Hunter Finds Out ...

Last night, I found myself searching for something to write about.

The previous week had seen a lot of animosity and fingerpointing in the comments over a few controversial subjects. I thought I would find some unrelated story to write about that would change the tone.

Sometimes it is better to keep your thoughts to yourself. I have a tendency to follow my own logic to vast sweeping conclusions. After a few days of reflection, I will usually arrive at a more moderate position.

Gregory Hood is familiar with my (often hilarious) thought processes and knows first hand how this works. Everyone has seen the “Hitler finds out” parodies from The Downfall. That’s nothing compared to my rants at OD Headquarters.


Lately, the dominating thought on my mind has been intellectuals and their role in the White Nationalist movement. I’ve been rubbed the wrong way by them. My raw Alabama sarcasm has been coming to the fore.

A few examples:

Show me the god damn book that will motivate them to talk to their next door neighbor! I will buy the damn book and send it to them right now!

Reading this effete horse shit makes me want buy a six pack, get in the nearest Ford F150, and go ride dirt roads.

Illiterates could build a nation. Without reading a single book, they came to America, survived in the wilderness, wiped out the Indians, built the towns, won the important wars. We need a master treatise to build an organization?

I’m still jaded on the intellectuals.

From 2001 to 2005, I read most of their favorites, Nietzsche, Spengler, Yockey, Heidegger, Schmitt. I read Plato, Locke, Mill, Hobbes, Aristotle, Epicurus, Foucault, Marx, Hitler, Lenin. I even read Baudrillard, Lyotard, and Derrida.

I didn’t find any of the answers that I was searching for at the time.

A History Lesson

Ultimately, I realized that White racial consciousness never emerged from the European intellectual tradition. It grew out of the New World colonial experience. When Englishmen started to live among Indians and negroes, “whiteness” became a badge of ethnic identity.

The “justification” that I scoured the Auburn library looking for in the texts of European philosophers wasn’t there. The real justification for White racial consciousness was that it was a practical adaptation to living in North America.

Colonists who thought of themselves as White men were less likely to run away and join the Indians. Englishmen, Irishmen, Huguenots, Germans, and Dutchmen could rally around “whiteness” and merge into a stronger people. While an Indian or Negro could convert to Christianity, he could never become a White man.

Whiteness united plantation owners with indentured servants, gentlemen with workers, Protestants with Catholics, Englishmen and Irishmen, etc. It was the glue that prevented other centrifugal forces like religion, ethnicity, and class from ripping apart the colonies. Whiteness made sense because it worked.

An ascending White race could seize land from the Indians and enslave blacks and build successful colonies. Racially conscious White Englishmen were less likely to breed with Indians, more likely to successfully transplant European civilization into North America. It was a barrier that prevented amalgamation.

The Indians went the other route. They continued to think in tribal terms. This was one of the major factors that led to their destruction. Whites often pitted Indian tribes against each other. In the American Revolution, Indians fought Indians on the side of Washington or Cornwallis, and eventually all Indian tribes lost to the race conscious White American settlers.

The value of “whiteness” grew out of the collective experience of ordinary men trying to survive in an alien environment while surrounded by hostile tribes. It was not a revelation about the nature of reality derived from the writings of any philosopher.

That’s still the justification for White Nationalism in our own times. If we want to survive in North America as a distinct and successful people, as Americans, it makes sense to think of ourselves as Whites.

If we don’t start thinking of ourselves as Whites again, Americans will disappear and be replaced by stronger, more self assertive peoples.

The Value of Intellectshuals

Of course the reason that I know all of this because I myself enjoy reading as much as any intellectual. I’ve been labeled a “pseudo-intellectual” for years. By temperament, I enjoy reading and analyzing ideas. In terms of material possessions, I own more books than any other item.

I know exactly how easy it is to succumb to the temptation of reading a book, then another book, then another one, and another one. I could go into any decent library and be perfectly content to read for six or seven hours. I just have that personality type.

When I warn against this behavior, I am speaking from personal experience.

You don’t incur any serious costs from reading books, writing about them, and analyzing ideas. Intellectuals often get stuck in this abstract world and exaggerate its importance to reality. If they are searching for an answer to some question or another, they will likely read a book from another intellectual who has a similar worldview.

