Spanish History Lesson: When Jews Took the Arab Muslim Side Against White Europeans

Many “Conservative” White Americans were shocked to learn that Jewish New York City mayor Bloomberg and other American Jewish leaders support Arab Muslims’ right to build a huge mosque/Muslim cultural center on Ground Zero. Aren’t Arab Muslims and Jews supposed to be mortal enemies in the Middle East, why would American Jews want to take the Arab Muslim side?

The reality is that Jews have a very long history of working with Arab Muslim, Turkish Muslims and just NW Muslims in wars, conflicts against White Europeans. Jews have long lived in wealth and power in Muslim societies and the main Jewish fear has been to get caught alone in a racially conscious, White homogeneous nation that prefers to do without Jewish money lenders, Jewish tax collectors, Jewish white slavers, Jewish “advisors” etc.

Here is a great history lesson on this subject. History is now repeating itself at Ground Zero NYC, the entire White West.

Spain Might Have Had a Good Reason to Expel the Jews
Instauration Magazine November 1992

Spanish Christians didn't "turn the other cheek" against Muslims & Jews
Spain, Invaded and occupied by Arab Muslims 8th - 15th c

Every schoolboy is or should be familiar with the year 1492, the year of the (re)discovery of the New world by Christopher Columbus, a Genoese in the service of the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella. For Spain, 1492 was to be the most important year in its history, as well as one of the most important in world history. it was the year the Spanish nation was consolidated, the year it said adi6s to the middle Ages, the year when the splendorous Spanish State took center stage in the political evolution of the the beginning of the year, on January 2, after a long siege, the army of the Spanish monarchs marched into the city of Granada, thus re-conquering the last of the real estate seized by the Arabs and moors seven centuries earlier. Then, on March 31, the Catholic monarchs signed a royal edict that ordered all Jews in Spain to convert to Christianity or ship out. Five months later Columbus sailed out of the Spanish port of Palos hoping to discover a new route to the Indies. His tiny fleet passed boats loaded with Jews sorrowfully complying with Ferdinand and Isabella’s expulsion order.


In this 500th anniversary of Columbus’s epochal voyage, much of the celebration has been marred by media inspired attacks on Spain for her “cruelty” and “foolishness” in expelling Jews. No one seemed to care what was done to the Muslims, who were also given the choice of conversion or expulsion a few years later, just as no one these days seems to care much about what was done to non-Jews in WWII German and Soviet concentration camps, where the death toll of Gentiles was probably ten times greater than the number of Jewish fatalities. Actually, any Jew who converted to Christianity was perfectly free to stay in Spain. Those who left could take all their earthly possessions with them, except gold and silver coins and trinkets.

The current media story line is that the Spanish, in a fit of blind religious fanaticism, cut off their noses to spite their faces by kicking out the clever and enterprising Jewish community. Having heard these tearful tales over and over again, history buffs could be forgiven for thinking that only mass insanity could have led Spaniards to commit such an enormous gaffe. Jews, today’s spin doctors insist, were the cultural and economic backbone of Spain, the most educated and verbal segment of the population. Only greed, envy, ignorance and Christian bigotry could possibly explain this act of pure folly. once again, a peaceful, unoffending people were driven out into the cold because of the heartlessness of their wicked neighbors. But that is not the end of the story! As is almost always the case, there was a price to be paid for persecuting the Jews. The price for Spain, according to the Jewish version of history, was its decline and fall, following the loss of so much Jewish brainpower and the economic and cultural benefits which Spain’s rivals, Portugal and Holland, received from swarms of Jewish refugees.

