A Southern Strategy: Phase One

Restoring the CSA

Here at OD headquarters, the debate about the location of the White ethnostate has been raging in recent weeks.

I have argued in favor of a Southern ethnostate. Gregory Hood has been arguing the case for Northwest secession. After considerable reflection, I realized that this whole debate was analogous to arguing over how many angels are on the head of a pin.

We are splitting hairs over the details of a collective fantasy. The Southern homeland doesn’t exist anymore than the Northwest Republic. These email exchanges are a waste of time. The question of the Northwest vs. the South can only be settled by who takes action in the real world.

A Southern Strategy: Vanguardists vs. Mainstreamers

How would a Southern ethnostate emerge? I can’t see Harold Covington’s vanguardist strategy working in this region. Southerners have too much regard for “law and order.” Any violent uprising against the federal government would be instantly squashed with the support of White Southerners. We can rule out that scenario. It will never happen here.

If the South ever seceded from the United States, it would have to be done as a lawful exercise of state sovereignty. This would entail capturing control of a handful of Southern states and fanning the flames of “anti-government sentiment” to a critical breaking point. The ideal would be to force a major confrontation over “self-government” in which neutrals would have to choose sides.

White Southerners will never support a ragtag bunch of terrorist upstarts. If Southerners could be convinced that changing racial demographics will inevitably result in tyranny, humiliation, and the loss of their rights, in particular the right of self government, then it is conceivable that a significant fraction of them could be persuaded to take lawful action.

A Mainstream Movement

A successful White Nationalist movement in the South will have to take the “mainstream approach” to political power. We don’t have the time to sit around and wait for “the collapse” to solve all our problems. We are going to have to build a mass movement and organize and agitate to the point where we have the critical mass to break into the mainstream.

A Southern movement will have to ditch a lot of the esoteric baggage that floats around in White Nationalist circles. It will have to be explicitly White, pro-Christian, pro-Southern, and republican. This is the common thread that runs through all Southern organizations and connects them with a potential mass constituency.

There are various sub-cultures in the White Nationalist movement who take issue with these criteria. Some people will insist on the destruction of Christianity as a prerequisite for their support. Some will insist on National Socialist dictatorship. Some will insist on expressing their individuality by dressing up in esoteric uniforms to shock the bourgeoisie. Some will insist on picking fights over sub-racial differences.

In the South, every individual and group that fits this description can be written off as useless to our objective. This not to say they should be attacked. These groups are doing us a service in that they are drawing people out of the mainstream. They just don’t have the viral potential to break out of their sub-cultures into the wider society that surrounds them.

The Overton Window

In the South, a mainstream-oriented White Nationalist movement will have to exploit the Overton Window. Our starting point is reality as it exists today, not how we imagine it should be. We will need a practical mindset focused on identifying and tackling problems in the real world, not over active imaginations geared toward hairsplitting over a shared collective fantasy.

The long term goal is a White ethnostate in the South. The present is a degenerate multiracial society lorded over by Barack Hussein Obama in Washington, DC. In order to get from here to there, we will have to start moving the goal posts. We have to set tractable short term goals which incrementally move us toward the White homeland.

State of the Resistance

The Southern resistance consists of a few organizations with chapters that stretch from Virginia to Texas, millions of White racialists with no involvement in the movement, and thousands of White Nationalists whose participation is limited to reading websites in cyberspace.

Of the existing organizations, the League of the South, the Council of Conservative Citizens, European Americans United, American Renaissance, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, EURO, and American Third Position have the most potential. It is worthwhile to establish contact with these groups.

Step #1: Establish Contact

Here in Virginia, the first step toward the White ethnostate is to establish contact and good relations with the existing organizations. These people already agree with us (more or less) on ideology and are serious enough about their beliefs to stand up for them in the real world.

We started doing this immediately upon our arrival. In February, we went to the 2010 Amren Conference. In June, we went to the 2010 CofCC National Conference. In April, we met A3P supporters from North Carolina. We’ve also gotten to know the Klan and Volksfront.

In Virginia, the channels of communication are open. We need to do this in the other Southern states. Before there can be a movement, there has to be regular conversation, a realistic strategy, and tractable short term goals.

Step #2: Media Is Needed To Reach People

In a single year, OD has grown from a one man show into a thriving White Nationalist multicontributor blog, a White Nationalist think tank, a White Nationalist media organization, a thriving White Nationalist community, and now into a White Nationalist action center.

OD reaches far beyond the American South. We reach White Nationalists in every corner of America and increasingly those in foreign countries like Britain, Canada, and Australia. In the years ahead, we will build upon this foundation.

The goal here is to reach more White people in the American South and expose them to a White Nationalist perspective. We are already doing this. As we get more involved in activism, we will start drawing a lot more local and state attention.

Step #3: Create the Model

We’ve created the model of a White Nationalist cell in Virginia. To my knowledge, it is the only one that exists in the movement.

It is really nothing more than four White Nationalists who happen to be roommates. We are all contributors to this website. Each of us has various tasks and specialized duties.

We hit the road and cover events in our region. Since February, we have been in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

We’ve assumed the task of building a White Nationalist movement in Virginia from scratch.

Step #4: Build the Network

Jim Giles likes to talk about a “hardcore nucleus.” We have one that exists in reality. Now that we have a White Nationalist cell in Charlottesville, we are identifying and contacting other White Nationalists who live in Virginia and North Carolina.

Starting in Virginia, we want to create a real life network of White Nationalists, people who are willing to meet up offline. The idea is to start off small and doing innocent stuff: eating out at restaurants, hosting a book club, touring historical sites, hiking the mountains, renting a conference room maybe once or twice a year.

Even this didn’t exist in Virginia before our arrival here. As more people join the network, and see how much more fun reality can be, more people will be willing to turn out for public events like the Confederate Flag Rally.

The strength and range of our “rapid reaction force” will grow.

Step #5: Create New Cells

The cellular model of organization can be exported anywhere. All you need is a few White Nationalists to rent a house or enough in the same area to cooperate at a central location.