There is an inverse correlation between thought and action.

If you spend a lot of time reading and enjoying abstract ideas, you are less likely to act in the real world than almost anyone. This is the source of old stereotypes about intellectuals who can’t change a flat tire or find the time to brush their teeth.

Are Intellectuals Worthless?

The short answer: no.

Intellectuals can add value to our society. That’s why eggheads have always existed. Their role is provide clarity and see things in ways that ordinary people would never consider.

The long answer: most of the time.

The intellectual is performing his role when he provides valuable advice and clarity to a given situation. The drawback of intellectuals is that the ability to see clearly also comes with a talent to obfuscate.

With intellectuals, it is always hit or miss, and usually miss: they either hit the bullseye or fire far off the target. In contemporary America, most of our public intellectuals are Jewish, and use their intellect to harm their Gentile host society.

We should take what they have to say with a grain of salt.

Intellectuals as Leaders

Intellectuals do not have the personality type to be effective leaders. The intellectual is never so far off his game as when he talking about action. He lives in a world of abstractions, not the world of the street.

They’re used to thinking, not acting. So in order to act, they presume you need the right idea, not other qualities which they tend to lack. Instead of acting, they always want to think more about it. That enables them to stay in their comfort zone and speak with authority about what they know.

Andrew’s Question

Should intellectuals be kicked in the balls? Probably.

A kick in the groin would remind them that their bodies and balls are just as important as their brains.

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  1. We are definitely bored. Here we have intellectuals dumping on intellectuals and the actual guy who owns a Ford truck defending them. One other thing, there was writing on the frontier, the Bible and Shakespeare.

  2. Thanks Hunter you don’t make me feel so bad about being quite the illiterate in the movement since Nietzsche is the only Radical Chic WN philosopher I’ve read having never touched Evola, Spengler, Schmitt, Yockey, or Heidegger.

  3. Perhaps we could go back to the days of standing on the courthouse steps in from of eight people and fifty cops shouting, “look out nigger, the Klan’s gettin’ bigger” and so forth! That worked famously!!

    Alright, just kidding. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right places, but I’m not sure I see the intellectual-glut crisis some evidently do. I get the more action-less talk angle to be sure. God knows, the whole WN “community” is ultimately 90% talk and 10% action – and that is likely being generous. But we all know there are rather obvious and yes, intimidating reasons for why this is. So…

    I guess I should get to the point, which is basically a question. After we attack all the intellectuals and their alleaged insufferable,l retro, cultural navel-gazing, what specifically should be done?

  4. Reading this effete horse shit makes me want buy a six pack, get in the nearest Ford F150, and go ride dirt roads.

    I think Greg Johnson is right when he says that you’re pretending to be anti-intellectual. Your redneck shtick sure sounds as forced as anything I’ve ever come across.

  5. The book I read preaches moderation in all things. A moderate amount of reading the right material does anyone good.

  6. Re Hank, “After we attack all the intellectuals…what specifically should be done?”

    Good question!
    Because, let’s face it, without intellectuals, nothing -can- be done. Would the 1924-Immigration-Act have gone through without the racialist intellectuals and writers of the day pressing the case? No way. That was not a poor-man’s street uprising, but a middle-class initiative.

    — The Reformation itself was another “intellectual” revolution, that spread from the [intellectual] top, down.
    — 1776 was another such case: The most wealthy and learned men on this continent were the revolutionaries.
    — The rise of Jewish prominence in American life, likewise, was not because of street thuggery, but intellectuals.

    History shows that major-changes -cannot- be successful without intellectuals at the helm. Anti-intellectual revolutions end in disaster: Think of 1789-France, or 1917-Russia. Idi-Amin had a sort-of anti-intellectual revolution, he expelled his dynamic classes: disaster. Pol-Pot’s men shot anyone with glasses, as it was a sign of literacy: another disastrous revolution. I challenge anyone to name an anti-intellectual revolution that positively changed things.

    Of course no one should sit and do nothing but read. But if -no one- is reading in a movement, it’s going nowhere too.

  7. I’m critical of intellectuals, not anti-intellectual. There is an important difference.

    Here’s a typical example: I can start reading a book and get really interested in the book to the point where I don’t want to do anything else. By the end of the day, I have finished reading the book, but I haven’t done anything else.

