Hanging out with White Mormons

I suspect most of us posting on Occidental Dissent are looking to find a group of…..

nice White folks.

Sure, we have strong beliefs on political and social “issues” – but a main reason we are involved with White Nationalism is that we just want to belong to some group of nice White people – to be in a place where no one is yelling at us, lecturing us, insulting us, threatening us, trying to re-educate us, or incite our children to hate us. Let’s face it, when we turn on the television, go to a Hollywood movie or hang out with most Liberal Democrat groups, we don’t feel that we are among friends. We feel that we are in hostile places, with hostile people that hate us.

So where do we go to find a community of “nice people” that like us, that are “like us”?

One place I went was to:

the Mormon Church.

Mitt Romney Family - Good Looking White Folks!

Though I knew something about the Mormon theology and the turbulent history of the Mormons (persecution, migration from the Mid West to Utah), what attracted me to the Mormon Church was that I noticed:

There sure are a lot of good looking, Mormon White folks!

And it is true that the Mormon Church, or (as they preferred to be called now) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints/LDS is a very White Church. It has a White racial history – Blacks were not allowed to hold the LDS Priesthood until the late 1970s and the Book of Mormon contains lots of passages that would be considered very “Racist” by today’s PC standards.

Mormon - LDS Temple

Another reason I decided to check out the Mormon/LDS church was that I came in contact with some bright, enthusiastic, well scrubbed, nicely dressed, White Mormon Missionaries, that were actually walking the streets of an inner city, university community I was living in at the time.

Sure, I wanted to check out the LDS church of “Donny and Marie Osmond”, the church of BYU University – I always noticed those very White BYU football and basketball teams giving the Black (criminally inclined) football and basketball college powers a good contest. When I was a public school teacher in Brooklyn, some of my Black students called me “BYU” because I looked like the White BYU basketball players they saw on TV.

After 10 years of association with Mormons and the Mormon/LDS Church I will share these observations.

1) Yeah, there are lot of really nice, good looking White folks in the LDS church – particularly in Southern California and the mountain/desert West.

2) Mormons are really good at getting young White couples to get married early (in college) and have large families, with really beautiful White children.

3) Mormons have lots of very good practices, rules – they are very good at organizing their members, giving them things to do.

4) You see little or no bad Leftist, anti White politics inside any LDS – Mormon Church. In fact the LDS church prohibits political campaigning in church, and that’s really nice – no preachy Leftists lecturing the congregation about the supposed sins of Racism or the last PC lib cause.

5) White Mormons are really good at sports – provide lots of opportunities for basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee activities.

6) There is little or no LDS women (White) doing male bashing – Mormon women have lots of things to do in Church, but (White) men run the ceremonies and have the authority and Mormon women/LDS women seem very happy to have (White) husbands, children and accept their traditional female roles.

All those things I listed are very good. But it’s not perfect from a WN perspective.

The worst news is that the Mormons/LDS church has embraced the Christian mission to share the Mormon Gospel…..

With the entire world! The part in the New Testament about the Christian mission to “spread the gospel to all nations”, this type of thinking and acting really gets our White race/culture in to lots of trouble – and the Mormons are now doing just that, spreading their Mormon/Christian gospel to all nations (don’t worry the Muslims don’t let them in to their countries), but there are Jewish converts/conversos who I spot right away, and these Jewish Conversos seem to do what they do. LDS Sen. Harry Reid – the Dem Senate Majority Leader has a Jewish converso wife and I am sure she’s one of the reason he does terrible stuff like push through the ADL Federal Hate Crime Bill, work for amnesty for millions of hostile, non White illegal aliens etc.

Joseph Smith's Church Was All White

Sadly, most Mormons/LDS church members in the world are no longer White. Hispanics really go for joining the LDS church in Central and Latin America – many see joining the LDS church as a way to join the nice, healthy, prosperous White American world. Lots of Pacific Islanders – huge Samoans join the LDS, Mormon Church. And Mormons tend to be very defensive about their controversial “RACIST” past and enjoy being more accepted by mainstream (liberal, Jewish, race mixing) American society.

Also, Mormons tend to not be very intellectual – choosing to being honest, have “family values” – they try to be nice and get along with everyone. So, don’t expect many White Mormons to get involved in contentious arguments with Jews over World War II, Communism etc. The current top Mormon – Prophet Monson, seems like a total, boring stiff.

Mormons seem to have no clue about “the Jews”, have no history of ever being in conflict with Jews as White Catholics from the old country have had. And since only terrible, close living with American criminal Blacks can turn a generally “nice” White person in to a RACIST against Blacks, most Mormon Whites are not going to want to fight, or be able to handle very hostile Black criminals. LDS Mormons have never lived in rough, racially mixed Northern Cities or the America South where there are lots of criminal, hostile Blacks. The Book of Mormon Plates were supposedly found in Up-State New York, the new church and their converts moved to the rural Midwest – Illinois, Ohio and Missouri then the church was brutally persecuted there and the Saints moved across the Plains to Utah… all these places were very, very White, and for the most part, they are still very White. Mormons tend to prosper and grow in White places.

