Go Back To Europe!

While the NAACP and the liberal blogosphere have a conniption fit over the so-called “racism” of the Tea Party, a lovely group called the “Brown Berets” had this to say to White Americans who support Arizona on a street corner in California …

Go Back To Europe!

To their credit, the “Brown Berets” let it all hang out. They vocalize the racial chauvinism that is held by the National Council of La Raza, meCHa, the Obama administration, and millions of so-called “Hispanic Americans.”

There is no pretense of universalism here. There is no siren song of a “post-racial” America. They come right out and say Americans are Hispanics and Europeans are the interlopers in North America.

I’m glad they showed up. This video clarifies our situation.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has dropped any pretense of trying to move America beyond race. They are eagerly courting the Hispanic vote and plan to “punish” the Republicans with divisive racial politics in the lead up to the 2012 elections.

Obama’s carefully constructed image as a messianic shaman who would “heal” America’s racial wounds was always a lie. Millions of White American were duped into swallowing this “post-racial” garbage. It turns out that Barack Obama was nothing more than another Chicago politician who was willing to pose as a charlatan to get himself elected.

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  1. Open conflict is good, it will force people to choose sides. Things would never have reached the present state if the Jews’ media had informed the White masses what was actually going on.

    Why is the BHO regime “dropping any pretense” of moving beyond race? Not because they think they’ve won already, but because the issue is being forced on them. They’d love to continue their heretofore successful policy of White displacement aided by media silence, but the Whites of Arizona got in their face and pushed. This is a gamble for the Reds, but I suppose that they think they’ll lose the foreigner’s vote if they don’t push back against will of the American people.

    BTW, the Republican candidate for Senate in California, Meg Whitman, who ran against illegal immigration in the primary, is putting up Spanish language billboards letting La Raza know that she won’t be standing in their way. There is no help for us from the GOP. New organizations seem to be developing, like the racist wing of the Tea Party.

  2. Just about everyone seems to agree that everything that is happening right now was sparked by Arizona. Of course, that came about because of conservatives doing something and leftists going nuts and overreacting.

    This is not meant to be criticism towards anyone but a warning — other than click clacking away here, feuding about something (still not sure what), and analyzing everything to death, WN’s are remarkably irrelevant to the developments taking place right now. We need to step it up to make sure we can engage with everything that is going on. I think the opportunity will come and go while we are all still on the internet.

    Now is the time to get involved in all the various Tea Party groups, immigration restriction groups, and the rest of the other groups that are forming around the country.

  3. Gregory Hood is right. It is time. Network. Organize. Let a little more out of your message. Test the waters. The unemployment factor is largely going to remain for some time, regardless. If you weren’t vital already, paddle like a duck, and show some white feathers.

    Preppers have a sticky on all of their forums regarding “What did you do to prep today.” We should have the same, “What did you do to help your people and cause?” Today, I will join CofCC and maybe EAU. I fixed my chainsaw last night on my own (carburetor), saving $100. That will be dues for both (and then some). If you are a Kinist and tithe, you should set a goal of 1/10 of 10% at a minimum for nonreligious contributions to your people (in a constructive form).


  4. It’s so funny when I think back to how many years I’d desperately tried to convince people that the muds are up to no good, and how whites just couldn’t believe it, no matter what I said. The militant brownies are finally making it crystal clear to the white hoi polloi. Good. One youtube video or news piece featuring mexican flag waving white haters is worth a thousand well-reasoned essays.

  5. Clock-Starting

    When telling the narrative of the bronze invasion to friends, it is important to start the clock at an appropriate point. This is a lefty tactic. The clock doesn’t start with the AZ law, it begins with the massive declaration of separatism by the Latino peoples on May Day 2006. That’s when the signs and speeches openly advocated two nations within one country. Even if you support some kind of separatism personally, it is important to pin the label on the bronze invaders.

