Proud to be an American? Damn straight!

Hanging By a Thread

Update: Matt Parrott no longer endorses this message

Hunter’s recent post, “Proud to be an American?“, offers a damning list of disgraceful developments in this country. The article is correct in its presentation of facts. I don’t take issue with the proposition that this government has become a cesspit of corruption, turning against the posterity for which it was created. But I strongly object to an assumption the article is based on, that this government is “America”. No. We are America! While our government has been controlled by foreign and anti-American oligarchies for decades, there’s a refreshing dimension to the steady replacement of American traitors like Justice Souter and President Dubya with outright foreigners like Elena Kagan and Barack Obama – it’s obvious that this government isn’t run by Americans. It’s not an American government.

Barack Obama can tell the entire world that America belongs to his ruling regime, that it doesn’t spill forth from the fountainhead of American blood and soil. He can tell millions of gullible Americans. But all he really has is a teetering and unstable regime comprised of a motley coalition of people and groups who are openly hostile to everything that the word America represents. Tomorrow I’ll enjoy cooking out with my White American family, in a Midwestern small town, a town that Malcolm X himself immortalized in his autobiography as “White Town”. Barack Obama will spend tomorrow surrounded by foreign dignitaries, Jewish power brokers, and anti-White race hustlers.

Besides, Barack Obama wasn’t actually even born in America…

…I don’t consider Hawaii to be the real America.

One of the most painful aspects of learning about the lead-up to World War II is seeing how the true American patriots like Father Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh allowed themselves to be triangulated as anti-Americans by foreigners scheming to drag America into a fratricidal bloodbath. Yet we Middle American radicals keep letting this happen. In our most recent episode of Jews plotting to drag us into a war, we actually had a Jew, a Canadian Jew at that, accuse us all of being “Unpatriotic Conservatives” in W.F. Buckley’s flagship “conservative” National Review. F*** him.

I understand where Hunter is coming from, but emphatically refuse to accept the defeat implied by taking this word, “America”, and this flag, the American flag, and handing them over to these usurpers. Perhaps it’s easier for a Southerner to think this way, having a Confederate heritage to fall back on. As a Midwesterner, one whose pioneer forefathers have been here since this nation’s founding, I don’t know anything else. I don’t have any other identity. I’ll gladly support secession if that’s the best way to preserve my ethnonational identity – but that identity is integrally American.

I’m far from jingoistic, and I’m the first to assert that our founding fathers made some grave errors in establishing this country that must be corrected. I firmly believe that Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson would, if they sprang out of one of Glenn Beck’s crazed tea party fantasies, agree with me. They would recognize this regime as both alien and tyrannical. They would recognize that they were wrong in several ways, ways that have ultimately resulted in their Constitution hanging by a thread and their progeny spiraling into oblivion.

As I sit in a flimsy lawn chair tomorrow, surrounded by real Americans, watching the fireworks overhead, I’ll be bursting with pride to be an American. To be an American is to belong to the same people who fought every step of the way into this Continent, whose industriousness created the single greatest explosion of middle class prosperity in human history, and whose creativity both captivated the world and propelled us to new ones. This inheritance is, regardless of what that arrogant African blowhard would have you believe, a matter of blood and birth.

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  1. Agree 100% with Matt’s sentiments. Today on my rounds I saw quite a few mestizons driving about with Mexican flags attached to their vehicles. I did the pantomine, dry-firing exercise. I live for the day when I can do it for real. And in practical terms: before the White Republic, we must first eleminate the ZOG. That will require mobilizing collective nationalist feelings which transcend those of any one group.

  2. “Barack Obama wasn’t actually even born in America… …I don’t consider Hawaii to be the real America.” ( — from the log entry)

    He wasn’t even born in Hawaii:

    “But it was [James] Edwards’ interview with Tim Allen, former Chief Elections Clerk for Honolulu, Hawaii, that has since received the most attention. He explained that no birth certificate for Barack Obama exists in the state of Hawaii, and that this was well known to election officials there. Mr. Allen’s story has since been picked up by World Net Daily and other news outlets.”

    [ ; scroll down to next to last paragraph]

    Apparently President Obama was born in Kenya and therefore is not a legitimate president. But he’ll get away with it because the mainstream media refuse to press the issue.

  3. Long before there was an America, there was the White race. And so it will be long after this monstrosity known as America is but a distant memory.

    The Government is a reflection of the people it represents. Just ask those “real Americans” surrounding you on your flimsy lawn chair. They would send their sons and daughters to fight for everything this government represents. They would welcome a non-white as a member of their own family. They would strike you down in a minute if you raised your hand against their sacred Stars and Stripes democracy.

    The new American is a brown, slanted-eyed mongrel. It’s time for a new country, a new flag, a new government. Anything else is to acquiesce in the extinction of your people.

  4. Even at their most degenerate point, the Romans at least attempted to defend Britain from Saxon and Frisian invaders. We can’t say the same about Barack Hussein Obama and Arizona.

  5. Matt, you offer a great angle on “American” but I’m not proud of what it is today. While the real Ameria is us, the real America is in chains. The real America has allowed itself to be chained. In fact, the real America has chained itself. Where’s the pride in that?

