Cyndi Steele Meets the U.S. Government

by Val Koinen

I just finished reading a very interesting, informative, and (in some ways) disturbing and even alarming document. I am referring to the September 7, 2010 affidavit of Cyndi Steele filed with the U.S. District Court for Idaho. (For those of you who don’t know, Mrs. Steele is the wife of north Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele, who has been charged by U.S. Federal prosecutors with hiring a neighbor and handyman, one Larry Fairfax, to kill his (Steele’s) wife and mother-in-law.)

The extremely enlightening affidavit referred to was filed primarily in order to object to the pending acceptance of an unbelievably lenient plea bargain deal between Fairfax and the U.S. prosecuting attorney (Ms. Traci Whelan) (as was a similar affidavit filed on the same date by Mrs. Steele’s mother Jacquanette Kunzman of Oregon City, Oregon). The affidavits are also pleas for more effective protection of Mrs. Steele’s family, and they bring up other important issues as well.

The filing of these affidavits is an extremely important, potentially explosive development in the closely related Edgar Steele and Larry Fairfax cases. This could be huge! They would seem to indicate that many ramifications of the government’s handling of these cases from the outset could be legally questionable, to say the least.

See the Cyndi Steele affidavit here.

Edgar Steele is presently jailed in Spokane, Washington, awaiting a November trial in nearby Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Larry Fairfax is apparently still being held in the Bonner County jail in Sandpoint, Idaho, although he is reportedly in the process of finalizing a plea bargain with the Federal Prosecutor’s office and the Court.

For more background information and details of the unbelievable and highly improbable if not impossible twists and turns of these cases, you can go here or here.

While I have not yet dug into the details of the Cyndi Steele affidavit so as to personally and independently verify the facts as represented by that document; and assuming of course that the document I have read online is genuine and is a true copy of the affidavit actually filed by Mrs. Steele with the District Court; I see no reason to doubt its credibility. In fact, I think it is quite clear, and even unarguable, that:

(1) Her statements and assertions warrant a full, vigorous investigation by the local media – and particularly, by the local newspapers:

Spokane, Washington Spokesman-Review
Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) Press
Bonner County (Idaho) Daily Bee

This would seem to me to be a real opportunity for some good investigative journalism – I just wonder if these newspeople have it in them? I am assuming, of course, that the above and other local media are interested in, and capable of, professional and unbiased journalism, and reporting the truth. And I’m also assuming that they are not “in bed with” the “powers that be” that are or may be involved in this case – the FBI, the local U.S. Prosecutor’s Office, the ADL (the Jewish “Anti-Defamation League”), or others.

(2) Her statements and assertions warrant full consideration and investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and its FBI, Prosecuting Attorney, and the Federal District Court (as to their actions to date in the cases of Mr. Steele and Mr. Fairfax and regarding the treatment of the supposed intended victims of any crimes that have been committed) (assuming, of course, that honest and unbiased elements of those Federal entities are available and are capable of conducting such investigations and evaluating the results).

(3) Her statements and assertions comprise legitimate grounds in my opinion for all concerned, reasonable, and prudent U.S. citizens who are aware of these matters and who care about justice and the legal-justice system, and especially the role of those federal government employees involved in these specific cases; to ask the following questions in a sincere effort to determine the truth:

(a) Have any FBI agents exhibited bias or incompetence, or even broken the law, in connection with their investigations, actions, or the possible intimidation of Mrs. Steele? Was their acceptance of the legitimacy of the incriminating tapes or involvement in their procurement (production?) warranted and proper? What of their reportedly taking the Steele’s (remaining) precious metals from their residential property? If the FBI does know the identity of Fairfax’s accomplice(s)/co-conspirator(s), why haven’t they been arrested? What of the FBI’s working closely with informant, (?)thief, and confessed (attempted) “car-bomber” Fairfax; even to the extent that they would seem to have endangered the lives of Cyndi Steele and numerous others? Have they duly investigated the possible involvement of the ADL or other Jewish entities, and in particular, any connection they might have with the actions of Fairfax and his cohorts?

(b) Has there in fact been any prosecutorial incompetence and/or misconduct (including but not limited to such things as victim- and/or witness-intimidation and deprivation of the civil rights of Edgar or Cyndi Steele and other members of their family)? Was it proper for Assist. U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan to grossly undercharge Larry Fairfax for his (confessed) role in placing a car bomb under Cyndi Steele’s vehicle? As above for the FBI – if Fairfax’s accomplice(s)/co-conspirator(s) are known, why haven’t they been charged? Why was Ms. Whelan willing to accept the ridiculously lenient terms of the plea-bargain arrangement with Fairfax? What of Ms. Whelan’s apparent misstatement re: Cyndi Steele not wanting contact with the prosecutor’s office? Most recently, what should we make of Ms. Whelan’s “threat” to “investigate” whether or not Cyndi Steele’s September 7 affidavit is her own statement (as though paying an attorney to draft a legal document on one’s behalf for filing with the Court is somehow wrong, or illegal)? For that matter, what of Ms. Whelan’s seemingly “adversarial attitude” toward Cyndi Steele in general?

