Proud To Be An American?

Not really.

July the 4th

In the year that has passed, I haven’t seen cause to change my mind about anything I said last year. I’m still not proud to be an American.

I am a secessionist. I want to “opt out” of the alien society surrounding me.

Here are a few reasons why:

1.) Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States.

2.) Eric Holder is Attorney General.

3.) Sonia Sotomayor, the “Wise Latina,” now disgraces the Supreme Court.

4.) Elena Kagan, a lesbian Jewess from New York, will soon be appointed to the Supreme Court. Sotomayor and Kagan will join the ridiculous Ruth Bader Ginsberg in having the authority to “interpret” the Constitution.

5.) The Obama administration refuses to secure our borders and protect the states from invasion.

6.) The Obama administration is suing Arizona for having the audacity to protect the lives and property of its citizens.

7.) The ACLU is suing Fremont, Nebraska to block the anti-illegal immigration ordinance that was recently adopted there.

8.) The Obama administration ignored the Nashville Flood.

9.) The Obama administration is allowing the Gulf Oil Spill to destroy coastal Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

10.) Barack Hussein Obama and House and Senate Democrats denounced Arizona in solidarity with Felipe Calderon, the President of Mexico.

Any of those reasons could be cited as causes that justify secession from the United States. A few trivial taxes on tea and stamps sparked the American Revolution. If you are not convinced your state should secede by now, allow me to entertain you further, dear reader …

11.) American culture is filthy, rotten, and degenerate. The virtues and vices have traded places; vicious behavior is rewarded and lauded in the media, virtuous behavior is denounced as nativism, racism, xenophobia, heterocentricity, sexism and so forth.

12.) America is ideologically bankrupt: we are promised “freedom,” but we don’t have the “freedom” to create exclusive businesses and associations; we are promised “equality,” but we face discrimination in employment and public accomodations because we are White; we are promised “tolerance,” but are the subject of ritual denigration by public officials; we are promised democracy, but when we pass laws unelected judges strike them down.

13.) In America, Whites are denied a positive racial identity. We are discriminated against for daring to defend our interests. In contrasts, Jews, Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians get massive subsidies from government and corporations to promote racial and ethnic chauvinism.

14.) Whites are demonized by our cultural elites in every conceivable way. Non-Whites are romanticized and glorified.

15.) Whites have to put up with outrageous levels of violent crime that our ancestors would never have tolerated.

16.) Whites are forced to participate in integration and multiracialism. Every business is integrated by law. There isn’t a single public place in all of America reserved exclusively to us.

17.) Whites are forced to hire incompetent non-Whites.

18.) The wealth of Whites is transferred and redistributed to non-Whites through various government programs.

19.) White children are forced to subsidize and attend government schools with the “progressive” social engineering that comes along with that.

20.) Whites are sent to their death to fight in foreign wars for a regime that despises us and yearns to displace us in our own country.

Did I mention that the only reason that we are “Americans”  in the first place is because the Confederacy was conquered by the U.S. Army? The South has been a vassal province of the United States for 145 years.

What does America have to offer us? Nothing at all. In America, we are a degraded and stigmatized for daring to defend our interests and entertain a positive identity, whereas whores, rogues, and white trash are worshiped as celebrities. In America, a negro can make a billion dollars for dribbling a ball.

America has nothing to offer us but degeneracy, discrimination, and ultimate dispossession. If your goal in life is sexual dissolution or making money in a “global marketplace,” then I can see why you would be proud to be an American.

If you want your rights to be “interpreted” by Ginsberg, Sotomayor, and Kagan, your laws enforced by Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder, your culture produced by Hollywood Jews, your neighborhoods invaded by Mexicans, and your jobs provided by Wal-Mart and McDonald’s, well, by all means, continue to pledge allegiance to Washington’s imperial flag.

It lost its appeal to me a long time ago.

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  1. Oops, the auto spell checker in this browser automatically changed “Reed” to “read” thinking it was an incorrect spelling when I was referring to Fred Reed’s above quote about imaginary out of control feminists having anonymous bathroom sex like the queers at the rest area in “Something About Mary.”

  2. Robert writes (after jacking off to interracial porn)

    “When the great purge comes they’re going to be shipped back along with everyone else.”