Per usual, when it comes to Jews, the story they tell is, shall we say, at variance with the facts. Fourteen hundred and ninety-two was the year Spanish civilization took off like a rocket. Within a century or two, Cervantes was writing Don Quixote; Velasquez was painting his incomparable portraits; Calder6n was writing his brilliant plays. it al most seemed as if the presence of the Jews had kept Spanish culture under wraps and their forced removal unloosed tremendous bursts of artistic, literary and economic energy. (Might it be possible that the same unshackling of cultural forces would produce similar results if the Jews left the U. S.?) In A History of Medieval Spain, Professor Joseph F. O’Callaghan provides us with perhaps the most scholarly and precise treatment of Spanish history in the time between the Arab conquest and the moors’ surrender of Granada. Spain had its origins in the Roman Empire. The Roman provinces in what is now Spain and Portugal furnished the Empire with some of its greatest emperors. with the fall of Rome, Spain was transformed into a kingdom of Visigoths, one of the German tribes which had inherited remnants of the Empire. The Visigothic kings were Christianized and ruled over a population comprised partly of Nordics and largely of mediterraneans, with a heavy sprinkling of Jews. Later, when the Arabs imposed Islam on Spain, the composition of the population was not greatly changed. The overwhelming majority of Arabs and Spaniards belonged to the Mediterranean race, though Nordic racial traits, such as fair complexions and blue eyes (Isabella had them), were discernible in the ruling circles of both peoples. Some Nordic genes had been implanted by the Vandals who swept through Spain before the Visigoths and fought their way as far as Tunis in North Africa. Here, it might also be noted, that the Muslim rulers and caliphs of Spain were not exactly cultural throwbacks. The Alhambra Palace in Granada is the most beautiful and most graceful pleasure dome to be found on any continent. In 675 the Muslims launched their first raid on Spain, which was repulsed by the Visigothic fleet. By 711, the Arabs had conquered North Africa and were ready to invade Western Europe. in only 21 years they penetrated as far north as Tours in France before being defeated and thrown back by the Franks under Charles Martel.

The reasons for the woefully poor showing of the Visigoths vis-A-vis the Arab invaders had to do with treason in high places. As O’Callaghan remarks, “Certainly the Jews and others who had suffered under Visigothic rule welcomed the invaders as liberators and collaborated with them.” As O’Callaghan also points out, perhaps to avoid endangering his academic standing, the Jewish renegadism was justified by the “disorder” of the Visigothic Kingdom. The re-conquest of Spain started in the rugged mountains’ of Asturias in northern Spain. There a Visigothic knight, Pelayo, refused to bow down to the Muslims and won the first battle in a 700-year-war between Islam and Christianity. The Reconquista, as it is known, was a glorious era in the history of the West. A proud and fierce people would be tried and tested in a thousand battles. The Jews, as is their custom, quickly burrowed into the Arab fabric of Spain. Generally preferring Muslim to Christian overlords, the People of the Book were allowed to practice their religion without interference and became key elements in Muslim society. it need hardly be added that the Christians who had suffered from Jewish moneymen in Visigothic times, came to loathe them more than ever in Muslim Spain.

By the 11th century the situation in Spain had become fluid, with the Christians slowly nibbling back parts of their lost lands, while constantly under the threat of fierce Muslim counterattacks. It is not surprising that the eternal “middlemen” should rise to the surface in these troubled times. In both the Muslim and Christian parts of Spain, Jews engaged in all their age-old occupational specialties: usury, the slave trade, prostitution, tax “farming” (contracts to collect taxes for the kings and nobles), the law, medicine, administration and any other type of employment that required little or no physical labor. Worst of all from the point of view of the pious Christian population, they were able to infiltrate the church in large numbers. it was this last activity that led to their downfall. As Muslim power waned, Jews relied more and more on the expanding Christian kingdoms of Spain to provide them with their customary perks. Employed by Spanish monarchs in the most sensitive matters of state, especially in finance, Jews never had it so good since the good old days of Solomon. The Chosen, however, could not enter the church without converting. It was not too long before true Christians realized that the Christianity of most “New Christians” was only skin deep. That converted Jews mocked the Christian religion, celebrated Jewish feast days, and were slowly and subtly introducing Talmudic themes into Christian theology were open secrets. It was no wonder they came to be viewed as a hostile element, busy weakening the Christian nation in the very face of the Muslim enemy.