(c) Has there been any incompetence, bias, or judicial misconduct on the part of the U.S. District Court, referring specifically to such things as: Holding Edgar Steele without bail (in view of his long and honorable life, service to his country in the U.S. Coast Guard, lack of any criminal record, and professional and community standing)? The “no-contact” order forbidding him from contacting his wife? Apparently sanctioning the FBI’s confiscation of precious metals (and cash and other assets?) belonging to the Steeles? (All three of these things have presumably made it extremely difficult if not impossible for Mr. Steele to prepare a proper defense.)

Read the affidavit, study the unbelievably convoluted history of this entire case, and decide for yourself. And try to keep an open mind regarding the key question – is it just possible that Mr. Steele has been “set up” and is being persecuted more than legitimately prosecuted, for his social/political beliefs and activities? I’m not saying that I know for a fact that this is what is happening. But I am starting to get suspicious about it. And if it turns out that this is being done by our government employees, perhaps in the service of the Jews over their displeasure with Mr. Steele, there truly should be “hell to pay!”

And at the very least – be sure to keep a close, critical eye on all the government “actors” during Mr. Steele’s upcoming trial (assuming he lives long enough to actually stand trial in November). If he gets a fair trial and is convicted, so be it. But if it is shown that there has been wrongful behavior on the part of the U.S. Government, or if any more clear evidence of such wrongdoing comes to light, we responsible citizens should do two things: (1) contribute financially (and generously) to Mr. Steele’s appeal (which will surely follow a conviction); and (2) demand the appropriate punishment of those involved.

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  1. I am not familiar with the case. I heard Covington mention it on one of his podcasts recently. It would be helpful to have a summary of the case, prior to the 16 pages of legal documents.

  2. I’ve followed the persecution of Edgar Steele since he was first arrested.

    Steele is a college graduate, an accountant, a lawyer in good standing, a four year military veteran, and has never been in any trouble before.

    His main crime seems to be his defense of the politically incorrect in Idaho, and his internet radio broadcasts & writings. Nothing abusive, profane or pornographic in any of Steele’s broadcasts or writings.

    Steele is a Protestant.

    Anyone who has followed this case will realize that either the FBI & Federal Prosecuters have been duped by their informant Fairfax, and his co-conspirators, or elements of the FBI, and the Federal Prosecuters office who are working in collusion with the people who attempted to murder Edgar Steele and his family.

    There also seems to be some Federal inter-agency conflict in this case. Let’s not forget that Edgar Steele is a military veteran, and, a member of good standing of the bar—in other words he has friends.

    My guess is Steele will be offered a deal. Then it will be up to Steele.

  3. If Steele gets out of jail alive and with all his faculties intact, there will be hell to pay. The hunters will become the hunted. The incompetence and stupidity of the FBI never ceases to amaze me.

    Unfortunately, they may try to get out of this mess having Steele have a jailhouse “heart attack” or something. Or make a deal to drop all the charges if he promises not to come after them when he gets out (he shouldn’t accept it).

    I have seen enough government incompetence to accept that as the full explanation of this Edgar Steele tar baby. It’s going to be like Braveheart with a briefcase if and when he gets out. And we’ll see if we have a justice system that even works any more.

  4. One thing this case has illustrated is the whole “precious metal” thing bears many pitfalls, including putting yourself at risk of a major robbery. Especially when you openly admit on the internet to hoarding the stuff, didn’t that professional atheist Madeline Murray O’hare end up getting murdered for a hidden gold supply by some neer-do-well she hired in virtually the same manner? Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.

  5. “is it just possible that Mr. Steele has been “set up” ”

    Well DUH……..This is how our movement’s been decapitated for the last 60+ years and it’s getting very old. Trumped up charges, false flag operations, IRS tax audits, murders, “car accidents”, blackmail, honey pots, etc etc etc.. It’s finally sunk in that White AmeriKans haven’t just bent over and taken it for so long, it’s that our enemies have been dealing very wisely with us by taking out our leaders, leaving the sheep lost and demoralized.

  6. Kievsky, incompetence is very often used by government as a convenient excuse for criminal conspiracy.

    There’s no way this kind of frame-up is the result of unintended bureaucratic bungling.

  7. I found out about this a week ago by accidentally going to his wikipedia page. I frequented his nickelrant website and always wondered why he had stopped posting. The first time it was due to his health, then he came back and wrote a few blogs telling of his heart problem. I just assumed that he was having problems again, I believe his last post was in May. This whole thing sounds like a setup. A man as smart as Steele would hire his landscaper to kill his wife?? Sounds fishy.

  8. The idea is: throw him in a cell, snarl the case in miles of red tape, and wait for his bad heart to do the rest.

  9. I’ve wondered about the Steele case, so it is good to see this thread presenting information from the OD side. Steele is in the north of Idaho, I am in the broad sweep across the southern part. I’ve been here a little over a year so that explains why I am still not sure of everything that goes on here.

    I believe the north and south are pretty much geographically separated. Yes it is possible to drive between them, but it is much easier to fly (the Rockies).

    A woman in the north (in Cour d’Alene), when I was exploring Idaho before moving here, said north and south Idaho are really two different states, though I wasn’t sure what she meant by that. I have mentioned her comment to a few people in southern Idaho, and with a little humor, they did not disagree.

