More Leonard Pitts Style Foot-in-the-Mouth Nonsense

by Val Koinen
July 11, 2010

In his nationally syndicated column this Sunday morning, July 11, Negro Leonard Pitts takes actor/director/producer Mel Gibson to task for some intemperate language Gibson apparently used in a rant that was surreptitiously taped by his estranged girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Among other things, Pitts didn’t appreciate Gibson saying (assuming, of course that the tape is actually of Gibson’s voice) “You look like a f—–g pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of n—–s it will be your fault.”

Then Pitts goes on to say that in his view the most damning word in that quote is not the “N-word,” but rather, the word just before that (“pack”). He then clarifies his thinking, saying, “After all, only animals hunt in packs.”

Oh? Could Pitts possibly be this ignorant, stupid, disingenuous, and/or dishonest? Well, yes, of course he could – and of course he is – one or more or all of those things. Here is the guy – the same anti-White racist Negro who a couple years ago expressed the “cutesy” little adage that White people who expressed their shock, disgust, and anger with the way a “pack” of four Negroes had carjacked, kidnapped, tortured, raped, mutilated, and murdered two innocent young Whites in Knoxville, Tennessee could “cry me a river” – professing to be most offended by Gibson’s reference to a “pack” of Negroes.

Big packs, small packs, mid-sized packs – whatever – the fact is that Negroes routinely and constantly do “hunt,” riot, go “wilding,” assault, maim, and murder in packs, just like feral (wild) animals. We see it over and over again in the news from around the country, in spite of the mainstream (Jew controlled) media’s doing all they can to under-report and otherwise cover up this kind of behavior on the part of America’s Negroes. So often that most people who are “in the know” refer to the phenomenon as just another example of “TNB” (typical n—-r behavior). Surely, anti-White racist Leonard Pitts knows this (even though he doesn’t want to admit it).



  1. I wish Mel would quit telling truth only while drunk.

    A while back a poster on the VNN forum observed that Mel could publish his views on You Tube in a straightforward and rational manner and get 100,000,000 hits.

    That’s what he should do.

  2. Mel could fund WN-style or pro-European ethny organizations through funds set up by a lawyer in an offshore trust if he wanted to stay anonymous, too. Last I read he’s got hundreds of millions. That’s a lot of dough and potentially a lot of influence.

  3. Could Pitts possibly be this ignorant, stupid, disingenuous, and/or dishonest?

    Just self-interested. Why bring trouble on yourself if by admitting your group’s negative actions then you will be more likely to be a suspect yourself?

    That’s not stupid.

    It’s Whites who are stupid for not practicing the same, or at least not limiting their honesty and objectivity to within their own.

    It would obviously be best if Whites gave up the self-censorship routine and started broadcasting loud and wide the statistics on race and crime. Just the facts. If nothing else, if it can’t be done via open discussion, then at the minimum the internet should be flooded with what facts do exist and links to it so Black-on-White crime becomes public knowledge.

    It’s up to Whites to protect Whites. No one else is going to do it.

  4. Go observe the primate exhibit at your local zoo. Sit there and watch them for a little while. The larger ones will act in a way that is very familar to you. Look at the walk, the bend of the arms, the swing of the body. Guess who?

  5. From my Iphone dictionary for pack: 4) an association of criminals * a pack of thieves
    syn: gang ring, mob

  6. Pitts is your typical uppity, self righteous, hypocritical American nigger that is so commonplace these days. According to the pea brained and hate filled Pitts, a white man uttering the “N” word is a far graver offense than a rabid pack of black baboons who kidnap, torture and kill two white kids.

    As with most racist negroes the savage murders of whites is always much ado about nothing since this is just payback for the imagined wrongs we’ve committed against them.

  7. In other news, Chris Rock’s career is OVER now that he has been caught on tape having a private conversation wherein he admonishes a young black woman to dress more conservatively lest she be raped by a pack of rednecks (LAUGHTRACK).

    There are few things more contemptible than the ever-present disingenuous White liberal who will seek to curry social favor with the multicult power structure by making public what were intended to be private conversations about race with another White.

  8. I checked your link, Kievsky. “Troop” is good, but it implies orderliness. How about a “confusion” of Negroes?

  9. I should add that it can be entertaining to play dumb and get the White liberal him/herself to say or imply something “racist”. For example, getting them to admit that a part of town is a no-go area can then be transitioned into getting them to admit that it’s because it’s a black part of town (without ever suggesting it yourself, just asking questions)!

    There are exceptions, like Nathan Maas on a previous thread who wouldn’t even admit that inner city Detroit is to be avoided by Whites, but he probably gets off on the idea of Black-on-White crime (for whatever reason, perhaps he’s not White).

  10. I don’t think the Jewish elite ruler ship has ever forgiven Gibson for the success of his “Passion of The Christ” blockbuster film. As you may recall all of the usual suspects at the time (ADL and various neocons) wouldn’t have been happier if Gibson had been ruined financially over this Biblically accurate film. Unfortunately Mel seems to have a nack for opening his mouth at the wrong times and places (the DUI incident and now this). It will make little difference to hypocritical whites that his remarks have at least some semblance of truth to them. The Jew controlled MSM is eager to pick this stuff up in order to defame him: payback time! All other things being equal if another celebrity was involved I bet we would hear little or nothing about it.

  11. One need only to observer the feral Blacks recent behavior in Oakland to see the Original Poster is entirely correct!

    P.S. I like the term ‘bongo party’ to describe such events… although that is sometimes confused with Obamas inauguration!!!

  12. I think it’s funny that he’s accused of brutally beating her and using the n-word, and everybody’s like OMFG, he used the n-word! What a bunch of pathetic brainwashed retards.

  13. Polanski is a free man as of today. Will someone who has admitted rape of a 13 year old girl who he drugged before raping get the same amount of attention for being set free as what Mel Gibson gets for what he said?

  14. Bradley Denton Ernst,

    Why do you constantly make new sockpuppets on forums (not just this one, I know)? Isn’t it easier to merely stick with one name or identity? In the last year you have commented as: Fiotheth, Cronoil Goathl, Hellacious Heath, Heinous Henry, Charles U Farley, Randy Tatton Knox, and now this name. Mind you I certainly missed a few of them. To what do you owe this bizarre personality quirk?



  15. “Mel could fund WN-style or pro-European ethny organizations through funds set up by a lawyer in an offshore trust if he wanted to stay anonymous, too. ”

    – set up by a lawyer? Don’t you know they “disappeared” the last honest lawyer in the country (Edgar Steele) . Anyone with Mel’s kind of dubloons who tried to clandestinely steer it around the Jews to fund a project like that WOULD BE FOUND OUT! There is no (impervious) anonymity in this world any longer and the Jews have bought out all the courts, all the lawyers, all the “justice”, own all the banks and if they are suffieciently interested, they can and will find the source of any money transactions, anywhere, anytime (that includes PayPal, which is linked to Ebay, both owned by Jewish interests, in case any of you are considering “anonymous” donations).

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