    I’m proud of what America was. I’m proud of what we were. I am not proud of what either of us has become.

  6. @orion, you are exactly right. America that people wish for and want to believe in no longer exist. In fact it has been gone for along time. Once the average person wakes up and realizes that they are trying to save something that is already gone, the sooner we can go about making an Aryan Reich. Even though the founding fathers of this country were very smart and possibly honest and noble men. The Republic was easily infiltraited and subverted in a little more then 100 years. Do you want to go back to something that can be soo easily circumnvigated and controled by an evil entity? Of course not, fixing the mess made by Jews,liberals and brainwashed lemmings is not going to be easy and once it is fixed it should last for a thousand years.

    I would bulldoze most of the Satanic Masaonic symbols in Washington once a new country is formed. The White House ( a place were more death and misery was created from then anyother place on earth) would be the first to go, followed by the holocaust of lies museum. That Judaized flag with it’s Jews symbols of stars on it would never be flown again. A nation does not make up it’s people, it’s people make up a nation and when the people that made it are no longer present, that country no longer exist.

    The Aryan race is all that matters, and an Aryan Reich is what is required. Wheather it be 100,75,50 or even 25% of the land that once made up America it does not matter, survival is at stake and this is greater then anyone person or belief one may have.

    My Youtube channel is MightisRight70 and if you want a better understanding of were I am comming from please check it out…

  7. @jungleboots92 – You sound like you have the revolutionary mindset that will win in the end. I too, dream of the day when the city of district of criminals is returned to the swamp it was once, maybe just the Washington Oblisk left standing in the thick jungle as a warning to further generations as we form a new government of our own, by us, for us and for our eternal posterity.

    I’ll check out your channel for sure. Hail Victory!

  8. Americans have been subjected to the most elaborate and intensive mind trip in human history. I don’t believe it’s fair to compare our performance in the face of this psych warfare to our past performance in the face of physical warfare. For example, we were quite courageous in WWII, demonstrating martial valor in the highest European tradition – but because we were manipulated, all that strength was wasted in a fratricidal bloodbath that left us weaker. Even now, White Americans are showing admirable industriousness and moral courage, even if though it’s been inverted toward their own destruction.

    It is way too early to count White America out in the way that many of you are. But my claims are ones to be demonstrated by example. I’m working on that.

    At the very least, America ain’t dead ’til I shit the bed.

  9. …I don’t consider Hawaii to be the real America.

    Hawaii is the only state that has never had a white majority.

    Here is the white percentage of the population of Hawaii for each census from 1900 to 2000 and the 2008 American Community Survey estimate.

    1900: 43.4
    1910: 23.0
    1920: 21.4
    1930: 21.8
    1940: 24.5
    1950: 23.0
    1960: 32.0
    1970: 38.8
    1980: 31.1
    1990: 31.4
    2000: 22.9
    2008: 24.8

  10. The real America is not represented by the government and the jew instigated cancer poisoned feminized culture. To me, it’s a true sign of TRUE American character when it turns against jewry.

  11. The Founding Fathers warned us of the enemies within. How good are we when we don’t listen to our “real” leaders? How good are we when we can be brainwashed so easily? Brainwashing someone to commit a bad deed is supposed to be easier than brainwashing someone for a suicide mission. For whites, it isn’t. Why are we so focused on altruism? I strongly believe a lot more whites are well aware of what is going on but lack the courage to do anything about it. Everyone on this site knows damn well that in a public arena, a minority will have the unwavering support of his tribe regardless of right or wrong. The white will have the dust his tribe kicked up while fleeing.

  12. I’m sorry Mr. Parrot. I disagree with your assessment of American valor in WWII. I think our very presence in Europe, at that point in time is a strong indication that the subversion of our people was in an advanced state even then.

    I feel the same way about about WWI, and the Balfour Declaration it produced.

    The last war which fielded a continental army of White men I can take any pride in resulted in their defeat at the hands of “America”.

  13. @Joanne Dee

    The founding fathers warned us? Washington was bending over for the jews. You ever hear of Washington’s letter to the jews?

  14. Fine article, Matt. Of course, Hunter’s position is understandable as well. Very understandable, and I’m glad that he wrote what he did.

    The real question is whether we view ourselves as the true heirs, the real posterity of the Founders, or in the alternative make a clean break with “America” altogether.

    As a Southerner, I find this to be a somewhat difficult issue. Perhaps this flows from the nuanced (or perhaps just conflicted) nature of Southern identity itself, an identity that thrills to both the American flag and the Stars and Bars.

    But I’ve got to say, when I see the two great flags of our nation’s history, there is no contest as to which makes my heart race more. The Stars and Bars, like a truly beautiful Southern girl, wins every time.

    Yet I still see myself as an American, and still believe that you are essentially correct. We ARE the real America. I’d love nothing more than to restore her, from sea to shining sea, not just south of the Maxon-Dixon line. In that spirit, I’ll say something that I hadn’t quite been able to bring myself to say today: happy fourth of July.