High-Octane Religiosity

In the Middle Ages religion was the fault line of the world. In the same way that the West fought communism in this century, so the Christian West fought the power of Islam in those crucial years. Religion was central to all aspects of life, there being no such thing as a secular state. It is a waste of words to argue that Christian Spain should have made room for Jews and Muslims. Such an accommodation was quite out of the question in the Age of Faith. When Spain expelled the Jews, England, France and other European nations had long since sent them on their way, for approximately the same reasons. The main difference was that the number of Jews and their influence and affluence in Spain were vastly greater than elsewhere in Europe. Ironically the European nations that would later condemn Spain for expelling Jews were the first to voice suspicion of Spain’s “purity” because it had been “defiled” by the presence of so many Jews and Muslims. Queen Isabella agreed up to a point. She knew very well that as long as Jews remained in her kingdom they would constitute a political, cultural, philosophical and theological fifth column, not to mention a military liability in the event of a Muslim attempt to retake what they had lost-a scary scenario that was always a possibility.

Isabella and her husband, Ferdinand, knew in their hearts that only by building one undivided and indivisible Spain could they carry out the tremendous task they had set for themselves. They understood what we seem to have forgotten: You cannot build a nation out of disparate population groups widely separated by culture and religion. Either Jews and Muslims would leave or renounce their faith, or Spain, as a united Christian country, would never endure. Although Jews are not a race, they act like a race and should be treated as one. Anthropologically speaking, they are various mixtures of the Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean races, with a few distinctive facial traits showing up in many of them. Isabella’s relying on religion to define a Jew may have been adequate in her day, but it would be wide of the mark in 1992. Today, in the U.S. about 70% of Jews are non-religious. To use Judaism as a basis for expelling Jews would allow the more intelligent and more devious Jews to remain in our midst.

The Jews in the Christian Spain aborning were not fools. They were quite aware that popular sentiment was rising against them. Fighting back in any way they could, they bribed powerful and corrupt nobles and worked their way into high positions in the government and church. All in vain. In 1391 massive anti-Jewish pogroms broke out across Spain. In that year, thousands of Jews were killed in Aragon and Castile. in the words of O’Callaghan,

Hostility towards the Jews had often been manifested in the past, chiefly because of their involvement in money-lending and tax-farming. Complaints about Jewish usury and Jewish tax collectors occur again and again in the records of the Cones [the Spanish parliament or assembly] . . . . Though the Crown usually promised to attend to these complaints, Jews continued to figure prominently in the management of royal finances. The riots of 1391 spelled the beginning of the end for Spanish Jewry, although it would still hold on for another hundred years. The simple truth was that Spain had outgrown Jews, just as it had outgrown Muslims. The Jews, as stated previously, had no part to play in Spain’s great years, which, some cynics say, is why Spain had its “great years.” The Encyclopedia Britannica (1963 edition, vol. 2 1, p. 122) adds: “The tide of national enthusiasm, religious fanaticism and indignation at Jewish financial operations reached its high-water mark about three months after the fall of Granada. . . .” Apparently there were early-bird milkens and Boeskys in the ranks of Spanish jewry. Professor Philip W. Powell, in his book, The Tree of Hate (published in 1985) attributes the expulsion of the Jews to a religious conflict between Judaism and Christianity. He is not afraid to meet the issue of anti-Semitism head on: ‘The very misleading term of ‘anti-Semitism’ is so carelessly, or malevolently, tossed about these days that it virtually has no meaning except as a convenient rock to hurl in anger–but, like a rock, it can hurt.” He goes on to say: The Jews’] impassioned opinions hamper the writing of fair and unbiased accounts of Spain. Jewish emotion, when aroused by historical memory of [the] Spanish Inquisition and expulsion, exaggerates and distorts, and certainly gives little shrift to the Spanish side of the story …. Jewish writers are aided by a popular opinion, much of it created by themselves, which for centuries has influenced writing upon these themes.

