1. Campbell,

    I’ve contributed some pretty shitty stuff for OD, but honest — what the hell is this abortion I’m watching?

  2. Capatano,

    If the luminous torch of Integral Tradition scorches your eyes, I suggest you avert your gaze.

  3. Looks more like something Elena Kagan would make after taking a tutorial on Windows Movie Maker than anything resembling Integral Tradition.

  4. The chords of the music were interesting. I’m no music theorist, but I recall that some occult traditions use non-standard musical scales for special purposes. I wonder if that was the intention of the artist.

    Saying Evola was better than Marcuse is provocative. I wonder what parallels exist between those two men that inspired an Evola supporter to make that comparison.

  5. The Radical Traditionalist philosophy and aesthetic has much of value. I am really excited by the site below, which was advertised on Alternative Right.


    This video on the other hand… dude, this is shit. There is nothing redeeming about it. It is horrifyingly ugly, the imagery is disgusting, and it looks like something dragged out of the Degenerate Art exhibit from Munich, 1937. Modern art, atonal music, repulsive naked women — it’s like a Lady Gaga video, only I think her music has more in common with Integral Traditionalism than anything associated with this piece of crap.

    Kill it with fire.

  6. Mike Capatano’s “contributions” to OD have consisted of woebegone, “Dear Diary”-style entries, centering on his shortcomings as a writer/activist/man. They are completely devoid of intellectual substance; however, as Alex Kurtagic often points out, style almost always trumps substance in the modern world, and that is where Mike Capatano truly shines.

    He acknowledged in his first post here that he has nothing substantive about which to write, and that his writing skills are sorely lacking in any event, yet this does not still his hand; rather, the callow Capatano hammers away at the keyboard with all of the enthusiasm of a contestant in the Special Olympics.

    By publicly lamenting his inability to accomplish anything of significance in life (he cannot even find a woman willing to copulate with him, he tells us), Capatano sends an appealing message to OD readers, indeed.

  7. Gregory,

    Arktos is the newest incarnation of Integral Tradition Publishing. They have an excellent web site and a staggering amount of inventory. It is operated by sincere and dedicated men who have been active in our struggle for a long time. I highly recommend them.

    I am certainly no fan of Dada, and I am usually the first guy in the audience to yell “ENTARTETE KUNST!” at exhibits of “modern art,” but it is interesting to see Evola speak on video and I think it is worth watching. I am fond of the quote that appears at the end:

    “Race means superiority, wholeness, decisiveness in life. There are common people and there are people “of race.” Regardless of the social status to which the latter belong, these people form an aristocracy.”

    I always found that quote on Evola by Giorgio Almirante — “our Marcuse, only better — to be quite interesting, and it usually sparks some good debate when I drop it in real life discussions, particularly on campus.

  8. Hunter,

    No, it’s not from Counter-Currents.

    It’s just a video I found on Youtube; I have no idea who created it.

  9. Robert,

    No argument on Evola or Integral Tradition. None whatsoever. I also love the quote. I think Evola could be a powerful cultural symbol, especially on campus and among WN hipster types (believe it or not, there are some.) Fashion, aesthetics, music — these are all key to the struggle.

    My point is just that video specifically really sucks. I mean, it really, really sucks.

  10. More my taste. Now all can feel free to insult me as well.


    @A furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine

    Kurtagic’s point was partly to bemoan that style trumps substance, but also that white advocates/radical traditionalists/conservative revolutionaries need to start working on their style. This shouldn’t be that hard — truth and beauty are on our side.

    Also, to use the parlance of our time, all the really cool looking shit is right wing.

  11. @ A furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine,

    I’m assume you’re Campbell.

    Firstly, I’ll state that I never mentioned anywhere in my first steaming pile of shit that I couldn’t get women. You need to slow it down a bit when you read. Either that, or update the prescription on your Evola monocle.

    In closing you’re a smelly tooter who eats grasses like a sloth!

