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Father Coughlin Fighting Back
Father Coughlin Fighting For Us

On the same day that I posted my Cosmic America article, Angelo Codevilla upstaged me with an excellent piece in The American Spectator: America’s Ruling Class. It’s an exposition of the growing rift between White Americans and America’s Cosmic elite. It does a more thorough job of illustrating one of the points I was attempting make: that these are truly a new and different people – with their own (secular) religion, their own worldview, and their own ambitions to become an international elite: masters of the universe.

You can call them the ruling class, the managerial elite, rootless cosmopolitans, Cosmic Americans, or even citizens of Smartmanistan. Whatever you call them, they don’t speak for you. In fact, they hope that you choke.

When this majority discovered that virtually no one in a position of power in either party or with a national voice would take their objections seriously, that decisions about their money were being made in bipartisan backroom deals with interested parties, and that the laws on these matters were being voted by people who had not read them, the term “political class” came into use.

This concept of “voice” is critical.

Charles Lindbergh Fighting Back
Charles Lindbergh Fighting For Us

What White Americans are lacking is a voice. In theory, we White Advocates are that voice. We and we alone are the only people in the world who truly speak for them. There are countless others, like Sarah Palin, who implicitly occupy this role, but they’re invariably ideologues who rationalize their abstract agenda as being in our interests. Every other people in the world politically struggle as a people for their collective welfare, but it’s taboo for us to do that. The best we can hope for is to arrive at a collection of abstract ideological positions that happen to approximate our interests.

The peasants are growing restless with this untenable arrangement, but they still trust this society’s experts and authorities. They’ll continue thrashing about with mind games like libertarianism for the foreseeable future. But even if they lower taxes, they’ll get hosed with monetary policies. Even if they End the Fed, the private banks are firmly in the hands of the Cosmic Elite, and nothing will change. Even if they “shrink the government”, they’ll just shift the ruling elites from public bureaucracies to privatized corporate plutocracies. Until our people realize that this is a struggle between us and them, and not a “contest of ideals”, they’ll continue to fall for one hustle after another: liberalism, anti-slavery, natural rights ideology, communism, democracy, capitalism, millenarianism, anarchism, fascism, anti-racism, expressive individualism, libertarianism, postmodernism, feminism, nihilism, humanism, etc.

It’s not that ideals are devoid of importance; it’s just that they’re secondary in importance to trustworthiness and alignment of interests. If you try to do business with a man who can’t be trusted and who has something to gain from deceiving you, then you’ll be had. Just as Aesop’s scorpion told the frog what he needed to hear to get across the river, the Cosmic Elite and their Jewish vanguard will sell us whatever ideologies will serve their political interests. This can be boiled down to a Game Theory formulation, conveyed in a fable, or demonstrated with a poignant example:

We buy the ideology of “meritocracy” because it appeals to our universal moral instincts, and yet meritocracy only works in a closed tribal system. Jews use each victory on merit as an opportunity to install their puppets and advance their own tribal agenda. For instance, Chuck Schumer acquires power through genuine excellence at the art of politics, then exploits that position to install his talentless nobodies like Sotomayor and Kagan in positions of power. Meritocracy eats itself.

We must establish our credibility as White America’s only legitimate and credible voice. This is one reason why I have conniption fits in the comments when anti-American ideas are vented. I hate to borrow a tired neocon cliche, but this is truly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The only advantage we have in this struggle is that we’re actually White Americans and we’re actually looking out for their welfare. Jews understand how important it is to appear to be an “us” instead of a “them”. It’s why hipsters enjoy The Daily Show with Jon Stewart instead of Jon Leibowitz. When one of “us” makes a living ridiculing American culture, that’s good fun. When one of “them” does it, it’s an attack. The sustained “culture of critique” attack on White America is contingent upon the shared illusion that not only are Jews us, but Whites who have “gone cosmic” are still us. Neither are.

Spengler does an excellent job of describing our elites…

Long ago the country bore the country-town and nourished it with her best blood. Now the giant city sucks the country dry, insatiably and incessantly demanding and devouring fresh streams of men, till it wearies and dies in the midst of an almost uninhabited waste of country.

