Group Victimhood: A Racial Identity, Solidarity, and Separatism That Pays

Whites thirst for even a little bit of racial identity to be allowed. We’d pay for it ourselves. We would take it even without tax exempt status. Just let us be us, without imposing official and unofficial condemnations on us.

Anti-white impositions are certainly a form of religious persecution, though we do not have a unifying religion any more. A unified religion imposes on us, and because we are not ourselves a unified religion, we don’t have a religious basis to fight back.

It is also racial persecution, specifically because we are made to live among “diverse” peoples with a strong racial identity, while we are purposely handicapped from having a strong racial identity. Every racial group except Whites are given leave to “take a gun to a gun fight” while we are socio-politically disarmed by the concept of “racism.” We are like the dodo birds after the rats were released.

However, we are a much hardier species than dodo birds, and there are still plenty of us. It says in the Muqaddimah that it takes 40 years for a people who are taxed and imposed to acquire group feeling and effectively resist. I think we are 10 years into our 40. However, history moves faster than it did in 1300, so the 40 years may be compressed to a significantly shorter time period.

The Charles and Shirley Sherrod videos show a people who have their group feeling, their racial identity, solidarity and separatism subsidized. It pays to be a Black Raci$t! Nice work if you can get it. Same with a Jewish raci$t.

Those for whom Raci$m is merely a money racket have weakening group feeling.

For us, group feeling is a matter of life or death. It is a matter of racial insult and taunts on a daily basis. HBO made a movie with Ralph Fiennes called “Rasputin” and there’s a scene where the Tsar and his family are surrounded by Bolsheviks and taunted and bullied. Every time a journalist writes about how Whites will be a minority by such and such year, I remember that scene.

We don’t get subsidized for group feeling. Rather, we are made to pay. Our livelihood is threatened for wanting to do what Shirley Sherrod or Abe Foxman does, for our own people.

This is all based on bad theory of college professors — namely, that attacking white people is historically justified. Their bad theory is getting tested in reality.

The irony is that they are doing EXACTLY the right thing to create very strong group feeling among Whites. I am continually amazed at how apparently intelligent people like Leonard Zeskind attack conservatives as racists, right when conservatives are trying to say they aren’t racists. Zeskind et al apparently don’t understand basic psychological dynamics – conservatives aren’t going to come out with their hands up, “OK, sorry, I don’t want to be called a racist any more, I’m a good progressive/liberal now. Go ahead and raise my taxes and redistribute to the black and brown hordes now.”

No. White conservatives will eventually realize that “racist” has been played out and lacks teeth, if you don’t give it teeth. The power of “racist” is only the power that Whites grant it. The power of “racism” is merely a “Wizard of Oz” type mesmerizing-trance power, cultivated from years of prosperous and lethargic television watching.

Economic contraction and the amazing incompetence of the US government is breaking this trance. The Pentagon, which is the muscle of the US Government, has recently suffered two hard blows to its legitimacy; the child porn scandal (!!!), and the Wikileaks scandal. Meanwhile, China asserts itself as the world’s largest creditor nation.

“The western rating agencies are politicised and highly ideological and they do not adhere to objective standards,” Guan Jianzhong, chairman of Dagong Global Credit Rating, told the Financial Times in an interview. “China is the biggest creditor nation in the world and with the rise and national rejuvenation of China we should have our say in how the credit risks of states are judged.”

He specifically criticised the practice of “rating shopping” by companies who offer their business to the agency that provides the most favourable rating.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis “rating shopping” has been one of the key complaints from western regulators , who have heavily criticised the big three agencies for handing top ratings to mortgage-linked securities that turned toxic when the US housing market collapsed in 2007.

So China is objecting to typical Jewish financial practices. It’s about time.

Jews turned the US into a huge debtor nation to get rich quick, not realizing they were undermining a country that had accepted them as its own. They truly shit their own nest! The best nest they EVER HAD.