    As for the redneck stuff, I learned to enjoy it. I like camping, hunting, fishing, drinking, partying, riding dirt roads, watching football, etc. I especially like shooting guns and grilling food.

    I can spin around on a dime too: go from doing nothing but reading books all the time to not wanting to be near a book or a computer.

    If you search the OD archives, you will see that from May 2008 until May 2009, I was rarely on the internet. The pendulum swung away from reading and writing to enjoying real life.

  8. The best in recent memory …

    Hunter finds out … his bank account is overdrafted.

    Hunter finds out … that his credit card is missing.

    Hunter finds out … that there is nowhere to park in Arlington.

  9. I’m reading about 15 books right now (its a slow month), a mix of recent middle eastern war stories and survivalist fiction and I’ve played or beaten two video games (yes, I allow myself to play games). I just think we’re taking a business approach to activism where

    effort x repetition / expense = result and the results we are getting from our efforts are not translating into real world results. So like any good board of directors the officers of the ship have to debate what isn’t working and how to solve the problem. Right now we have identified intellectualism as an escape from what needs to be done and no officer of a ship will tolerate the crew dilly dallying when their responsibilities have not been fulfilled.

  10. Intellectualism is not really the problem.

    It is the focus of the intellectualism that is the problem. If one studies the past then your mind is in the past. If you study the psychology of influence and apply it then your intellectualism will be more effective.

    Staying so attached to real-world, conventional activism is a strange and questionable goal at this time. At no other time has conventional activism been so ignored.

    Maybe Whites won’t shift in large numbers to real-world activism. So be it. Find another way.

    Enough Whites will support White advocacy at a bare minimum. The only issue is whether the leaders and thinkers and activists have what it takes to reach the people.

    The main issue with intellectuals is they need to change the focus of their intellectualism to what works in terms of human psychology, politics, and status-raising (the latter of which many WNs have major issues with, as seen by the borderline hysterical response to Game).

  11. An [activist] intellectual is someone who lends his mind to the task of trying to figure out how to get our people from where we are now to where we want to be in a practical manner. In my opinion, this is an enormously complicated problem that will demand far more intellectual activity than what the White movement is currently capable of producing. As a movement we don’t have enough of anything, intellectuals included.

    The kind of people that Hunter is really criticizing are not intellectuals who are trying to imagine a future for their people but the more academic types who enjoy reading historical material for aesthetic reasons as much as practical ones.

  12. We should enjoy ourselves a bit while we wait for the masses to catch up. They are getting closer, aren’t they? At least where I am racially aware perceptions amongst Whites are more common than they were 10 years ago. Probably the destiny of the revolution is out of our hands anyway. Nationalism in these days is more a stance one takes as the world crumbles all around, and as such doesn’t require that you man the barricades while antifa throw piss balloons at you.

  13. I’ve been following the online WN movement for a couple of years now and I would say that this movement is more anti-intellectual than it is intellectual. I think it’s a mistake to characterize the WN movement as intellectual just because it’s mostly limited to people talking to each other on the internet.

  14. “Nationalism in these days is more a stance one takes as the world crumbles all around, and as such doesn’t require that you man the barricades while antifa throw piss balloons at you.”

    You bastard, you ruined my keyboard. Well I guess it’s my fault that I read the screen and drank a coke at the wrong time. You’re absolutely right, of course. All that’s really required is to devote 10 or so threads to, make a couple of hundred or so posts about and then go out and heckle and harrass insignificant retards like Jeffrey Imm and put it up on Youtube.

  15. Far from being an “insignificant retard,” Jeffrey Imm is the most proficient anti-racist in all of America when it comes to doing the things that strike the fear of god into anonymous cyberspace warriors.

    He tries to out your real name, contact your employer, catch you on video, take photos, engage in ritual shaming, harass your friends and family, etc. Anonymous people in cyberspace are afraid of losing their jobs. It’s not because of “anti-fa” that they fail to show up at rallies.

    Fucking please. Have you seen those guys?

    I’m based in the American South. When I went to South Carolina, I stood on the street and waved a Confederate flag. There are no “anti-fa” to speak of South Carolina.