… In place of a type-true people, born of and grown on the soil, there is a new sort of nomad, cohering unstably in fluid masses, the parasitical city dweller, traditionless, utterly matter-of-fact, religionless, clever, unfruitful, deeply contemptuous of the countryman and especially that highest form of countryman, the country gentleman.

David Duke Fighting Back
David Duke Fighting For Us

Many anti-Semites will read “Jews” in that second paragraph, but that’s only part of the truth. Jews are a group of these people from a bygone civilization who figured out how to survive without a folk: by inhabiting host societies. The elites need their folk as assuredly as a shepherd needs his flock, but our elites, chasing the gods of the marketplace, have completely betrayed us. They still exploit our failure to adapt to this new reality, speaking as our “voice” when it suits them, but the charade will only go on so long before there’s an adaptive reaction.

This is what the Tea Party phenomenon and the Ron Paul revolution can be understood as – the first tentative stage of defying the elites.  They’re a long way from White Advocates, but this rejection of the elites is the first step toward victory. It’s by no means part of some fixed historical process which would allow us to sit back and wait for them to rally to our cause, but it does mean that they’re rejecting the legitimacy and credibility of the “offical” voices of the regime. It does mean that a window of opportunity is opening for us to establish ourselves as that legitimate and credible voice.

Our enemies have gotten ahead of themselves, “sharpening the knives and cackling triumphantly all too soon“, as Kievsky put it. They already imagine that it’s 2050, extrapolating victory from the current statistical trends as a fait accompli. It’s not 2050, and it was way too early to install an anti-White globalist bankster puppet like Obama as their figurehead. A friend of mine who’s not really familiar with my politics asked me during  the election if I thought America was “ready for a Black president”. I replied, “No. They’re ready to vote for one, but they’re not actually ready for one. They’ll vote for him, then turn on him.” The same thing has played out with Michael Steele in the GOP. They’re ready to appoint a Black chairman, but they’re not actually ready for a Black chairman.

This battle over who “speaks for” White Americans is the front line, and our enemies know it. The following comment on the YouTube video of our latest White Advocacy event is revealing…

Plus this shit hate group is a known link to white supremacy and anti-semitism. They have no legitimate voice. Look at this yacking turd. He would fit just nicely in the cast of Mississippi Burning.

This comment doesn’t only reveal that I’m a “yacking turd” and that my fedora strikes fear into their hearts. It also reveals that there’s a very real threat that some Whites will recognize that we’re fighting for them, sacrificing for them, and speaking for them against the media, academia, and government that are all out to get them. In quite possibly the most flattering hit piece in the history of the movement, Chris Bober of Imagine 2050 declared that:

He writes as a white nationalist activist in Indiana his “cardinal objective is to establish visibility and credibility with our target audience of working and middle-class conservative Hoosiers as their foremost advocates.”

While he claims to be an advocate for Indiana’s middle-class conservatives, Matt Parrot[t] is surely not a credible one.

For now, their inverted White Supremacism assures that they’ll continue to be offended at what they perceive to be our picking on the racially handicapped. Their inverted Puritanism assures that they’ll continue mistaking craven concessions to those who are plotting to usurp our birthright for pious acts of moral rectitude. But when our moment of opportunity strikes, whether it’s caused by some natural or economic disaster or as a long and gradual process, we need to be prepared. We need to be their most visible, credible, and legitimate voices. For the time being, we’ll continue to appear marginal, even pathetic, but this is the perfect time to demonstrate moral courage. This is the perfect time to build up a record of advocacy for a people who don’t yet recognize we’re all in the same car, careening off the same cliff.

“Global Jewry, Look Out!”

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  1. Excellent article. I had been planning to write a response to that piece in the Spectator, but you have saved me a lot of time. And, that final video is hilarious

  2. “Many anti-Semites will read “Jews” in that second paragraph, but that’s only part of the truth. Jews are a group of these people from a bygone civilization who figured out how to survive without a folk: by inhabiting host societies.”

    The Jew has never had a territorially bounded state of his own in the manner of Aryan states. Nevertheless his religious community is a real state since it guarantees the preservation, the increase and the future of the Jewish people. But this is solely the task of the state. That the Jewish state is subject to no territorial limitation, as is the case with Aryan states, is connected with the character of the Jewish people which is lacking in the productive forces for the construction and preservation of its own territorial state.