OD has a national presence. These cells can be created in any region of the country.  It would be fun and beneficial to the movement for White Nationalists who live in different states to compete to see who can create the most cells.

Here in Virginia, we are creating a second cell in the fall, most likely in Northern Virginia.

Step #6: Organize Chapters

As the network expands, the reach of our media presence expands, the number of cells expand, we should start creating chapters of existing organizations like the CofCC, League of the South, or European Americans United.

This is doable. Within the next six months, I can see us creating a CofCC Virginia chapter of respectable size. I can see us funneling White Nationalists into other CofCC chapters or starting new chapters where they don’t exist.

Step #7: Training in Professional Activism

There is no reason why we can’t be training White Nationalist activists in the techniques of political technology. This is also doable. It can be done right now.

Step #8: Increasing Our Numbers

We have the media reach to start identifying White Nationalist events and getting more of our people to turn out for them. This is something we can do now. It can be done inside or outside the South.

Step #9: White Papers

White Nationalism has plenty of intellectuals with too much time on their hands. Instead of arguing over esoteric subjects and hairsplitting over the exact causes of our historical decline, we have the resources to research White racial attitudes on a state by state basis and zero in on the areas we should be targeting in Phase Two.


In the South, the White Nationalist movement will have to take the mainstream path to power. We will need to create a mass movement in the region. This movement will have to be explicitly pro-White, pro-Southern, pro-Christian, and republican.

There are a number of existing organizations that we can choose to work with. The CofCC is the most important of these. A successful movement in the South will have to exploit the Overton Window and be practical minded.

There are a number of things that we can do now: create cells, establish channels of communication, start chapters, train activists, create propaganda, reach more people with media, funnel people into existing organizations, build networks, set a positive example, turn out more people at our rallies, research racial attitudes for targeted campaigns, etc.

Instead of fantasizing about the days when the Southern Action Council seizes power and punishes the race traitors among us, we should focus instead on creating the skeleton of a pro-White grassroots resistance movement in the South where one currently doesn’t exist.

The next chapter can be written after we pass the first goal post.

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  1. I haven’t argued for the Northwest as the location of the ethnostate per se. I’ve merely pointed out some flaws in the Southern strategy. I’m also not in the South and am talking with Hunter over skype, so I may not see the same things he does.

    Frankly, I haven’t made up my mind. I agree here that action — of any kind — will change the strategic environment and eventually settle the dispute. The problem is that too few are actually doing real world actions of any kind.

    Hunter has identified the key point about the South — in the South, a step by step, mainstream strategy will be needed, appealing to already existing history, symbols, and institutions. I totally agree and this can not be emphasized enough.

    In the rest of the country, different strategies may be better. More to come on this.

    The important thing here is that these are real world things people sitting at the computer can do right now. This is what we need to be talking about.

  2. “It will have to be explicitly White, pro-Christian, pro-Southern, and republican.”

    And what do you do when the Church and the Party denounce you as evil racists and expel you from their ranks?

  3. The Southern churches embraced anti-racism in the 1990s. They blow with the secular wind. I will let Southern Christians make their case.

    As for the Republicans, they don’t have the power to expel individual members from the GOP. See David Duke.

  4. Sorry to keep harping on this but let’s say you succeed in getting a state to secede. Do you really think the future independent Virginia or South Carolina will pass a law making Being black illegal? No. That’s not gonna happen. So independence Yes, via your mechanism possible. Ethnostate No.

  5. I think an independent South, presumably one controlled by White Nationalists, could pass laws that would make life so uncomfortable for minorities that they would self deport.

  6. I don’t envision a return to Jim Crow. It would take generations to create a White ethnostate in the South. I can see it happening county-by-county; creating whites-only zones within states and gradually expanding those zones.

  7. “The Southern churches embraced anti-racism in the 1990s. They blow with the secular wind. I will let Southern Christians make their case.

    Their case against the evils of racism? What are you talking about?

    How are you – a racist atheist – going to get along with the Southern Christians? I can’t spend ten minutes with my Southern Baptist relatives without them trying to convert me.

    “As for the Republicans, they don’t have the power to expel individual members from the GOP. See David Duke.”

    They don’t have to expel you from the GOP, all they have to do is deny you their cooperation and endorsements. Didn’t the Republican Party at one point endorse a Democratic candidate against David Duke?

  8. Why not commence nationalistic aspirations by invigorating the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union which became effective on March 1, 1781?

    It’s our legacy and, even though it was elbowed aside by the present Constitution on June 21, 1788, it was never adjourned sine die. In short, it exists in ghostly form.

    It lacks almost every flaw to be found in the present Constitution and furthermore welcomes the provinces of Canada to join.

    Wikipedia provide a pretty good discussion about this national framework except for its obfuscation about the Articles losing legitimacy.


  9. Implicitly White and pro-Southern will draw folks. It will have to be pro-Christian, which will also draw some idiots. It will not have to be Republican. The South only adopted the GOP in the 1960s, when they finally figured out that the Dems had shoved them overboard in exchange for “minorities”.

    I’d go with the pro-White and pro-Southern, and pay a little (!) lip service to Christianity. I’d completely shred any allegiance to the Republican Party. Southerners, after all, aren’t completely stupid, or completely unaware of how often they’re defecated on by the GOP. Use this to our advantage by ridiculing the party to no end for its false-flag. Southerners hate betrayal.

    You’re going to have to have a face-off over Israel. Play up the patriotism here. You’ll have to attack the religion-Israel racket and portray it as un-American, which it is.

  10. 1.) Christianity wasn’t the driving force behind desegregation in the South. Most of the Southern churches endorsed anti-racism decades later. The Church will bend like it always does to whoever controls secular power.

    2.) Personally, it hasn’t been an issue for me. I have plenty of Southern Baptist relatives. Some of them even read this website.

    3.) According to Gregory Hood, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and the GOP all condemned David Duke, but he was elected anyway to the Louisiana state legislature.