    CofCC has never had a problem with “anti-fa” because they don’t exist in the region. The one time that “anti-fa” showed up was at a conference in Asheville, North Carolina where they were laughed out of town.

    In the South, the police protect the “anti-fa” from the White Nationalists.

  16. Our “War” is not yet with physical bullets. It is a War of Discourse, with the object being to claim enough high ground to gather our Tribe and bring them to acknowledge we are in a war, and that they are in mortal danger if they don’t understand this.

    When the Enemy is using Discourse as a weapon, and we are still in a “modern liberal society”, the weapon we must use is also Discourse. There may come a time for “Dealing Steel”, but this is not yet that time. For now Words are the best Weapons.

    Intellectshuals are needed to hash out the best kinds of weapons and instruct people on how they should be wielded.

    Intellectshuals should be “kicked in the nuts” only if they fail to craft effective and practical weapons … and fail to show others how to wield them.

    Non-Intellectshuals should also be kicked in the nuts if they fail to use the weapons provided them.

    We are winning. Things are changing. It’s in the air everywhere. Now is not the time to waste our “kicks” on our brethren.

    Save the kick in the nuts for the enemy … in discourse.

  17. Hunter, these are some great thoughts. Glad I took the time to read them. It reminds us to think beyond the mere words we’ve become accustomed to use. Whiteness indeed did have to originate as a concept long before it became a common word. We forget that there was no such unified idea as whiteness, prior to the condition of a precarious existence surrounded by nonwhites. Similarly, the concept of “Europe” or “Christendom,” that other unifiying concept in our history, developed out of the onslaught from the east and south, over a period of centuries of establishing and finding this “European” identity.

    During the past century, since the end of the western frontier as a reality, we have gradually lost that consciousness of whiteness, and have been thrown back in all directions… new frontiers are springing up in every part of the country, in every community, at every level of social and political organization, and maybe this will forge a new shared identity and consciousness. Equally, Europeans are coming face to face with the old pressures from east and south, and may have to find some way of re-establishing and then defending a common European identity.

    In both cases, the new identity and feeling will not be identical to the old one, since so much has changed. But we aren’t “done for” as a people. We’ve just been thrown back, we are down, not out. I’m sick of the tone of hopelessness I see everywhere. Compared to the 15th century, we’re still way ahead of the game… things are spinning out of control, conditions unleashed largely by the accident of technology… we simply haven’t had time to adjust and adapt to the new conditions. If we’re worth anything, I am confident we will find a way out of the mess we’re heading into. Too many people thought or felt that History had stopped, some time during the past few decades. Well, History marches on.

  18. Hunter: “Illiterates could build a nation. Without reading a single book, they came to America, survived in the wilderness, wiped out the Indians, built the towns, won the important wars. We need a master treatise to build an organization?”

    Yep, and then we lost our country. I wonder how that happened, Hunter? Have you gotten out of OD headquarters and actually talked to normal white people, instead of just pro-white types? Do you have any grasp of the pure tripe that their heads have been filled with? The reality is that whites lost the battle of ideas, and we won’t survive as a people if this remains the case. You counsel us to not even fight it, much less win it.

    Our struggle is a holistic one, to be fought at EVERY level, from the street to the intellectual, from the spiritual to the economic. There is no contradiction between one component and another. Intellectuals will do their thing, street activists their thing, and so forth. When the movement achieves vibrance, a positive synergy will develop between the elements. No single element can win without the others, and childish foot stomping will not alter this reality.

    But what do you do? Publish nonsense like “kick intellectuals in the balls.” If your and Andrew’s theory is correct (it obviously isn’t), then don’t worry about the intellectuals. You don’t need ’em, dude. You don’t need anything! So why kick them in the balls? What do you care? They are irrelevant. Just do your own thing, win us a white homeland, and call it a day. After all, it’s so fucking easy.

    But then, that would require you to actually believe your own bullshit, which doesn’t seem to be the case. There’s something else going on here, but I’ll leave further speculation aside.

    The truth is that this battle has to be fought at all levels. One criticism that I will make of pro-white intellectuals is that they need to get down to brass tacks. If people want to discuss Evola and Yockey, that’s fine, but I’m only interested in what we can learn from them and move on. We need to focus on crafting winning ideas that can compete – and win – at every level. I’m not interested in reliving the 30’s, I’m interested in winning the struggle of our times. That means the intellectual and the street, the spiritual and the economic – everything. A worldview, if you will.

