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Update: Netherlands

October 15, 2010 Albert Jackson 5

Before the election, Freedom Party and anti-Islamist campaigner Geert Wilders was brought up on charges of inciting racial hatred.  It was not enough for the […]

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Why Will We Win?

September 3, 2010 Albert Jackson 21

Why will we win? For two reasons: (1) our contention that the United States Government is hopelessly dysfunctional and cannot even perform the most basic […]

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A Pict Song

June 7, 2010 Albert Jackson 22

Since my post earlier this evening offended most, I deleted it.  Apparently, I have issues. Duly noted. Since my own words have failed me today, […]

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Rich and Poor

May 20, 2010 Albert Jackson 7

….The Working Classes cannot any longer go on without government; without being actually guided and governed; England cannot subsist in peace till, by some means […]

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Join or Die

May 2, 2010 Albert Jackson 28

Three years ago: In the 18th floor of the downtown skyscraper where my law office is, I look down into the central square of a […]