    Another thing you have to know to understand about the character of things here is that there are only around 2 or so million people in the whole state ( puts the 2010 population of Idaho at approximately 1.5 million !). This makes everyone, including candidates and politicians and people in general much closer in terms of seeing and interacting and knowing about each other than in other states.

    Anyway. This is one of the most Republican of states. But you shouldn’t jump to too many conclusions as to what that means.

    The state is very white, but a small number of areas are definitely becoming minority, and there are probably attempts to make all areas have some minorities, and sometimes very small groups of culturally extreme people directly from Africa are plunked down in the middle of these vast white areas.

    The vast majority of the state is vast swaths of farmland, wilderness, mountains, volcanic crater lands, and timberlands. I am going to go out on the limb here and state a feeling that I have, and maybe after I live here more, I will no longer have the feeling. It has sometime crossed my mind that the mentality of the state is somewhat “ingrown”. At first I thought this was good. But maybe the struggles of the modern world need all the ideas out in the open.

    There may be a number of divides under the surface of the people, and again this is only my feeling. There are plenty of powerfully believing Christians, versus the agnostics and atheists who overwhelmingly feel forced to be silent but you find out who they are if you get them to talking (I’m speaking for the area I live in).

    There is apparently also a divide between a “liberal” type element versus the Republican group, but it might be more accurate to describe the “liberal” group as against anyone who is in a loose way not politically correct. Even in my brief exploration of the tea party here, people were at first totally petrified to bring up anything with the issue of immigration. I mean totally petrified. But later, after the Arizona law, some tea party people running for office spoke briefly but positively about the Arizona law and they got spontaneous applause. However there was one tea party candidate who struck me as very intense and sour against anything related to not accepting *all* people. At one local tea party meeting he sat with his back toward me in a situation where it would have been natural for him to sit partly facing me – I felt it was pretty obvious he was doing that on purpose. Two or so meetings earlier I had tried to carefully, I thought, bring up the issue of illegal immigration. Anyway, with his back toward me, in the middle of the meeting I finally just got up and walked out.

    There are strong feelings under the surface, I often think.

    And maybe this starts bringing us a little closer to the issue. I think this “liberal” group or element has very strong feelings to want to change the “direction” or “image” of Idaho.

    As an example, there is this senior exercise class, with a huge number of seniors showing up, as I remember, 3 times a week. Possibly far more than a hundred showed up. I went to it for a number of months. The leader, a woman, is very capable at giving the class, keeping it very lively with how she leads it and with a bit of humor. I have been told that visitors from different places in the country have come to observe the success of the class. The class is mainly women, but there are a number of men. The exercises are really great. Over time it annoyed me a little that it seemed to me her humor was often directed against men, though definitely not always. During the Christmas (the class was on a campus) break (2009) there would be no exercise class for several weeks but you could buy a card to the gym for a special price during that period. It’s usually hectic at the end of each class with all the people putting away their mats and other exercise assists and getting their coats, and other people moving large quantities of collected mats and stuff quickly to storage, and everyone moving around. I ran to the office of the instructor – I was told she might be there maybe for a few minutes – to buy one of the cards. There where lots of people in her office, everything was pretty fast and hectic. As I was buying the card I mentioned a decal in her office, or something like a decal, with a name like Red on it. In retrospect I think it was ? Redall the Democratic candidate for Idaho governor.

    She quickly said something about he is a candidate for all of us, representing all of us, and I think she said something about he knows how to get different groups working together, rather than fighting each other. Then she said something about cleaning up the image Idaho has to the rest of the country. This was all very fast and telegraphic, because there were so many people talking to her and to each other.

    Now she is totally in her rights to say this. Yet, several days after that, I started thinking. What I didn’t like was the pretending to be for everyone and for everyone working together, when in fact “cleaning up” was most likely referring to destroying – pushing out – certain groups I had heard about being in northern Idaho – ??? aryan something or another??? and the like, groups I didn’t know much about but I wasn’t sure they should be so readily demonized without knowing their larger story, and no matter what their story was, they should have some place to live, unless they are determined to murder all their neighbors. After thinking about if for a while and maybe even into January, I decided it was just too upsetting being in an environment like that class after what she had said, so I quit going. There were some other factors, but this was a real big factor.

    My post is a bit long without much of a punch line. But it is relevant to the kinds of things starting to develop in Idaho and our country, and they are developing in very concrete terms, affecting us no longer in an abstract way. Obviously most of us think of Jarrod Taylor in this regard, who was carving out a mellow reasoned niche, and even he was attacked by what I generally categorize as witch hunters and witch burners – people who get hysterical with their version of “truth” and *blindly* get carried away with wanting to destroy, no matter how cruelly, anyone they see as threatening that “truth”. There are certainly people in the government who are for a more inclusive set of ideas, but the government as a whole seems no longer to protect us.

  10. Your government will murder 3000+ American citizens with impunity so why not Edgar Steele? It sure looks like this is a set up, that Steele has been used as a scarecrow to the face the White Nationalist movement to not get too organised, as such.

  11. Bob in Idaho exemplifies the ‘man on the street’ feeling, that some less than patriotic (i.e, those who equate Obama with God) folks think about a) Idaho, and, by extension, b) America.

    Let me deal quickly with both a) and b) and draw conclusions.