    Of course will we will be condemned by the establishment of both political parties. I never said that winning would be easy. It’s definitely an obstacle, but one that can be scaled.

  11. I meant “republican” in the sense of “republicanism” as a political theory. In other words, the White ethnostate would have a republican form of government. I wasn’t referring to the Republican Party.

  12. This movement will have to be explicitly pro-White, pro-Southern, pro-Christian, and republican.

    This is the exact formula David Duke used here in Louisiana when he was elected to the Louisiana state legislature, and later almost elected governor.

    From what I remember, Duke basically pushed the same shopworn ideas that the Republican party has been peddling for years, but with an explicit pro-White twist (more emphasis on affirmative action, crime, welfare and so on).

    And it almost worked, but not quite.

  13. Duke is definitely the model to follow in the South. The GOP tried to disown him, but he won anyway.

    I also think it was a mistake for Duke to hammer away on the JQ rather than sticking to a pro-white, anti-black crime message. Lastly, of course, the press had a field day with pictures of Duke in a Nazi uniform. Unfair attack sure (leftists can do anything when they are young without being held to account) but still something used against him. These are both mistakes others could avoid.

    Look at the BNP or the Vlaams Belang. They essentially co-opt the symbols of conservatism and national tradition. In the American South, you have the additional advantage of a weak party system, which means that anyone — literally anyone — can get involved in the GOP and try to build power from within.

    Look at the Ron Paul folks within the GOP. That’s a model to follow.

    However, it requires WN’s to grow up, play practical politics, and swallow their pride on occasion. For those who can do that, I would start in the South. For those who simply can’t, perhaps the Northwest is the place to go to try a more vanguardist or “white withdrawal from the system” type approach.

  14. I haven’t read the whole thread so I apologize if someone has already said this, but be careful not to get yourselves mixed up with any federal agents — especially with outfits like the Klan, a majority of whose leadership is almost certainly going to be federal undercover agents no matter how genuine the ones you meet may seem. DON’T WIND UP IN JAIL PLEASE. DO NOT TRUST ANYBODY WHOM YOU DON’T KNOW LIKE YOUR OWN FAMILY AND ONLY HALF OR FEWER OF THOSE WHOM YOU DO.

  15. Politics come and go. People tend to stay put.

    I myself favor upper New England. Why? It’s White.

    Away from the wretched influence of multicult Boston, you have real people with real families that date back to the Pilgrim Fathers. Most of them are SAR/DAR and know their pedigree and history.

    The South has its equivalent but (1) it’s not Whitelandia anymore and (2) most of the Whites with means are descended of “Second Sons of Second Sons” or Hackett’s “Distressed Cavaliers” that, in their quest to re-establish Royalty in America brought so many of our present woes upon us.

    To each his own… but so long as you’re around the Distressed Cavaliers, they will attempt again and again to recreate a manorial lifestyle at the expense of those around them, with no regard to color or race as economics trump race for such people. Don’t believe me? Well look at our present government!

    Cheers on this most Glorious yet misunderstood weekend,
    Joe of the Mountain
    From his Revolutionary War battlefield redoubt home

  16. “It will have to be explicitly White, pro-Christian, pro-Southern, and republican. This is the common thread that runs through all Southern organizations and connects them with a potential mass constituency.”

    – Not living in the South, I do not have a clear window on the influence that Christian Evangelism has there, but since you are in the “Bible Belt” I believe that I am safe in assuming you have a fairly large contingent of what I (disrepectfully) call “rapture bunnies”; people who will do their all for ZOG in the deluded hope of bringing on the 2nd Coming of !!”Jeeeessssssus”!! in the hope of flying up to meet with him in the sky “when all the Jews are gathered in Israel” or some such event. If that is a more or less accurate perception of a sizable number of the religious population, then would you not also have a good deal of resistence from those who sympathize with Jewish interests?
    I don’t want to be accused of cynicism (again) or being dramatic, but it seems to me that your organization has at least a potential to attract a lot of Federal agents in plain clothes as well as attention from the likes of Jeffrey Imms.

  17. “r”. Thank God. heh.

    “The South has its equivalent but (1) it’s not Whitelandia anymore and (2) most of the Whites with means are descended of “Second Sons of Second Sons” or Hackett’s “Distressed Cavaliers” that, in their quest to re-establish Royalty in America brought so many of our present woes upon us.

    To each his own… but so long as you’re around the Distressed Cavaliers, they will attempt again and again to recreate a manorial lifestyle at the expense of those around them, with no regard to color or race as economics trump race for such people. Don’t believe me? Well look at our present government!”

    Here’s an example of why the competitive mode is better than the “unify all Whites” mode. While anybody with any knowledge knows how wedded to the small r the South has been, too many in other regions are completely out of touch with reality. At least, Southern reality. Royalty is what we got 145 years ago, at bayonet point.

  18. The South and the Southern people have a history, an ethnic identity, and had established a separate homeland for White people. The Northwest is far more of a fantasy scenario given that it has none of these, there is no historical memory to unite them. In addition the Pacific Northwest is incredibly liberal. Their skin is white but their minds are muddled. Having to grin and bear Christianity I think is much easier in contrast.

  19. The Northwest has a few liberal cities. Go outside of them and it’s Ron Paul country. The South has 10 million Negros who are not just going to leave quietly just because they are unliked. Hell their grandparents stayed after slavery ended!

  20. Another thing WNs need to do is interface with already-existing secessionist movements in various states, several in the south; just search the net…there’s plenty of sites you can plug into for starters. I’m not saying this because I believe in any of this hooey about the South as a future white ethnostate. It’s just that I’m fascinated with all those state-loyal National Guard units and the heavy weapons they possess, which we will need to being down the ZOG after it imposes Martial Law. ZOG taken down, then maybe there’ll be room for a white ethnostate; Yukon Territory, perhaps. Otherwise, I’ll be content with predominent white power….don’t care whether a few Jews, blacks, browns hang around or not and, if any of these latter fight on our side, helping to offset the millions of whites currently brainwashed and bought-off by ZOG, then they can stay.