Powell points out that while it is true that all the 165,000 or so Jews who refused to give up Judaism were expelled in 1492, many more chose to stay and converted. Those who only converted superficially underwent various forms of capital punishment. Jews and other writers of anti-Spanish tendencies, have preferred to focus attention upon these Spanish crimes as a means of demonstrating Spanish cruelty and bigotry. The usual groundwork for this is a morality of later centuries applied to 15th and 16th century historical situations, without that sense of justice so essential to historical interpretations. Or, sometimes more simply, it may come from the well-known Jewish propensity for cultural replenishment out of martyrdom. Professor Powell gets to the nitty-gritty in these words: But the majority of the Spanish people, witnessing [all the] evidence of Jewish-Converso influence . . . . and simply the numbers of Jews daily discernible in the population would, and did, view the situation with antagonism.

Explaining that this antagonism sometimes led to mob attacks on Jews, Powell dryly adds, “If there was anything uniquely Spanish in all this, it was not intolerance or bigotry, but rather a notable forbearance in comparison to the ways the Jewish problem was handled elsewhere in Europe.”

Inquisition Hype The chief purpose of the Spanish Inquisition, established in 1480, was to ensure that Jews did not create a “state within a state.” The Inquisition was a defense of the monarchy and a defense against treason. Many European states applauded its creation as a needed step to rein in Jewish power. Whatever the Inquisition was to become once the Jews had gone, it served its primary purpose in ridding Spain of a hostile force of infiltrators and subversives at a time when the church and nation were in grave danger. The ferocity of the Spanish Inquisition may well stem from the fact that it was in large part staffed by Jewish converts, who amply demonstrated that they had lost none of their innate venom by switching religions. Jewish converts who fell all over themselves to prove their loyalty to their new faith were the driving force behind the grim and fanatical persecution of other Jews. Tomas de Torquemada, the ferocious inquisitor General, who sent so many of his brethren to the stake, is said to have been of Jewish descent. No less an authority than Salvador de madariaga, one of modern Spain’s leading intellectuals, holds to the view that the peculiar intolerance of the Spanish Inquisition can be traced, in part, to the presence of Jewish converts in its highest ranks. Madariaga, by the way, made up for this “anti-Semitic” opinion by stating that Columbus was a converso, but not necessarily a Marrano (pig in Spanish), a derogatory term for a convert who practiced Judaism secretly. Several Jewish scholars, including the non-scholars of Time magazine, have accused King Ferdinand of being “part Jewish,” though they never satisfactorily explain where the Jewish genes came from. To sum up, Spain’s expulsion of the Jews was logical, rational and, for the times, not overly cruel-far less cruel than what modern Jews have done and continue to do to the Palestinians. The Spanish have no need to apologize for their actions in freeing their nation from a harmful internal enemy. The Jews resented their expulsion, as they have resented other forced exoduses in their history. The truth is, contemporary Jews should not blame Spain for their ancestors’ misfortunes five centuries ago. They need only to look in the mirror.


N.B.F. and W.R.


  1. I have noticed something among individuals, but perhaps it applies to groups as well: Those who mooch shamelessly will think it an injustice when they are cut off from the freebies.

  2. Very good and accurate article, I liked it.

    Specially the part of the “jewish view”, that can give you a sample of what sionist media lies are still doing to our once so great history and culture, always victimising jews, arabs and all those “beautiful and rich cultures” that tried so hard so many times to destroy our nation´s and occident´s identity and still try.

    They try to make people identify Spain with the “cruel and bigot” peoples who expelled the “so innocent” jews who practiced usury and muslims who treated “mozárabes” (spaniards who were fidel to christendom living in arab rule) like shit, and with the called by them fascist regime of Franco too, the result is: people without pride, people who are happy to see government retiring crucifixes from schools but will go mad if they know about a moor girl that is not allowed to wear their veil in school, people accepting massive inmigration and imposed multi culturality because “it enriches our culture”, what do they care about our culture if they deny it? And I won´t talk about communists and separatist. In definitive, our pride and history going down the drain.

    Another thing: we actually cannot talk about a country called Spain before reconquista, because Spain as we know it today, its the product of the unity of several christian kingdoms who fought together in reconquista. Arabs called “al-andalus” their territory, which wasnt all the peninsula too.
    Celts, Iberians, Visigoths and specially imperial Rome are our origins, but current spanish identity started after reconquista.
    I say that just because I consider it interesting for some readers, not because I consider that the article its wrong on something, as I think its very accurate in all.

