Disunited States of America

Disunited States of America

The ties that bind together the Glorious Union are unraveling at a gathering pace. The Reds and Blues are exchanging fire across the political spectrum over their irreconcilable differences. The rhetoric of both sides continues to escalate.

A number of mainstream commentators are throwing the spotlight on the Disunited States of America. Polarization is working its magic. The chasm is widening between the two camps.

Our Scene

1.) In the New York Times, Ross Douthat has a new article called “Islam in Two Americas.” The Ground Zero Mosque has become an ideological battlefield in the clash between Reds and Blues over the American future.

Blue America sees the Ground Zero Mosque as a litmus test of America’s commitment to liberalism and multiculturalism. Red America sees the Ground Zero Mosque as an intolerable reminder of America’s imperiled cultural identity.

Intelligent observers understand that the Ground Zero Mosque is not the real issue here. Like the Compromise of 1850 or the Kansas-Nebraska Act, it is a symbolic marker on the road to some type of national crisis.

After years of passive resistance, Red America is now experiencing a real existential crisis. Millions of White Americans are convinced they are “losing their country.” They are determined to “take our country back.”

For decades, Red America operated on the assumption that the lifestyle and culture they are accustomed to could be preserved in spite of changing demographics. The election of Barack Obama and his determination to advance a radical agenda challenged that fundamental assumption.

Blue America has been pushing the envelope for so long that it cannot understand the sudden collapse of the old consensus. It took for granted the acquiescence of Red America.

Similarly, Red America took for granted that Blue America wasn’t leading the nation to disaster. It bought into the utopian promises of the political class. The best and brightest were given the benefit of the doubt.

“Trust us.”

The reality of the “transformation” that Blue America had in mind is starting to sink in. The Ground Zero Mosque is a visible sign of transformation. Barack Obama’s presidency is another. The contempt and disrespect shown toward the White majority is another still.

The Reds are starting to see and feel the consequences of their dispossession: taxes are going to be raised, wealth is going to be redistributed, schools are going to deteriorate, the economy is going to collapse, posterity is going to be saddled with unsustainable debt, freedom is going to be transfered to “protected classes,” neighborhoods are going to decline, cultural traditions are going to be extirpated.

The Cassandras of America and their dire warnings of an impending disaster were ignored. The chickens are coming home to roost. The future is now the present.

Red America doesn’t like to think about that future. That’s why there is such an uproar whenever they are reminded of it.

In the long run, Red America, otherwise known as White America, isn’t going to reconcile itself to “change” as defined and envisioned by Blue America, otherwise known as the political class and their racial vassals.

Before that happens, there will either be a revolution (1776), a reformation (1828), or a civil war (1861) in the United States.

2.) In the New York Times, a Blue diatribe against the Reds waves the red flag in front of the bull. It is a truly amazing case study in just how radically out of touch the Blue elite (i.e., the political class) is with Red America (i.e., ordinary White Americans).

Instead of defusing a volatile situation, the Blue elite is throwing gasoline on the fire and browbeating the Reds with accusations of intolerance and bigotry. Barack Obama has gone on record with a full throated defense of the Ground Zero Mosque.

3.) In the Associated Press, Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City) says it will be “a sad day” if his opponents succeed in thwarting construction of the Ground Zero Mosque. It is a losing issue in New York State and New York City, but the sneering Blue contempt for ordinary Americans knows no bounds.

4.) Florida is competing with Virginia to become the next state to defy the Obama administration on immigration. The polarization that followed the Justice Department lawsuit against Arizona succeeded in realigning the political mainstream in that state and many others.

5.) In U.S. News and World Report, Jamie Stiehm advocates the expulsion of South Carolina, Texas, and Arizona from the Union, along with Florida and the Deep South states. Many Blues would happily choose progressive ideology over the preservation of the Union.

6.) In the Washington Post, Dana Milbank pokes fun at the Reds and notes that neo-Confederate concepts like secession, nullification, and state sovereignty have returned to the political mainstream.

7.) In Forbes, Joel Kotkin has a new article called “A New War Between the States,” in which he describes the “new irrepressible conflict” between the states and the federal government.