    The foundation of the Aryan struggle for life is the soil, which he cultivates and which provides the general basis for an economy satisfying primarily its own needs within its own orbit through the productive forces of its own people.

    Because of the lack of productive capacities of its own the Jewish people cannot carry out the construction of a state, viewed in a territorial sense, but as a support of its own existence it needs the work and creative activities of other nations. Thus the existence of the Jew himself becomes a parasitical one within the lives of other peoples. Hence the ultimate goal of the Jewish struggle for existence is the enslavement of productively active peoples.’


  3. I read the American Spectator article. There was no mention of race or even immigration, or of course, Jews. The author, Angelo Codevilla, if I remember correctly, is a long time scholar of war and cultural conflict. I don’t think he believes any of that electoral politics crap. I wonder what he really thinks.

  4. He would fit just nicely in the cast of Mississippi Burning.

    I have a feeling that the writer of that comment believes that “Mississippi Burning” was a documentary.

  5. I love that they called you a ‘white supremacist’…I always chuckle at that term. Besides going to work, hanging out with my kids and reading, I make it a point to oppress a minority everyday: I drive thru the ‘hood in my minivan (with childcar seats), looking for the perfect victim.

  6. Matt: Good article. People that spew profanity and use gutter name calling are in the same category as those whose heads can spin around on it’s axis and vomit green stuff….

  7. William S. Lind and John Robb often talk about the “crisis of legitimacy” of the nation-state – I think Martin Van Creveld may have originated the phrase.

    Robb has also recently said that “justice” (i.e. revenge) is often the first “political good” (i.e. political service) delivered by a faction that is gathering popularity.

    Justice (in the guerrilla sense) is delivered for free – i.e. the guerrilla A and the oppressed peasant B have never met, but they both resent the oppressor C. A does some kind of damage to C’s regime, and suddenly A is a hero to B. This is “delivering political goods” in the silly 21st century Pentagon jargon.

    As a sample of what can happen when a regime loses legitimacy, consider that the state of Arizona only had a 16% compliance rate with camera-issued speeding tickets.


    Some of the disobedient were probably illegal aliens, not citizens, but still – 16% obedience! Do you think the state government felt that the mass disobedience was a threat to its legitimacy?

  8. John,

    You’re drilling to the core of what I’m attempting to accomplish and the method I’m using to accomplish it.

    BTW, one more round of hot cosplay pix on your blog and I’ll renounce White Nationalism altogether in favor of Elvish Nationalism.

  9. Another excellent piece, Matt.

    Indeed, one of the most important things to hammer away at the public is the fact that our so-called elites are more than just self-serving, lying, power-seeking hyporites: they are openly hostile to our interests and only placate us often enough so that they can go back to business as usual. And even when they are out of office, they often tend to continue to undermine our society.

    Unfortunately, until something really rankles the populace, most will still be distracted by the proverbial bread and circuses.

  10. Bread and circuses….less than two years and counting. Then no more distractions. Economic collapse > political eruption. Race war, class war, state secessions….no more “ideas”. Action. A cleansing time.

  11. one more round of hot cosplay pix on your blog and I’ll renounce White Nationalism altogether in favor of Elvish Nationalism.

    Feast your Eyes on OORP3: The Wedding Edition.


    This was originally going to be the “Beating A Dead Unicorn” edition, but the Elusive Wapiti’s article on the importance of women to revolutions convinced me to make a wedding-centric article.


    IMHO married whites with kids are contributing to the white cause just by surviving … so the myth-makers and bards should cater to the cause of white fertility.

    It’s not that ideals are devoid of importance; it’s just that they’re secondary in importance to trustworthiness and alignment of interests.

    And the place where interests are most closely aligned is the hearth of a married couple’s home.