    Greetings from Spain,


  3. Jews have a history of subversive behavior, and they are still doing it, so there is little doubt about their predilections.

    Interesting to note that Spain didn’t expel them on racial grounds, neither Arabs nor Jews, but merely religious. So they wanted to assimilate them into their population. It’s little wonder why they look racially as they do today.

    Also you agree with Spain’s assimilation of non-Europeans and claim that these Afro-Asiatic people are racially Mediterranean which reveals your perspective.

    Since we hold Jews to such high standards, as they should be, what about Spain and Portugal? Shouldn’t they be guilty of creating a miscegenated Latin America that is invading White Germanic America now?

    What is certain is that the Semitic people and their cultures/religions are the main source of our problems today, whether they be Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Outside of the racial context of these the religions themselves are all non-European in origin.

  4. “Interesting to note that Spain didn’t expel them on racial grounds, neither Arabs nor Jews, but merely religious. So they wanted to assimilate them into their population. ”

    The majority of muslim population in the iberian peninsula were christians who converted to islam, even visigoth governors who accepted conversion as long as they kept their privileges, like this:
    The army of 9000 berbers who entered into Spain could never change “how we racially looked”.
    I´m not very sure about the jewish population, if I find information about it, I´ll post it here.

    “It’s little wonder why they look racially as they do today.”

    Oh… enlighten me with your knowledge, how do we look? And how do you think that celts or iberians were? Two metres tall, blonde, blue eyed men?
    This is a report on genetics in iberian peninsula, read it and make your own conclusions.

    “what about Spain and Portugal? Shouldn’t they be guilty of creating a miscegenated Latin America that is invading White Germanic America now?”

    We brought civilization to these people, who at those time were sacrificing human people and practicing cannibalism. If they have universities, hospitals or roads is thanks to us. Some of us race mixed there? Yes, and? We don´t have the right to go and exterminate everyone, that´s genocide.
    Also, we created colonies who were united with our kingdom when we were a powerful country, they got independence from some centuries ago, its not our fault that they have poverty now.

    “What is certain is that the Semitic people and their cultures/religions are the main source of our problems today, whether they be Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Outside of the racial context of these the religions themselves are all non-European in origin.”

    Not only semitic, masonic influenced WASPs and nordicists have contributed a lot against european unity too.

  5. Why should the Jews side with Muslims over Christians? Is it the similarity of the religions, or what?

    In a technical sense, all of us, Muslim and Christian, are merely “goyim” to them; why favor one over the other?

  6. Why? Tactics. Organized Jewry will use anyone and everyone – esp. natural collectivists like the darker races – to destroy the white race and its individualist civilization. This done, they’ll discipline and control their former “allies” via handouts, media-brainwash, and Gulag-style violence. In all, a great article…except this thing about “expelling” Jews. That only displaces the problem onto someone else. Our task is to peel away the Jews’ allies, isolate them, then let events take their own course. When the Germans in 1941 drove the reds out of eastern Poland, the Baltic states, White Russia, and the Ukraine, large and spontaneous anti-Jewish popular uprisings took place, so- called “pogroms” during which significant numbers of the Chosen were rendered harmless. That’s what is going to happen within the event-horizon: not gubmint “expelling” anyone. Just pure spontaneity. On the overall situation, incidentally, see Paul Craig Roberts’ latest column…he thinks things are soon going to get very “spontaneous” indeed in our disintegrating Kwa, and that’s all good.

  7. Why should anyone be surprised at the Jew support for the Islamics? bHussein Obama got 80 percent of the Jew vote. Doesn’t anyone know how much Jews in the middle east hate Christians? I guess not.

