Senator Webb’s Historic Op-Ed

The moment I saw Senator Webb’s WSJ op-ed piece on ending non-Black affirmative action I knew that an incredibly important historic event had just taken place.  My in-depth review of the coverage and the commentary on the piece has confirmed that initial reaction.  What we have just witnessed was not only another sign that the much-hoped for White re-awakening in America was occurring much faster than even the most optimistic activists hoped for ten years ago, but the most powerful sign that this is so.

Many in the WN community, including many here, reacted with wariness and anger: just another politician on the make, not one of us at all, but now hijacking white consciousness for party political ends.

This may very well be true, though I have a much higher opinion of Senator Webb as a man and a politician to believe that such petty political calculations are his only concern here.  Senator Reid or Pelosi I could believe that of without question, but the entire history of Webb’s life makes it clear that he is many times more thoughtful than the standard issue American politician, most of whom are amazingly dim and possess a level of talent right around that of a good used car salesman or decent trial lawyer.

However, questions of Webb’s motivation are beside the point.  And questions as to his true beliefs with regard to White solidarity–especially concerns about his choice of wife–are well off the mark.  The man is a United States Senator in 2010.  He is mainstream.  Any WN who is ready to bring out the Test of WN Purity to decide on every non-WN person’s potential worth to our cause is making a very fundamental and tragic mistake.  Because, at the end of the day, if we cannot carry Webb and men like him when our moment comes, our goals will never be realized.

So, what is the importance of this event?  Just this:  the center cannot hold.  No sooner had the ink been dry on Webb’s piece than the leading American liberal think tank, the Center for American Progress, laid down the law:

Maybe Sen. James Webb, the Democratic senator from Virginia, didn’t understand that what he was saying made him sound like a mossback from the last century, in a bizarre and unfortunate opinion article published in Friday’s Wall Street Journal.

I’m being charitable because surely the Democratic senator from Virginia didn’t mean to sound as bigoted as the article makes him seem. . . . Somebody, perhaps one of his congressional colleagues, needs to tell Sen.Webb to get his head out of the last, sad epoch of covert racist talk and join the rest of America in the 21st century.”

All liberal and moderate commentators, and not a few conservative ones as well, followed this same line, only differing in the extent of vitriol directed at the Senator.  The political lesson here is clear, as clear as that recently provided by the USG’s lawsuit against the State of Arizona:  There shall be no questioning Diversity, period.

Since Webb’s points are so common-place, so obvious and so well in tune with what the vast majority of Whites of both parties believe, the system’s response further demonstrates that there shall be no turning back on the race racket and anyone–anyone–attempting to argue for dismantling the Racial Preference State shall be ex-communicated and branded a racist.

This is of critical importance to the WN movement.  It is only when our enemies have revealed themselves time and time again, and have shown that they will not modify their project in the slightest, will average Americans and mainstream White leaders come to realize that their interest does not, and cannot, lie in the current USG and its laws and fundamental beliefs.

This is why the Senator’s piece is so important.  As White consciousness begins to rise in the face of a God-given gift of a Black leftist face to the USG, Whites can no longer avoid dealing with the consequences of the modern diversity and mass immigration state.  And as they raise the slightest objections–in Tea Parties, in op-ed pieces, in insisting that immigration law be enforced–they are immediately branded outcasts and racists.

Good!  Let them be shorn of their illusions!  Let them realize, as everyone one of us has, to their horror that their government hates them and does not in the last support them or even much care for their interest.

There has been no more significant sign than our star is on the rise than this occasion.

As for the man himself, let me remind you comrades of Mr. Hood’s penetrating insight a few days ago about Sam Adams’ approach to his cousin John as John defended the British soldiers following the Boston Massacre:  Sam had clearer insight into the current situation but realized that he’d only alienate John by denouncing him.  Instead, he let events unfold as they logically had to, with help from his own Sons of Liberty, knowing that those events would soon make clear to John where his interests and where the right lay.

Wise counsel, my friends.

(Personal note:  I apologize for my too-long absence.  My new job has taken me halfway around the world and I have only just come back on-line.  As I am now in Europe, I will be doing my damnest to give OD readers solid reporting on the status of our cousins’ struggles here and how it relates to our American struggle.)


