Systematizing The Problem of Economic/Material Survival

Given the deagriculturalization and deindustrialization of the USA, we find ourselves no longer able to take for granted basic material survival. There are already millions of Americans whose unemployment benefits have been cut off since June 30.

Thus it makes sense to attempt to figure out and systematize the problem of economic/material survival in the US.

Conventional employment is getting harder and harder to obtain. If it can be had, get it. However, part time is better than full time, because the extra “free” time needs to be used to develop successful entrepreneurial niches.

Ideally, we need to find economic niches from which we cannot be “fired” or “laid off.” Ideally, we need to find multiple economic niches for redundancy, and we need to be forever looking for the next niche.

We should never assume any niche is “forever,” with the possible exception of sustainable food production. Any financial success should be reinvested in developing an existing niche or starting a new one.

We need to systematize and share our knowledge of niches, and work as teams or tribes.

Success in this endeavour will lessen the oppression of money and reduce the power of Mammon over us. There will be more freedom of conscience, and even leisure time (eventually) when the problem of material survival is solved. Affordable family formation will be possible, and warrior-anarch-entrenpreneurs will be highly desirable alpha male types, even if they were not so before.

We may even change the shape of the culture, by steering economic activity into healthier outlets. We will have freedom of conscience and freedom of speech when we control some of our own economic niches.


  1. A local “resilient community” may resemble a a “start-up company” in some ways.

    Highlights include:

    1. Pick good cofounders.???

    2. Launch fast.???

    3. Let your idea evolve.???

    4. Understand your users.??
    You can envision the wealth created by a startup as a rectangle, where one side is the number of users and the other is how much you improve their lives. [2] The second dimension is the one you have most control over. And indeed, the growth in the first will be driven by how well you do in the second. As in science, the hard part is not answering questions but asking them: the hard part is seeing something new that users lack. The better you understand them the better the odds of doing that. That’s why so many successful startups make something the founders needed.??

    5. Better to make a few users love you than a lot ambivalent.???

    6. Offer surprisingly good customer service.???

    7. You make what you measure.???

    8. Spend little.???

    9. Get ramen profitable.??
    “Ramen profitable” means a startup makes just enough to pay the founders’ living expenses. It’s not rapid prototyping for business models (though it can be), but more a way of hacking the investment process. Once you cross over into ramen profitable, it completely changes your relationship with investors. It’s also great for morale.??

    10. Avoid distractions.???

    11. Don’t get demoralized.???

    12. Don’t give up.???

    13. Deals fall through.?

    Graham’s entire essay is worth reading.

  2. Kievsky,
    Your work of the past year has been getting more and more on target IMHO. I think you, unlike many of your peers finally “get it”. WN cannot base their primary strategies on “getting the word out”, “winning the argument”, “establishing a web presence”, “and combating the dis-information.” All these things depend on variables that in large part are controlled by our adversaries. While they are valuable in the current political situation the switch could be shut off today. The interpretation of the DOJ on what constitutes hate crimes and sedition could change in an hour. Edgar Steele was certainly capable of understanding legal lines not to cross, it didn’t protect him. Too long and too strong and they will come to get you at their whim. Please keep up the good work but start at the beginning and keep hammering the first steps. First and foremost buy, sell, hire and socialize with other whites (unless in some limited cases where it betrays your politics) and never voice this preference to anyone. Two- every WN needs to find a local pro-white friend to their mutual benefit and another friend that doesn’t know the first. A loose local network of whites that help each other in business, friendship, preparation and self -reliance projects. Never talk politics to each other, build and strengthen each other’s resources and families. Third unplug from the TV and re-tool your technology a few revisions back. Big brother monitoring is moving forward every day. If you find uses for old tech devices you will be too remote for most of the government’s efforts to keep track of. You can still buy and get service for numerical beepers some for less that $10 a month. A creative man could come up with a dozen codes (for a $25 beeper with no GPS tracking capabilities) of un-decipherable combinations to communicate to friends and family. Put the battery in the cell phone, send your message then remove the battery again; Just an example. Bottom line your suggestions are great and on target but really need to start or done in tandem with some more basic steps. Please push WNs to those first steps to really get the benefit or your more elaborate but solid contributions.

  3. In the post-Soviet era, Russians utilized the barter system to get by and this in turn allowed for Russia’s economic and geopolitical resurgence after Vladimir Putin took office in 2000. Some food for thought. Also, keep in mind that in the chaotic 1990s, kike oligarchs like Berezovsky looted the Russian economy under the shabbos goy Yeltsin’s watch.

  4. Internet marketing is a niche long overdue for WNs to seize.

    You already have a big readership (according to Hunter), so grab it.

    Anyone who wants to make some serious money and can write can make a decent living right up to six or even seven figures a year in internet marketing.

  5. Yep, Hunter should have an Amazon thing on this page, so whenever we buy something from Amazon, he gets a cut. does this. Also, other things like Blue Host give you a thing, so if someone signs up with Blue Host (whatever that is) and Hunter would get a cut.

    I don’t care about “persuading” anyone. We lead, others will follow. We set the example, and the best minds out there who are receptive to our message will see that we have a winning model.

    Quality, not quantity.

  6. @John Walters: Good points. And the link was helpful too. I’m doing a start-up right now. It’s quite an adventure.

  7. @ Lockeford; Internet marketing is a golden opportunity. Sure, it’s full of shysters and liars, but there are also some really solid and honest professionals to learn from. Find and/or develop a valuable product / service and try Internet marketing. It’s a golden opportunity to connect and to make a living.

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