    Pictures & Speeches on Search Engines

    You won’t have any problem finding enough material on any search engine to make your case that bronze militarism is determined to establish a second country within this nation. Their flags & signs told us all about it.

    Separatism Demanded by Bronze Activists

    In telling the narrative, compare the problem of two nations in one country with the problems afflicting Israel (a Jewish nation & an Arab nation), Canada (an English-speaking nation & a French-speaking nation), Belgium (a French-speaking nation & a Dutch-speaking nation), and Serbia (a Christian nation and a Muslim nation).

    Even if you prefer separatism yourself, pasting the label on the bronze invaders is a major coup.

    Justifying Arizona’s May 2010 Law

    The legislative action by Arizona simply represents the best American response to date to the demands for separatism by bronze invaders four years earlier. Arizona’s leaders patiently studied the situation for four years and made certain determinations in a lawful way to respond to May Day 2006.

    Bronze Activists Endorse May Day 2006 Demands

    We have waited patiently for four years to hear even one representative of the bronze peoples to denounce their separatist demands, and not one person has stepped forth. Thus Arizona is a legitimate response.

  6. I addressed this argument on Facebook recently:

    The “whites should go back to europe” argument

    “Doesn’t make sense in a world that is fully populated by human beings. A european identity is not limited to a geography any more than it for europeans living in south america, australia, africa, or asia. “Returning” to a mythical ancestral homeland doesn’t have any meaning for the reality that my ancestors left their various areas for various personal and economic reasons, for thousands of years. Americans were a colonizing people on this continent and the name that it bears is due to the hundreds of years my ancestors have contributed to it. “Going back to europe” has no meaning for a white american like myself because I am home and I will fight to make sure it stays that way.

    “Does any ‘blank’ should go back to ‘blank’ argument make sense, then?”

    It makes sense when the people says it does when group a doesnt like group b from any real or perceived grievance.

    “After all, according to your argument, wherever one migrates becomes their home, yes?”

    Proximity doesn’t make a person a part of their homeland. A homeland, like a fatherland or motherland, is a title bestowed on a land with a tradition that belongs to a distinct nationality, not an economic jurisdiction. Some nationalities do not control their nations destiny, like the Tibetans or Kurds. Others have their homeland sold out from them, like the EU members, others such as our own, betrays national interests for imperial interests. To say that America is not explicitly tied up with the identity of the white Americans that made it is a subversive argument made by the enemies of those people. The members of white Americans that support that viewpoint are simply traitors. Nothing more, nothing less.”

  7. Slightly off topic but, didn’t the Brown berets get their asses handed to them recently by a a skinhead group?

    Either way, this is just posturing. This is another manifestation of non-whites feeling their oats since they know the Feds are on their side.

    In this case, although slightly more intelligent and cunning, mestizoes are by and large just like negroes, all talk and little fight. They don’t really expect White people to fight back.

    Juanitia would do well to read up on what happens when White people get angry.

  8. I hate to depress you all for the selfish reason of unloading some of my misery, no less, but there’s hardly a Europe left to go back to. 🙁 WTF have they done to us? Much if not most by our own coethnics. If we win, they must pay.

  9. And I’m counting the hours to the premier of “Machete”. If Jews indeed have higher IQs, they aren’t demonstrating it by putting this stuff out there…playing right into our hands.

  10. Barb: They don’t even have to return to East Asia. Latinos are now indigenous south of the Rio Grande and the Tropic of Cancer. The taped Latina is probably Mexican; she would not be too far from Mexico, while protesting in Southern Calfornia. If she wanted absolute fairness in her agenda, she would walk all the way back south of the Border, without European-made conveniences-and never return.

    If it is about being indigenous, then where is she trying to preserve California for CA Indians? Oh, that’s right! Just pretend Latinos are the real American Indians-not those pesky Reds!

