Is There a Cure for Libertarianism?

There are so many non racialist, or race denying religious/political/and economic belief systems that force our White Western people to accept the lie that “race doesn’t matter” or the only race that can be “racist” is our “evil White race” – when any other race, group of Non Whites shamelessly promotes their own group interests at the expense of WHites it’s called “Pride”, or it’s supposed to be a temporary remedy, something justified for supposed crimes, sins our White race has done to others in the past.

One non racialist, universalist belief systems that seems to have an unshakeable hard core following in America is the cult called:


This cult pushes an absolute, unshakeable assertion of the rights of individuals to do what they want, pursue their own interests and not worry about group loyalties, group interests, including loyalty to our White race. The larger, greater society/nation is supposed to be helped, flourish under this unrestrained individualism because of some “Hidden Hand” of free markets.

This Libertarian cult – and make no mistake, it is a cult appeals to many of our high IQ Whites who never find a group they can belong to, they are alone and fall into an unbending Libertarian true believer cult that “THEY KNOW THE TRUTH” and “THEY” , “ONLY THEY” have “THE SECRET” to SAVE HUMANITY by unleashing the benefits of free markets, free trade, free movements of good services and yes PEOPLE – that’s right, their theories push the insane, suicidal idea that all societies including White American society will benefit by allowing unlimited numbers of (diseased, criminal, lower IQ, violent, anti White) immigrants to move into our (White) nations/communities.

Worst of all these Libertarian TRUE Believers manage to worm their way into otherwise, sane, patriotic White American political groups under the idea/lie that America was great before Government restrained business or individuals in any way.

These Libertarians and I think it would be better to call them


are incredible bores. Don’t ever invite one to your social parties or or to your White Nationalist web site or they will go…

on and on and on and on and on and on

About their libertarian nonsense.

Humiliating, constant rejection at the ballot box – where libertarians win less than 1%, this doesn’t stop them, or slow them down. They just go on with the idea that not enough of the public knows “THE TRUTH” and “THE TRUTH SHALL SET THEM FREE”.

They are preaching the gospel of free markets, less government, individual rights for people to have….

the freedom to choose!

Hard cold reality sets in when one learns that 8 million Black HIV + Haitians, Mike Tyson’s homeboys in Brooklyn, 2 billion non White Muslims will “choose” to do other things than honest, fair, high IQ White Americans who just want to be left alone, read economics, play Dungeons and Dragons and live an individual life and not belong to any community or hate anyone.

The world would be a better place if only everyone else in the world was…

lived in a world of low taxes, less government, more personal responsibility etc.

What is to be done with these White Libertarians – as it is only Whites that seem to fall for this cult?

Milton Friedman - Free to Choose...
Mugabe - Chose to do bad things to our people

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  1. The only cure for libertarianism is the same as that for all of the other ‘isms’ affecting White people adversely, and that is to become racially aware. When we do this, these other isms will simply become irrellevant. Our people will simply jettison them for they do not serve our new racial agenda. The worst thing that we can do is to argue libertarianism’s validity with people, rather we simply need to continue assisting White people regain their racial heritage that has been stolen by vile White anglo-elites. That is how you cure libertarianism, and all of the other isms that have been invented to divert White people away from the survival of their people.

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