    Haha Robert, we’ve only just begun, man. You think we, the Chosen people, are gonna let you suckers displace us the way we displaced you, do you? No mulligans, dude, sorry… it’s game set match here in tha land of the muthafukkin free! LOL. The great purge, huh? With what means jackass? The dozen ounces of gold your redneck tribe has in old Skoal tins hidden in the basement? and your pop guns? LOL. I say, go watch some buckniggers double penetrating your women on the internet. Get used to it I say. When the depression heats up, your sisters might have to support you that way.

    Baruch Hashem …………..


  3. Are you suggesting a more extreme state than has ever existed in the current era? Even the most pro-racial modern nations like Japan still understand and account for the need for non-natives to participate in finance, commerce, science, etc. By WN standards, is every country in the world currently in the process of committing racial genocide?

    I don’t think many white racialists would be unhappy with a country with demographics comparable to those of Japan, which according to the CIA World Factbook is 98.5% Japanese (0.5% Korean, 0.4% Chinese, 0.6% other).

    For an overview of the ethnostatist vision, I recommend the book The Ethnostate by Wilmot Robertson.

  4. “Really, Brutus? I must have missed the word “divorce” in all those paragraphs. I don’t see the word “divorce” anywhere near the sentences I cited.”

    Yes, really, Denise.

    And no, the word divorce is not in that essay. It doesn’t need to be, as anyone who has read over two of Reed’s articles knows he is not talking about happily married men not wanting to take care of their family, but instead is talking about why so many men today are leary of mariage and getting involved with modern women.

    Reed is talking about child custody, child support, getting half or more of assets, the house, the car, alimony, businesses, the things divorce courts routinely award women in a divorce. Have you not read any of Reed’s hundreds of essays, including dozens just like the one quoted here?

    Did you think Reed meant married men not wanting to take care of their families? Go to “fredoneverything” and read about four or five essays there and come back to us if you are still under the impression that Reed did not mean the leagal ramifications involved with divorce. I will then cite a few specific essays that will persuade you.

  5. “Fred Reed is a Race Mixer – so I normally never read anything he says. I did scan his article, though…”

    Okay, you have not read much of Reed. So it is understandable why you challenged my assertion. Reed has writte quite a number of similar essays, Denise. He means divorces whenever he writes the word “legal” in connection with relationships.

  6. Yet as an educated White American, I can go to just about any country (except extreme dictatorships like Myanmar and N. Korea, and islamofascist states) to live and work for an indefinite period of time, in a city of my choosing. I can marry one of the locals and have children who then enjoy complete national participation. – Randy Garver

    You are clearly not understanding that we are racialists. At least, most of us are. That precludes allowing aliens into our lands. Period. Proximity to aliens = mixing = not acceptable.

    As an aside, N Korea is certainly hated by the global cult of Humanism and its Levantine priesthood, so my guess is it’s not a bad place. As for “islamofascism” … *facepalm* — all of Islam is a plague, a retarded term like that suggests that there is some other, benign form of Islam, which was exactly the intention of the Levantines who coined it.

    Are you suggesting a more extreme state than has ever existed in the current era? Even the most pro-racial modern nations like Japan still understand and account for the need for non-natives to participate in finance, commerce, science, etc. By WN standards, is every country in the world currently in the process of committing racial genocide? – RG

    Tosh. The best part of our (viz. Europeans) history was accomplished in a context >99% white. The “need” is manufactured. We don’t need them. They need us to tax us into poverty.

    And no, the situations of other nations are not really comparable to ours since our lands, and only our lands, are being flooded with massive, invasion-level numbers of racial aliens.

  7. The farce that is Maywood, California:

    Boasting a population that is 97% Hispanic, more than half foreign born, and 40% illegal, the Los Angeles County, Calif., incorporated city of Maywood has achieved the Reconquista goal. It is now as lawless and chaotic as any place in Mexico. Maywood is a warning to every city and town in America.

    That should be a full post.

  8. Brutus – thank you for your explanation.

    I do not intend, however, to expande one moment of my regrettably limited free time, on analysing the intracacies of Reed’s thoughts ‘n feelings, as Reed is a Race-mixer, and thus unworthy of my interest.

    I’m currently enjoying an excellent wallow in Caucasian history, I’m reading up on my people, the Celts, and studying the fascinating methodologies of mummy-making of Ancient Egypt. I began reading Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queene” years ago, and I am determined to finish this masterpiece this Summer.