  12. Campbell, I don’t think it’s “hip enough” for the modern viewer, it needs some thumping African beats and tribal buttock-gyration dancing. It requires too much concentration and patience for a short attention span.

    I enjoyed it, it has a retro vibe, which ties into the message. The quote at the end is a great one.

  13. @Capatano

    Why are you talking shit at Robert Campbell? He’s posted far more worthy stuff here than you’ll ever manage you fucking guido.

  14. Gregory, Mike, H. Rock White,

    I was literally just on the ground laughing my ass off to your comments about burning it with fire, the vuvuzela, and updating his monocle prescription.


  15. Robert, I think this site rivals the Integral Tradition site.


    Unfortunately, the titles are in German, and I don’t read much German, but I’d really like someone to finally translate some of Herman Wirth’s works into English.

    Also, you might find this site of interest, if you’re not already aware of it:


    Take care.

  16. Awful music, awful imagery. DADADADADADA….The operational definition of BADNESS. I had planned to read some of Evola’s works; Now, I don’t know. Maybe Ayn Rand instead, who made the ultimate esthetic statement: “Rachmaninoff is greater than Bach, Mozart, and Beethovan combined!” Now that’s profound.

  17. Gregory,

    That is an excellent video. It is far more in line with my aesthetic sensibilities and musical taste, as well. If it were not in German, I would have posted it here some time ago.

    I linked to the particular video I did for two reasons:

    1) I think the comparison between Evola and Marcuse is interesting and worthy of further examination

    2) Evola’s Dada paintings are not widely exhibited and represent a curio for those interested in his writing.


    The Baron did not ascribe importance to Dada after that phase of his youthful existence, but that interview on the subject in later life is the only interview with Evola that I have seen.

    I suspect that he was not at liberty to film interviews on issues of significance, given the ridiculous kangaroo trial to which he was subjected on the nebulous charge of “attempting to revive fascism.”


    Trojaburg-Versand does indeed have an expansive catalogue, which I’ve perused many times, but I’ve never ordered from them. Gornahoor has undertaken some fine endeavours; I’ve been awaiting their publication of Heathen Imperialism for some time now.

    I read the translation of Imperialismo Pagano released by Thompkins & Cairou and I recommend everything they have published thus far, particularly their pamphlet on the Three Aspects of the Jewish Problem, which every White Nationalist should read.

  18. As one of the older dogs here at OD, I have a consciousness of the need for leadership in this country and among Whites.

    The reason the US has gone to shit is because, probably starting with the Baby Boomers, we became a people who didn’t fully grow into adults. We’re basically a country of mental children in adult bodies. Look at all the tattooing, the epidemic of children growing up in single parent homes and themselves never growing into adults. This country is a bunch of fucking unserious clowns. That’s why we’re in the face down in the shit and getting ridden hard by Organized Semitism.

    The reverse of the coin of a nation of clowns is a class of corporate pirates who preside over the clowns, and supply endless indulgences to the clowns, or punish them if they go off the clown feed-lot.

    There’s two kinds of animals in the world — domestic animals that live on feed, and wild animals that fend for themselves. With humans it is more of a spectrum. The most independent wilderness living survivalist has some dependence on human civilization, for tools and knowledge, for example.

    However, we are collectively far too much on the side of the dependence spectrum. There is a lot of room for improvement to more more towards the independent side. As a group, we fail to move towards the independent side because of laziness. It’s easier to just accept the status quo.

    However, the associates of Occidental Dissent are presumably highly motivated to be more feral, more independent. If we’re not moving towards independence, then we’re just whining and begging our racial enemies to kill us a little slower.

    Mental children will never do anything but whine to be killed slower.

    The reactions of Capatano and H. Rock White to Rob Campbell’s post show them to be mental children. A mental adult has too many important things on his mind to post pictures of “israeli men” or write several paragraphs about how much he didn’t like some video. It is a sign of “TV brain,” one who has made a habit of watching hours of TV, and saying, “this sucks, this sucks,” like Beavis and Butthead. Well, if it sucks so bad, why don’t you get up off the couch and go do something real?