  8. more weirdness from “the only democracy in the mideast”
    ‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis
    JPost, Aug 27 2010

    A singer who performed in front of a “mixed audience” of men and women was lashed 39 times to make him “repent,” after a ruling by a self-described rabbinic court on Wednesday. Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak, founder of the Shofar organization aimed at bringing Jews “back to religion” (hazara betshuva), has made it his recent mission to fight against musical performances for both men and women. His “judicial panel,” with Rabbi Ben Zion Mutsafi and another member, sentenced Erez Yechiel to 39 lashes in order to “rid him of his sins.” In a video clip of the court posted on the Shofar Web site, Ben Zion said that those who make others sin (mahtiei rabim), such as artists who make men and women attend performances or dance together, have no place in the world to come. He displayed a leather strip he said was made by his father from ass and bull skin, with which Yechiel was to have been whipped. Yechiel, who said, “I accept upon myself the lashing for my sins,” was ordered to stand by a wooden pole with his head facing north (“from whence the evil inclination comes”), his hands tied with a azure-colored rope (“a symbol of mercy”), and served his “sentence.”

  9. Under the Synagogue’s Talmudic Noachide* law those who worship Jesus Christ are subject to execution. Here is the documentation:

    The rabbinic legal authorities of Orthodox Judaism decree that the worship of Jesus Christ constitutes idol worship (avodah zarah).
    —Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Avodat Kochavim 9:4. Teshuvos Pri ha-Sadeh 2:4. Igros Moshe, Y.D. 3:129-6

    Idol worshippers are liable to the death penalty under the Talmudic “Noachide Laws.”
    —BT Sanhedrin 57a

    Rabbinic authorities decree that a building set aside for actual (rather than feigned) worship of Jesus Christ is a house of avodah zarah.
    —Yayin Malchus, 234-237. Minchas Elazar 1:53-3. Yechaveh Da’as 4:45. Darchei Teshuvah 150:2. Tzitz Eliezer 14:91

    Therefore, when passing a church, Judaics utter a curse upon it as follows: “Beis gee’im visach Hashem.”
    —Birkath ha-Minim, 12th Amidah. BT Berakhot 58b

    According to Jewish law Moslems are not idol worshippers like Christians and are not subject to execution.

  10. I find it deeply ironic that Jews are more hostile to Christianity than they are to Islam. Christianity is constructed to be subordinate to Judaism merely via worship of a Jew, Jesus Christ. Christianity is the breeding ground of useful idiots to Israel, like Christian Zionists who have swallowed the old line about God blessing those who bless Israel hook, line, and sinker. The CZs are a prime example of how much easier it is for Jews to subvert Christianity to their cause than Islam.

    For all the Jewish angst over Adolf Hitler, he only made matters worse for the Germanic peoples he was allegedly trying to save. They ended up being further enslaved by the Jews and their country Israel’s personal ATM machine along with the rest of the countries of the White Christian West. Madoff Math keeps the figure of Jews allegedly killed stuck at six million no matter how many Holocaust Survivors materialize to take advantage of the latest Reparations Shakedown. Hitler was such a colossal failure that one has to wonder if he wasn’t a Rothschild agent. The irony is that he was probably a true anti-semite who was inhibited by his own Christian faith even though he claimed to have repudiated it. As St. Ignatius said, “Give me a child for seven years and I have him for life!”

    Contrast that to the Prophet Mohammed and his Muslim followers. No one questions the number of Jews he wiped out at Medina and other areas. Simply, because he wasn’t inhibited by Jew Worship the way Christians are. To them Jesus of Nazareth was NOT God, but a particularly exceptional MAN of God. He is honored as a Prophet of Islam; no more, no less. That’s why they have no problem whatsoever in backhanding Jewry whenever they get out of line.

    The Noachide Laws are a prime example of “be careful what you wish for” where the Jews are concerned. I was born and raised a Catholic and I feel that Christianity was the worst calamity that ever befell Europe. In view of the fact that they have been indoctrinated into centuries of worshipping a Jew, Jesus Christ, Christianity has thwarted Europeans in taking any long or lasting decisive action against the Jews.

    I am no big fan of Islam, but it has not been subverted by Jews the way Christianity has. Nor am I an an atheist. However, I think Christianity was hijacked by Saul of Tarsus and bears absolutely no resemblance to what was originally intended and worse, was warped into something that neither Jesus Christ nor his original apostles ever imagined even in their own worst nightmares. Europeans need to scuttle the Jew Worshipping Christianity and look to pure Deism for their own self-defense.