Red America has a geographical and economic basis. Are fiscally conservative states like North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas willing to be taxed to bail out the free spending, poorly managed states like California, New York, and Illinois?

When California become the Greece of the Pacific and Illinois the Iceland of the Midwest who rides to the rescue? In the long run, will the White Heartland prop up the failing parts of the Union, or will it bail and create an enlarged Confederacy?

Unfashionable Observations

We live in interesting times.

It is worth noting though how utterly irrelevant the White Nationalist movement is to the anger and tension that is building in White America. While all this is going on, White Nationalists are discussing the Edgar Steele and Hal Turner cases.

White Nationalists have long predicted that eventually the White majority would wake up and start resisting its dispossession. Similarly, White Nationalists forecasted the collapse of the American economy and the destruction of the middle class.

When it comes to analysis, White Nationalists are usually not far off the mark:

– Yes, it is true the Jews are a bad influence.

– Yes, it is true that race exists.

– Yes, it is true that Whites are being pushed aside and will eventually lose majority status.

– Yes, it is true that political correctness and multiculturalism are calculated to weaken the White majority.

– Yes, it is true that Whites are expected to be individuals and non-Whites are expected to identify with their racial group.

– Yes, it is true that disaster (racial, cultural, financial) is inevitable if present trends continue.

The tragedy of the White Nationalist movement is that its ability to see reality so clearly is frustrated by its complete inability to do anything about it.

When the White Revolution does come, it will invariably be led by opportunists and scoundrels, who will co-opt the movement for their own purposes, not by the saints and prophets who toiled away in obscurity.

It won’t be the first time this has happened.

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  1. “flippityfloppity, I think most of the tax dollars going to KS and ND are farm subsidies, which do absolutely nothing for the majority of residents in those states who are not farmers.”

    I didn’t realize that when farmers get subsidies they go and bury it in a hole in the ground.

  2. I think the higher cost of living in blue states has something to do with it. People living in those states need to be paid higher wages to make up for the higher cost of living, so they end up paying more taxes and sometimes even in higher tax brackets.

  3. ASDF

    Let’s take the property tax. This is where you can really see the unfairness of the tax system. The Rich get taxed at the same rate as the rest of us. When the student population increases, the school taxes go-and also bonds are raised for new construction-and the nonwealthy pay more of their income to pay for the growth.

    Immigration has dropped Paul Craig Roberts poltical radar screen-completetly. He is now part of the treason lobby which is the force that is forcing post-1965 nonwhite immigration on the rest of us. The wealthy-who Paul Craig Roberts does not want to tax- have recieved a massive wage subsidy from millions of ordinary of Native Born White Americans. We are witnessing what may be the greatest wealth transfer in American history. The conclusion is obvious: the massive fortunes of the superich was acquired through theft of wages. It doesn’t not belong to them. Paul Craig Roberts is apparently very confotable with this great theft. I do not understand why he is still allowed on vdare.com. Paul Craig Roberts is effectively pro-immigration-that is to say,he is a goddam traitor.

    Behind every great fortune is a great crime!!!!!

  4. Jupiter:

    “The rich get taxed at the same rate as the rest of us”.

    So they pay more in total, and they pay the same percentage as everybody else. That is at best fair, and at worst, unfair to them. But most people live in neighbourhoods with similarly rich people. So why should a rich guy from out of town pay money into your middle class school district? I don’t get your logic. They also use a lot of private schools, so asking them to chip in for public schools is doubly unfair.

    If I had any money, I’d move to Latin America before I’d live in a socialist whites only country that stole half my income. The mistake that you guys make is assuming that everybody who is rich has made their money fleecing the middle class, and therefore deserve to be taxed to death. You’d be making enemies of a lot of hard working and intelligent white people, the very people you need in your movement and new society.

  5. ASDF

    You miss the crucial point-intentionally no doubt-which is:the burden is greater on the guy making 60 grand a year than the guy making 250 thousand a year. This is utterly regresive. And this is the reason why there is grassroots revolt against ordinary White Americans against the property tax. It really is class warfare.