    They evolved with adaptations to no longer be indigenous to Asia & Canada. And, now the Latinos are evolved to no longer be indigenous to the United States outside of maybe South Florida (for Carribbean Hispanics) and (for leftover adaptation/specialization, not indigenous-indigenous) the Southwest (for Northern and Central Mexicans). (Even though many Mexicans may be adapted for the Southwest, their ancestors passed it for greener pastures. Between us and the Mexicans, we have a right to be present in it, as we made it safer and easier to live in.) Most Latinos are also now better adapted for Tropical Africa than for Canada.

    I find it silly that the extreme expansionist Mexicans claim indigenous status to ALL of North America, when they do not have an ancestor who walked east of Houston, Texas.

    I also found it ironic that she wants to kick us Whites out of North America, just for having White genes. She appears to have a large amount of White ancestry herself.

  11. For skeptics about the diversity in the AmerIndian population: There was a study evidencing the Tibetans separated from the Han Chinese, I believe about 3,000 years ago. By living in the high mountains of Tibet, they have rapidly evolved to look very different from the Han Chinese, in a mere 3,000 years.

    Tibet is in the far west of political China, at the same lattitude as the southern half of China. Now imagine what differences may emerge in populations stretched from Canada (which is colder than even Continental Europe) all the way to the jungles of Northern South America-and then the cone of South America; and a bare minimum of 13,000 years.

  12. I feel it is relevant to note that Arizona’s state government seems to be in a crisis of legitimacy.

    Also, via Jeff Rense, I note that the FedGov has a new euphemism for “illegal alien” – some feds now call them “displaced foreign travelers.”


    I wonder how many Feds are loyal to the Constitution?

  13. Well, well. Roman Catholic Hispanic/Latino/Mestizos are telling the descendents of the White American Protestants who founded the United States to leave.

  14. She fits the stereotype of a maranno crypto jew. The sephardic jews who left Spain for central and south America after being expelled from Spain.

    If she is hispanic, which means Spanish, she is descended from some of the most murderous European colonizers of America herself. She should follow her own advice and go back to Europe.

    Mexicans, Central Americans and S. Americans are not native to North America. The Indians indigenous to N. America are members of known N. American tribes and are citizens of the US.

    Mexicans are citizens of Mexico not the US. I just don’t get their arguement they are rightful owners of any part of N. America.

    Who is funding brown berets? All of these anti-white pro-immigrant organizations are funded by jews hiding behind big foundation money.

    While the mexican maranno bulldyke was yelling in her bullhorn “Go back to Europe!” I was disappointed to see no white patriotic American get in her face and yell “Go back to Mexico!” or “Hispanic go back to Europe!” or “Illegal invaders GET OUT!”

  15. The way these people murder our language–and I see it every day, particularly when I have to do business in Miami–is fucking pathetic. I think one WN thing everyone should do is simply mock and make fun of someone who murders our language that badly, particularly if they’re uppity. If they’re sincerely trying I cut them a break, but this woman ain’t trying shit and probably dropped out of HS and was born here.

  16. She appears to have a large amount of White ancestry herself.

    It’s a curious thing, they’re significantly or predominantly European in ancestry and speak a European language yet advocate against Europeans.

    However it’s better that they wish to divide themselves from real Whites than try to assimilate.

  17. Roach, right on about making fun of the way these foreigners who invited themselves here can’t talk straight. Humor is a very effective way to get the message across and can often be gotten away with in a way giving a lecture about nonwhite IQ couldn’t. When around normal Americans at my old job I always mocked this arrogant, dorky Vietnamese boss who wore his hair like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. “What you do my machine, you bwoke it, you no ‘risten.” This clown was so arrogant he didn’t even feel the need to ask an american to proofread his incoherent written documents he submitted to his own superiors. The clincher that I remembered by heart and most of the real Americans I showed it to laughed until they were blue in the face was when we ran out of Isopropyl Alcohol used in a process. I found a copy of his note which read “Jim. alcohol no more. contact purchasing have been supply. otherwise machine no.” Isn’t diversity wonderful?

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