  1. Great post, Mr. Jackson! I quite agree — Webb knocked a brick out of the Berlin Wall of Multiculturalism, and the response will be hysterical.

  2. There are a number of facts that commenters are pointing out at various websites:

    (1) Webb is married to an Asian and has had a mixed-race baby

    (2) Webb is basically on the side of La Raza on immigration:

    (3) Webb acted like a complete anti-white leftist whenever George Allen used the word ‘macaca’.

    Maybe Webb will change because of the new study on anti-white discrimination in college admissions….I don’t know….but one op-ed does not make Webb “on our side.”

  3. To clarify, I’m not asserting that Webb’s doing what he’s doing because he’s a sleazy politician. I don’t think he is. I think he’s courageous, intelligent, and forward-thinking. He has had the same basic attitude about race this entire time, which is a multicultural purist angle: He actually believes the surface argument of multiculturalism and rejects institutional discrimination against any group, including Whites.

    He’s frustrated at Obama for failing to be consistently egalitarian. This is what’s so sharp about this editorial. He’s attacking his own party from the left and winning the support of the right.

    His voting record and private life confirm where his loyalties lie.

    I agree with you that his editorial jerks the national discussion in a favorable direction for us. I’m glad he did it. I agree with a lot of what you’ve written here. But I still believe it’s necessary to caution folks not to get too excited about Jim Webb, as his vision is a clear and focused one, one that only looks similar to ours when contrasted with the contemporary zeitgeist.

  4. Is Jim Webb really the point? It is what he wrote and the fact that is is blatantly not inline with the multicultural mantra. Just because Webb is not a pro white politician does not mean his words will not be effective for our cause. This piece exploited properly can be just another pick at the scab. Non white Multicults are ‘racist’ to the core and anything that will help bring that to the forefront is to our advantage.

  5. Matt – Yes, he is a mainstream believer in color-blindness with an exception for Blacks due to their unique historical position. Thus, he votes as you have stated, and you properly caution against getting excited about Webb the man (as does Wolf, above).

    This is exactly right. However, the existence of ideological colorblindness stands in stark contrast to the reality of the diversity state, where whites pay for everything and come in last in status officially.

    It is only by consistent application by principled colorblind enthusiasts, like Webb, that the principle be respected that will demonstrate, conclusively, to Webb and the millions of honorable Whites who support the current system from that vantage point that they have been deceived, that the USG has NO INTENTION whatsoever of allowing the application of colorblindness to public policy affairs.

    Once that is demonstrated, the only rationale for conservative support for the current system will be undermined. They then will have to jump to the left or to our side.

    This is the value of Webb’s piece and what it represents: the center, i.e. White modern American conservatism, cannot hold.

    I think we’re saying the same thing, just highlighting a different feature of it as most striking.

  6. That “macaca” would rear its head in connection with this op-ed piece by Webb is strange. The half-Jewish George Allen is the candidate who referred to an Indo-American by the label, and it is a slur that Allen obviously learned in conversation around his own mother who was a Sephardic from Algeria before that revolution threw them out of Algeria. It was a Sephardic slur on darker Africans.

    The American media, of course, forbidden to discuss the original source of “macaca,” hinted that it was a white-sourced slur. In fact, it is almost the identical slur to the Ashkenazi slur, “schvartze.”

    Picking on Webb for the half-Jewish Allen’s slurring term is pretty strange. It wasn’t even Webb who made it an issue, it was the dominant media culture that stirred the slur into an issue.

  7. WSJ, the Senate , and military are establishment. The default position is to assume that the article is to serve the establishment.