  21. All easily solved problems.

    The Black problem – not an issue. Simply set up the social environment in such a way that repatriation back to Motherland Africa is a net economic gain. Hunter’s idea of making life “uncomfortable” to promote self-repatriation is misguided – make it the easiest, most reasonable choice. The lure of Liberia can be rekindled among the Africans in the South.

    The legendary Judeo-Xian problem among the Southerners. A bit more complex but also not insurmountable. Southerners love war and killing foreigners; any excuse will do. So with a South completely brainwashed by Jewish Hollywood/TV, just like the rest of America, they will go along just like the rest of America, but with more gusto. The problem here is not Southerners nor Christianity, like the rest of America, the problem in the Jew media.

    The Jew media is going out of business. Long established “respectable” newspapers in the South – just like all the rest of the Jew media – are less and less important. The key fight here is what the Southerners watch and read. As everyone here is aware, the internet is a key fight. If the Southerners fall prey to the New Jew Media – like Google, or Facebook – we’ll be in the same position as before.

    Another note on Southern Christianity – the Judeo-Xian traitors in the South can *easily* be discredited and taken down. In fact, it would be a great way for a new Christian religious elite to take hold of the South. Some enterprising preacher could get famous taking down whores like John Hagee – this guy actually cashes checks from Israeli anti-Christian groups and denies Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

    The Southern Baptist Convention – the Klan Church – only became “anti-racist” in the 1990s and specifically because they saw a major drop in membership. They assumed, probably correctly, that this was due to the Jewish media and the outright hostility that entire Jewish New York/Los Angeles media establishment, both “news” and “entertainment” were expressing.

    The SBC foolishly thought they could “out liberal” the Jew media, by promoting the “integration” of Christian churches – in other words, assimilate the South to Northern (fake) values, like carpet baggers always suggest. No White Southern Christian said a Black family couldn’t be Christian, but that didn’t mean that Whites and Black miscegenated to form “one race” or whatever the new Jew propaganda was promoting.

    The SBC quickly found that it didn’t matter what they did, the Jew media will hate them anyway. Their membership continues to drop anyway. All the blowhard “liberal Christians” or “conservative Baptists” are losing their cushy writing jobs too. They can barely keep one seminary going. They literally beg the Jews to be a controlled opposition for them. They are a joke, powerless.

    So don’t worry about the Zionist Xians in the South – they are a paper tiger. The ones who are not corrupt or insane mostly agree with us anyway.

    The other problem is some idiotic anti-African “Southern” crap where it’s ok to have an Indian, or an Asian, Chinese, or “other” as mayor or politician – because at least they aren’t black!

    To any Jindal or Halley Republicans – are there any White politicians in office in India? I didn’t think so.

  22. No offense meant but I have traveled throughout the South and have not been impressed by the quality of the people.

    Inbreeding (as the J-ws have found out) has many downsides.

  23. “RoadScholar”

    “Inbreeding (as the J-ws have found out) has many downsides.”

    Are you suggesting that Southern Whites are “inbred”?


    I expect this sort of bullshit on mainstream, anti-White blogs, but on OD?

    Please show any evidence of “inbreeding” among Southern Whites. I mean, aside from the “evidence” you saw on some Jew TV sitcom.

  24. RoadScholar: There are many high-quality White Southeasterners.

    I will admit Black Male-White Female & Brown Male-White Female miscegenation are extremely common in Florida. But, there are still some non-miscegenating Whites in Florida and the rest of the Southeast, who can fight for their future.

  25. A couple of points i’d add.

    “Southerners have too much regard for “law and order.” Any violent uprising against the federal government would be instantly squashed with the support of White Southerners.”

    Most people are the same. Violence can only work when it has the explicit support of a critical mass of your particular demos – you need whole communities who won’t inform on you to the authorities – and i’d say historically that critical mass has always been around 1/3 as a minimum. Those who like to talk about violence need to understand that basic fact of life. Once that’s understood the next question is does preaching violence help you get to that 1/3 level of support or does it hinder it?

    If you’re successful enough at creating a legal, peaceful movement then the state will eventually bring the violence and what will be will be.


    “A successful White Nationalist movement in the South will have to take the “mainstream approach” to political power. We don’t have the time to sit around and wait for “the collapse” to solve all our problems”

    This is similar to the above. Some people believe that nothing will motivate the bulk of the white population until there’s a collapse – and they may be right. But true or not the bigger and more organised your group is when the collapse happens the more chance you have of successfully riding the wave. 100,000 people tied together as members of some organisation are better prepared than 100,000 individuals on their own.

    It could be a WN sewing circle, what matters is they know each other, know how to contact each other, have a rally point etc.

    Useful in situations like floods as well.

  26. “They assumed, probably correctly, that this was due to the Jewish media and the outright hostility that entire Jewish New York/Los Angeles media establishment, both “news” and “entertainment” were expressing.”

    That’s the critical point. The media influences the people and then the institutions that sit on top get changed in turn. Did politicians and churchs suddenly get less conservative and the people gradually followed or did the people get less conservative because of the media and then politicians and churchs gradually followed? I think it was the latter.

    The culture war decides whether you’re fighting uphill or downhill and by culture war i don’t mean issues like abortion i mean the place people go for their news, who they believe tells the truth and who they see as the accepted moral authority.

  27. I think the biggest mistake we White Nationalists make is trying to educate everyone. Dr. Pierce said only about 2% of whites are independent thinkers, which in my experience is correct, leaving 98% who really don’t care about true history, facts, etc…

    The Jews understand this well. They don’t go around handing out copies of Das Kapital or Talmud. They simply infuse their message into every movie, song, video, commercial, advertisement, picture they make with us always the bad guys…the wife beaters, cheaters, liars, stupid, gay, uncool, unpopular, whimpy, the stormtroopers, the germans, etc..

