What We Need Is More “Diversity”

by Val Koinen
July 23, 2010

Maybe you can help me out here. Maybe you can help me to see and understand the logic – the wisdom – of encouraging ever more racial diversity and multiculturalism in the once-White neighborhoods and towns of America. You know – the ever-increasing pressure to bring even more blacks and mestizos into all of our majority-White neighborhoods, workplaces, entertainment and advertising, and social settings. Even the extremely irresponsible and anti-White practice of bringing groups of Nigerians and Somalians here from Africa and helping them settle in our towns. And working toward amnesty (a “path to citizenship”) for the mestizo hordes of so-called “undocumented aliens” from Mexico and Central and South America that are already in our country illegally.

Oh, maybe it’s just me. I guess I have to admit that I see this “diversity is our strength” and “beauty of multiculturalism” business as just a hugely hateful statement of the inadequacy and deficiency of us White people. A put-down, or slap in the face, implying that we Whites really don’t amount to much by ourselves. But the thing that really amazes and befuddles me – what I find to be absolutely mind-boggling – is how all these non-racially-aware White people – all the so-called anti-racists – can possibly think, and state in public with a straight face, that our society would be so much better off if it was just a little bit more Negrified, or mestizo-ized. Just a few percent more like them (more racially mixed with the darker, non-European peoples).

After all, it is not as though the Jew-controlled media, education system, and government have succeeded in hiding all of the truth from our people. Any conscious, non-brain-dead White person in today’s America can’t help but know at least a little something about the way things are in Detroit, East St. Louis, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Miami, etc., don’t you think? About all the pimps, gangs, drug dealings, drive-by shootings etc. in all the major “inner cities” of the country? All the rampant graft and corruption of their local politicians? Certainly we should all know enough about these things to dispel misguided thoughts of the “beauty of multiculturalism,” and “diversity is our strength” mantras, wouldn’t you think?

Come on, now. Do you mean to tell me that the vast majority of our (White) people in America do not know about the Negro urban street gangs, the drug pushers and pimps and prostitutes? That they know nothing about the Detroit ruins and slums and all the dilapidated and abandoned houses and commercial buildings? The weed- and brush-covered vacant lots that are now being abandoned as “urban wildlands?” The ubiquitous mestizo gang warfare in Los Angeles, and all the mestizo-deposited garbage in local, State, and Federal parks throughout the southwestern U.S.? The neighborhoods filled with junk cars in those areas? The loud, out-of-control, violent and dangerous nature of black-majority schools in many of our larger cities? The now-familiar Negro riot scenes, precipitated by virtually any and every perceived social problem in Negro sections of our larger (and even many smaller) cities?

Are you telling me those White promoters of more racial diversity have completely forgotten what quiet, friendly, lawful White neighborhoods are like? Are they just incapable of comparing those mostly-White neighborhoods with scenes from Haiti, African cities, or the shantytown favelas of Rio de Janeiro?

I guess that is the comparison that really “blows my mind.” The idea that any sane White person could think that our society being just a little bit more like those places – a little bit more like those people and their societies – would be better in some way (a “good thing” and an improvement when compared with our mostly-White neighborhoods).

And that is especially unbelievable to me when we consider the obvious fact that the “colored” population of most cities in the U.S. is already more than just a few percent and that soon it will be 40% to 50% nation-wide, and that in a generation or two it will be something like 70% to 80%! (So, I guess that will make things soooo much better, do you think?)

No, seriously – just do try to think about this comparison of White and “White-like” versus non-White (heavily “diversified”) neighborhoods and cities. Allow yourself to think about the starkly contrasting images – the nice, clean White society (as a rule) versus the dirty, decrepit and dilapidated, loud, dangerous conditions in heavily non-White-populated areas such as in the settings mentioned above.

How can any thinking person, when they do that, truly believe and say that our neighborhoods, cities, schools, and in fact our nation should be more diversified and integrated, more multiculturally mixed with people of the darker races?

That’s like saying “my beautiful rose garden would be so much nicer and better if only it had just a few percent more weeds in it – maybe even if some parts of it had, say, eighty percent weeds.”

Or, “I wish my new car had a few more dents in it, or maybe, some cracks in the windshield.”

In fact, considering the vastly disproportionate rates of black-on-White and other non-White-on-White violent crime rates in today’s America, it is like saying, when you find some broken glass on the schoolyard playground, “yeah, I wish we had more of that around – maybe over by the swings.” Or, “I just wish my pit bull was just a little bit meaner, and would start attacking some of the neighborhood children once in awhile, and not just the mailman and salesmen.”