    I’m sick of the depleted, arid, bitter, and unhealthy modern world. I am restoring myself by bathing in the rich and vital history of my People, when my People were spirited, creative, and fully alive.

  9. ‘Yet as an educated White American, I can go to just about any country (except extreme dictatorships like Myanmar and N. Korea, and islamofascist states) to live and work for an indefinite period of time, in a city of my choosing. I can marry one of the locals and have children who then enjoy complete national participation.’

    ‘And some countries restrict citizenship on ethnic origin basis. Learn more.

    You can’t go in Israel and marry a Jew unless you are a Jew – it is against the law and nobody will perform the ceremony. Learn about it.

    You cant go in Japan and become a citizen Japan is for ethnically Japanese.’

    1) In theory, educated white men can get visas and work. In *practice*, the paperwork often gets denied and the white man often gets stuck on the first plane out, for no legal reason. It’s not fair but it’s how many countries operate. Thus I claim that Randy Garver’s research on the topic lacks depth and rigor.

    2) I have recently spoken with a white woman who raised half-white, half-Taiwanese children in Taiwan. She was concerned that they suffered from confusion about their identities and that they were not entirely accepted by their peers. Thus marriage is often easy to start, but holds unexpected suffering for the children.

    3) Many foreign guest workers who live in Japan for a year confidently report that they will soon be fully Japanese – and then, five years later, confess that they realize they will never truly assimilate.

    4) I think non-white races often have excellent qualities, and so I dislike insulting epithets. However, a white can respect non-whites while reserving love for whites. I believe that whites and non-whites should respect each other *sincerely*. Sincere respect cannot develop while white freedom of speech is constrained by usurpers and tyrants.

  10. Lots of good points here.

    @ Mr. Dermot Walsh: Foreigners are prohibited from owning properties in many parts of asia as well.


    I’ve known 3 people who have spent significant time in Japan. The barriers for residency are high but not insurmountable.

    The Japanese are just about the most pro-racial 1st world nation I can think of, and while their policies certainly discourage residency and citizenship, it would seem that their efforts fall well short of the white ethnostate goals as I’ve read and interpreted them on this site.

    Whites are free to publicly associate with, co-habitate, date, and marry pure ethnic Japanese, and the state does not intervene to prevent this. Such a similar model in the white ethnostate would appear to be unpalatable to many here whose comments I’ve read.

    As I’ve thought about this issue, by WN standards it would seem as though every single nation on earth is committing racial suicide. Am I missing something here?

  11. Randy Garver: When your country is overwhelmingly of one race or ethnicity, when that race or ethnicity’s culture is unhesitatingly supported as the proper norm for your country, maybe you can afford to be a little tolerant of outsiders. When your country is ruled by outsiders (Jews and their followers) and these rulers have deliberately flooded your country with utter aliens (Orientals, Hindus, Moslems, Africans, and Latin Americans), and these aliens are taught that they and their ways are every bit the equal if not better than the ways of the host population, and you can’t even criticize these developments without placing your job at risk, then maybe tolerance might rightly be considered racial suicide.
    Of course, when I was young, America WAS overwhelmingly of one race and that race’s culture WAS unhesitatingly supported as the proper norm for this country. See what a little tolerance has got us?

    Stop playing at theory. The fact is, Whites ARE being displaced. Many of us HAVE seen our hometowns become foreign enclaves, and our government has consistently refused to even see the problem, let alone do anything about it. I am opposed to racial tolerance because I see the consequences of it, regardless of what anyone might say or what other nations might do. Any First World nation that follows our path IS, sooner or later, committing suicide.

  12. Well written, and the Fourth of July is now a day for mourning and remembrance, not for celebration.

  13. Another great piece, Hunter. A somber look at how far this country has fallen.


    Couldn’t have said it better. Though if I may make a minor critique…

    There’s a saying that diversity shouldn’t pass the restaurant doors.

    Concerning racial toleration: I say it shouldn’t go beyond tourism.

  14. @Mr. Griffin.

    Sir, there is nothing about this article, written by you in 2010, that does not speak for me, at the end of 2015.

    I pray that, in the years to come, it does not remain this way for us; that we will be joined by ever more Southerners who will not sleep-walk through the web spun ever so toxically around them, and us…

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