Likewise, Lenny Zeskind types attack White conservatives as racists, not realizing that he’s shitting his own nest. This is as good as it’s ever going to get for professional anti-whites; their best bet is to maintain the status quo as long as possible. The more they push it, the more they are going to get the outcome they claim they don’t want to get! In a certain sense, people like Zeskind are the best (if unwitting) ally for the cultivation of White group feeling.

The reason White group feeling is the big taboo, is because Jews and Blacks want to protect their Raci$m franchise. White group feeling is not equivalent to a “Holocaust,” though that’s the reasoning behind suppressing White group feeling. (Racism leads straight to the gas chambers, as some Rabbi Wise said) However, White group feeling will certainly mean reduced redistributions to the Jewish and Black Raci$m industries.


  1. Well said. Our side even helped perpetuate this “racist” shtick, ask yourself how many times have we read one of us use the word “racist” uncritically and then go off on an IQ and Crime shtick?

    Stupid taboo whose time is up, and with Obama set to destroy whatever demand that was building up with his tax hikes I see light at the end of this tunnel.

    I see a huge bust dead ahead within a year, and then Comrade will try QE Number 2 and finish off the great beast known as America.

  2. I wonder when white tribalists (liberationists, nationalists, etc.) will become professional about spreading the message. No other cause (not NAACP, not La Raza, not American Jewish Congress, etc.) puts into the public sphere raw positions.

    Our public relations program is like a pots & pans manufacturer asking purchasers to buy products because the company wants to make a profit. No, a real pots & pans public relations program is not about venting about pots’ profitability, it will based on the customer base and its perceptions about pots & pans.

    When do we go professional?

    On the other hand, accusing those who accuse us of racism of their own brand of supremacy and separatism is a good strategy. We know we are a good people, let’s not be so defensive.

  3. NAACP and La Raza and ADL were at best born of group feeling, but have since degenerated into money-making rackets.

    They have ganged up on Whites for what amounts to financial gain. Raci$m is a scam against us. Simple as that. We let it slide when the economy was growing and all boats were rising with the incoming tide, but now that the tide is going out, we are noticing the Raci$m rackets that are anchoring us down with impositions and taxes.

    The impositions and taxes are creating group feeling. I am not worried about being “slick” or not. Our enemies are forcing us to have group feeling, or drown in a brown tide of endless special pleading demands based on the bad theory of Jewish professors.

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  5. QE II is in reference to Quantative Easing or Ben Bernanke’s easy money policies. I think I have a pretty good if simplistic handle on what our “ruling class” has in store for the economy.

    Tax the living daylights out of the productive Americans and use this loot to support the government finance cash flow which allows the Treasury’s huge foot print in the debt market. Finance Big Government and turn this place into socialist utopia.

    It won’t work, panic will set in with collapsing demand and Ben Bernanke will be called upon to save the day, and he will fail, the gooberment will fail with him, and opportunity to usurp the anti-whites will be at hand.

  6. This is a remarkably perceptive article from one of our better writers.
    The Czar and his family’s massacre by the Jewish Bolsheviks is something that will put chills up one’s back:
    The Last Days of the Romanovs (review)

    Another good point is that American Whites were the best suckers the Jews ever had, the “Greatest Generation” (sic) marched off to slay the best team that was ever on the field of history. With glee, I’ve talked to vets from WW2 and they would, with BIG SMILES, tell me how when SS were captured and being marched to a POW camp they would take their M1 Garands and SLAM the SS guys in the back of the head as they walked. Real heroes, real honorable folks, GI Joe.

    I know that reasonable folks such as we are merely want justice and so forth however when the time comes we moderates will most likely not be listened to and it will be more of BESERKER style expression.