    The Left has polluted our people and our culture. You aren’t gonna beat that just by running around with a nifty sign. It is childish, and frankly just plain stupid and ignorant, to believe otherwise. Sign holders have their place, of course, and we’ll need them. But the idea that they are going to win this thing alone is so laughably stupid that I can’t believe anyone with an IQ north of room temperature could possibly entertain the notion.

    Hunter: “Ultimately, I realized that White racial consciousness never emerged from the European intellectual tradition. It grew out of the New World colonial experience. When Englishmen started to live among Indians and negroes, “whiteness” became a badge of ethnic identity.”

    Um…no shit. Is it registering with you that we STILL live among them, more and more with every passing day? Look what’s happened. We’re being destroyed. Why is that?

    Hunter: “If we don’t start thinking of ourselves as Whites again, Americans will disappear and be replaced by stronger, more self assertive peoples.”

    This is absolutely true, but your setting this up as being in conflict with intellectual activity is utterly unfounded and disingenuous. There is no conflict. The reality is that we have a hostile System with a boot across our necks. Currently, our people aren’t willing to throw that System off. We’ve already had our “Tea Party” in the 50’s and 60’s with Dixiecrats, Citizen Councils, impeach Warren campaigns, Wallace (who won several states as an independent), Massive Resistance, all white academies, and much, much more. In fact, the white “tea parties” of the 50’s and 60’s were far more extensive and successful than the Tea Party of our times. And yet what did it accomplish?

    I’ll answer: absolutely nothing. As a simple walk outside of your front doorstep would show, we’ve lost on every single point. We’re still being flooded with non-whites, miscegenation is an ongoing disaster, white culture has been destroyed, etc. Why did all that energy fail utterly in delivering a single positive result?

    Simple: they took your and Andrew’s advice. They had no real intellectual leadership, they had no clear vision. They lacked a meaningful worldview which could have seen their agenda through. They weren’t revolutionary, they did not seek to have their own nation. They simply joined up and got involved. That’s enough to solve the problem, right? Of course it’s not. I know that you are well aware of this history. Andrew probably isn’t, but you are. Why do you counsel something that you know perfectly well is useless?

    This website, which had so much promise at one point, is fast becoming an embarrassment. It’s worse than publishing childish drivel, though that would be bad enough. It is counseling that which has provably, demonstrably led to our defeat and dispossession. If this is a passing frustration, that’s one thing. I hope that to be the case, but frankly, I’m not all that confident. Increasingly, it seems more concerned with cannibalizing the white nationalist movement, not promoting it.

  19. That’s why I appreciate Kievsky on this blog. He’s a guy that encourages entrepreneurship and other practical things we can do to better ourselves. The majority of WN talk is far too grand. I think the notion of thinking of the great land mass of the United States as “ours” is undeserved flattery. This land is not ours. Our=Whites who care they’re White. We are perhaps one million, spread throughout millions of acres of the country.

    Seems to me the obvious answer is to physically get together and start pwning towns and cities. We need a way to make us do what needs to be done.

  20. Hunter, you are a likely just bored and impatient for something to happen. The truth of the matter may be that the problem doesn’t lie with the movement’s lack of engagement, but your own personal lack of engagement. What you need to do is start making money in the market economy. Start a business or buy a farm. OD Central is probably not doing it for you. Make money, start a family, devote your spare time to White Nationalism. Kievsky has the right idea. What you and Andrew are suffering from is ennui, as they used to call it.

  21. Trainspotter,

    I think Hunter is being entirely sincere here. He has been increasingly open about his frustrations in observing the White movement over the last 10+ years. From his point of view, there are lots of people who are already sympathetic to our cause and regularly visit websites like OD and Stormfront but who aren’t otherwise actively involved in making WN politics a reality. His reasoning seems to be that too many of these people are intellectual keyboard commandos and that we need to discourage this mentality in order to take this movement to the next level.

    Personally, I don’t agree with this reasoning but it’s not entirely devoid of logic.