    My wife and I were thinking of moving to the Potato State, and so, a year or more ago, I checked things out. I travelled through Western Wash/Northern Idaho, and read a number of blogs on southern Idaho, and spoke with a large number of people, and visited a number of Eastern Washington and No. Idaho college campuses, to assess the job market (Being an academic, you understand). So, perhaps I was already predisposing myself to seeing liberals, but hey. “They’re everywhere, like cockroaches…”

    Anyway, Eastern WA. and Northern ID are VERY RURAL areas- I didn’t feel the need to put on the theme from ‘Deliverance’ in my rental car, but the overwhelming multiplicity of Country/Western stations more than filled that need. What I did see, is that People here are WHITE- I saw (what a change!) NO ‘persons of color’ during my time there, save the ubiquitous ‘college student’ or two at the local coffee/anarchist pitstop; you knot, those who 1) come from somewhere else, 2) never imbibe the meme of ‘walk a mile in another’s moccasins,’ while maintaining their iPod, dreadlocked, latte-sipping ‘tribal insularity’ with a passion borne from decades of indoctrination in the consumerist mentality and 3) will thankfully go back there (whatever liberal ‘Mecca’ they all come from) when done with their statist indoctrina…. I mean, Education.

    But the few ‘trendies’ that I talked to, whom I would consider ‘liberal’ in any milieu, (not just here) were among the most ‘HATEFUL, bigoted, narrow-minded group,’ etc. of leftist ideologues I have encountered, north of Berkeley, or in a Saul Alinsky think tank… And that is what Bob is getting at, I think.

    For liberals think a) that only THEY are ‘correct’ in all their Worldview, and that b) it is their MISSION, to make EVERYONE ELSE think the way they do! Even if we don’t WANT to have our minds changed, TYVM!!!

    But the liberal/commie/metrosexual is undeterred- they KNOW better than we do, you see…Which is, of course, ‘speciesist,’ ‘classist,’ and ‘racist’ -in an odd, ‘upside down’ ‘we must all miscegenate to be free’ manner on their part… and this form of leftist social ‘REDneck’-ness, (as in RED Communist) is exacerbated by the fallacy of trying as hard as they can- and only merely passing by on the slimmest of margins- that they are pretending that they are NOT ‘bigoted’! Which is even MORE myopic than your stereotypical ‘country bumpkin,’ whom Liberals disparage in a manner worthy of the most snobby Victorian of the ‘upper clah-sses,’ of a hundred or more years ago!

    So, what I hear Bob trying to say, is “can’t we all get along?” But he (like most White Americans with any racial self-awareness at all) doesn’t understand, that this is a CULTURE war, with race thrown in as an extra, in the ‘battle for TOTAL hegemony.’

    Northern Idahoans who are NOT liberals, both a) want to keep the ‘Other’ out (thus acting like the biggest racial/social snobs there are) while b) avoiding any showing of a form of ‘exclusionistic mentality’ TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD- in other words, they may (or may not) agree with the fringe groups like the defunct Aryan Nations (whom Steele, as an older worldview- i.e., ‘fair play, 1930’s America of Rockwell picture mentality’ White Lawyer thought, ‘Hey, they deserve equal legal help, just like I would, if I were in their shoes’…and now he is!!!) but they tacitly believe they should be FREE to choose WHATEVER their world and life view should be.

    Whereas the reincarnated Bolsheviks (Jews, ACLU, Alinsky) are out for blood, and the utter Destruction of the Existing Class/Social Order… or do the rigors of the Soviet regime not MEAN anything to people anymore… or didn’t you ‘get it’ when Barack spoke of a ‘fundamental change’ ? For what the ‘Mulatto-in-Chief is talking about, is the mass enslavement of the [working] people, for some illusory ‘equality’ that will take from you, and give it (even more!) to the ‘downtroddern’!

    And this is what fuels the idiots who think you can have your ‘sane/safe White society’ AND ‘mutlculturalism,’ too! They are literally insane, and it is up to the rest of us, NOT to let them EVER ‘run the asylum’ again! Steele merely showed them that they are, in fact, the inmates, and that White Europhilic, Constitutional Americans are the Trustees… and this pissed them off so much, they are ‘making an example’ of Edgar J. Steele.

    For, with a lunatic, ‘There IS no neutrality.’ The sooner we understand that, and remove the psychopaths from office, the better.

  12. Bob in Idaho, Great post. It was full of detail and not glib and describes experiences I think we can all relate to experiencing, ie. the back turned to you and the woman stating her desire to clean up the “image” of Idaho. You were right to be offended.

    These people believe Idaho is too white. They want to clean up/ethnically cleanse Idaho for Africans and Mexicans. That’s why they’re “plunking” the most radical Africans fresh off the boat in the middle of white towns and areas to drive out the white population which is exactly the kind of genocidal strategy described in the lawsuit mentioned above. Black Africans are certainly not moving themselves from Africa to the middle of white America.

    Twice you describe situations where you ended up walking out when you should have stuck around.

    The man with his back turned to you and the woman leading the exercise class are examples of people who lead groups in the direction they want them to go if people like you aren’t there to toss a wrench into their well-oiled machine.

  13. A Whigger-Whimperer Stuck Amongst the Californicated ZOGling Whigger Ass-clowns of Northern Id-iot-ho

    To Bob in Idaho:

    I talk to my friend Pastor John Britton about every day. His most common complaint: Being surrounded by whiggers.

