It’s time to kick the intellectuals in the balls

It’s time to kick the intellectuals in the balls.  If the intellectuals are supposed to be the backbone of the movement we are already lost.  They don’t do anything of value.  They are the death of the right wing.  It doesn’t matter how many intellectuals with Ivory Tower egos we have.

Look at the Left, they have this problem as well and they aren’t going anywhere either.  Intellectuals are so far up their ass they can’t smell their own shit.  I read magazines like The Occidental Quarterly and I get depressed.

A sixteen year old white girl gets gang raped by a dozen black gangbangers in Richmond California and they discuss it on a forum or email it and then these over privileged pricks go to the tennis club.

And really what kind of value are they providing?  So they can read and write in Latin and Greek and get off from using big words and quote German literature and say look how great we are? Who the fuck who cares about Rousseau’s theory of man?  It’s like a dick waving contest for nerds.  Enough of this bullshit.

“Look at me I’m important, I have an advanced degree in philosophy…” “Look at me I cite 12 authors in my article…” No one fucking cares.

It’s time to be very practical.

What about something as practical as a college fund for promising nationalist students?  Or even better a white college?  Or a business that all your mates work for?  How have we lost sight of investing in our movements future?

How can we become the energy producers in our communities instead of the value takers?  I’m interested in what would it take for us to own a nuclear power plant, not Rousseau.

We are intelligent people and like to be well informed and to be thought of as doing something worthy for our people but in a sense we have to be like the two faced god Janus, the intellectual and the activist.  Ideally we could all be phd’s and martial artists.  Only fighting on the intellectual front lines of relevance can give us confidence to be successful.  Fighting on intellectual backwaters with no enemies but our debating partners is intellectual masturbation.  The consciousness of who our people are and what we are trying to do is supposed to promote reproductive and virile habits, not sterile ones.

I will tell you another secret: I would love to pledge my loyalty and my life to a leader that deserves it.   I want a leader who inspires me so much that I would without hesitation take a bullet on his behalf.  I may die in so doing that but I would die knowing that the movement would live on.  That there are no leaders I am willing to die for is disheartening.

It takes more than hot air to grow a white rose.


  1. How can we become the energy producers in our communities instead of the value takers?

    Start more businesses. Expand this site or create new ones that sell stuff related to the ideas here.

    Expand, grow, network. Etc. Status and power will follow.

  2. “Some people retreat to World of Warcraft, some retreat into mental castles in the air. ”

    Yeoman’s just pissed my class 40 Wizard defeated his Orc Lord.

  3. Train,

    And yet you never think to ask why it is that our movement lacks capital. Could one factor be that the Left has won the battle of ideas, and hence not nearly enough people believe in our cause? No, that couldn’t be it. Let’s just kick pro-white intellectuals in the balls instead. LOL! What a load of tripe.

    There’s more to it than that, though. Reread Discard’s comment:

    I came to White nationalism by being cheated out of a decent livelihood, and wondering how the hell it happened. I know why now, and who, and I, objectively speaking, hate their guts. You people want to stir the White masses? Make it personal.

    Nothing about any pre-existing feelings of racial loyalty or preference for associating with whites and a desire for a society organized around such things. Presumably even what might have been there (but is unmentioned) would have been a worthwhile trade-off for a “decent” (or “better,” or “extravagant”) livelihood. That’s just one person, of course, but it deserves consideration because such widespread sentiment, on the face of it, explains so much of what is observed.

    (And of course, all those grievances could (in fact, are screaming to be) fairly easily be addressed with a great deal less than an ethnostate, so there’s that to bear in mind too.)

  4. Jay wrote:There’s plenty of need for intellectuals and intellectual striving, but we need intellectuals who have some connection between their feet and the ground, and tackle really tough problems.

    You need to recruit the intellectuals from the Tea Party. One example is The Elusive Wapiti, who blogs at:

    He just wrote an excellent piece on how women are the center of gravity for any revolution, which fits into the “Twilight” fashion, as summarized at:

    You need to recruit him, or someone like him. He’s got the right balance between thinking and acting.

    And if there are no other questions, I will go back to my Elvish Nationalism and LOLcats.

    And maybe I’ll figure out how to get images to display properly in these comment boxes.

  5. The white gene pool won’t prevail unless it can give white people what they want.


    People think cats are cute, and people are tired of being preached at about racism. Bingo. Racist cat is popular because it appeals to what people want.

    As long as WNs shout at each other about who has sacrificed more for the cause, nothing will happen.

    When you start making girls infatuated with white-skinned patriarchy (as Twilight has done) or when you start making people laugh with Racist Cat, there will be a groundswell of popularity.

  6. Andrew: “Transpotter, in order to say this you are probably not personally familiar with the type of person we are addressing. The intellectuals we are talking about say as a badge of honor they are not an activist, that they are above such worldly concerns, and won’t devote any tangible support to making it happen. But they will talk a lot. Basically it’s a form of escapism for cowards. Some people retreat to World of Warcraft, some retreat into mental castles in the air. Both are bad for the movement.”

    Andrew, I agree with you that there are a lot of worthless individuals, some of whom are intellectuals. But what has been happening over the last few days on this site is a general attack upon pro-white intellectual activity. It has not been qualified (as you have just done). This general, unqualified attack has been ridiculously stupid and ignorant.

    The reality is that we are in a total struggle, and that means total – at every level. This includes the intellectual, spiritual, economic, physical, cultural, etc. We need as much activity as we can at each level. As I’ve said elsewhere, no single component can win without the other. Can intellectuals win the struggle on their own? No, of course not. But neither can street activists. Both are necessary. One component attacking the other is nothing short of ridiculous, and entirely misunderstands the nature of our struggle.