  22. notuswind: “Personally, I don’t agree with this reasoning but it’s not entirely devoid of logic.”

    I hear what you are saying, and I have a great deal of respect for your opinion. It is perfectly normal to feel frustrated at the current state of affairs and to wish that more people were stepping up.

    If that was all there was to it, I wouldn’t say too much. But instead what we are seeing is a ludicrous attack on pro-white intellectual activity. The demand is not that pro-white intellectuals stop navel gazing and instead focus on building a winning vision that can motivate our people to sacrifice and win a nation. Such a demand would be perfectly reasonable.

    In contrast, what we are seeing is breathtakingly childish nonsense, and assertions that are provably, demonstrably false. If this is a passing screwup, then fine. But if it persists, this website is toast.

  23. Trainspotter,

    I hear what you are saying, and I have a great deal of respect for your opinion.

    Thank you for the compliment, I’ve also been an admirer of your contributions as well.

    In contrast, what we are seeing is breathtakingly childish nonsense, and assertions that are provably, demonstrably false. If this is a passing screwup, then fine. But if it persists, this website is toast.

    I am sure it will pass, OD is nothing if not constantly in flux.

    Almost everyday it seems I read things on WN-related sites that just drive me bonkers. I deal with this by stating my case as best I can while refusing to let the idiocy of others disturb my peace. It’s been working out pretty good so far.

  24. Hunter,

    What you need is more people. People are what makes WN. WN is a people.
    You need more people. The question is how. The problem is how?

    When it comes the intellectuals — or intellectualizing — the question is: are they/is it getting you more people? And which type. Are they/is it keeping you the people you have/ which type?

    Intellectualism is just good insofar as it wins you people and holds them. Right now need more people. This is what the discussion needs to be about. How?

  25. Everything should be about How to get more people. They need to be converted. You need to get out there. The problem with “intellectuals” is that they are not out there. WN doesn’t have much of a media. So much intellectualizing is useless —

    On the other hand, you need intellectuals to market your vision. Say like these guys:

    Regardless, everything, EVERYTHING, needs to be about GETTING MORE PEOPLE. you need to feels like a hungry beast.

  26. The real problems are the internet masturbators who are waiting for the “great awakening” — will that be before everyone and his mother has a multiracial lover? If you have an intellectual publishing articles on Monoracialism, how would that not be a good things. You need thousands of Kevin MacDonalds. Moreover you need troops on the ground. Intellectuals being just on kind. You need Knights, pawns and so on, too.

  27. Mr. Wallace:

    As a paleocon lurker at the fringes of WN, let me tell you that the change in the WN movement over the past five years has been, frankly, stunning.

    When I first investigated the issues, the WN movement seemed dominated by uneducated louts who ranted mindlessly about Jews and were enthralled with the genocidal (and fratricidal) fantasies of William Pierce. The idea that signficiant numbers of whites would ever look to such people as leaders was ludicrous.

    Jared Taylor’s exaggerated gentility simply made the rank and file look even more absurd by comparison.

    Over the past few years the situation has changed completely. You are part of a serious movement. Your enemies are frightened of you. Their laughter has become forced. And this change was accomplished almost entirely by intellectuals and bloggers.

    A serious WN movement absolutely requires constant chatter, the development of ideas, the rediscovery of lost ways of approaching issues, the daily refinement of arguments, and the deconstruction of leftist propaganda. Activism is less than worthless if you don’t already know exactly what you are doing and why and how to present your ideas clearly and in the best possible light.

    A3P looks quite promising. It has young people working the street backed by the leadership of the heaviest intellectual hitters of the pro-white movement.

    Stormfront and VNN are good for hick pride and little else. You have a much more important job, bashing intellectuals isn’t it.

  28. Hunter et al.

    This is a perfect example of why you need intellectuals:×386630#386772

    People don’t just buy Leftist ideology. The left sells it. For example: racial discrimination against whites. The argument is, as we know, that diversity quotas are not ‘discriminatory’ because Blacks and Hispanics should be performing equally. And they should because there is no reason they should not…And the left brutally defends its intellectual territory of established truths. If you want to win back support, you have to undermine the leftist syllogism. If that syllogism didn’t matter the left would not defend it tooth and nail. They do.