    You see, Idaho when the Brittons and Pastor Butler moved up there in the 1970s is a totally different place today. Back then, the place was a sort of Mormon outpost in the South and a sort of vacation retreat in the North. The center part of the state is mainly nothing but mountains. Nor is there a major interstate highway connecting Boise and Coer d’ Alene. As a result there is a big difference between North and South Idaho.

    What has invaded Idaho are Californicated gliberal whiggers. These gliberal whiggers are fleeing the shithole that they made of of California, yet they want to recreate the same shithole that they fled. Being gliberal whiggers, they never will say that they are sorry — rather the most that they will ever do if pressed by the results of their stupidity and not wanting to die amidst the results of their wretched stupidity is to claim that they meant well.

    So being smarmy gliberal whiggers, there is no reasoning with such. Rather you let Nature take itz course, and let LeRoy Tyrone Williams and MuhDikkk X chase down marxian meat whiggers and coonvert them to something useful, like niggershit.

    So the ZOG functionaries dealing with the ‘evil racists’ among them is OK with these whigger refugees from their own stupidity incarnate.

    The old ways are the best: Things will fall apart in civil war. The survivors will be those White Men who are ready and willing and able to mop up and exterminate or enslave any remaining whiggers and regime criminals. The true White Nationalist Revolutionary understands that ten million Whites cannot rule over 150 million whiggers and 140 million muds in imperial amity, but rather these vermin must be exterminated with extreme ruthlessness and terrorism during the inevitable Great Tribulation/Great Collapse that just about everyone now sees coming. The current ZOG/Babylonian System is predicated to the extermination of the White Man; the White Man must use extreme ruthlessness when things fall apart. And rather than looking for a Great Whigger Father on a Horse to bring us 1950’s ZOG-Lite, which is long gone with the wind , White Nationalism must develop Ten Thousand Warlords to rule over Ten Million Whites under a Racial Hate Religion like Dual-Seedline Christian Identity. What White Men really believe is irrelevant; what White Men DO is all important.

    Yapping about it like dickless ‘intellectuals’, solves nothing. Edgar Steele, the Whigger-Whimperer is either going to have to get over being a former attorney/oreficer of the kort and become a true Revolutionary, or take his screwing with nothing but a final peck like a Tysons white chicken on the kill line as to the illegally of it all.

    Maybe Cyndi Steele has met ZOG, and decided to stand by her man. Now her man needs to decide whether to take off the gloves and fight, or to become another whigger steer with a pub[l]ic pretender selling him out, like 95% or more of whigger defendants.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  14. RE; Bob in Idaho,

    Interesting post, Bob. There WAS a “punch line — “the government as a whole seems no longer to protect us”. This is so true. They no longer protect free speech or protect the constitution in spirit or in reality. This is because of mainly Jewish and multicultural influences over many years since before WW2. Jews do not operate on any higher principles other than what is good for them. Truth is not a motive for them. They see the world differently. Freedom is a racial thing, a white thing. Other races never invented it, and it always goes away under their influences. The very morality of the nation has been twisted into destructive paths for us because of this. The erosion of our rights has been through Jewish influences primarily — they even started and funded the NAACP and changed the culture of the nation with their various medias and influences to the point that laws against freedom of association were passed (forced integration and non-discrimination laws). So they are trying to destroy our culture AND destroy US so that we cannot rebuild it. Stopping free speech is very important to this genocidal plan (obviously).

    To put this in concrete terms, If they really wanted to protect free speech they would go after any organization which sought to penalize people for having certain viewpoints. Any business that fired someone for being against immigration or race-mixing would be heavily fined, for example. Instead NOTHING happens! Any organization that tried to get people fired for having certain views (read: ADL) would be heavily fined. Any organization formed for the sole purpose of stopping free speech (we already have anti-libel and anti-slander laws) would be forced to disband since they would be in essence trying to overthrow the government — which is SUPPOSED to be all about ensuring our freedom, not taking it away or aiding those dedicated to doing so as it does now. That one statement of yours I quoted says it all. The government has become more of an arm of Jewish attack on European peoples aroudn the globe than a protector of the founding people and their unique ideas of freedom.

  15. Soso, regarding Soso’s comment to my post.
    (Actually I hope eventually to respond to everyone’s comment. Also to make a comment on the original article, and also Cyndi’s affidavit, which I read after writing my take on Idaho.)

    I am rephrasing some of your ideas, Soso, but yes, it would be good to create an outpost of a new form of writing in the pro-white work. It’s hard to describe exactly what the form is but as you said, my post had “detail and not glib and describes experiences I think we can all relate to experiencing”. In the larger world it is not a new form and it used to be much more popular than now, among whites.

    You write, Twice you describe situations where you ended up walking out when you should have stuck around.

    Actually, given my overall temperament and given the amount of additional time and agony I would have had to put in, I had no choice but to leave. It would have been too destructive of my the kind of mentality that I have.

    [regarding the two places where you walked out] The man with his back turned to you and the woman leading the exercise class are examples of people who lead groups in the direction they want them to go if people like you aren’t there to toss a wrench into their well-oiled machine.