    So save the educational lectures on the holocaust, civil war, LBJ, pearl harbor, civil rights, MLK, etc.. etc..for the rare 2% you meet and focus on building a new healthy positive image for us. We all have computers, digital cameras, video editing software, music editing software, youtube, facebook…and there’s no reason why we all can’t take up at least one of these hobbies in our spare time. All of us can reach hundreds of family and friends right now with OUR media by sharing youtube videos on facebook.

    Simply taking photos with white girls and boys together would be a good start. Making songs with positive white messages and a cool lead white male vocalist who’s not whimpy or gay is another step forward.

    Save the education for the rare 2%.

  28. “And what do you do when the Church and the Party denounce you as evil racists and expel you from their ranks?”

    Basically, more of the same, I should think. The churches are mostly in bad shape, so far as proper understanding of how to “stand up for our people”. The same ideological rot that has infected all our other mainstream institutions has infected most church groups as well.

    But truth is on our side–and ultimately that should persuade. In the matter of Christian belief, Christians can simply be reminded that the Gospel tells us to “make disciples of all nations”. In other words, it accepts the reality of nations–ethnic groups. Christ nowhere tells us to turn ourselves into cattle for the people who were to crucify Him. In fact, he terms them the “Synagogue of Satan”.

    Alternative churches and splits in existing churches can be expected when such denunciations occur, not about strangers, but about trusted locals standing up for our people. Teaching moments.

    Mike Jones for Catholics, Matt Johnson (and even over-the-top Brother Kapner) for the Orthodox, and Yggdrassil for the Protestants (following in the shoes of the great TS Eliot)–all give us contemporary examples of how courageous and intelligent Christians can find inspiration in their true faith to stand up for our people.

  29. Great article, filled with realistic, logical and positive ideas and plans (of course, there are always a coterie of naysayers that inevitably crawl out of the woodwork to explain why nothing can ever work).

    I agree that a debate on the location of a future ethnostate is a waste of time. The South has its advantages, and its a good a place to start as any. At any rate, the work done in creating an organization will be applicable to organizations working in other parts of the nation, as you have noted.

    I think that you are exactly right that the Jewish Question (as Duke discovered) is not a great topic for gaining converts (its a very advanced subject that should be saved for a later point in the education process). The WN viewpoint needs to be condensed and packaged in a manner that is respectable, normal and attracts people (as per the Overton Window).

    I am especially interested in the educational materials/propaganda you are/will be producing. In the interest of developing effective material, it might be useful to poll the blog readers on what lead them toward White Nationalism. It might also be helpful if blog readers would volunteer to field test materials and report their feedback, in the attempt to determine what works.

    It would also be interesting to get feedback from organizations such as the CoCC & A3P on what they have found to be effective. David Duke probably has a lot of valuable experience that could be tapped. I hope you will consider creating an actual think tank, where actual strategies are discussed, as well as techniques/materials/methods that work. It would probably be very useful if you were able to create a pre-packaged system that was proven to work, which other WNs would be able to emulate across the nation.

  30. “The lure of Liberia can be rekindled”

    – not to qibble over details, but they are practising cannablism there, that country is so destitute (typical of all Negro-run nations) that there is literally nothing to eat there.According to Reuters:
    “Former Liberian President Charles Taylor ordered his militias to eat the flesh of captured enemies and U.N. soldiers, a former close aide testified on Thursday at Taylor’s war crimes trial.” See here; http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSL1334959020080313
    – There is a lot of info on this on the web. Doubt very much that any blacks could be convinced to go there no matter what offer is made to them.

  31. To me, the most interesting topic introduced into this thread is the idea of rekindling the Articles of Confederation, but I doubt it would be very useful outside of intellectual circles. To the mainstream audience, the Constitution is nearly as sacrosanct as the Jewish bible.

  32. The CofCC is mentioned in the entry and comments thread. Elsewhere I’ve seen a few people claim that outfit isn’t worth much any more because, like (or so it is said) the League of the South, it has eschewed race. I don’t know much about CofCC but look at this: it appears they have not eschewed race:

    http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/authors/Devlin-CofCC.html .

    That’s good if they haven’t of course, but with that said, it’s also true that explicit talk about race has its place and that place isn’t everywhere and every time. It’s certain places and certain times. As someone, I think it was Wandrin, commented the other day at MR.com: during the many decades in which the Jews absolutely everywhere you looked in this country were fighting tooth-and-nail against whites for what were, as is now crystal-clear in retrospect, Jewish tribal (Jewish nationalist) motives, they never admitted that those were their motives but instead couched everything in terms of “human rights, anti-racism,” and so forth. We should likewise hide our real aims when necessary, as all revolutionaries need to do when necessary. There’s nothing dishonest, low, or shameful in doing that. We didn’t ask for this set-up we’re faced with, but we’ve got to deal with it the only way that will being success. Without lowering ourselves too much let’s copy some of the tactics of those, Jews included, who’ve been spectacularly successful no matter what side they’ve been on in this stuggle.

    Moral of the story: don’t always admit your true underlying motives but instead couch things in terms of human rights, anti-racism, and so on. For forty years and more the Jews lied through their teeth about their motives and look where it has gotten them: it’s made them kings of the USA, which in turn makes them practically kings of the world, because of the U.S.’s strength. Truth-telling has its place. So does lying unfortunately, lying through your teeth. And don’t shrink from making alliances with whatever group can help. Look whom the Jews have alllied themselves with, Negroes, Mexicans, Orientals, and Moslems against the Euros. Anyone think the Jews have any use whatsoever for Negroes, Mexes, Orientals, or Moslems? I’ll give you three guesses. Of course not. They can’t stand any of them and, apart from the fact they need them as allies to overthrow whites, wouldn’t blink an eye if the whole lot of them were genocided tomorrow. Le’ts not be finicky about whom we ally ourselves with. The purpose of the alliance is to overthrow the hegemony of the (fill in the blank) _______ . Once that’s achieved, no more need.