    I mean, what have either of you accomplished? So the video didn’t appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities. You apparently don’t value your association with Campbell enough not to shit all over him?

    I see my associates as people with whom I may someday work to do real life accomplishments. Therefore I don’t shit on them, no matter what. I’m too serious to bother with petty, schoolgirl behavior.

  19. Kievsky:

    Some of these guys around here are just too harsh on each other…they should save the vitreol for their true enemies…I personally didn’t find much value in the vid, but Campbell wasn’t exactly lauding it as the greatest thing since sliced bread either. He just happened to find it on Youtube.

  20. Vlad,

    It’s clown behavior. All of us to a degree are clowns on the clown feed-lot, but you should be fighting it like mad.

    These guys are in Virginia, near Washngton D.C. They could be doing IT consulting businesses and making piles of money, or a zillion other things around there. Clearly, they are wasting a lot of their time and energy making clownish comments and finding puerile images around the Internet.

    With the IT businesses they could capitalize a convenience store and replace Hajjis with Whites. This would be serious activism that would have a lasting effect. They are smart enough to do it, but they choose to be fucking clowns. Too bad.

  21. Some of these guys around here are just too harsh on each other…they should save the vitreol for their true enemies…I personally didn’t find much value in the vid, but Campbell wasn’t exactly lauding it as the greatest thing since sliced bread either. He just happened to find it on Youtube.

    Yes, exactly.

    Robert’s message was merely to highlight Evola.

    No need for everyone else to get overly concerned or apoplectic with the medium he found to show this.

  22. Bottom line.

    Video sucks, Evola rules, Campbell is right about importance of this kind of thought, we should make better videos and art that communicate this sense of life ourselves, hail Campbell.

  23. “Some of these guys around here are just too harsh on each other…”

    True this. Forum culture is brutal. I didn’t like the video either but no need to be so rude about it. The effect of rudeness is that it drives people away, which is overall bad for the site generally.

  24. It’s just a video guys. I don’t even like Evola that much, but no need to get upset over it…

  25. @Guest Lurker:
    Thanks for the Gornahoor link!

    Those who are interested in connecting Dada and Evola may be interested in reading:


    Surrealism and the Occult: Shamanism, Magic, Alchemy, and the Birth of an Artist Movement
    by Nadia Choucha

    Unfortunately, I no longer have my copy, but I recall that it was very interesting when I read it about ten years ago.

    Occult movements frequently resort to highly iconic art, because occultists – with or without artistic talent – frequently spend thousands of hours memorizing and contemplating iconic visual symbols. It’s not unusual for an occultist to devote a year’s worth of weekends to hand-painting his own Tarot deck. Thus occult art is frequently more about the symbolism and less about the professional presentation. Some occult-themed art is well-loved within a tight little community of occultists even though the art is very rough around the edges.

    “Liber esse, scientiam acquirere, veritatem loquor” – words to live by!

  26. I actually have some news concerning Arktos. They have recently purchased the English language rights to more than 20 books by the French New Right authors Guillaume Faye and Alain de Benoist. The first work scheduled for publication is Faye’s Archeofuturism which will be available to order sometime this summer.

    As for Evola, they have published a collection of essays called Metaphysics of War and Evola’s “intellectual autobiography” Path of Cinnabar:


    They plan to continue translating works by Evola into English.

  27. H. Rock White says:
    July 3, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Kievsky, you just spent 10 paragraphs doing what you accuse us of doing.

    Good call, 10 paragraphs and over a hundred posts of BSing, what a hypocrite.

    Anyway, I don’t think we have to worry about Robert, he’s a much stronger person who doesn’t have to resort to deleting comments and acting like a spiteful woman as some do.

  28. Anyway, I don’t think we have to worry about Robert, he’s a much stronger person who doesn’t have to resort to deleting comments and acting like a spiteful woman as some do.

    Why are you denigrating everyone except for Robert?

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