    This is why intellectuals are needed. It’s just those intellectual must go out there. I spend 25 hours a week on leftist sites making counter arguments and on conservative sites informing people of race realism, history etc. This must be done.

  29. I think the problem with many self-proclaimed “intellectuals” is they use it as an excuse to be a spectator, a wise-guy know-it-all sports commentator giving us the play-by-play on our destruction, but who are too “smart” to actually get their hands dirty by bearing real fruit outside of internet blogs. That would be too “blue-collar” of them.

    Probably the reason behind the backhanded swipes at William Pierce……A true intellectual who actually put his money where his brain was. He actually accomplished things in the REAL world and subconsciously the psuedo’s are envious.

  30. Yes, the pseudos are basically the ones we’re after here, not people like Pierce who were solidly grounded in the real world, even if not correct in all things.

  31. If you eschew ideas you are left only with instincts. The lesson of the last five decades has been that, among European peoples, instinct is not sufficient to the task of underpinning our racial continuity.

    The difference which is peculiar to those five decades from all the decades of our past lies in the way that certain long-standing historical, philosophical and political dynamics have shaped a zeitgeist of anti-life, and in the process openned opportunities for exploitation by ethnic and elite interests. We now face a Gordian Knot that activism alone can never untie. The blade that will cut through it will, inevitably, be ideational in content and revolutionary in form.

    So we do need ideas. But, are we getting them? Is there anywhere in our intellectualism, which is effectively the intellectualism of the European New Right and the Regnery component of White Nationalist media, such thinking?

    Some reading this will be aware that my answer is a decisive no. Our intellectual establishment, such as it is, is not original in its thinking, does not actually do original thinking. It analyses, inteprets, commentates. But, always and no doubt often unconsciously, it draws its core principle out of 20th century fascist ideology. This is not a principle that bears directly on the existential nature of the threat facing us everywhere today. Furthermore, it is a principle that is in terminal conflict with the scientific elements in White Nationalist intellectualism. They cannot be united, and the result is intellectual incoherence, from which no motive power can issue.

    So there is some justice to Andrew and Hunter’s call. But not much. If they said we need new ideas, better ideas, more relevant ideas, then I would sympathise with them.

  32. Chuck,

    Great find with the Democratic Underground thread! Anybody here should go read that. Get this gem:

    dsc (1000+ posts) Fri Jul-23-10 09:34 PM
    Response to Reply #91
    93. actually I think the SAT is likely biased
    and GPA’s are inflated by AP courses which many school which cater to wealthier students. But the point is that the cutoff for both SAT scores and GPA is lower for blacks and some other minorities than for whites. Again, I think that is defensible but lying about that fact isn’t. Telling white students who know damn well that they didn’t get into a school that a friend of theirs with lower SAT’s and GPA did get into that that didn’t happen is just plain dumb. It is the equivalent of a company paying employees different wages for the same job and thinking no one will notice. It is far better to say this is why we are doing this and go from there.
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  33. Multi-culti activist #1: I sure long for the days when the White Nationalist movement was populated almost entirely by Swastika-tattooed, shaven-headed thuggish louts posting on Stormfront and VNN. They were sure fun to ridicule.

    Multi-culti activist #2: Not to worry. There’s plenty of fodder over at Occidental Dissent. There’s some guy over there advocating kicking intellectuals in the balls.

    Multi-culti activist #1: No way.

    Multi-culti activist #2: I kid you not.

    Multi-culti activist #1: That’s great. Sure makes our job easier.

  34. Yeoman if you’re working for the other side, you’re doing a great job!

  35. Alot of the thinkers are trying to find answers to their own questions about life, truth, the universe, various suprapersonal problems, etc. They rarely set out to write a propaganda tract designed to “wake up the white people.”

    If you are someone who is trying to convince people to take to a certain subset of ideas specifically geared toward a goal, you need to have the tools and information to defend those ideas, not only to sincere doubters, but to the INTELLECTUALS and professional critics that the enemy sends to discredit those ideas, usually right in front of the very people you are trying to convince.

    As a WN you know perfectly well that any assertion you make is held to a higher standard than others, and you need a mental bibliography at hand at all times. If you are going to be a voice, you certainly need a mind. And can a man not be both a thinker and a doer?
    “specialization is for insects” -Robert Heinlein

  36. Chuck: I went to the link you posted. Astonishing. Poster after poster denies that Whites are discriminated against. Who are these people?