  15. Jimmy Marr,

    I believe you missed my point, entirely. What I meant was that they were already bamboozled and turned against themselves by then, but that the spirit of America was still alive in the people – if not in the leadership.

  16. Matt,

    I went back and re-read your piece and I can see that our sentiments are at least tangential. Maybe my response to your essay was less influenced by your prose than by the image of trench warfare on the front page of the video. I really hate the idea of glorifying that. I think you do too. But who can remain unswayed by the voice of Johnny Cash?

    I can agree that American men showed physical courage in WWI and WWII, and I can share pride in that observation. But if we agree that “Discretion is the better part of valor”, then we are hard-pressed to valorize our forebear’s bamboozlement.

    In all fairness, they didn’t have the internet.

    If anything, White American men seem to have been too easily persuaded to demonstrate their physical courage against each other. This registers a stark contrast to our current situation in which, with all the advantages of broadband technology, we find it difficult to rouse our kinsmen’s bellicosity against the “other” in our midst.

    Judging from introspection, as well as from an analysis of our enemy’s tactics, I hypothesize that White men are loathe to attack anything they perceive as weaker than ourselves. Thus we are currently held captive by an overwhelming army of self-proclaimed victims.

    With any luck, this problem is going to be self-correcting. And while I look forward with relish to that glorious day, I will enjoy sparring with you in the interim. I love occidental dissent. In fact, I think we should re-name the world-wars OD-I, and OD-II.

  17. Hunter Wallace,

    I gotta tell you, I love this website and I think you’re doing a helluva job waking people up. SIEG HEIL KAMERADEN!

  18. Before going out for ice cream and fireworks, I had National Public Radio tuned in. I have to admit that even I was shocked at what I heard. A Jew named David Rubinstein was discussing American Independence Day in the context of anti-Semitism and Thomas Jefferson being a racist slaveholder and plagiarizer. Rubinstein claimed that Jefferson plagiarized the Declaration of Independence, although he didn’t cite from what/whom. I’m guessing he managed to malign America’s founders even further, but I didn’t bother to hear him out. Can you IMAGINE a Jew or White-American besmirching Israel’s founders’ names on the anniversary of Israel’s founding on National Public Radio or a major Israeli radio station? Of course not! Yet here we are, having our mythos and ethos denigrated on the the anniversary of our nation’s founding! I think we have a right to be proud AND pissed off on the Fourth of July!

  19. “F*** him.”

    “I think we have a right to be proud AND pissed off on the Fourth of July!”

    The quoted sentiments above are clearly heartfelt and eloquently spoken. Bravo!

    Gentlemen, I would like to think I comport myself like a lady most of the time. But a lady sometimes must speak the truth, even if it requires rough language to do so.

    Steve Sailer has a post up today in regards to Washington Post article by (jew, natch) an “art critic” named Blake Gopnik, who thinks Norman Rockwell’s America is trite and cowardly. I would like to say something to Mr. Gopnik, but I doubt S. Sailer’s comment control would allow my comment through, at least phrased the way I desperately wish to say it. May I say it here?

    Mr. Gopnik: Regarding your low opinion of Norman Rockwell’s America–
    F*** you.

  20. Every normal white guy loves the America as erected by the Founders. Every normal white guy is patriotic in his very nature. They have a simple, natural understanding of nation, and have always volunteered to lay down their lives for it. The guys who volunteered to fight in all of our modern wars thought they were doing the right thing. I will never disparage their sacrifices, even though their patriotism was abused and misused by the real controllers of the world.
    Many of my relatives fought in WWII. My grandfather did. I remember as a very young child he unexpectedly pulled me aside and said: ‘No matter what people tell you, the Germans are good people and Hitler was right’…I didn’t know what he meant at the time (I didn’t even know what a Hitler was). At that age green army men=good guys, grey army men=bad guys. I understand now.
    Those patriotic common folk are OUR folk, and it is our duty to get them to understand in whatever limited capacity they can, and I still honour their blood spilled and the flag for which it was spilled.

  21. Patriotards view the federal government as a friend; Patriots view the federal government as a fiend.

  22. Vlad- I don’t. I don’t honor the men and women that spilled their precious White blood for the Oldest Enemy of our Race.

    Those soldiers, and the soldiers of today, owe an absolute responsibility to their own kind. They have greatly enabled the decimation of our Race, with their blind and disastrous obedience. We’ve been tricked and subverted, century after century, by our own gullibility.

    This must end. Now. And forever.

  23. Barb – so on the WaPo site, and regsiter, and tell the Jude yourself how you feel.

    Quite a few people have done so, already. Including Mr Sailer. You may have to find a creative way to spell the Eff word- I suggest substituing a “Ph” for the “F” – and leaving spaces between letters.

    There are some really interesting comments on that site.

    Hee hee hee.

  24. Jim,

    No, I never heard of Washington’s letter to the Jews. I’ll have to look it up. In Washington’s days, Jews were just as cancerous as they are now but had limited control and were small in numbers.

    I love my country. I am revolted by, despise, hate, hate, hate my government.

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