    You’re right, very right, and I have often thought of that. And ways should be thought up and found for how to deal with the required effort. All I know is that I have quite a bit of resistance – a word used much by Clausewitz – to spending a huge number of hours at an unpleasant task that stays the same for a long time – and is very unpleasant to me.

    Speaking of new outposts of the pro-Whites, there is the Jacksonian group and the Radical Rhymes (an art and literary anchor). At the present time, there seems to be a groundswell of energy to start pushing for new outposts. Seeing more and more of these WordPress blogs inspires people to start their own blogs. It’s not been till very recently that WordPress has created such an easy online method – at least easy to what it was even just a short time ago. The new outposts may be a result of the built-up energy having a way to burst forth.

  16. (After this post, I’ll get back to Cyndi’s Steele’s affidavit, and then comment on Martin Luther D etc.)

    Steven E Romer writes
    Interesting post, Bob. There WAS a “punch line — “the government as a whole seems no longer to protect us”. This is so true. They no longer protect free speech

    Yes. It is getting more and more out in the open that this happening. For instance with the awful stuff done to Jarrod Taylor and the govt not lifting a finger to protect Taylor. .

    One of the jobs of the government is to protect us in certain basic ways. If the govt doesn’t do that, it’s not doing its job anymore.

    I was watching these 6 video tapes – I think it’s Learning Tree education tapes – on Byzantium, which was the Eastern half of Rome established in Constantinople by the Roman emperor Constantine etc etc. Even back in these ancient times when we think of the people as being horribly treated by the governments, even back then, it was expected the government had to do certain basic things otherwise the government was kaput. These things weren’t explicitly spoken about, but the people as a group knew. One of the things was if the government had too much incompetence in the battle field, it was curtains for the government.

    But there was another interesting thing seemingly required of the govt. One of the later Eastern Roman emperors tried to turn the whole (eastern) empire back to peoples in the West (Italy, Europe). This was maybe 5 centuries after western Roman empire, the original one in Rome, ended. By then the people of Byzantium apparently thought of themselves as not those people of that Rome “back there” and that Europe “back there”. And even though Byzantium was anything but a democracy, there was a pretty much spontaneous uprising. By the time it was over the govt had killed 30,000 of its own people in Constantinople (it was at least 30,000 – i forget the exact number quoted in the series).

    As I saw that on the video tape, the thought popped into my head that it doesn’t make any difference what form the govt and whether ancient or modern, there are certain basic things the people demand, and if the govt fails, whether or not it is even its fault, its curtains – this occurred to me as a general principle, at least of the West (and it probably true to significant degrees elsewhere too).

    …government as a whole seems no longer to protect us”. This is so true. … This is because of mainly Jewish and multicultural influences over many years since before WW2. … Freedom is a racial thing, a white thing. … Other races never invented it, and it always goes away under their influences.

    I do a slightly different take on it, and all this is recent in my thinking, and maybe it’s because I’ve been influenced by some of the articles in American Renaissance where they have had a series on how different “races” (or larger groupings of people) are.

    The races are each their own identity. They not only value things differently, they are drifting in different directions in even deeper ways as to how they conceptualize the whole universe. It’s scary. But it could be true. Anyway, as far as other races not inventing freedom, they not only did not invent it, but the issue is not in their direction of development of themselves as to how they are coming to interact with the universe, in terms of their thought and action.

    Maybe they pick up some of what we call freedom. Maybe and maybe not. But what they do pick up, if any, they move it over to their system and transform it into who they are.

    That one statement of yours I quoted says it all. The government has become more of an arm of Jewish attack on European peoples aroudn the globe than a protector of the founding people and their unique ideas of freedom.

    Yes. Oh woe oh woe is us.

  17. I’ve read the above article as well as Cindi Steele’s affidavit, I have not read the other “here” and “here” yet.
    I suspect there are lots of things that can be brought up, but I just want to bring up a few initial points.

    The article says maybe

    Spokane, Washington Spokesman-Review
    Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) Press
    Bonner County (Idaho) Daily Bee

    might do some investigative journalism on the issues. But I would point out to the journalists that they would be roaming into powerful issues of political correctness. Even if individual journalists want to investigate, their newspapers might not let them (though that in itself would be a strong learning lesson for them).

    Investigators other than from the above newpapers might also want to do some investigative journalism. I would urge that the more you can come up with specific concrete questions, the better, and if there are relevant sources, the better.

    2. Here is a point maybe some investigators can further develop.

    U.S. attorney Traci Whelan’s “threat” to “investigate” whether or not Cyndi Steele’s September 7 affidavit “is her own statement (as though paying an attorney to draft a legal document on one’s behalf for filing with the Court is somehow wrong, or illegal)?”

    If one can show that Cyndi making an affidavit is within being reasonable for a US citizen, then one can go on after that working to develop the case that US Attorney Traci Whelan did a serious injustice on matters of great importance in trying to pathologize or wrongly play down Cyndi Steele making an affidavit. One might be able to develop this around what laws have been broken. One might also be able to develop it on the basis of what should be guaranteed justice for any citizen of the US, whether or not one has found specific laws at issue. The whole plea bargaining thing maybe needs to be looked at in order to prevent atrocities against citizens.