  33. @ Fred Scrooby Good points. There’s nothing wrong with packaging our ideas in socially acceptable terminology that puts it in the best light, like the Jews have done for decades ie.. anti-racism, anti-genocide, human-rights, etc.. and it’s not lying because we are being genocided and stripped of human-rights. Save the bare-bones, no punches pulled, straight talk for the 2% of our people that can handle it.

  34. Another point for the South: There is a secessionist rally going on today in Mt. Pleasant, SC, just outside of Charleston. There have been several this year already (not to include rallies for the Confederate flag, as detailed on OD last week or so) in Aiken, Columbia, Greenville, and now Charleston. The South Carolinians aren’t debating this online–they’re getting into the streets, and becoming larger and bolder each time, which is what a rally does: it creates networks, debate, a public presence, and builds critical mass.

    So: Which NW or NE state can say the same as South Carolina?

  35. Good essay, Hunter. There is much to agree with in what you write, but I’ll offer some observations and criticisms that I hope will be seen as constructive.

    “The question of the Northwest vs. the South can only be settled by who takes action in the real world.”

    This is absolutely true. I’ll go further in saying that it really isn’t one region versus another region at all. It’s not a question of either/or, but of all or none. The only chance one region has is if resistance has spread to other regions, as there is no way that a mostly intact System will allow anyone to break off. Therefore, the System as a whole must be weakened, and denied control of as much of the continent’s resources as possible. In other words, there is no “Northwest vs. the South,” but rather the more straightforward question of who goes first. Whether the future struggle is peaceful or not, it will by necessity be continental in scope.

    “How would a Southern ethnostate emerge? I can’t see Harold Covington’s vanguardist strategy working in this region. Southerners have too much regard for “law and order.” Any violent uprising against the federal government would be instantly squashed with the support of White Southerners. We can rule out that scenario. It will never happen here.”

    I stongly disagree with this. It’s true that it can’t happen *now,* as in today. However, the System is pursuing unsustainable policies and bleeds legitimacy by the day. We are no longer waiting around for the collapse, we are beginning to observe it. Collapse need not be defined as a Mad Max scenario, but rather as when the legitimacy of the System falls below a critical mass. We are now moving toward that day, and it’s not going to be forty or fifty years from now.

    As a Southerner, I am quite confident that we will reach the point where the vanguardist approach can be effective. I’m aware of what you mean by the impulse toward law and order, but it is more nuanced than that, as I’m confident that you understand. The South has an extensive history of extra-legal actions, from personal honor and “street justice” on the individual level, to the Klan and so forth at the organizational level. It’s quite the irony that the American region most identified with favoring law and order is also the region with the richest history of operating outside of that framework. Yes, some of this was done as States (secession, Massive Resistance), but some of this was done in an extra-legal framework.

    “If the South ever seceded from the United States, it would have to be done as a lawful exercise of state sovereignty. This would entail capturing control of a handful of Southern states and fanning the flames of “anti-government sentiment” to a critical breaking point. The ideal would be to force a major confrontation over “self-government” in which neutrals would have to choose sides.”

    I say great, let’s pursue that strategy. But let’s also recognize that it’s not the only strategy, and that whatever is created organizationally could morph into something else if the circumstances are right.

    “White Southerners will never support a ragtag bunch of terrorist upstarts.”

    While I’m not advocating anything, I take issue with the use of the word terrorist. Why play into System memes? Why use their language? Sure, Southerners won’t support “terrorists.” They might, however, support people who they see as resisting tyranny.

    “We don’t have the time to sit around and wait for “the collapse” to solve all our problems. We are going to have to build a mass movement and organize and agitate to the point where we have the critical mass to break into the mainstream.”

    Again, the collapse is in its opening stages as we write. But I agree that we can’t sit around and expect it to solve all of our problems. It won’t solve anything, unless our message has spread far enough and we have a meaningful infrastructure in place.

    Trying to build a mass movement is great, I’m all for it. I must say, though, that I’m doubtful that it can work in explicitly white terms. As long as the System has power, it will be next to impossible to build an explicitly racial mass movement. The best chance for a mass movement would probably be one that is implicitly white (generic secession, for example), at least at the beginning. But the racial dynamics would come into play soon enough, as whites have the most to gain from secession, and non-whites the most to lose.

    Further, a meaningful secession movement would, even if only implicitly white, dramatically weaken the System, which of course is a prerequisite for a white ethnostate. We should therefore support such implicitly white trends, while remaining dedicated exponents of the white ethnostate.

  36. National Socialist Movement is planning a rally in Knoxville, TN on August 14th.


    I’ve been to four of their rallies: Oregon, Arizona, California and Nevada. Using their podium, I was able to address an audience numbering in the thousands in Los Angeles, where I read two variations of the White Rabbit Genocide Mantra over a very powerful PA system. Most of the attendees were hostile non-white, counter-demonstrators, but even if no one but the White cops was receptive to the message, it was worth my time, because they numbered in the hundreds.

    In most cases, at these events, the anti-racist protestors have been so violent and obnoxious that even the media stereotyping of Nazism pales in comparison. Those helmets and shields are not just for show, and the guys wielding them are very good at protecting guest speakers from airborne projectiles hurled through the Overton window.

  37. Most of the South is on the same latitude as Algeria, Morocco, Iraq etc. Isn’t this an issue? It’s just too hot for White Europeans to live in long-term healthiness. The degradation of the Southern “white-trash” underclass is point in proof.

  38. We can make a strong case for a white ethno-state in any region of the US. The fact is we won’t be able to reach a definitive conclusion until this country really starts to fall apart. After all, none of us has any real idea what this place will look like, or be like, until that time. There are too many unforeseen circumstances that have yet to materialize. And, until they materialize they cannot be included in a final decision. Perhaps we should be discussing a plan on how all of us are going to communicate with each other should the Internet and other forms of communication be squelched or eliminated. Where are we going to meet and join forces? Perhaps we should have several areas in each region where we meet up. We gravitate to the area closest to our home. Then those multiple inter-regional areas decide where they will join together and head to the final white ethno-state location.

    I also think any real planning needs to be done in a private, secure forum.

