Missouri: The Nullification Crisis of 2010

Proposition C Nullifies Obamacare

In 1832, South Carolina provoked a constitutional crisis with the federal government over the “Tariff of Abominations.” The Palmetto State passed an Ordinance of Nullification which declared the Tariffs of 1828 and 1838 “null and void” within the borders of South Carolina.

Andrew Jackson threatened to hang John C. Calhoun for treason. The crisis passed when both sides backed down and agreed to a compromise. The South Carolina legislature repealed the ordinance and a new negotiated tariff amenable to the state was passed by Congress.

Thirty years later, South Carolina seceded from the United States and joined the Confederate States of America. In hindsight, the Nullification Crisis of 1832 is seen by historians as one of the first steps on the road to the Civil War.

In the aftermath of the Nullification Crisis, Unionist sentiment faded in the Palmetto State and a vigorous secessionist movement emerged. South Carolina, which had previously sent unionists like John C. Calhoun to Congress and nationalists like Andrew Jackson to the presidency, wedded itself to the theory of state sovereignty.

Why bring this up now?

Yesterday, 71% of Missouri voters approved Proposition C, a ballot measure which essentially nullified Obamacare in the State of Missouri, specifically the requirement that forces Missouri citizens to buy health insurance or become insured with government assistance.

Missouri has interposed its sovereignty to block enforcement of an unpopular federal law. I shouldn’t have to point out the significance of this precipitous action.

In 2008, John McCain carried Missouri by 0.1% of the vote. In 2010, Proposition C was passed with a 71% majority in a key Midwestern swing state.

Missouri is not alone in nullifying Obamacare. Virginia, Idaho, Utah, and Georgia have taken similar actions through their state legislatures.

What makes Missouri significant is it is the first time American voters have directly challenged the Obama administration themselves.

Like South Carolina in 1832, Missouri will likely be slapped down by the Obama administration and the federal courts.

Like South Carolina in 1832, federal overreach and tyranny will become a source of bitterness and resentment, and will lead to a backlash that could have unforeseen consequences. In both cases, antebellum and modern, the conservative establishment unleashed social forces beyond their ability to control.

In 2005, Arizona was a moderate state on illegal immigration, but it is now demonzed as the Nazi Germany of the Southwest. Missouri is another moderate state that is now in open rebellion against the federal government.

In Arizona and Missouri, ordinary White Americans got uppity, rebuked Washington, and jealously asserted their right to self government.

The radical vanguard sat on the sidelines, utterly oblivious to everything that was happening, while the people sharpened their pitchforks, charged the polls, and threatened revolution.

When the revolution finally does come, I doubt the vanguardists will even notice. By now, they are too immersed in their fantasy world to care.

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  1. “By now, they are too immersed in their fantasy world to care.”

    What is the meaning of the link you put here? Are you saying the writer of the article is an example of someone living in a fantasy world?

    Because I do agree that he is.

    It isn’t even worth the trouble explaining why his interpretation of events is wrong, it’s so wrongheaded.

    Has he not read the works of Mustafa Setmarian Nasar?

  2. Okay, I get it.

    The idea is that the Left views people as props lacking will and agency of their own, and thus they don’t pay heed to how their actions provoke responses which are counterproductive from the standpoint of the Left‘s goals.

    At the same time Lee Harris, the author of the piece, clearly didn’t know what he was talking about in terms of how he applied this idea of a fantasy ideology to Al Qaeda.

    One of the central points of 9/11 according to Mustafa Nasar was to draw the US Military into the Middle East. In other words, one of the central points of 9/11 was the hypothesized effect it would have on the mindset of Americans in regard to foreign policy.

  3. Some Republican whiggers in the legislature were all term-limited out this year, so in order to get more voters to the primary [s]election yesterday they put it on the ballot as a referendumb.

    Of course it backfired when in the 7th Congressional District the two state senators Gary Nodler and Jack Goodmamzer got dumped in favor of a Springfield auctioneer who had a lot of money to say that he was ‘fed up.’


    Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner of the Turner Diaries got in a few licks.

    Anyway, state ZOG vs FedZOG, either way they will screw ya.’ Down with all of them.

    That said, what is with you ‘pulling a Fade on your Forum’ for the 666th time? You doing the same old, same old, doesn’t bode well for those of us who foolishly claimed that you are past jewr old tricks.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  4. The Hoover Institution piece on “fantasy ideology” is very precisely crafted, but I believe that it is essentially pro-Israel propaganda.

    If Israel did 9-11, it did so with cold-blooded calculation and malice.

    If Israel did 9-11 and the Hoover Institution insists on blaming demented Arabs acting out fantasy ideology, then the Hoover Institution is functioning as a pro-Israel propaganda outlet.

    I trust the judgement of Alan Sabrosky more than I trust the judgement of the Hoover Institution. If that means Lee Harris denounces Sabrosky and me as fantasists, I would rather be a fantasist with Sabrosky than than Israel-apologist with Harris.