So the downside is that White Mormons are generally doing pretty well these days and don’t like to rock the boat – they are patriotic Americans; while they were once being brutally persecuted by “America” and Mormons had virtually their own separate (all White) Mormon nation. Now the mainstream Mormon/LDS Church has gone “mainstream” and the Church is desperately trying to win the acceptance, approval of mainstream Christian churches like the Baptists, who hate the Mormon/LDS church, accuse it of being a non Christian cult, stupid squables like that.

I think most of us involved in American White nationalism would like for the Mormons or any White group to start thinking, working to separate themselves from very corrupt race mixed, Jew dominated America and stop being so patriotic and loyal to America. But mainstream Mormons aren’t going to do that now, as things stand.

But, Mormons haven’t give up all their independent old ways – as they teach very practical ways of self reliance, food storage, have their own social welfare system that provides food and jobs for their members in need.

I have had good success making friends and contacts in the Mormon church, but I don’t do open, White racial activism and know this would be a bad idea.

Instead, I simply am honest and give positive feedback to all the really good things White Mormons do. And when something comes up like the huge propaganda campaign to help/save all the poor, suffering Black victims of the earthquake in Haiti – I do share some words of caution, tell them that nice LDS folks should learn more about the historical realities of places like Haiti and not try to bring back every poor, diseased person from the Third World in to America. I also present the idea that America has lots of people here now that need help, and Mormons should consider sending their missionaries to places like rural Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, UP Michigan – learn to be as good at hockey as the Mormons are at basketball and football.

The Atlantic Magazine listed Mormons as the most “Conservative” religious community in the USA ( The Mormons: The Most Conservative Religious Group In America )


So, it’s generally OK to work for Conservative political issues, campaigns that work OK/well for White Nationalists – same as Conservative politics from the Nixon/Reagan years tended to be White, more more favorable to our White people/culture than the Lib/Min/Leftists.

So there is lots of good news for racially conscious Whites in the Mormon church as it stands now in 2010 – the best being that White Mormons have the highest birth rate of any White group in America with the possible exception of the Amish.

And the main danger/problem with the Mormon church is the problem that all successful (White) Christian churches have: they want to go out and help, SAVE, every single non White person in the world, convert them, share the true gospel etc. This means suicide for our race if they actually do this in places like Nigeria, Haiti, El Salvador.

My take on this is that huge numbers of Mestizo Hispanics and Pacific Islanders will convert to the Mormon Church with the idea of crashing in to America/White Mormon society – but few Blacks will come in. The moral restrictions are too tough for almost all Blacks and also Blacks can’t sit still for 3 hours in calm, White Mormon church activities, Blacks like to jump around and shout in church and at the end of the day, even super nice White Mormon families don’t like to hang around large, Black urban areas – they won’t say they avoid the areas because they are “Racist” – they just want to be in a safe, child friendly community – and that’s not East St. Louis, Memphis.

So, to sum up this essay on the Mormons/LDS Church – I would say that if you are looking to be in/around a “Christian” church with lots and lots of very nice White folks – yes, check out the Mormon LDS Church. Be honest that you respect their pro family policies and their healthy activities and tell them you heard lots of positive things about Mormons being…

Nice folks.

The Mormon/LDS Church has many of the strengths and weakness of other once, prosperous, White Christian Churches. If you haven’t given up on “Church” – give the Mormon/LDS Church a try.

(And leave racial activism and most politics out of the LDS church buildings)


  1. The point of my post “Hanging out with White Mormons” was not to get to deeply involved with controversial scriptures, prophesies, but instead to simply:

    hang out with White LDS Mormons.

    There are lots and lots of very nice, healthy White Mormons in America, in the world – they tend to have large families and while other formerly White American churches have lost most of their members and are stuck with old, dying libs, queers, PC folks, the LDS Mormon church is doing rather well.

    So my advice for racially conscious WN is for them to simply get to know some local White LDS Mormons, do some activities with them, get to know them….

    hang out with them.

    Don’t suck up to LDS Mormons, don’t lie to them, but don’t do this with any group of White folks in the world who are doing positive things.

    It would be the same as hanging out with some White French people – learn a little French, give them some positive feedback – White French are good people, so are White LDS Mormons.

    WN need to improve our social skills, not argue so much, learn to take White people as they are and move them a little bit in our way.