    3. A much bigger issue than (2) clearly suggests itself as one reads the article and affidavit. Was there an attempt by the government to blow up Cyndi Steele’s car, with her in it, and thus be able for the government to falsely go ahead and prosecute her husband for her murder, without Cyndi Steele being around to say anything to the contrary. The government attempting to blow up the car through indirect maneuvering using currently unknown factors regarding Larry Fairfax. If there is extremely lenient plea bargaining being given to Fairfax, that raises the suspicion factor. If this is the case, it is a heavy duty serious issue indeed. Very heavy.

    4. The whole issue of the misuse of plea bargaining needs to be looked at, in this case and in general, regardless of what current laws allow. If there is a hideous misuse of justice, regardless of what current laws and legal interpretations allow, then we have to be open about a hideous misuse of justice occurring in the US, and it is not a matter of newspapers like the New York Times or the Washington Post or other newspapers, trying to distract the public from the full impact against justice in America regarding hideous miscarriages of justice. At any rate, do we have another Nifong developing here? The fact that the public widely believed such a thing was impossible in the Nifong case until it was proved that it did happen, opens the door to such suspicions again. The Nifong case, widely rejected by the public until it was proved quite otherwise, is one of the ways that belief in the US justice has been undermined. (Some notes on the Nifong case are below.)

    5. In my first post I mentioned the person who gave the extremely popular senior exercise class, and how when I went to her office to buy a card, I made a comment about a sign or small banner in her office about some “Red” something, and she said he was running for governor of Idaho and that he would (presumably unlike other candidates) be working for consensus rather than fighting among groups and how this would start to fix the awful image Idaho has to the rest of the country. And I mentioned how I, after a few days, felt bad and upset because this was tricky language: it talks about getting everyone to work together when in fact it is a tricky way to push out and demonize right wing people in Northern Idaho. I did a small amount of googling – the candidate is the Democratic candidate Keith Allred for Idaho governor. He was born and raised in the city I am in. There are others than who I mentioned in my post, plain people, who have very negative reactions to anyone questioning immigration. I am not in the least suggesting that they did or would do anything illegal (unlike the liberals who suggest conservatives would do plenty illegal). However! Given the extremely small number of people in Idaho and their consequent lack of knowledge of all the pitfalls in the laws, and given what seems to me a slightly ingrown mentality, and given that some will very strongly keep you from speaking, sometimes successfully, given all this, on a gut level I think it would be quite natural for left-wing Idahoans to get a little carried away in getting idea-flows going across various people that would lead to US attorney Whelan getting carried away, in a small state which doesn’t always check the larger justice or legal situation more carefully, getting carried away to start slipping up. This is a feeling I have just from looking at the overall situation but I am in no way on this basis asserting at all that any illegality has been done. But I am suggesting any investigative journalism to consider this avenue, that lack of knowledge in this kind of environment, of elaborate complex laws, combined with an emotional pre-judgment by the liberals, that these right-wing people are evil and that we just have to go and get them (while at the same time they are keeping a little too far out of consciousness the fact that these right wing people also have important rights by virtue of being human beings, not to mention being citizens, and also if logic were allowed to be more balanced, these right wing people, always smeared with un-balanced vague words like hate and racist, these right wing people might have considerable valid points).

    A note about Nifong – from 3 excerpts.

    An example how the revolutionary left looks at this case.

    The article at this left-wing site associates over and over the person with the word “hate” and “hate groups”. Yet in the larger world, the word “hate” is attached to the slightest pipsqueak of resistance by whites to their replacement. It is the destruction of whites that these leftists are working for. And people who question the unbalanced and vague usage of words like hate and racist are generally horribly psychologically traumatized by the media and the colleges (the failed academic organ of society).

  18. The software clipped out the excerpts from the Wikipedia article (my fault because of the way I bracketed the excerpts).

    A note about Nifong – from 3 excerpts.

    Excerpt 1: Michael Byron Nifong (born September 14, 1950) is a disbarred former North Carolina attorney. He was the Democratic district attorney for Durham County, North Carolina (the state’s 14th Prosecutorial District), but was removed and disbarred due to his misconduct in the 2006 Duke University lacrosse case.

    Excerpt 2: Observers consider several criminal justice bills passed by the North Carolina legislature later that same year to have been influenced by Nifong’s actions in the Duke lacrosse case.

    Excerpt 3: Orlando Sentinel and The Washington Post Writers Group columnist Kathleen Parker has coined a neologism using his name: “Now we can ‘Nifong’ someone when we want to trump up criminal charges based on flimsy evidence allegedly for political purposes. In short, when we want to screw up someone’s life.”

  19. To Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt.

    Where does your choice of the name Dzerzhinsky come from? I guess you are aware that Dzerzhinsky was the Polish Jewish person who was the first head of the Communist (Bolshevist) secret police, the Cheka, which was responsible for countless atrocities against our people, in absolutely horrifying circumstances? The central Russian secret police building has been, and I believe still is, in a huge 5 or 6 story building not far from the Kremlin. When the people booted out Communism in the 1990’s, they pulled down Dzerzhinsky’s statue in front of the building, and the pedestal got covered with graffiti. Back in the beginning days of Communism (especially the first couple decades after the 1917 revolution), “Black Crows” would drive up to Moscow apartment buildings at 2 or 3 in the morning. “Black Crows” were the name people gave to the police vehicles that came to take people away. In the apartment buildings, occupants would press their ears to the door to try and tell whether foot steps were getting closer or farther from their apartment.