  5. What kind of “revolution” is this? All this sort of crap has happened in America many times since the 60’s and it never lead to anything good for whites. Are you seriously trying to suggest that MO rejecting Obamacare is some kind of momentous event in the formation of a Jew-free white ethno-state?

    If your logic is correct and people objecting to overreaching by the federal government and liberal social engineering schemes were the first step on the road to racial awareness, we should be living in an Aryan paradise by now.

    Please do some research on American politics from 1964 to 2000. It’s more directly relevant to what is happening now than what happened in the 1830’s. These occasional right-wing populist tantrums are easily out maneuvered by the establishment.

  6. What kind of “revolution” is this?

    A real one – as in one where people actually rise up and challenge the federal government, as opposed to fantasizing about it all day on the internet, or talking about their seizure of power in the aftermath of the mythical collapse that never comes.

    I never said the actions of Missouri or Arizona would satisfy White Nationalists. Far from it: their interest in practical politics is reflected in the Glenn Miller campaign in Missouri or the Jim Giles campaign in Mississippi.

    Judged by the fantasy world of lording over North America as the Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich or as the Pontifex Maximus of the West Coast volkish racial gemeinschaft, the mere nullification of a federal law is sure to come as a disappointment, and not something that would stir more than passing interest.

    Granted, I am fully aware that nullification was tried in the 1960s, as when Ross Barnett interposed the sovereignty of Mississippi to block the integration of Ole Miss. I’m also fully aware that the states were eventually cowed into submission.

    In their favor, it can at least be said they put up one hell of a fight, and only backed down when physical force was used to crush the resistance.

    I will wager you this: it is more likely that something will come out of the popular backlash to these federal laws – in the real world – than a purely internet based movement is likely to finally get its act together and do something beyond rearranging electrons in cyberspace.

  7. I relaunched the forum after I was convinced it could be used for some productive purpose. Instead, it was used exclusively by Biological Racist, Glenn Miller, Will Williams and yourself to fight every night.

    While this spectacle had some entertainment value, it is not why I relaunched the forum. When the forum failed to serve its purpose as a networking platform, I was urged to shut it down and agreed to do so.

  8. Nullification matters when, for example, Montana State Police escort BATF(ags) outside the state boundaries, when they have come to arrest folks for exercising their God-given rights. Read Starving The Monkeys. (http://starvingthemonkeys.com/)

    The crux, ladies and gentleman, is kinetic, not potential.


  9. Well said Hunter. Bob Whitaker frequently mentions the March on Rome by the mob and how the blowhard Duce almost missed being there.

  10. This was an excellent article, until the last three paragraphs and the video of Glenn Miller. I don’t quite get the connection or point you were trying to make with it.

    If your point was (as the comments above suggest) that the nullification movement is a more serious and consequential movement that the Glenn Miller campaign, I agree.

    My only comment is that it only de-focuses your otherwise really interesting article to include that non-sense, at all, even to bother to put it down. Obviously when you are on Howard Stern you are there to participate in your own humiliation. That is what he does, with 100 variations. So why participate in giving bandwidth to either Stern or Miller?

    The article should rightly have ended with this sentence: “In Arizona and Missouri, ordinary White Americans got uppity, rebuked Washington, and jealously asserted their right to self government.”

    The inclusion of the strange extranious stuff is an apt metaphore for the evolution of the site itself, which is slowly being edited down to a much more trim, athletic and valuable resource. That’s the empty niche I see you working to fill.

    There is room for all sorts of stuff in the movement, but the VNN/Stormfront ranting niche is pretty full already.

  11. “Obviously when you are on Howard Stern you are there to participate in your own humiliation. That is what he does, with 100 variations. So why participate in giving bandwidth to either Stern or Miller?”

    Did you listen to the interview? Stern was unbelievably fair with him. No invective or ridicule, even after Miller hung up. He called him an honest politician, probably the only one.

  12. The point was that ordinary people are throwing down the gauntlet at the feet of the federal government while the same old irrelevant sideshow continues unabated.

  13. Hunter, in my estimation your optimism is justified: any resistance on the part of the white public is a good thing in that it might inspire other states to similar action and at least it IS action, even if similar tactics have been tried in the past-it at least prooves that whites are motivated and not completely comatose with regard to their endangered future. Now what is needed is some way to expand the effort and organize into a multi-state coalition – it might force BO and his democrud coalition to take notice.

  14. “Fantasy World” is right on…It still amazes me at this late date, as bad as things are, how many idiots are still far far away from reality.

    To me, that’s one of the most discouraging things about our situation….Not that are enemies are so evil and manipulative…..But that most of our people hate the truth. You can present the facts and evidence to them all day long and they don’t care. They love the babylonian whore and all its sick depravity. As far as i’m concerned, most of them should be flushed down the toilet along with the usual suspects.