    • Regarding the Jews who were killed in Medina (because they broke their treaty with the Prophet of Islam and sided with the enemy), you’re probably not aware that the person who pronounced the death sentence on the Jews was someone that the Jews themselves selected to pass judgment.

  11. Good article. Notice today: the Jews hate with all their being the same whites who saved them from Hitler. At least the ones in America call us Nazis and “racists” as a reward for saving them from certain extinction.

    “However, I think Christianity was hijacked by Saul of Tarsus and bears absolutely no resemblance to what was originally intended and worse, was warped into something that neither Jesus Christ nor his original apostles ever imagined even in their own worst nightmares.”

    The problem with idea this is that the Jews who were running Christianity at the time (especially James) didn’t brand Paul as a heretic or condemn any of his writings. So it’s hard to imagine how Paul “warped” Christianity (an idea extensively promoted by Muslims and some Jews) when the people who trained directly under Jesus Himself didn’t bring one accusation against him.

    • Jesus’s brother, James, was not in the least happy with Paul/Saul. Also, the disciples never called Jesus God or God Jr.–they called him master or rabbi.

  12. I’ve never met a muslim who wasn’t completely disabused of the US-media brainwash so there must be something in their religion/culture which keeps them from being easily fooled.

  13. A great book to read on this subject is “The Last Crusader, Isabella of Spain” by William Walsh. It is a very objective and informative account of the reconquista from about 1400 through 1492, the year of Columbus’ discovery of the new world.

    One theme throughout the book is the mutual hostility and distrust between Spanish Christians on one side and the new Christians or “conversos” and Jews on the other which sometimes escalated into full scale violence. In one instance 4000 sword wielding conversos attacked a Christian village of 700. The Christians managed to fight them off for two days until reinforcements arrived and killed or drove off the conversos. In other instance Christians were peacefully marching through a village of Jews but Jewish villagers began tossing feces and urine at them from their high dwellings. This enraged the Christians who slaughtered them en masse. When Queen Isabella arrived days later to inspect the carnage she was treated to the stench of rotting corposes, severed heads and limbs and blood stains.

    It seemed wayward, unethical, and sacrilegious Christians were almost always newly converted Jews or of partial Jewish ancestry. Ironically, some of the most ardent Christian inquisitors appointed to root out heresy were also converted Jews or of partial Jewish ancestry. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence proving that grand inquisitor general Torquemada may have been all or of partly Jewish descent. Another surprise was learning that the Jewish population was very large in Spain. Based on the numbers quoted Jews comprised around 15% of the population.

    While the Jews enjoyed status and privileges in Al Andalusia they did suffer violence at the hands of their Muslim benefactors on occasion on account of their sharp business practices and propensity to exploit non-Jews. This was the same reason why they were often persecuted by the Christians before the Muslim conquest. The book also describes how Jews looked upon Spanish Christians as racial inferiors. Sound familiar?

    According to the book the incident that precipitated the Jewish expulsion order was a ritual murder committed against a young Christian boy. Although Isabella likely would have expelled the Jews anyway this crime enraged her and hastened her decision to do so.

    One lesson I learned is that a strong, uncompromising leader is an absolute prerequisite to lead a struggling people and nation to victory and greatness. Isabella was very fair minded and had an uncanny ability to unite warring factions of Spanish Christians. But she was also strong willed and refused to compromise her principles or moderate her vision of a Spain free of the menaces of Islam and Judaism.

    There were times after the Muslim conquest that all seemed hopeless for the Spanish Christians but they refused to bow down and resolved to fight, whatever the cost. White nationalists have much to learn from Isabella, Ferdinand and the main actors from that period. A part of me doubts whether the Western world even has leaders and men of that caliber anymore.

