to the following 3 questions.

How did the House of Rothschild overthrew Europe without firing a shot?

How can we use a similar, historically timely strategy to restore Europa on this planet?

Can Whites leverage our natural inclinations (honesty and a work ethic) to our advantage, rather than having these leveraged as an advantage against us? I think it all begins here.

If we win without firing a shot, it will be a long lasting, organic victory. It will be taken as a force of nature, or evolution in action. Historians will say, “It was inevitable.” Let us make it so.


  1. Kievsky, do you think a two year community college computer information technology degree is worth the $5000 tuition for the whole program? A community college in my area offers such a program and it seems to be pretty good.

  2. J Roberts,

    NO! NO NO NO NO! Assuming you have an IQ of at least 110 you can do it yourself on the cheap.

    Do the Comptia A+ certification first. Get the book for the 2009 test, which will be about 60, maybe cheaper off amazon. Read the book, get teh Transcender prep test from for 120, click through that till you got it cold, then go take the test, 160. CORRECTION — there are 2 tests, so it’s about 500 for for the whole thing.

    MCSE — same process. One book at a time, one exam at a time. There’s 4. Each test will be aabout the same — about 250. So for an A+ cert and an MCSE, about 1250 –self study. You don’t need no stinking classrooms! IF you need help, e-mail me.

    Also recommended — Comptia Network + and Security + and the Cisco CCNA. Each of those is just a single test, cost about 250 each.

    That’s a big thing I’m about — open source, global guerilla professional training on the cheap. Screw the kwalleges and universities.

    One thing that is worth it is the Quickbooks course for 500. However, study book-keeping and QB on your own first, and try to get a shitty office job as a book-keeper for a few months, and be the best employee they ever had and try to learn as much as possible. I can even tell you some QB and book-keeping basics too.

  3. Kiev, who are your client businesses? I assume not large corporations – what is the average size of one of your clients? How do you advertise/get clients?

  4. I love the flyer idea.

    I live in an area with a lot of construction activity, and there are always hordes of mexican illegals milling around outside of every Lowes and Home Depot in this area looking for under the table contract work.

    If someone can translate the verbiage, I will do this.

  5. Crunchie,

    If you work hard you should be able to finish the A+ certificate in 6 weeks.


    I do a bit of advertising, and I go to businesses and hand out my card and tell them what I can do for them. All small businesses. The big selling point is that they don’t have to hire an expensive office person, just a receptionist, whom I train to run the systems. For backup and restore I recommend Carbonite, for anti-virus, I recommend Kaspersky. A lot of businesses don’t have anti-virus or Windows Update turned on. They don’t scan checks that come in, so they can have a hard time tracking deposits. maybe their backups aren’t working (did they ever try to restore?)

    Sometimes they keep the books with pen and paper! Like I said, it’s real important to be both IT and quickbooks. Keep track of the money real tight, and data is CIA — Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (I got that from studyign for the Security + certification).

  6. LEW,

    I hope you find a Spanish translator! Maybe approach an illegal alien lover. It’s always a good idea to go Taqqiyah into enemy territory.

  7. Starting in 2010 the Comptia A++ certification will no longer be good for life, rather you will have to retake the test every 3 years and fork over $400 and spend weeks rereading the books. People should try to take it before December so they can get a permanent certification.

  8. Nightowl

    The technology changes very quickly. It is reasonable to retake the test every three years. However, it will probably be a single update test, rather than 2 tests.

    Also, you won’t reread the books, you’ll have to read updated books with all the new standards.

    Look into cell phones, folks. Those are the new PC’s. You become a cell phone expert you’ll be ahead of the pack.

  9. Kievsky

    What book would you recommend for A+?

    I have the time to learn about computers. I’ve already worked in Finance quite a bit, but want to get into IT. I think there’s less BS in IT, it’s like being an information age mechanic

  10. I have the A+ cert (2003 Objectives) and the Network+ (2005 Objectives). Both of them I self-studied for, primarily by simply taking practice tests over and over again, I had a few different question sets for it. It only took me a few weeks of studying for each, but I was already pretty good with PCs.

    I would say that having some specialty to go along with the A+ (like quick-books) would be a good thing if you want to do the freelancer route. Otherwise, the only jobs available will be low paid high-call-volume help-desk positions, and even getting one of those with no prior experience will be tough. The A+ only goes so far with no experience.

    Some other technologies that I have considered sprucing up on (when I get the urge to go solo):

    1) Point-of-sale and restaurant management software. Every restaurant has these systems, I assume that most of them purchase support from the software developer, anybody have any experience with this?
    2) Audio/Visual installation and maintenance. This also plugs into the restaurant idea, most have a satellite or cable system and multiple wall-mounted televisions.
    3) Small doctor’s offices. I worked for a managed services company, and with the government mandate for electronic medical records, every small 2 person doctors office in the country is purchasing a server and associated equipment. I never attempted it, but it seems it would be easy to poach some of these offices out from the managed services firms. Typically there is a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller, a Wifi network, and PRM software installed on the server and clients. You would need to handle typical problems, and deal with the company that developed the PRM software when necessary (you don’t have to be an expert on the usage of the medical software itself, you just have to be able to troubleshoot the technical side of it).

  11. No experience? Do you have any friends who own small businesses? You can fake your resume if your small business owner friends will back you up.

    Try to get in a book-keeping job. Those jobs get the dregs of the population. They’ll be very happy if they actually get someone who shows up on time and doesn’t steal. When you are in the book-keeping job, you help with the IT too. Thus you get your starting experience.

  12. “However, this may have unintended consequences. “

    Excellent! Yet another great idea from Kievsky. I plan on printing out some flyers and distributing them this weekend and will keep you updated on my progress!

    Also I speak rudimentary spanish and will be making a few prank calls/ anonymous tips, anything to gum up the works of the hated ZOG B.E.A.S.T. system

    ( , note how beast fits in with NWO and with Christian Identity theology of negroes being the ‘beasts of the field’….)

  13. Keivsky, please email more about book keeping jobs. I don’t think I am “the dregs” but I am unemployed and like jobs where I get told what to do and left alone to do it. I show up on time and don’t steal. mohdoggies @ ya

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