  15. Did you listen to the interview? Stern was unbelievably fair with him. No invective or ridicule, even after Miller hung up. He called him an honest politician, probably the only one.

    Yes, I went and relistened to it. Stern was fair, I agree. In fact it shows how useless (again, as if we didn’t know) the MSM is that they a) would never interview him and b) couldn’t do a decent job ie: find out what he thinks, as opposed to total demonization.

    None the less I don’t think it really belonged with the rest of the article. And, there is still a implication that you’re a jerk if Stern is interviewing you. The condescention was implied.

  16. Good essay. Main difference between 1830s and now is that political events – thanks in part to technologies like the internet – move much faster. So we won’t have to wait 30 years for Civil War II to begin; more like 30 months, or less. Of course the ZOG-controlled courts will throw out the Missouri referendum; just like they threw out Arizona’s effort to stiff the illegals, and (today) the California referendum against faggot fake-marriage. No matter. The Jew oligarchs and their group-entitlees are winning the battles, but we will win the war. Because each time they “win” more and more Americans, esp. whites, are giving up on the system, going populist, hardright, and even WN. And the Zionistas know it. That’s why they would like to shut down the net – but can’t, because it would finish off their own political economy – and why B.O. is throwing money and wars at the military, opposite of what his supporters wanted. He too knows that Civil War is on the event-horizon, and hopes to at least buy-off the top-level commanders. It’ll be long and bloody – way more so, I think, than Civil War I – but ZOG will fall.

  17. Civil War II may be the bloodiest thing the world has ever seen. Heck, AmeriKa is already very violent without any official street battles declared.

    I just hope and pray, through all the confusion and chaos, the s.o.b.s responsible reap what they’ve sown.

  18. Civil War II will be the most horrendous bloodbath the world has ever seen, mark my words. Remember, we will be going up against an entity that has nuclear weapons and a willingness to use them.

    Would the ruling jews REALLY sacrifice 2, 3, 5 or more cities in order to maintain their hold on the rest?

    I believe that they would.

    That said, I also believe that the hard core of White Nationalists – dedicated, ruthless, and willing to do ANYTHING for victory – will win in the end, no matter what methods the jewish filth use.

    Biology and history are on OUR side.

  19. Hunter and Robert C. other editors – I think people here at the Occidental Dissent should come to a decision if they really want to feature the propaganda of Glen Miller, which based on this interview with Howard Stern seems to have crossed the line in to open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week obsessions/paranoia with THE JEWS.

    I strongly feel and know from experience that this approach simply does not work with ~ 97% of White Americans. It’s a huge turn off.

    Yes, we certainly have serious problems with many Jewish people and organizations and we have to find some way to address these real, not imagined Jewish problems, find ways that work.

    I’m arguing that Glen Miller and his way are wrong, because they don’t work, they are counter productive.

    In this interview Glen Miller expressed deep respect and admiration for – THE ARABS, all Muslims including Black hate White people Muslims.

    White people in places like Greece, Spain, the Balkans, Oldham England, New York City after 9/11 who have been over run, terrorized, had their daughters corrupted in to prostitution, ethnically cleansed by NW Muslims are not going to support crazy old White folks obsessing about THE JEWS and sucking up to Blacks, Muslims etc.

    One of the most terrible anti White programs of the international Jewish power structure today is their program to flood Europe, Australia, UK, Canada, USA with non Whites – including non White Muslims. Glen Miller appears to be supporting the NW Muslim invasion, welcoming them as our allies. By featuring this old crazy White guy here who promotes VNN – Occidental Dissent may be furthering the Hollywood stereotype that white nationalists are all old, bitter anti Semitic Jew hating, conspiracy obsessed Kooks.

    Does anyone know of any cantankerous old conspiracy mongering Jew haters ever challenging to win any elections in America? I do not.

    I think O.D. would be better served pushing intelligent, positive WN – highlighting real, easy to understand NW crimes against our people and educating new people about the REAL problems with anti White Jewish organizations, people, movements.

    We need some Great Communicators, good teachers, not cantankerous old people going off the deep end and ranting about THE JEWS.

  20. You’re right.

    I removed the Glenn Miller video. It is a distraction from the positive steps ordinary White people are taking to reassert control over their government.

  21. Main difference between 1830s and now is that political events – thanks in part to technologies like the internet – move much faster.

    Er, that and wealth. Disposable wealth is much higher now than then, which, combined with state programi- er, education, has a lot to do with why our forefathers revolted over a low (what, 2,3, 5 percent) total tax burden, while we slave away under a high (approaching 50%) tax burden.

    Heck, AmeriKa is already very violent without any official street battles declared.

    Which America? And compared to whom?

    White America is one of the least violent populations in the world, which is, IMO owed to our low population density, inter alia.

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