  7. Kievsky: “Every racial group except whites are given leave to ‘take a gun to a gunfight”. Meant figuratively, of course. But soon enough, literally. Then we’ll see who has more guns and can shoot straighter. And that’s us, by a wide margin.The Jews, of course, expect their group-entitlment black/brown allies to do the heavy lifting for them during the coming civil war; but I’d aver they are going to be severely disappointed. Blacks and browns can’t stand each other, and both detest Jews at a higher level than do whites. This is going to be really interesting. In conclusion, I can’t resist quoting 1960s mud-radical H. Rap Brown: “Violence is as American as apple pie.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight on, ‘bro.

  8. Kievsky,

    “Anti-[edit:Western] impositions are certainly a form of religious persecution, though we do not have a unifying religion any more. A unified religion imposes on us, and because we are not ourselves a unified religion, we don’t have a religious basis to fight back.”

    Great article. Now you need to bring it up an notch. It’s not enough to just push solidarity and self determination, as you mentioned you need to offer a counter moral-theology. Solidarity is just a who. Self-determination is a pragmatic for what. You are offering more than that — do not underestimate the need form a moral-theology.

    You are traditionalists-realists-nationalists-particularists-sociobiologists, etc. You believe in community. Community based on common ties. Your model is of an extended family. This represents both a particular sociopolitcs and a level moral-theology. Key word: organic community. This is of utmost importance to develop and emphasize.

    The dominant sociopolitics and moral-theology is defined in contrast to this. It’s a mix of political liberalism, Marxism, and progressivism. It a mix that at one and the same time speaks of individualism, communism, managerialism, legalism, post-racialism, multiracialism, diversification, and so on. When you sort through it, it makes no sense, because it’s a reaction against organic community.

    Take a moment to read up on the literature in the field on this– :

    “The analysis of such transitions was the life-work of Ferdinand Tönnies (2001/1887), who saw this process unfolding in 19th-century Europe. Tönnies referred to the traditional pattern of social relations as “Gemeinschaft,” which is usually translated as “community.” Gemeinschaft relationships rest on the three pillars (whether real or imagined) of shared blood, shared place, and shared mind or belief. The prototype of Gemeinschaft is the family, and the family (particularly the patriarchal family) is easily scaled up to create larger Gemeinschaft institutions such as the Catholic Church or the feudal system. Tönnies labeled the new, more impersonal kind of relationship “Gesellschaft,” which is usually translated as “society” or “civil society.” Gesellschaft is what happens when the social restraints of community are weakened, mid-level institutions are eliminated, and people are largely free to pursue their own goals as they see fit. Gesellschaft relationships are “characterized by a high degree of individualism, impersonality, [and] contractualism, and [they proceed] from volition or sheer interest rather than from the complex of affective states, habits, and traditions that underlies Gemeinschaft” (Nisbet, 1993, p. 74.)

    Modern social scientists, who are likely to feel repugnance toward concepts such as patriarchy and feudalism, may find themselves equating Gemeinschaft with oppression and Gesellschaft with equality, freedom and progress. Yet even if you are a proud Gesellschafter, devoted to the scientific study of how to structure society, the legal system, and the family to improve the lives of individuals, you might soon discover that there is a dark side to Gesellschaft. That is what happened to Emile Durkheim. Durkheim was politically liberal (Coser, 1977), but he spent his career investigating the importance of some rather conservative and system-justifying ideas.” [comment: The other side that Haidt, liberal leaning as he is, doesn’t get to is the Gesellschaft warps into and inverted-Gemeinschaft. Read: Managerial-Marxism.]

    From: Haidt and Graham, 2009. Planet of the Durkheimians, Where Community, Authority, and Sacredness are Foundations of Morality.

    Anyways, this is a multi-front project. Liberal-progressivism needs to be discredited by showing the contradictions and the inhumanity entailed by managerial marxism — moreover, ruthless counter-stereotypes need to be developed and disseminated — charges of inhumanity (read: moral inferiority) against nationalism need to be undermined and countered. The Original since of racism religion — that unifies the left, needs to be demolished. Arguments for the organizational superiority of nationalism need to be made. Victimhood needs to be harnessed to reforge ethnic solidarity and the will for self-determination. So on.

