Truman Show Syndrome

Oliver Stone has apologized for the awful things he said. He has taken back his antisemitic remarks and will be forgiven after a probationary period has passed and amends have been made. Pay no attention to that Jewish man behind the curtain.

Moments like these remind me of The Truman Show, with Truman obliviously going about his life. There are several incidents where the reality with which he’s presented is compromised, such as when one of the cast members pleads “Everybody’s pretending here! Get out of here! Come and find me!” She disappears immediately afterward, with an understanding that her outburst was merely a fit of temporary insanity.

Acclaimed director Oliver Stone recently suffered from a fit of this Truman Show Syndrome

Director Oliver Stone has been forced to make a grovelling apology over an anti-Semitic outburst.

Forced by whom? A powerful lobby? His bosses? Activists who fiercely regulate Jew-related discourse?

The double Academy Award winner claimed that the Russians suffered more during the Second World War and that there was a Jewish ‘domination of the media’.

That’s what passes for belittling the Holocaust? Is it not kosher to put it into an appropriate context, one in which tens of millions of people throughout Europe who did not happen to be Jewish also died?

If Jews don’t run the media, then what are Joel Stein of the LA Times and his friend Abe Foxman talking about? And what about Ben Stein [1][2][3][4][5][6], a former Nixon staffer and media personality so smart that virtually nobody on his game show could win his money?

Stone also said that Jews had ‘****ed up’ U.S. foreign policy for years and suggested the British supported Hitler.

If you don’t think that Jews have hijacked our foreign policy, then you don’t think. All your base are belong to The Israel Lobby.

To suggest that Hitler was in any way a product of his time and place or a complex and nuanced historical figure is to commit a heresy against the postmodern demonology.

To state the truth about Jewish power in contemporary America is to suffer an embarrassing fit of Truman Show Syndrome. Our Truman Show is plagued with more glitches, malfunctions, and public outbursts from (formerly) respected public figures than ever. Hopefully, like Truman, they’ll start piecing things together and asking tough questions. Someday soon, awakened White Americans will build up the courage and resolve to fight their way out of this cosmic bubble of Jewish lies.

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  1. ‘Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry,’ he said, adding that the Holocaust was an ‘atrocity’.

    Just as with Inglorious Basterds and Mel Gibson, Jews think this is a positive, and that they “won” this exchange. Think about it – Jews watched the Tarintino movie and *liked it* and thought that their attacks on Mel Gibson made *him* look bad.

    Chutzpah is just another word for hubris. This is Caligula-level self-deception.

  2. The day that the White man can stand up and speak the plain truth about jews and negros without fear is the day that he will truly be free.

  3. Holocaust is not selling like it used to, still fine for those who wish to climb, but increasingly people are being left off its gravy train. For the most part the anti-semites who are vocal are the poorest, but even the wealthy of our society are being visibly left behind. So soon a new wordism or fad or even our way of life will be the “in” way and out with the holocaust.

  4. I was hoping he would stand by his remarks. Someone probably got to him, threatened his family. It’s still good to see yet another. Perhaps more will defect and an alternative film industry coming out of it.

  5. The day that white Americans choose to stand up and speak the plain truth about white Americans without fear will be the first day of freedom in 40 years.

  6. “We don’t control the media. Now go on the talk show circuit and apologise, or you’ll never work in this town again!”

  7. Blog Vagrant: The Truman Show was a movie about a man named Truman (Jim Carrey) who had been adopted at birth and raised on a movie set. Everyone he knew was actually an actor, playing a role such as his family, his friends, his wife, his co-workers, the mailman and the homeless bum. At all times he was on camera, and every week a TV show was created out of his life. He had no idea that any of this was going on, until a few glitches caught his attention. The story is about his awakening to reality.

  8. I always thought that Natascha McElhone looked like a semitic tribeswoman, of the “only ones” that could lead Truman to the truth, and in defiance of CHRISToff.

    It made me realize that I might be “damaged goods.” Time for a beer and some Cheetos for breakfast.


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