    Title: TMT –Episode #28 – Whiggers & Mamzers & jews, Oh My!!!Time: 07/25/2010 11:00 PM EDT

    Episode Notes: TMT –Episode #28 – Whiggers & Mamzers & jews, Oh My!!! Jesus Christ predicted that the poor we will have amongst us always. He should have warned us about something far more common — and dangerous — especially those turds within our White Nationalist [bowel] Movement. Now that means critters like Alex Linder, TraitorGlenn Miller, sundry anglo-mestizo CreaTards — all the hue-mamzer debris that infests the ZOGland, and adheres to our Movement. Much of it is frentic and idiotic and packs itz tents in the night — like the Roid Rage Retard Jim Giles who got a shitty new v-bulletin license and hid the turds in his crown of all the radio shows. But that also means that Christian Identity has an overflowing toilet bowel chock full of whigger nuts and mamzers and jews, which need to be periodically flushed. Just as in the daze of Ezra and Nehemiah, you get all manner of ‘Sored-Mamzers’ and Delaneys and Kaplan/Quests infesting Christian Identity like jew-flies and fleas on whigger dogs. Tune in tonight for a Zyklon-B flea-bath upon Genesis 3:15 detection.

  9. RE: Matt’s argument for skepticism.

    I’m seeing speculation that Obama and Webb are working together.

    The thinking is that Webb’s piece is attempt save White votes for Obama.

  10. soso: I read the link. I think it’s good news. We are beyond reform anyway. Anything to bring the the financial world down, and it’s also one more wake-up call to slowing arousing Whites.

  11. Matt is right to be cautious, and TabuLaRaza, LEW and others have made the same point.

    While we should definiately make the best use of this and be hopeful, but let us not exagerate what Webb’s article most likely is about…

    Damage Control.

    Nonetheless, it is a sign of things to come.

  12. I predict that Democrats are going to lose big in the fall, and Obama is going to come out in favor of class-based as opposed to race-based affirmative action in 2011, in an attempt to have a prayer of getting reelected.

    Alot of white Americans will be able to get behind this. Its simply a question of whether or not they believe the President is being sincere.

  13. In common parlance, “macaca” is a racial pejorative for someone from India:


    From a BNP email list:

    Revilo Oliver on India:

    “[India probably was] a territory that was…conquered by the Aryan invaders and ruled by them…. The inevitable result was miscegenation, both biological and cultural. The consequence of the long and intimate association of the dominant Aryans with their subjects of a different race…was that “a spirit alien in nature,” corresponding to the dilution and hybridization of the racial stock…. What happened, in other words, was a kind of spiritual mongrelization that, in all probability, largely preceded and certainly facilitated the biological mongrelization.”

    ~ Revilo P. Oliver, “Ritual and Aryan Worship”

  14. I don’t know….but one op-ed does not make Webb “on our side.”

    Right, I don’t know what all the excitement is about. I guess it shows how desperate we are that now we’re defending pro-multicult miscegenators because they don’t outright want to discriminate against Whites.

    Worthy of watching the outcome at least.

  15. “Is Jim Webb really the point? It is what he wrote and the fact that is is blatantly not inline with the multicultural mantra. Just because Webb is not a pro white politician does not mean his words will not be effective for our cause.”


    Let’s meditate on this for a bit. What’s the real problem? The problem is that there is no organized WN, or that it has too few people. So everything something comes along you are unable to do anything with it.

    There is a whole paradigm shift in population genetics — if you had 1/10 the influence of Organized Jewery or La Raza, you could have used that. Instead it will just be incorporated into Multicult thinking. Same with Web’s point.

    This is way so many of you are concerned about who’s side Web is on. Because you know anything can be incorporated into Multicult thinking.

    Well, let me tell you — the only people who are on your side are YOU. It is just you. So you have to do whatever you can to build your position up.

  16. You are expecting the “great awakening.” It’s not going to happen.
    On it’s own, what is going to happen is that white women will awaken tangled in the bed covers with a dark chocolate black man — and a brown baby sucking on her nipples — and white men with a Latino or Asian. To the extent you don’t want this you have to make something else happen. And to do that you have to make white identity legitimate. And the only way you’re going to do that is get enough people to say it is.

  17. There’s one thing I will add, which is purely anecdotal. I read Webb’s book shortly after it was published in 2004. I don’t think he was involved in politics at that time. If he was, I knew nothing about it. I didn’t realize he was a senator until I read about it on this site yesterday. My point is, I formed no opinion about his politics, because I didn’t know he was politically active. I simply read his book for what it was, a book about the role of the Scots-Irish in shaping America.

    The book definitely had a galvanizing impact on my WN sentiments, but to be fair, those sentiment were already pretty well formed.

