End Affirmative Action

End Affirmative Action?

In the Los Angeles Times, Gregory Rodriguez has written an unusual article, one you wouldn’t expect to find in one of the most liberal newspapers in America.

It is a call to abolish affirmative action.

Ban affirmative action? Is this some kind of joke? Has the Hutaree Militia hijacked the building?

Gregory Rodriguez hasn’t changed his views on affirmative action. He simply thinks a White racial backlash is brewing that will prove to be so enormous that it threatens to sweep away the entire edifice of postwar anti-racist multiculturalism.

It is better to abolish affirmative action now before White racial consciousness can grow to the point where the gringos realize the “deck has been stacked against them.” Ease the pressure on Whites before it produces the inevitable revolutionary explosion.

What prompted this sudden reversal on affirmative action? People like David Duke have been demanding the end of affirmative action for over forty years.

“The Perfect Storm for White Anxiety”

It is because we are now “routinely hearing the cries of white minority victimhood” and the masses are being “seduced by the siren song of minority victimology that has captivated other groups.”

The people who are being “seduced by the siren song of minority victimology” are not the usual suspects.

That’s the critical difference.

It is one thing to have a bunch of anonymous characters on the internet scrawling racial slurs into the comment sections of online newspapers.

It is quite another when millions of ordinary people – the ones who vote, who make campaign contributions, who hit the streets, who own firearms – start asking the same uncomfortable questions and repeating the same arguments about diversity and multiculturalism.

Progressives know where the logic of asking those questions ultimately leads. It is not a scenario that they would like to dwell on. Better to offer a concession now and prop up the status quo – buy some time – than travel down that ugly road.

What’s even scarier to people like Gregory Rodriguez is that they must know the demands made upon dwindling Whites by the growing non-White majority will only increase as the “minority-majority” grows in number.

Barack Obama can’t afford to lose non-White voters. White voters have already abandoned him.

What are the chances he will abolish affirmative action to prove his sincere desire for racial reconciliation? Less than zero. It was always an election year ploy and a trick that won’t work the second time around.

In the years ahead, we will see more articles like this one, as the progressive movement hurtles toward its inevitable trainwreck and conservatives start to feel the consequences (i.e., discrimination and wealth redistribution) of their collective racial dispossession.

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  1. Ernest

    The important thing right now is the complete destruction of the Republican party-which can easily be achieved by not voting for it. Look, things are be shaken up right now and Native Born White Americans haven’t even flexed their Native Born White American racial muscles yet. Think about it.

    Why would it be so terrible if the Republican party croaked?

    I predict a perfect storm of catastrophic events to hit out of the blue to shake things up..very good for provoking a full-blown Native Born White American race revolt against race-replacement at the hands of high fertility asians,muslims,africans,nigerians,carribeans,hispanics and the hmong(what species are they?)

  2. The only political strategy that makes sense at this time is to—“vote ’em all out.”

    Spare no incumbent politician.

  3. “…throw Blacks under the bus to take some of the steam out White backlash against immigration.” – Reginald Thompson.
    Interesting idea. Maybe so. The smarter sort of Mexicans probably recognize that they’ve been riding on the Blacks’ coattails so far, but that those coattails are getting awfully worn. Time to get off and avoid any more association with people that they despise anyway. But look at the picture at the top. A bunch of Mexicans demanding privileges in a country not their own. These people don’t care what Gregory Rodriguez thinks, they want what the Gringos have. To them, Rodriguez is just one of those rich Mexicans on the hill, talking Raza and living Gringo. They don’t care about angry Gringos either, they think they’ve won and that we don’t matter. They’ve created a new Mexico with electricity and running water, and don’t want Gringoes running the power plants or sitting in offices making decisions. I don’t know that any elected Mexican can stay in office if he opposes quotas for his people. It won’t be just the Blacks clinging to affirmative action.

  4. “Don’t be shocked if the Tea Party thows its support behind the fake American Bobby Jindal.”

    Don’t be shocked if that is the end of the Tea Parties. Those guys know the score even if they don’t admit it, not even to themselves.

    Republican nomination of a non-white candidate who gives lip service to Tea Party ideals could be the precipitating event.

  5. >>The only solution that I find acceptable to the quota issue is the enslavement of every White who supports affirmative action in word or deed. They have no rights that any White man need respect. I don’t care if we have to feed 100 million White dirtbags into tree chippers. There is simply no excuse for a White to rob another White of a livelihood, a job that the liberal doesn’t even want for themselves or their family. Their motivations are vanity, and hatred of their social inferiors/moral superiors. This, as you may guess, is personal. I hate their guts and I would like to finish my working life as a maintenance man at the re-education center at Auschwitzville, Nevada. If you think this is over the top, a little too unsubtle, an embarrassment to the cause, go ahead and delete it Mr Wallace. I understand. But I would give up sex for life if I could chain these bastards to a fence and stand before them, jumper cables in hand, asking them simple questions. You betcha.>>

    Reading over your comment, I had a sudden thought: and that thought was, I’d give up more than sex to grant your wish. If performing a specific action could magically create a very long and very strong fence, with all the traitors chained to it (you’d get more than 100 million–in addition to the traitors I’d also give you the uncountable millions of the alien army currently braying for our blood–organized Jewry, Shi’aria-crazed Muslims, and others), then I’d feed myself into that chipper shredder. Leap into a bonfire. Be hung, drawn, and quartered. Stable T-bone steaks to myself and walk into the hyena enclosure at the zoo. Sell myself into Muslim slavery, working down in the salt mines.

    My next thought was: I’m willing to do that, but what about our opponents? Would the Tim Wises and Morris Deeses of the world be willing to give it all up so that their vision of a world with non-whites on top could come to pass? I have little doubt they’d sacrifice me if they thought it could bring about “utopia” (or rather, they’d order some of their goons to do it and then leave so they wouldn’t have to watch), but…would they be willing to feed themselves feet-first into whirling blades?

    Hell, would Morris Dees even be willing to say, live in a trailer park and work at Wal-Mart to bring about his ideal world?

    How about having his annual income be reduced to 50K a year and having to live in an unremarkable suburban home? How about keeping his massive fortune and house, but having to shop at Wal-Mart and mingle with the “proles” once a month?

    “Hey, I’m committed to racial equality and human dignity, but let’s not get crazy here!”

  6. “It’s been like a Talmud for Whites at a speeded up pace.”

    Yeah Kievsky … that hits the nail on the head.

  7. I think what we are likely to see, as non-white voters and politicians increasingly flex political muscle, is more anti-white discrimination, without calling it affirmative action.

    We are just getting a little taste of this with the Obama administration through things like “diversity monitoring” inserted into the financial reform bill.

  8. Jupiter

    I agree the GOP needs to go but not just the Republicans the whole system needs go. Just like with immigration there is no nice way to do this and they will not go quietly into the night. We are deluded if we think we can ‘vote’ the system into working for us.

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