  39. BTW, I’d prefer the South but I agree with Bob that the climate has its downside. So do parts of the Northeast and Northwest.

  40. Ummm, Bob & Joannie, there is NO climate on God’s green earth where whites have not been The Dominant Race, at one time or another. Spin the globe and stop it at random, and I’ll give you a time when we were kings of the mountain in whatever region your finger lay, once-upon-a-time.

    We ran Africa– the whole continent, fer goodness sakes (and making it the most prosperous its ever been, in the process)–for generations! Our people have long thrived in Australia, with its vast, austere, and unforgiving landscape, and have planted flags at both poles; the tips of the tallest mountains’ peaks; and on the *&%$ moon! Yet your argument against making the South a WN homeland again is…’we’re-too-delicate-for-the-weather-down-there’?

    Good gracious, talk about degredation–some of you Yanks have gotten soft between the ears, and flabby in the loins…

  41. I enjoyed the essay,very informative. but, most WN are fighting with each other klan is againest national socialism, most of the confederate chapters are againest the klan,it goes back and forth. My observation anyway. The first step would be a meeting of all groups,to discuss there belives and find a common ground. but that has been tried and failed . My feelings are this,permote our enemys groups to show how much white people are hated.We all know who they are. we can show the other groups that unity of all white people is vital for our own survival. We are dying slowly.Also as long as we are controled by other things like jobs, We must be willing to move out of our comfort zones, somepeople have money others dont, some have land others dont some have skills and some dont. If you wish to talk send me an e-mail. I`m in the process of starting this now,

  42. New Ideas of Liberty

    I would like to propose what we shall call, The Doctrine of the Perpetual Negative. When the Constitution says that no power shall be exercised by the general government , that negative cannot be repealed or overridden in any way Legislative, Executive or Judicial under this Constitution except through the next Constitutional Convention.The reason is that when the Constitution says, for example, that there may be NO direct taxes, the the proposal to override it, to repeal it, violates the prohibition. The proposal, though it later be an Amendment, is itself at all times Unconstitutional, thus illegal, and null and void! Negatives may not be repealed. I submit that the 10th Amendment supports this view as well and would love to see it debated.

    Article. V.

    The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall
    propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures
    of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments,
    which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this
    Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several
    States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode
    of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which
    may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any
    Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article;

    AND that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage
    in the Senate.

    The 17th Amendment certainly deprived some States of their sufferage in the Senate.
    Perhaps we would be wise to repeal the 17th Amendment! According
    to the 10th Amendment , the States are distinct from the People. This is talking
    about the State Governments.

    Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Virginia did not ratify that amendment and were deprived of their equal suffrage in the Senate, thereby profoundly effecting the integrity of every Amendment to the Constitution!

    Also, the unseating of the Senators of these states for their refusal to ratify Amendment 14 constituted “exactly” that prohibition, AND that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage
    in the Senate.
    The argument that the Senate shall be the sole judge of the qualifications of its members, used to justify their expulsion, flies directly in the face of Article V. Likewise when attempting to balance the assertion that attainders of treason are legal with other lines that declare that no attainders of any sort are legal. Likewise whan the Constitution proclaims with great bombast that it is Supreme over State Laws and Constitutions, when it has no jurisdiction over said laws and Constitutions. Nonetheless, it is already done. The 17th Amendment is garbage.

    I also would like to show you a few other things in the Constitution that I am sure
    you will find to be very interesting.

    Article 1. Section 9.3} No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall
    be passed.

    I hate to have to break this to you, but the 14th Amendment fails these
    basic tests of Constitutionality. That amendment is a bill of attainder
    and it was passed ex post facto. I will not even mention the coercion
    and illegal expulsion from Congress of our Representatives and Senators
    for our failure to ratify this Amendment. The history of this amendment
    is a three ring circus of lies and murder.

    Article 3. Section 3.2} The Congress shall have power to declare the
    punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work
    corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person

    This is really great. Remember that Article 1.Section 9.3} declared
    that Congress may not pass Bills of Attainder or ex post facto laws. Now
    we see an exception or a mistake.
    Attainders of treason are permitted with some very serious restrictions
    on them to protect the descendants of the traitors. That is us, by the
    way. The entire problem is the 14th Amendment.

    The value of the slaves and Southern war bonds concern us here. That value is the forfeiture
    that is Constitutionally bound to be returned to the Southern people , as
    we shall not suffer Corruption of Blood or lose our property except
    during the lifetimes of the Confederate Politicians and Soldiers. They
    are now all dead. Also, the theory known as the Incorporation Doctrine
    is defunct.
    The application of the Incorporation Doctrine is Corruption
    of Blood and is Unconstitutional. We, the Southerners living now, are
    not and have never been Traitors to the United States. We are thereby
    under the jurisdiction of the original Constitution , or else Corruption
    of Blood is being allowed to function as the Supreme Law of the Land
    rather than the Constitution of the United States. This cannot continue.





    I propose that any one of the Southern States expelled from Congress to force their ratification of the 14th Amendment, simply repeal their states ratification of the 14th Amendment. That alone would tie EVERYTHING up in the Federal courts for the next 20 years. Liberty would blossom again.

    Several years ago, I proposed an idea that went nowhere. It was a proposed Amendment that would empower the two Senators from any three states to remove by application , to the President , any Federal official or Judge, Supreme or otherwise, who violated, in their view, the application of the Constitution to their or any other State or States. The only officials Executive or Judicial exempt from this power would be the President and the Vice-President. It would declare the Incorporation Doctrine null and void, and end lifetime judicial appointments.

  43. DeoVindice,

    We conquered Africa with only whites? We conquered Asia with only whites? The point is that our white ethnostate needs to be free of non-whites (e.g., non-white labor). Now, come at me again with your statistics taking into account temperature, altitude, terrain, etc. Oh, and, most importantly, the refusal of most whites to do manual labor or refusal of most whites to pay other whites decent wages to do manual labor. We whites may have the brains but the brawn we tend to reserve for fighting each other!