  20. Well, I want to at least finish up my comments in this thread. I finally read the “here” and “here” that gives the background information other than Cyndi’s affidavit. It is way more disorganized than I expected. It wasn’t clear where to jump into them. I also got involved with googling for some background on the Aryan Nation and its leaders at different times.

    1. Regardless of what is going on, we have a situation where a person – Edgar Steele – is being held for many weeks with no allowance of anyone from the outside world to contact him – no one – neither reporters nor relatives nor anyone else. In America, this cannot be. It is like the horrible and cruel situation under Medieval Kings, say in France, with the king’s lettres de cachet, who could throw people into prison, or dungeons, indefinitely, even forever, with no one being allowed access to them. Hideous Medieval sadism. But it has come back to us in modern times with the help of influence coming out of the Jewish community to whip up the people into witch hunters and witch burners.

    Search also in this thread for my own earlier comments on witch hunters and witch burners in Idaho. Like the people in most places in most of history, the majority of people dig little into solid facts, but get carried away by emotions as to their own ideas of right and wrong – even in library events, there are reading programs celebrating Idaho history or “other Americas,” but in reality the reading/discussion events are strong setups into witch hunting against whites and men and against reason and ability to speak openly against politically correctness. This is just an example of things going on in the society regarding inflaming this witch hunting and witch burning.

    2. If I were in jail in Steele’s position, I’m not sure I would want contact from Aryan nation people. I hate intense people who really don’t know what constitutes a fact. On the other hand he worked defending them, so his feelings would obviously be different than mine.

    3. Regarding the “lettres de cachet” kind of imprisonment, the same thing happened in Chicago. Just because I don’t launch into a tirade against this sort of thing doesn’t mean I couldn’t. The guy in Chicago is in jail for a trillion years for threatening some real violence against a Jewish judge. If I recall, and I am not going to take the time to google the details, the judge was ?killed and the hysterical witch hunting authorities were literally going to move the prisoner to solitary confinement for the rest of his life (until a little later the real killer came forward and confessed) (unbelievable, in America, and Jewish people will still wonder and wander around in a fog about how people don’t treat them well – I think I ran into one recently – the person was a tourist, and no no, I am totally quiet on social issues, but it is the tourist who let’s things out – I have to think of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s book 200 Years Together and
    – Solzhenitsyn’s writes on Jewish people in Russia, the book has been out for some time in Russia but only recently are bits getting translated into English – there is a further link, which I could find if I took the time, and it talks directly about how Jewish people in Russia will just stare away when you bring up unpleasant facts. They seem to be the same today.)

    4. the only thing I might state, is my comment earlier along with the important excerpts from Wikipedia on Nifong. Idaho, being a little more out of the way, and hence susceptible in terms of lack of knowledge, might have U.S. prosecuting attorney (Ms. Traci Whelan) in Idaho fall into the same pitfalls, with eventual similar difficulties – Nifong was disbarred and ruined. The witch hunters and witch burners, along with leaders in the Jewish community, can’t get away with quite everything in all situations, yet.

  21. Well, yet one more post, to correct some things I said, in case people glance at this thread in the future.

    Maybe I implied that Aryan Nation people wouldn’t know a fact if it was in front of them. Let me correct that. They may not be any better or worse than others – maybe better in some ways at picking out facts. However, I still have a strong feeling I would not like to meet any of them face to face.

    I’ve already pointed out that Idaho, because it is out the way geographically, and maybe therefore not having as full knowledge about all the potential intricacies of the law, might be in a situation where there are some of the same kind of pitfalls to those that Nifong stumbled into and ruined himself. I understand not at all the details of the law, but I do understand a severe injustice was threatened under Nifong if he had not been stopped.

    And as for injustice. What is happening in the US is that elements of a people who are being replaced (the whites, or more relevantly the non-Jewish whites) are beginning to react to the replacement. Never mind exactly what some of these elements say or do, because if not for the replacement, the situation would be very different as to what they say and do. Justice requires that this whole issue be considered, and not just considered now in a quick way, but as a continuing open issue for discussion in the country. Keep in mind that throughout almost all of history, replacement of a people has almost always caused severe reactions. For the sake of justice, this issue must be continuingly open for discussion, in some non-demonized avenues of media, avenues which are free from Jewish influence, either direct or indirect. These are very big powerful issues. There cannot be justice otherwise.

    A final item. The fact that Edgar Steele is being kept in jail without anybody from the outside world being allowed to communicate with him. This is profoundly anti-American. (And is this also what they tried to do with that prisoner in Chicago?) This must further be considered in the context of the previous paragraph and in the context of the good aspects of Steele’s background. This must also be considered in view of the issue of justice itself. This is cruel and unusual punishment, similar to, for instance, the Medieval French kings who could without any stated reason put a person in a dungeon even for the rest of their lives – sealing them off from any outside communication. Cruel and unusual punishment is banned by the US Constitution. But the way they get away with it is, after a few times it is no longer unusual. Anyway, this is a profound undermining of the foundations of America. And don’t let the witch hunters say that because whites were bad in the past, they deserve bad stuff now. These witch hunters are one-sided in their facts (when they have facts), and regardless there is great injustice being done now.

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