    It is well known that the wealthy are overwhelmingly in favor of continuing post-1965 nonwhite immigration policy. As the nonwhites move into a town, property taxes and housing costs go up. This gets forced on ordinary Native Born White Americans by a voting block of wealthy Whites and nonwhite immigrants and their children.

    And when it gets to be to much for some of the members of the wealthy group, the pack up and leave for more rural areas and push up housing costs and property taxes. And can give you lots of examples of this across the America and goes to the heart of why their is a property tax revolt.

    Largely, the wealthy keep their kids in the public schools and ordnary working class Whites are drivrn out. The public school effectively becomes privatized

    Don’t give me the sob story about the “productive” wealthy. All you have to do is read the business news in a given area and becomes obvious who is the cheerleaders are for race-replacement..they are aways crying about labor shortages..bring in the nonwhite scab labor.

    Welathy Whites are getting away murder. Let me tell you sometehing, the point of view in this post is widely held by a lot of White Americans. They understand the obvious:they are having their wealth stolen by the wealthy…and the greedy cheating class does through the use of scab labor and a regressive tax system that favors the wealthy..thousands of White Americans experience the unfairness of this nasty game that is rigged against them

    I am not the one calling for higher taxes on millions of ordinary Native Born White Americans.

    You wrote that you would rather go live in Latin America. Go..leave go… do it. These are unstable societies precisely because of the decades of an unfair economic system. Make sure you have enough $$$$$$ to hire your death squads to protect your huge hacienda from the natives….

  6. ASDF: I had a couple uncles who were pretty wealthy, and got their money from manufacturing. They treated their workers well (I was one), and to the end of their days, they knew how to run every machine in their shops. I admired them and have no beef with their income. But how many of today’s rich have made their money by honest labor, as my uncles did? CEOs are paid huge sums by their boards of directors, who are all CEOs for other corporations. That is simply theft from the stockholders. And finance is simply part of the national ponzi economy, with fat bonuses for the biggest thieves. There is honest wealth and dishonest wealth, and, thanks to clever lawyers and hired politicians, both are legal. Sorting them out would be a necessary task for any reconstituted American government.

  7. The sorting out would occur naturally without the dishonest wealth being propped up by the government. That’s basically what the ‘2008 financial crisis’ started out as, all the worthless financial companies that operated just by borrowing money and reinvesting it and other shenanigans imploded. GM and Chrysler can be included in this, as their manufacturing operations had long since ceased to be profitable due to labor and pension costs, and they had been propped up for years largely by GMAC (their loaning and investment arm). The myth that the economy would collapse if not for the bailouts was a huge lie, if all that dead weight had been allowed to fall away, the economy might be on the way to recovery right now.

    Also many of the worst instances of mismanagers looting the shareholders are gone over the past decade, since private equity firms have bought up many of those companies on the cheap from stockholders who wanted to unload their underperforming stock, then removing the management and installing their own more competent management.

  8. 5.) In U.S. News and World Report, Jamie Stiehm advocates the expulsion of South Carolina, Texas, and Arizona from the Union, along with Florida and the Deep South states. Many Blues would happily choose progressive ideology over the preservation of the Union.

    Best idea I’ve ever heard from a progressive.

  9. There is a huge difference between the “wealthy” Jupiter condemns ($250k per annum) and the CEO’s earning money “for nothing”.

    How did the guy get to $250k/yr (or for that matter the CEO get to his position)? Who says the $60k-er should earn any more than his current lot in life. You sound like these white privilege whiners.

    Jupiter, I dont know what planet youre on, but property taxes are based on property values. Rich people usually have more expensive homes and pay higher taxes. When the student population goes up, the burden goes up as a percentage of value. Your suggesting home values and the associated expense makes up a greater percentage of salary (burden) on the $60ker vs. the 250ker. Unfortunately there is a supply and demand issue there combined with individual choice (or lack of). Unfair would be the school tax burden on childless households. Unfair would be school budget votes from persons who do not pay school taxes.