Or, in view of “affirmative-action” and other non-White “racial preference” programs in hiring, especially in the civil-service sector; like saying “you know – even though I’ve lost my job and can’t get another one and have been unemployed for over a year now, I still believe we need more Negro and mestizo workers in all the State and Federal government buildings in town.”

And of course all you White mothers just naturally think, when you take your babies and toddlers to the park on a warm, sunny summer morning, “I just wish we had a few percent more brown and black, nappy-haired, thick-lipped, more “expressive” (loud and unruly) little ones around for my child to play with (as opposed to all these white and rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed, towheaded youngsters”).

That’s what we need. More of that “I only wish it were just a few percent more diverse – more diverse in terms of colored minority members, in more places, more of the time” type thinking.

Go ahead and say it – “I want my town to be more like Detroit!” “I want my neighborhood to be more like the New Orleans neighborhoods I saw on TV when Katrina hit!” “I just wish my city could be a little more “lively,” more like the mostly-Mexican sections of Los Angeles!” “I sure would rather live in a more colorful, more ‘colored’ society that is more like the pictures I see of Port-au-Prince, Nairobi, or Calcutta!”

Yeah, right. Sure you do.

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  1. The fact is, White adults Do know that diversity is bullshit at best, and death at worst. That is why it requires so much time and effort to get them to pretend otherwise. That’s why Whites who have the money, especially liberals, avoid living near Darks or sending their kids to school with Darks. To me, the question is, How do these people keep all the lies in their heads straight? It must be a real boon to the psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies. Prozac anyone?

  2. I think their resolve to continue playing eyesies-closies no matter how it hurts them, their wallets, their property values, their safety and that of their family and friends is a testament to the effectiveness of a rigorously applied Pavlovian conditioning.

  3. The white libkids are cultists rigidly segregated from the Left’s Faithful Colored Companions (FCCs). If the white libkids are the inheritors to the ruling class we have less to fear than our overblown rhetoric suggests.

    Anyway these cults thrive on our type that stands outside their little fences and shrieks at them some slogan of some abstract intellectualizing, because they can shut it out and when it becomes too debilitating their leaders phropesize the next program that will fully realize the dreams of the Blank Slate Theory, from that they shut out the shriekers, rinse repeat.

    But you grab one of these cult kids and start asking questions as this article suggests they will break, and if you are good they will break within 4 questions or less (depending on IQ and temperment).

    The Left is a conglomeration of cults rigidly segregated.

    If you want to see a cult and are interested in Peak Oil try the oildrum.com it is 99% white kid cultist and as provincial and isolated a group as you possibly could find outside of a snake handling cult.

  4. I reside in a suburb of the biggest multicultural city in America – and I am still amused by how segregated society remains! Oh sure, schools, workplaces and to a lesser extent, some neighborhoods are mixed(by policy and force) to a large degree. But the PEOPLE, the actual citzenry continue to practice the same subconscious segregation they always have, despite all the paeans to glorious “diversity.”

    Virtually NO ONE I know has actual flesh and blood black friends – certainly none they spend any time with in their personal life. I don’t personally know any interracial couples. When I attend local parties, gatherings or social functions with friends and aquaintances, there are almost never non-whites(but for an occasional Asian or primarily Caucaisian “Hispanic” present. When I see people “out and about,” the overwhelming majority of them are in racially homogeneous groups, whatever race/ethnicity they may be.

    About the only exception are those under 25 years of age, though even among the young these patterns hold true more often than not. I suspect as time goes on they too, despite the rigorous brainwashing, will seek more of their own and less “diversity” whenever given the choice.

    The “diversity is our strength” scheme is just one gigantic, diabolical mendacity from end to end, utterly devoid of even the slightest hint of truth anywhere in its being. The fact that anyone at all even pretends to believe it true, is proof of the lengths modern people will go to appear “righteous” and moral according to the neo-marxist dogma of Political Correctness.

  5. True. Almost everyone – White, Black, Brown, Asian, etc. – is implicitely racialist. That’s one globalist-ZOG achilles heel. The other: the 20 trillion in debt they’ve piled up in a failing effort to keep what’s implicit from becoming explicit. ZOG is doomed; which is why it so desperately keeps the Israel escape-valve open.

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