    14 Words

  2. The White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ (WMC) is fully aware of the NWO Inquisition against the White Man. It is the Dark Age for the White Man and the Burning Times just as the Catholic Church did against Heretics, Witches and CATHARS. So in this age the UN and NWO target White Men. No true White Man can run for political office anywhere or run for President. The White Man is not allowed to have a nation of his own. The WMC is the counter force against NWO. The WMC is secret and underground. The Higher Secret Priesthood is forming. Just as Byzantine had Greek Fire, so we must develop and make our own secret weapons. The WMC is the White Horse and the Rider is the White Secret Priesthood. Pastor Roberty Miles of the Mountain Church use to say we are the new Heretics, the new Witches and Cathars and the new Gypsy Nation with no country. A White Man in exile. We must learn from Gypsies, steal a chicken here or there. The Battle against the NWO will take many many years. Joseph Smith was ahead of his times. He understood how the rites of White Adam was stolen by Masonry. Masonry itself was stolen from the White Man and corrupted. Same thing applies to magic and witches, how many of their doings were taken from White Adam like True Order of Prayer. The NWO uses Radionics against the Masses, they are experts at Radionics and Black Arts. Keep in mind how Rothchilds use Gaelic Druid Witches for world control. What Dion Fortune did in World War 2 , the WMC will do with its own Society of Inner Light. Every day 24 hours WMC will work against NWO! Maybe a WMC will find the MINE to finance its operations. The WMC will put the Crows foot on NWO and Salt Lake Traitors. The Crows Foot is the Hippy Sign of Death, the Viking Rune of Death! The WMC will have its own UNCLE CHUCKY! White Mormon Psionics! WMC Chucky is coming with his knife! Ha!Ha! White Chucky of WMC could be the Ben Laden and Sub Commandant Marcos of Whites! The Raven is returning, pecking at our shoulders, looking at us with is beady black eyes and the Sweet holy oder of Ceder, The Holy Smoke comes Again! WHITE MORMON POWER FOREVER! Maybe White Chucky will go to DC! They cannot KILL HIM! The Time of WMC is now!!!!!!

  3. White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ says: Look at Seed of Chucky! Watch out Capital Building and White House! and White Chucky is coming with his knife and has Seed! White Mormon Power Forever! White Chucky is everywhere!

  4. It was a very bad week for the Mormons – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
    The LDS church leadership in Utah was the leading power that pushed through a treasonous amnesty in practice for NW illegal aliens residing in Utah and the word is going out to the 10-20 millions NW illegals all over the USA and to millions more in Mexico, South America – that a great, clean, prosperous new life awaits them in Utah where there are lots of nice, kind White folks, pretty White girls who will give them all kinds of help just as long as they listen to some gospel doctrines and mouth support for “family values”.

    Here’s the link to this terrible treason story and note that the Obama administration was flabergasted that this supposedly hard core Red State has gone though Obama comprehensive immigration “reform” thing.


    Utah bucks conservative trend on illegal immigration
    A state effort to offer legal residency to many illegal immigrants is driven in part by the influence of the Mormon Church…..

    Los Angeles Times
    10:36 p.m. CDT, March 19, 2011

    Reporting from Salt Lake City— President Obama’s aides were flabbergasted. Here was Mark Shurtleff, the conservative Republican attorney general of deeply red Utah, explaining how he and other GOP officials had approved a statewide version of the immigration measures that the president and his progressive allies have long sought.

    The answer lies in how Utah expresses its conservative values — particularly the importance placed on family and business — and the influence of the Mormon Church.

    Gov. Gary Herbert last week signed a bill that would give illegal immigrants who do not commit serious crimes and are working in Utah documents that, in the state’s eyes at least, make them legal residents. For the law to work, however, the Obama administration would have to permit Utah to make it legal to employ people who entered the United States illegally — a federal crime.

    “Utah is proof that there is a true silent majority of decent, level-headed Americans,” said Paul Mero, head of the conservative Sutherland Institute here. “Conservative Republican members of Congress will be able to take a step back, not be so knee-jerk and caught up in the fear-mongering, and say, ‘Look at Utah, the reddest of the red.’ ”

    “A large percentage of elected officials will lose their seats,” vowed Arturo Morales Llan, an activist against illegal immigration. Legislators in other states will say, ‘Wow, if this happened in Utah and we do it here, we may face the same consequences.’ ”

    The dynamic is partly explained by the number of people in Utah who have performed missions in other countries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are sympathetic to the plight of outsiders.

    “There’s a core of decency and goodness and friendliness here,” Jason Mathis, the chamber’s executive director, said of Utah. “We wanted something that was short and sweet and would remind people of the better angels of their nature.”

    The chamber and other business and civic groups wrote a document they called the “Utah Compact.” It called for a focus on families and empathy in immigration policy, and using police to fight crime rather than enforce immigration laws. The Mormon Church endorsed the document.