  12. Mr. Parrott has made no secret of his admiration for the Neo-Conservatives.
    There are two kinds of Neo-Conservative. There are Jewish Neo-Conservatives. They believe the proper function of the United States is serve the interests of Zionist imperialism. There are non-Jewish Neoconservatives. They believe that is role of non-Jewish Americans to serve the interest of Zionist imperialism.
    The Jewish Neo-Conservatives are not traitors. They are 100 loyal to Israel.
    The non-Jewish Neo-Conservatives are simply traitors. I am disappointment that Occidental Dissent has become the mouthpiece for anti-White pro-Jewish interests.

  13. Robert,

    Name one time, one time, that I said a single charitable thing about anything neoconservative. Save the audience your tutorial on what a “neocon” is and reference one time, in my 81 posts and hundreds of comments that I “admired” neocons. My first post at this site, nearly a year ago, made plain my position on the Jews. I haven’t wavered from that position, from my pro-White position, or from my pro-active stance one single time since I joined the collective.

    You were totally cool with me until about a month ago when you posted a nasty little comment about how our White women have become a bunch of hussies and I deleted it for being both personally offensive and off-topic. I tried to leave it at that, but you jumped up and accused Hunter of becoming Guy White because I deleted your slander against White women.

    When I told you I did it, you turned on me, making it personal against me. Now you’re attacking me as an anti-White pro-Jewish neocon mouthpiece.

    I advise you to try attacking me with a sock puppet next time, and with something that has at least an iota of credibility.

  14. Max, read your own posts in which you praise Neo-Conservative arguments and wisdom in manipulating the rubes.and have advocated the virtue of the elite determining where dumb crackers get to die for the empire. You have made it clear that political advantage and not principle is how you want the gullible to be manipulated.
    I am more than a little sour recently having encountered more brain dead alcoholic American contract killers who wanted me to be greatful to them for defending my right to free speech. I take lectures from comic book readers very poorly.

  15. Robert,
    I take lectures from delusional jackasses very poorly.

    I’ve been vociferously and consistently against these wars from the start. Hell, I even voted for John Kerry because I thought it could help. I even attended a peace rally last year. It’s such a defining issue for me that some of my extended family think I’m a liberal.

    Here’s me in May, 2007, denouncing the Jewish warmongers…

    Here’s me in October, 2009, demonstrating against them…

    Here’s an excerpt from my self-published book…
    But after decades of being openly betrayed and insulted by McCain, how were they supposed to react? This is the same McCain who dismissed evangelical Christians as “agents of intolerance”. This is the same McCain who has made it his personal mission to grant amnesty and citizenship to tens of millions of illegal invaders. This is the same McCain who angrily dismissed supporting family farmers as “pork” while vowing to continue sending the sons and daughters of those farmers to die in the desert for Israel for the next hundred years.

    Just a couple weeks ago, I blasted the neocons and the war, here…

    While I do take practical politics seriously, I’ve been very careful to do so in a manner that doesn’t compromise my principles. But the closest I probably came to compromising those principles was smiling and clapping along with an antifa weasel in full costume AT AN ANTI-WAR RALLY.

    Oh, and my name ain’t Max and I don’t read comic books.

  16. Coughlin, Lindbergh and Duke were silenced and or marginalised. FDR declared the radio spectrum a “limited national resource” and forced Coughlin off the air. He also declared that the US Mail was not required to deliver the priest’s newsletters. The American people, then overwhelmingly white, quietly accepted these edicts. The Catholic Church, in a final act of ignominy threatened to defrock him. Catholics protested little, if at all. Why will it be different this time, when the internet is declared a “limited resource” and licenses denied? Why will the people who you represent support you when they failed Coughlin, Lindbergh and Duke?

  17. “Why will the people who you represent support you when they failed Coughlin, Lindbergh and Duke?”

    Because America wasn’t filled to the brim with muds then. The reason White Americans will come to racial consciousness is that it will become absolutely apparent to them that proximity to muds makes their lives intolerable. And if they will not wake up in that instance, they will not wake up at all.

  18. @CaptainChaos:
    The reason White Americans will come to racial consciousness is that it will become absolutely apparent to them that proximity to muds makes their lives intolerable.

    It’s not so much the dark-skinned people as the politicians that they enable (both by voting and by changing the demographic and economic structure of the population).


    Incidentally, Captain, I used to read you at TakiMag. You need to write more.

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