    That doesn’t tell us anything about the practical politics of the man today. But, if the book had that effect on me, they may reside in the author as well.

    Then again, I went back to the book today, and noticed a blurb on the front cover from Senator John McCain.

    While I’m pleased with the appearance of his article, its probably best to consider him a traitor.

  18. Jimmy Marr,

    If you liked Webb’s book, read James Leyburn’s “The Scotch-Irish: A Social History”.

    A much better book on the same topic.

  19. Whenever someone in the establishment goes ever so slightly our way, I always have mixed feelings.

    I wonder if this is a good thing regarding the Overton Window or if it’s going to placate the very masses that need to be radicalized? Time will tell.

  20. I don’t want any part of any conversation that includes the idea that blacks deserve anything today because they once held a “special place in America’s history” nor do I remotely trust anyone who believes in such crap. Nobody alive today of any color has anything to do with slavery. Period. End of conversation. Webb’s a filthy stinking pig for believing in such garbage. He’s just a politician. Line him up with the rest.

  21. Neocon explains who the real enemy is:
    Ilya Somin notes the good points and offers a criticism:

    Unfortunately, Webb seems to treat poorer whites as passive victims “dominated by white elites who manipulated racial tensions in order to retain power.” In reality, poorer southern whites tended to be strong supporters of slavery and segregation.

    I think this criticism is absurd.
    Professor Somin, seems to be suggesting that affirmative action’s purpose is to punish the ancestors of poor, Southern whites. This is hardly a mainstream view, though it appears to match exactly the actual outcomes achieved by affirmative action.


  22. “In common parlance, “macaca” is a racial pejorative for someone from India.”

    I find that hard to believe. A macaque is a type of monkey, so surely it refers to Sub-Saharan Africans, no?

  23. “Strange that this story isn’t being discussed here.”

    Just a bunch of good ol’ white folks. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  24. in my old neighborhood in NJ all my white friends refer to indians as macacas.

    macacas invaded and took over my old neighborhood. very few whites are left. disgusting.

  25. Strange that this story isn’t being discussed here.

    I had heard the accusation that the press was in the tank for Obama, especially after he won the Dem. nomination. Seeing some of the extent of it has been fascinating, and it certainly would have been stunning before Bush. But after witnessing some of the Bush administration’s press manipulations around 9/11, the Iraq War, and his reelection, it’s hard for me to be surprised by a corrupt, in-the-tank press corps anymore.

    I’ve read here and elsewhere that Obama has been a God-send for White racial consciousness and White racial politics. I tend to agree. 2012 is going to be very interesting, as will November of this year. What outcomes and environments are good for White Nationalism?

  26. Jimmy Marr — also get your hands on a copy of “Albion’s Seed – Four British Folkways in America” by David Hackett Fischer.

    Fischer tells a compelling story of

    – the Puritans (much and unfairly maligned, even by people in WN that should know better…),

    – the Quakers (whose lasting influence astounded even me, a Pennsylvania native born and bred),

    – the Anglican “Distressed Cavaliers” (IMO the real source of our present woes, and I say that as a cradle Anglican) and finally, some might say “saving the best for last”,

    – the Borderers or the Scots-Irish, the proud “rednecks” and “hoosiers” who really do love to fight more than just about anything else (I ought to know as I married one, lol!)

    THESE PEOPLES — COUSINS YET ALL BRITISH — REPRESENT THE REAL, AUTHENTIC AMERICA OF SONG AND STORY. The country they built, with their bare hands, is the reason the Huddled Masses came here in the first place. To be “American” is to owe gratitude beyond recompense to these first Americans. Yes, I am proud, very proud, to be descended from them.

    Compared to these hardy souls, “melting pots” and stupid immigration stories about smelly Ellis Island do not amount to a hill of beans.

  27. Joe of the Mountain: “Compared to these hardy souls, “melting pots” and stupid immigration stories about smelly Ellis Island do not amount to a hill of beans.”

    I am not sure it is such a good idea to insult non-British (non-English & non-Scottish) Whites, when our Broad (by agenda), Movement needs any White people it can get! White Preservationism is already marginalized enough, no?

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