  37. I’m critical of intellectuals, not anti-intellectual.

    In fact that proves your intellectualism right there. It’s not a clique for you.

    Hunter isn’t against intellectuals, he is one, he’s against effete and ineffectual intellectuals, and there’s plenty of them, as well as many posers and con artists trying to pass themselves off as intellectuals.

    One of the main differences is Hunter is from the South, so naturally he’s going to be more masculine than a Yankee. It’s even in their voices, so many of them either have a boyish voice or sound like a queer.

  38. “…more masculine than a Yankee. It’s even in their voices, so many of them either have a boyish voice or they sound like a queer”.
    That’s the National Public Radio accent.

  39. White nationalism needs an intellectual wing. The only intellectuals who need a kick in the balls are the mainstream types who are virtually all anti-racist and philo-semitic even the so called “conservatives”. Most successful revolutions are preceded by a revolution in thought brought about by academics and intellectuals.

    I don’t think anyone can dispute the success of the Jewish/Marxist “long march through the institutions” strategy which gave control of the schools, universities, churches and eventually the government to the race denying far left which has lasted to the present day. The Boasian school of anthropology which redefined the concept of race is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Not everyone is cut out to be a placard wielding, screaming street activist. Also, if Jeffrey Imm is so adept at outing WN’s and publishing their real names then why hasn’t he outed Hunter and crew? Unlike the rest of us little Jeffrey doesn’t have a real job and can afford to be a professional activist and leftist busybody. What I want to know is where does he get his funding? Maybe it’s time to follow the money trail if one can be found.

  40. One of the main differences is Hunter is from the South, so naturally he’s going to be more masculine than a Yankee. It’s even in their voices, so many of them either have a boyish voice or sound like a queer.

    Mark, you should leave the commenting to those of us with triple-digit IQs.

    A highly critical comment by Greg Johnson in this thread was deleted, and an apparently critical comment by Guessedworker was never posted. And yet Mark is allowed to continue to drag the level of discourse down, apparently because he’s a toady.

    Is that the lesson to be drawn here?

  41. Kievsky and Discard:
    “Chuck: I went to the link you posted. Astonishing. Poster after poster denies that Whites are discriminated against. Who are these people?”

    These are the today’s youths — often white. The anti-whites have created a complex theology and it’s important to appreciate how intricate and pervasive it is. For example, after disseminating the idea — and establishing it — that people are all the same, they then argue that any difference is due to racism. They then use this to push for racial guilt, socialism, and the delegitimize of both white interest and white existence.

    While Hunter is correct that there needs to be boots on the ground, you are also fighting an intellectual and spiritual battle. The affects of anti-white ideology are abundantly clear. As Kmack puts it:

    “The consequence is that once Europeans are convinced of their own moral depravity, they will destroy their own people in a fit of altruistic punishment. The general dismantling of the culture of the West and eventually its demise as anything resembling an ethnic entity will occur as a result of a moral onslaught triggering a paroxysm of altruistic punishment.”

    Or better Takuan Seiyo:

    “An even greater problem is that the destroyers and looters have been in sole purview of culture and education for so long that hardly any under-50 Whites remain who have retained their own mind and its link to their uniquely magnificent Western heritage. That link has been replaced either by a permanent hairshirt for the real and imagined transgressions of the West against the (broadly speaking) East and South, or by a moronic multiculti rainbow pastiche expressed, among others, in the pumping loins of white rappers and pop divas that are but inferior copies of stuff black people do better.

    The majority of the people alive now in every Western country, and overwhelmingly so among the young, react at best with discomfort and avoidance to ideas that are not apologist for their race, history and religion. If they are socialist and proactively dhimmi, as most young are, that reaction to the West’s traditional culture and heritage often sharpens to hateful hysteria that may resemble Donald Sutherland’s vocalization as a fresh Pod (1) encountering the last remaining person in San Francisco that has not been snatched and cloned, yet.”

    What the intellectuals need to start doing MORE OF is create non-nationalist web blogs and sites and disseminate arguments for the average stupid white conservative.

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