    Discard – Pork is pork. ND et al get their fair shares and then some (per capita). Farm subsidies is a form of welfare and road funds would be called “jobs” by my congresswomen.

    We need to send less money to the fed and let the states manage more of it.

  10. ASDF, re taxes and tax burdens:

    There are many young and naive posters at this site. While we should commend their spunk, they are often ignorant beyond their own experience which, when it comes to earning money and creating wealth is, if I might hazard a guess, severely limited. Likewise they lack family and business responsibilities. Consequently, they know not whereof they speak and often speak with malice and hardness in equal measure. Usually, age improves both deficits but, as is understood, time is short. This is a case when “Mind your elders!” should be restored as a living maxim.

  11. flipityflopity: I’m confused. I said nothing about farm subsidies or Federal highway building, I only pointed out that the states you mentioned as paying more than their share of Federal taxes, are the states that have the cities that concentrate the wealth produced elsewhere. Yes, California, New York, and Illinois have productive industry and agriculture, but they are also centers of corporate and financial activity. The profits from every McDonald’s in the country flow to McDonald’s headquarters, in California, I believe. Do the profits that Goldman-Sachs makes on the pension funds of Floridans or Iowans remain in those states? Money and power flow from the hinterlands to the capitals of wealth. Why else is lower Manhattan covered with skyscrapers?
    It may well be that Kansas gets more in federal spending than it pays in taxes, but they contribute a whole lot more of their wealth than what the IRS takes.

  12. flippityflow

    When home values go up,property taxes go up accordingly. then throw in a reassessment and the situation gets really out of control. The person making 60 thousand a year can easily end up paying 12-15 thousand a year in property taxes. Much easier to pay this scale of taxes when you are making 150 to 250 thousand na year in the same time. Your wrong on the facts. where this is occuring ,the higher income groups and the struggling middle income class group live basically in the same type’s of houses. The high poperty taxes forces the middle income group out of a town and area. There are so many examples of this across the nation. I am not the one out of touch. The propery tax revolt is raging across the land. It us much fairer and moral for the rich to pay higher percentage of the property tax. just go to any local business news rag…it’s always the owners of a business screaming bloody murder about a labor scarcity…this is just a demand for a scab labor wage subsidy in the form-most often-of a high fetility nonwhite…ordinary White Americans of course get to pay for the growth generated by the immigrnat nonwhites in terms of higher housing costs and higher prperty taxes…in the end they are forced to leave…you don’t think young Felicity will ever be picking the crops now do you..no her daddy is to busy slaving away lifting the enormous weight of his index finger while it pushes the virtual trade button on the computer screen.

    I must say there is absolutely revolting mindset among some of you here..its that good old free market savegeness..I got mine…can’t afford the property tax that I and my rich buddies and the the asian immigrants have driven up…hit the door buddy and don’t let it hit your ass….well, you shouldn’t be shocked that that1) there is a nation wide revolt against the property tax and that2) there is a growing rage and disgust at the wealthy elites.

    The wealthy aren’t wealthy because they work harder than the non wealthy. Who makes 250 $$$ a year cleaning toilets or emptying bed pans? Is Peter Brimelow working hard when he pushes the trade button on his computer screen during metal trading hours? Which one of his offspring will be picking the crops once the mexicans are sent packing? that’s for other White Americns kids.

    The wealth gap is growing very rapidly in America. there is a massive transfer of wealth from ordinary White Americans to the greedy cheating class. It is a great theft…no doubt about it…..

    Most of my points and facts have been simply ignored in my previous post by the defenders here of the greedy cheating class…and greedy and cheating they are.

  13. The unions and the pension palns are not the reason for the collapse of American auto companies. Blame mnagement and its decison to build idiotic gas guzzlers and their bloated salaries…everyone understands the obviousness of this…except for some antilabor pinheads in the White Nationalist movement…for these characters the worshipping of extreme wealth concentration is a virtue..this is a value that no dount can be found to be one of the dominant values in Hell itself….