    As I’ve also mentioned elsewhere (and I’ll mention again, it’s that important), people should study the white “tea parties” of the 50’s and 60’s, which were far more extensive than the modern Tea Party. By that I mean the Dixiecrats, Wallace, Massive Resistance, Citizen Councils, all white academies, school walkouts, etc. There was a tremendous amount of white energy at the time. Lots of people joined up, stepped up, got involved.

    What did it all amount to? Nothing. How many enduring victories? Not a single one.

    The point is that “action” alone is not enough. Stepping up is not enough. I admire the successful street activist, but alone it is not enough. All of that energy, all of that effort, and nothing to show for it. Many individual success stories (Wallace carried multiple STATES, running as an indepedent). Nothing at all to show for it.

    Why was this? In part, because whites lacked a clear revolutionary vision. They did not seek to carve out their own land, but rather attempted to work within the System. In other words, to resist the System, but ultimately accept its legitimacy. This was a fatal error. Further, they did not grasp the importance of the intellectual struggle or the spiritual struggle. This doomed them, and it will doom us if we don’t take heed. Their activism and rage was incoherent and misdirected, as they lacked a coherent worldview which could have seen them through to victory.

    Unless we develop a coherent and powerful revolutionary vision, nothing enduring will come of any activism. The Left has won the battle of ideas, and as long as they remain victors in that realm, they will remain victors in all others as well.

    Only intellectuals and spiritual types can develop the necessary worldview, the revolutionary vision that, if spread far enough, can turn into a revolutionary spirit.

    What has been happening on this site in recent days is a bad joke. Since you’ve clarified, at least somewhat, what you mean by an intellectual, let me to do the same. I’m NOT talking about someone peddling more black on white crime statistics, or navel gazing over dead philosophers. Nothing wrong with that, and it’s probably good to have some pro-whites doing that sort of work. But what I’m talking about is different: I’m talking about the development of a worldview that can address our peoples needs at every level – economic, spiritual, cultural, etc. I’m talking about a vision, a way of looking at the world that can compete with and replace the Leftist paradigm.

    There is no question that there are many smart people in white nationalism, but we have failed to put that intellect to good use. We still can’t even agree on the basics – where the white nation (or perhaps nations) will be, how to get it, what we are willing to do, etc. We are a movement with no clear goal, much less a revolutionary vision that inspires a willingness to sacrifice. To attack intellectual activity in general is ludicrous. On the other hand, to attack pro-white intellectuals for their failure to provide a compelling and coherent vision is perfectly justified. It’s time for those of us interested in intellectual endeavors to stop navel gazing and get down to brass tacks. Until we do, not nearly enough people will believe in our cause, much less sacrifice for it in the real world. It is my sincere belief that we can’t win without solving this problem. I hope this clarification helps.

  7. Silver: As long as you brought it up, I was not raised with any feelings of racial loyalty or to prefer the company of Whites. I grew up in a White suburb, with a few non-Whites sprinkled in. Race was simply not an issue. I was raised to be American, and did not even know my own ethnic background until I was about 13. It never came up.
    I was raised, however, with a clear sense of how people ought to behave, which, though I did not know it, was implicitly White, through and through. Some posters here might say it was implicitly Nordic. When I actually met Blacks, in the military, I was appalled. Still, I did not accept real differences in the races for a long time, ascribing the failings of Blacks to their culture. Not White racism, but simply a maladaptive way of living. I didn’t open my eyes to genetic inferiority until I found that somehow, I was at fault for Black wretchedness. Had I not been forced to bear the blame for Black inferiority, I might never have looked into the actual causes. I think that my experience is very common. As long as I could fault Black culture and leave it at that, I didn’t need a deeper explanation. Thanks to the work of some intellectuals, IQ researchers, that deeper explanation was there when I went looking for it.

  8. “Yes, the IQ research is very useful.”

    Low IQ doesn’t fully explain things. There is also a far greater level of narcissism and psychopathology.

  9. If there’s one thing about the Leftist political culture that I’d like to see us copy it’s that their intellectuals respect their activists and vice versa. They don’t call for kicking each other in the balls and furthermore, it would be monumentally stupid for them to do so.

  10. “Low IQ doesn’t fully explain things”: John. No, it doesn’t, but it’s a good start and it’s put out by the most objective of psychologists, the white rat lab clinical types. When I first read about it, and then discovered that it was common knowledge, all my suspicions became knowledge.

  11. “Low IQ doesn’t fully explain things”: John. No, it doesn’t, but it’s a good start and it’s put out by the most objective of psychologists, the white rat lab clinical types. When I first read about it, and then discovered that it was common knowledge, all my suspicions became knowledge.

    Of course you are correct on that point. They revised the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Indicator after finding that the the Pd scores for blacks were off the charts compared to whites and there’s a PC lockdown on that branch of psychology to where it wouldn’t be possible to do a study comparing psychological traits that wouldn’t give the answer they want. It’s probably difficult or impossible to find compelling evidence for what our eyes and ears should clearly tell us, other than crime statistics.

  12. Here are some more “intellectual” sites at which WN’s should regularly comment. Be polite and subtle. Don’t brandish the WN flag.

    Ross Douthat NY Times (registration)
    Matthew Yglesias (extremely popular blog — rarely censors comments)
    American Conservative magazine
    Front Porch Republic
    Rod Dreher Blog
    New Criterion Blog
    First Things Blog

  13. Someone commented before about how the other side does not focus on trying to convert people through debates and essays with scientific and historical facts, they just insert their subversive messages into popular culture. They have pop artist sing about how they kissed a girl and they liked it, or insert propaganda into cartoons like family guy and south park. They have every other advertisement show an interracial couple. So what kind of similar things can we do which will reach mainstream audiences?

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