  44. Trainspotter,

    “Gee, white people have interests too. That’s all I’m saying.”

    Nazi! Racist!

    “No, that’s not true. I’m just saying that whites are a people, that’s all.”

    Repeat, repeat, repeat.

    Don’t get drawn into a full conversation, don’t offer a complex defense. Just a simple man with a simple message, by golly. I’ll bet it would be fairly effective.

    These are your comments from a couple of weeks ago, but I’m addressing them here.

    I don’t think “whites are a people” establishes as much as you think it does. “Whites have interests as whites” is better for a one-line response, but you can very easily be more specific. A one paragraph articulation isn’t the equivalent of getting drawn into a long conversation. For example.

    They: “Nazi, racist…etc”

    You: Lol, well obviously those idiots are the whole reason that a positive identity for whites (you know, like everyone else has) can seem so eerie — the notion had to be attacked because the only people speaking up for whites used to attack everyone else. [Not really true, but truth here isn’t the point.] But to hell with the neo-nazis. They don’t speak for me any more than insane black outfits like the Panthers speak for all blacks. The difference is blacks have other wholly legitimate organizations that represent their interests. So do Latinos. So does everyone…except whites. Well, enough is enough. If the idea of whites having racial interests just like everyone else startles you because it’s so rarely articulated, that’s one thing; but if you hate the idea of whites having racial interests then just come right out and admit you hate whites, because that’s what it amounts to.

    That’s lengthier than your reply, but I wouldn’t call it a “complex defense.” It’s also a better idea to be able to expand on and establish the morality of positive white identity in more ways than the one same line (while still keeping it in very simple terms).

    They: “Yeah, that’s what they all say/I’ve heard it all before, but it’s still just racist bullshit. The whole point is you hate everyone else and you want an organization to help you do it.”

    You: “You can call it hate. I call it “whites are people, too.” Period.


    They: “But those organizations only exist because those groups are minorities. Whites are the majority. You don’t need a racial organization. The only reason for one is you hate everyone else.”

    You: “There are plenty of places in this country where whites are a minority — often a powerless, very often despised minority. Who speaks for them? Who can they turn to? Do you want them turning to hate groups like the neo-nazis? Who the hell is that good for? Cut the crap. Whites defending their interests as whites is perfectly legitimate. And it’s the future. So you may as well get used to it.”

    This isn’t being a “keyboard commando.” This is 21st century activism. “Keyboad commandoes” are the “CompassionateFascist” or the “Orion14” type, and 95% of the VNN and Stormfront set (much more so the former), who promise death and mayhem over the internet. I’ve seen their crap pop up in “General” sections of popular forums, particularly ones with lenient free speech standards. They get shot down routinely and are often just ignored. I’ve only very, very rarely noticed competent activism that makes bumbling idiots of opponents.

  45. I laughed out loud when I read that the South would try secession only by ‘lawful means.’ Again, this cavalier mentality that the South (as gentlemen) are going to succeed against the ‘Yankees of the Modern Age’? Please, GWTW was dated in 1939….and you think it will work in 2039?

    Next, I laughed at the phrase ‘“It will have to be explicitly White, pro-Christian, pro-Southern, and republican.”

    Sam Davidson hit the nail on the head with his comment:

    ‘And what do you do when the Church and the Party denounce you as evil racists and expel you from their ranks?’

    I am visiting the South right now, and recently attended the strangest dinner party I have had the misfortune to attend [incognito] in years. A gay southern couple, a couple who are psychiatrists, and a Black/white couple (he black, she white) were just some of the guests in attendance. This ‘southern confab’ was astounding in it’s ‘diversity’- I was clearly the ‘odd man out,’ and kept my mouth shut, for in a group where liberalism is their religion, and multiculturalism is their god, you don’t want to speak of the sin of miscegenation, and the crimes of the Obamanantion. The couples were engaging in gossip about the neighborhood and relishing it, and when they weren’t doing that, they were talking about the wonderful insights Garrison Keillor has on his ‘Prairie Home Companion’ (‘m a Midwesterner, and find Keillor’s political POV abhorrent, and an insult to thinking Minnesotans!) and the latest arguments of the liberal Episcopal church, in firing their ‘rectress’ (female pastorette). I came away from this table, both surfeited with food, and nauseous that this was a microcosm of what some in Dixie consider the ‘healthy, vital ‘New South.’ Frankly, it was no more southern, than I am a Negro! (and I’m not!)

    And when you say a secessionist movement will be ‘explicitly Christian,’ what VARIANT of over 250,000 denominations, sects and cults do you mean? I would no more join a White Baptist Church, than sell my soul to the Devil (for some dispensationalist groups, I consider it roughly equal) – how could you get me to get on board with a NATION made up of such idiots?

    No, gentlemen. Unless you eschew the TV, the political philosophy of modernity, miscegenation, marxism, and mania, you’re not going to do a damn thing. The Bolsheviks and their ethnic compatriots have done too good a job preparing the world for their kinsman to rule, the Antichrist. And all you talk about, is a Christian republic, when the last ‘Christian’ you elected was G.W. Bush?


  46. Alas, I hate to say it, but the South is doomed. Our future is to be caught in infighting among rival bands of Latino and Blacks. Have you seen our birthrates? Whites flee the south to get away from its mutiracialism. The best known of Southern groups is the league of the South and I know for a fact they expel their fellow whites for being to racially minded!

    The future is that the South and the Southwest will be majority non-white.
    As far as churches are concerned GLR had the best quote: how do you fight the devil six days a week and worship him on the 7th?

    I am not a Judeo-Christian, I consider myself a traditional Christian.( You might want to check out a man named Darby, that is who really conceived today’s Judeo-Christianity.

  47. My historical impression has been that the South loses in war more often than the North (the USA’s specific historical example is just one of many).

    While Steve Sailer did not cite a source he does make the same assertion today:


    In general, over the course of human history, northerners have conquered southerners more often than vice-versa.

    Something to keep in mind if one wants a higher likelihood of victory.

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