  9. Chuck,

    THat’s all fine and good, but it needs to be expressed in laymans terms, without resorting to foreign words or names of authors that mean nothing to the average person.

  10. The big words are OK Chuck, among friends at least. Sometimes foreigners have a word that just fits, which is why English has adopted so many of them. The ideas of gesellschaft and gemeinschaft are useful. We can use the words terms “civil society” and “community” instead, but the German words are more specific, and make clear the conflict between the two points of view.
    But Kievsky is right too. The ideas are important, and comprehensible to the average White, if phrased correctly. For example, Bruce Springsteen wrote a song on the topic, about a cop who lets his brother escape. Philosophy is for everyone, not just the brainy.

  11. Gesellschaft is also, interestingly, the German word for corporation.

    What we have now are managerial corporate state communities.

  12. On the other hand, accusing those who accuse us of racism of their own brand of supremacy and separatism is a good strategy. We know we are a good people, let’s not be so defensive.

    This is on point, in my view, and a strategy I’ve used successfully myself. Non-whites, and liberal whites are accustomed to accusing anyone who disagrees with them of racism. What usually proceeds are people scrambling to disprove that. It’s insane, and a game that can never be won.

    Now, I have no issue at all with racialism. I think it’s quite natural, but as a tool for argument it’s good to make them be on the defensive about the specious “racism” charge. We all know that the facts are all on our side. So it’s perfectly easy to point out how the game is all rigged against whites; from AA to school admissions, to all manner of preferences conferred on non-whites, at the expense of whites.

    It’s easy to point out the double standards that if it is okay for non-whites to have innumerable race based advocacy groups for themselves, yet it would be considered racist for whites to do so.

    It’s also easy to tear down all the liberal boilerplate. I had to systematically tear down the ‘Race is a social construct’, ‘White Privilege’, ‘Institutional Racism’, ‘IQ is not really measurable’, etc, etc canards.

    I actually did that on a site that I visit daily (nothing whatever to do with politics, and certainly not HBD). It required some finesse to break all those canards down, and some tool with a head full of multi-culti mush (actually, initially there were several of them) argued long and hard, but the facts were all on my side, and I laid them out systematically. In the end, I had facts, and he had his feelings. He was exposed. I borrowed from Sailer’s FAQ on Race and IQ for stats (quite handy), and lo and behold, I was not driven into the hinterlands for getting all the facts out. When it came to IQ, I didn’t initially start out by point out group IQ differences. I couched it in terms of ‘When other groups start performing as well academically’, etc, and only later introduced IQ data. It was kind of a grueling process to be truthful. I hope I opened somebody’s eyes though. I put the guy on the defensive by claiming that it was an ugly accusation and a defamation of an entire race (whites, which is true) to say that we are to blame for NAMs relative lack of success, and it’s paternalistic into the bargain.

    The white privilege canard can be refuted by pointing out that Asians in America (and Ashkenazim) on average outperform whites both in school and in earnings, so if whites are engaging in white privilege, they’re doing a crappy job of it.

    These things are all true, so we’ve that on our side. Anyway , we (whites in general) can’t go straight from being defensive about racism charges (I’m not speaking of people on this site) to touting white superiority at creating functional societies. It’s enough at the beginning to counter all the bullshit boilerplate and put them on the defensive by rightly pointing out the racism of non-whites and their liberal patrons, and if we can open somebody’s eyes in the process, maybe they’ll get curious and start poking around the internet themselves.

    One thing that is definitely a losing strategy is to be on the defensive against charges of racism. You can’t win. Plus, it’s at once tedious and yet fun to take apart all the specious boilerplate about race, group differences, etc.

    The pain in the ass part of it is that you have to walk on eggshells, so to speak, while doing so. I’m always immensely impressed by how Jared Taylor dispassionately dissects the fools who debate him.

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