  14. Union monopolies are 100% responsible for the rust belt. Here is what unions do- they limit the supply of labor in key industries. This increases the supply of labor in non-unionized industries. Wages are driven up for union folks, while WAGES ARE DRIVEN DOWN FOR NON-UNION FOLKS. Money that would have gone to the latter is indirectly shunted to unions, one offsetting the other. Unions exploit un-unionized workers. UNIONS STEAL FROM NON-UNIONS. Unions are evil.

    Another illiterate socialist. All ya gotta do is scream “greedy bastards” and that lets you off the hook from actually studying economics.

  15. TabuLa Raza: Unions were not entirely responsible for the rust belt. Detroit let the Japanese take over a big chunk of the American market with cars that were not only cheaper to buy, but more economical to drive and much longer lasting. That was entirely management’s fault.
    Unions put upward pressure on non-union wages, by forcing non-union employers to compete for workers with union shops. I suppose it depends on the particular circumstances whether or not that upward pressure is greater than the downward pressure caused by distortions of labor availability. The point is, it’s not all black or white.

  16. Discard – apologies, twas cold equation’s comment that followed yours. I understand your point, my point referred to the red state/blue state “bailout” relationship opined by the author.

    Jupiter – you keep referring to wealth as though there is a magic number that determines it without considering relative cost of living. I find property taxes and school taxes oppressive, as well, but I dont blame my neighbor who makes twice as much than me – unfortunately, when he bought an identical house ten years after me it was 3x the price (3x the mortgage payment) and then subsequently shed 1/3 of its value within the next five years. But did my town/school reduce its budget proportionally to the reduction in value? Of course not – so who should I blame? I dont know what your teachers are making and how many kids are in the classroom, but the teachers union is keeping a tight grip on their contract in my town.

    It also means I have a shitload of equity in my house now right? What good is it? If i want to die here, I cant afford it and if I sell I have to move to a lower cost of living area. One problem is the continued influx of immigrants pushing greater supply and demand. Control the tap (shut it off I say) and control demand.

    Do i respect the hard-working guy cleaning bedpans – sure. But should I tell the heart surgeon I dont care about his loans and time committment, you should pay more anyway? Dont think so.

    yes, people are cashing out and flocking to lower cost of living areas (driving up the real estate). Most of them are hard working guys retiring from their jobs “cleaning bedpans”. They cant afford to pay the property taxes even though the note on the house is paid off. Do you blame them? Should they be taxed at a higher rate, too?

  17. The ‘gas guzzler’ blame for Detroit’s problem is another myth. For the past decade or 2, the Detroit 3 have made their profits from trucks and SUVs, and at best broken even on the smaller cars. The reason they have to make all these small cars is because of government fleet ‘fuel economy standards’ which sets a maximum average mpg of the vehicles they produce. If they had been able to focus on building trucks, SUVs, and some of the larger cars since the mid-late 90s or so, and left the production of rice rockets to the Japanese, they would have been in much better shape.

  18. H. Rock White: If Detroit had built the small cars that many Americans wanted, cars as good as the Datsun 510 or the Toyota Corolla, they would not have needed to depend on SUVs and full size pickups to make a profit. That’s bad management, to concede so much of the market to your competitors.

    Note to younger posters: Nissan was introduced to this country as “Datsun”. Don’t know why. The 510 was an awesome little car, good for up to 200,000 miles. No American car of the 70s was as well built.

  19. Tabula Raza

    Unions aren’t responsible for the low wage economy. Youican chant that all you can chant thjat all you want. The American South historically been a a low wage area of the nation. It has nothing to do with unions , since unions are such a minor prescence in the Amerian South. And it is not a concidence that the American South is largely nonunion and lower wage. Blame the low wage South on such things as right to work laws and other legalized antilaor practices. More broadly, Unionization has been going down since the 1970’s across the US. While this has has been going on, the real wage of White American workers has been going down along with other economic indicators of well being..of course this all is occuring-since 1973-with the massive increase of high fertility nonwhites- immigrants and their offspring. Again, it is hardly a coincidence that all things are occuring at the same time.

