1. I just correctly embedded the video and then checked it for functionality on three different browsers: Firefox, Opera, & Chrome. It works on all three.

    The problem was that you cannot use the regular “link” feature for vimeo embeds, nor can you simply paste the code that you find on the solution pages provided by wordpress. It only worked once I manually typed the URL.

  2. Works for me, listened to the whole thing. Very interesting if extremely esoteric. Who are the two speakers? The first is Andrew?

  3. Works fine, and the quality is good considering the compression. The important thing is that the recording itself is good quality and their voices are clearly audible despite the background noise.

    We appreciate the upload, Andrew, it’s an interesting and enlightening speech.

  4. An interesting contradiction about Yockey, he glorified cultural traditionalism but then didn’t believe in race but rather in Boasian principles.

  5. It’s stated in this video and expanded on by O’Meara that Yockey was not a biological racialist rather a culturalist, he didn’t believe in a Jewish race, and believed as Boas did that race was adaptable, starting at 47:40.

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