  14. Heh, this inconvienent fact is Cryptonite for both the Leftists and the Jew-cons
    I wonder why it isn’t used more often, it’s priceless counter-revolutionary agit-prop. I’ve been doing it for years and I’m not specially bright =p

  15. “The problem with idea this is that the Jews who were running Christianity at the time (especially James) didn’t brand Paul as a heretic or condemn any of his writings. So it’s hard to imagine how Paul “warped” Christianity (an idea extensively promoted by Muslims and some Jews) when the people who trained directly under Jesus Himself didn’t bring one accusation against him.”

    I respectfully suggest you reread the epistle of James where he scolds the vainglorious man (Paul) about pushing faith without works. Also, Acts is filled with James’ attempts to rein Paul by sending the people he preached to the “Judaizers” he fulminated against to correct the way he twisted the message of Jesus to his own ends all the time. In several of his letters to his increasingly wary flock, “I, Paul” has to say he is “not lying.” Who, pray tell, is calling him a liar? Barnabas deserted him and several other churches turned away from his teachings which resulted in “kudos” from the writer of Revelations. Paul ended up being executed by the Romans rather than face down a Jewish tribunal filled with Jewish Christians and traditionalists themselves.

    I will always believe Paul hijacked Christianity by faking his own conversion in order to subvert the Roman empire, but somewhere along the line he was seduced by the idea of creating his own religion which alarmed both traditional Jewry and Christian Jewry alike.

    It is clear to me that James saw the mission Jesus Christ established was to reform Talmudic Judaism back to strict Torah observance. By seeking out the “lost sheep” in the former territory of Israel, the apostles hoped the larger number of Torah-only observant Jews could influence and eradicate Talmudic Jewry.

    I also believe that, as far as Jesus and his original disciples were concerned, it was “all or nothing.” A complete conversion to Mosaic law and Torah observance (with circumcision and all the religious and dietary stuff that came with it) or nothing at all.

    I don’t see where the current attempt at Noahidism or some form of paganism that turned Roman gods into Jewish saints and revised a pagan trinity into Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was ever original game plan. Paul of Tarsus definitely tampered with it and Europe has suffered ever since.

  16. As history teaches us, Muslims and Jews will always be close, don’t see the superficial Israel Palestinian conflict, they agree on everything and soon western nations will see the full repercussions of this alliance of the leftist Jews and there Muslim brethren

  17. You are right King Pelayo did fight back, but what you didn’t know is that King Pelayo of Asturias was from Jewish descent. I should know I descend from him.

  18. Good read. Don’t forget the fuckin gypsies of Spain. There were a lot of them and they really stood out racially. I always thought Sephardic features in Spain were pretty in women. Better than Arab-features. I always agreed that the Jews sided with the Muslims, however Jews get an edge when things are not in organized fashion. No matter what country!

  19. Interesting how the article Never once mentions the Native Celtic tribes who were there Long before the wretched Viking Goths & Accursed Greco-Romans ever came along to conquer & subdue them under foot !!

    Unless the author, is pathetically inferring them, by the use of the dubious & glib euphemistic term of “Mediterraneans” – whatever the hell that means !!

  20. Om eerlik te wees ek kan dit verstaan. Die Moslems het gesê die Jode en Christine kan hulle geloof beoefen onder hulle maar dan moet hulle ? belasting betaal vir dit. Waar die Katolieke vir die Jode gesê het word Christene of ons martel julle en brand julle dood. In daai geval sou ek ook die Moslems oor die Katolieke kies. Die Katolieke kerk was daai tyd ? fascistiese en terroristiese kerk, almal wat nie saam hulle wou stem nie was gemartel of dood gebrand. Hulle was soos ISIS vandag is.

  21. Should be mentioned that right after re-Christianizing Spain, the Spanish launched the most vicious slaughter of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and the Caribbean. Read “American Genocide,” by Prof. David Stennard.

    Also, the good Christians of the US signed more than 500 treaties with the Native Americans–and did keep any of them.

    Doubt if Christ would approve of the “Christians.”

    • You’d better take care about what is happenning today in occupied Palestine and how your satanic jewish seed are destroying /Killing /genociding innocent people in their own land – instead criticizing the Christians.
      By the way, in which Christian country/territory are you living, cockroach ???

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