    And I just want to point out that your “argument” against unions is the exact argument that the most vicious treasonous immigration enhusiasts-CATO institute “scholars come to mind-use to justify the importation of nonwhite scab labor to attack White unionized workers and the eventual race-reace-replacement of the Native born White American Majority with post post-1965 high fertility asians,hispanics,muslims,carribeans and affricans.

    flippity flop

    Why shoud the nonwealthy to pay more of their income for property taxes than someone who oves in and has a higher income? What exactly is fair about that? Here is the choice that the nonwealthy face:sell your home or lose it in a tax lean sale-possibly to an well to do foreigner from asia or a muslim from the middle east.

  20. Unions aren’t responsible for the low wage economy.

    Who said that? They’re responsible for the NO wage economy, because they drive all the jobs out.

    The American South historically been a a low wage area of the nation. It has nothing to do with unions , since unions are such a minor prescence in the Amerian South. And it is not a concidence that the American South is largely nonunion and lower wage. Blame the low wage South on such things as right to work laws and other legalized antilaor practices.

    Oh, that place-the one where they’re actually building new automobile manufacturing plants, non-Detroit companies like BMW, Toyota, and Kia are building them. If the Detroit 3 had moved all their production down there decades ago instead of keeping it in high-labor-cost states like Michigan, they might still be doing well.

  21. I work in one of the industries that drove people into forming unions in the first place. The unions are corrupt, but are the only thing protecting me from the whims of my employers. My bosses are the most evil people on earth. Think guys in top hats and waxed moustaches tying girls to railroad tracks.
    Trade unionism doesn’t work too well because it is not accompanied by any form of isolation/protection policy. If a company wants to move their factory to indonesia to avoid paying americans a decent wage, then their whole company should move, get stripped of their american citizenship and leave here the money they made here.

  22. Vlad Katonic

    You nailed it right on the head. The high wage economy wasn’t a gift from the greedy cheating class-the class of scum that Tabula raza goes to great lengths to defend. Tabula Raza represents an utterly retograde element in the White Nationalist movement that sees secession as opportunity to impose wage slavery-by force if necessary–on thousands of Native Born White Americans in the New White Homelands whch will be right next to China’s new extended borders-extended very deep into America.

    Of course, the struggle all along has always been for a high wage economy for a large segment of the Native Born White American population. What tablula Raza has done is provided a justification for wage slavery,child labor and chattel slavery…the slope is quite slippery.

    And the since the goal is a high wage economy..why not a high high wage economy for Southern Whites in the auto industry in the South..plus a really nice pension. For retrograde elements in the White Nationaliast movement in America…only the greedy cheating clas-a very small percentge of the US population that has forced a massive transfer of wealth from ordinary Native Born White Americans to themelves- is deserving of a high wage and luxurious pension….like auto compqany executives…now if your serious about how wage economy for Southern Auto workers, the barriers to unionization must be broken down.

    Tabula Raza ia a cockroacch pure and simple. He is pushing the exact freeemarket-neoliberal economic paradigm of the race-replacement enhusiasts of the economics profession…scum such as Paul Krugman, Lawrence Summers and Bradford Delong….no difference in economic wolrd views.

    If White Nationalism comes across as having an unfair-tough s…t eocnomic world view, it will have very little appeal to milllions of Native Born White Amerians.

    I thiink it was Trainspotter who wrote a few weeks ago in the thread about Libertarianism that it should be stabbed in the heart….he is dead on right about about this.

    The economic world view of retrograde elements in White Nationalist movement of the likes of Tabula Raza must be rooted out and destryoyed with no mercy…

  23. TabuLa Raza: No, I don’t want to defend the socialist school monopoly. Schools should be organized on no higher than the county level, with private schools subject only to the same laws as any other business. State departments of education should have only an advisory capacity, with NO money to disburse.

  24. “For decades, Red America operated on the assumption that the lifestyle and culture they are accustomed to could be preserved in spite of changing demographics. The election of Barack Obama and his determination to advance a radical agenda challenged that fundamental assumption.”

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. We’ve max’d out our credit card and the bartender wants to see our credit card just before closing time.

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