    Sandstrom said church lobbyists spent the final week of the legislative session at the Capitol pushing for the law. H. David Burton, the church’s presiding bishop, stood by Herbert as the governor signed the measure last week, along with Sandstrom’s bill.

    “If the church had been silent, the [guest-worker] bill wouldn’t have passed,” Sandstrom said. “It’s an absolute tragedy for the state of Utah.”

    Ronald Mortensen, an activist against illegal immigration who is also a church member, said some people are thinking of cutting back donations to the church. “They’re trying to protect their international interests at the expense, I’d say, of their Utah interests,” he said of the church leadership.

    Meanwhile, backers of the Utah Compact are meeting with business and political leaders in other states to try to create a national version of document.

  5. You’re very welcome Mary.

    I just exchanged some very unpleasant e-mails with some LDS Mormon friends/contacts and some are pretty high up. They’re defensive and you can’t imply that the top of the church is wrong or corrupt and they don’t want to have anyone sending them in any way “racist” e-mails to a work e-mail address etc.

    So the reality at the top of the LDS Mormon church isn’t too hard to understand – same as the corruption, pro Mexican Mestizo positions of the top of the Catholic church in places like Los Angeles, Chicago or Beltway “Conservative” Republicans who want to go to the Smithsonian, attend cocktail parties with NPR elites and not have everyone calling them “RACIST”.

    My advice is to just go local and be honest with local White LDS Mormons who really are good folks and spread the meme that one shouldn’t send money or put a lot of hope in any institution that is too big, too global, too politically correct.

    This nasty bit of treason isn’t any reason for solid White folks to put hate on Mormons – as the LDS Mormon church was once very pro White and their Book of Mormon scriptures were (are) White racist.

    Any White person in America who is wealthy, has to keep a respectable name in the community – they just can’t handle being called “RACIST” – we must look for rebellious youth, rowdy working class Whites, people who don’t mind rocking the boat.

    The LDS Mormon church was founded by such White men – very rebellious, rocked a lot of boats, got called lots of names worse than “RACIST” – they got shot at, had their homes and businesses burnt, had the governor of Missouri issue an “extermination order” against them… These early White Mormons didn’t act like PC establishment, chamber of commerce Republicans.

  6. Message from White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ: Our Destroying Angel is Coming, our White Chucky, Beware Traitors of White Race! White Chucky will go to Whiote House, Capital and Salt Lake! White Mormon Power! To Hell with all the bastartds in D.C. Salt Lake! The White Mormon Church of Jersus Christ is forming, the Raven returns and the sweet oder of Cedar the Holy Smoke! So Mote It Be!

  7. Responce to Jack Ryan: Concerning the PC Republican Sell Out Mormons. I read how you said Mormon Sell Outs responded to you. I did same as you and wrote emails. One was to a Anthony E. Larson of Northern California who writes Mormon articles and books. I read Mr. Larsons LIVING THE NEPHITE NIGHTMARE and wrote him an email about how Sell Outs were destroying true Mormonism and how The White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ is forming. He would not post my comments on his website and I asked him why? He answered back that my comments were Racist and could not be posted on his website. I answered him back WHITE MORMON POWER! In my life time I have attended many White Groups Meetings, the whole spectrum of White Race Groups and nothing can compare to thre pre 1978 Mormons! David Icke is wrong about Mormons, maybe he is a Scotland Yard Man. Ben Klassen is right on Race but wrong about Mormons. ART BULLA has alot of good things like White Nephites Relics around Great Lakes and complete destruction of Hamites in future on North American Continent and he also wrote how Porch Monkey Obongo is not eligible to be the Prez of the Great Whore Babalon, but he does not go far enough on of Race just like James Harmston of TLC, same with Warren Jeffs group. At this time in history it is the right time to form a WHITE MORMON CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST (WMC). It must be the most militant white race organization in history based on original teachings of LDS. May God Elohim, YHVH, Odin Wotan make it so is my prayer. The Raven is Returning once again with Holy Smoke Oder of Cedar! WHITE MORMON POWER! SO MOTE IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. To John Thomas,

    I would suggest a slightly different approach with dealing with contemporary LDS/Mormons.

    Just finesse the racial issue a bit – don’t try to shove “WHITE MORMON POWER” on LDS/Mormons trying to live in mainstream American society year 2011.

    LDS/Mormons living and working in America year 2011 are subject to the same societal pressures other White Americans are, unless they are living in some Amish style alternative, traditional community.

    It is simply difficult or impossible to be an out in the open “I am White, I’m RACIST and I’m proud and the Book of Mormon and Mormon traditions support me/us.”

    Try a softer approach and find ways to all us White Americans to do the same thing other races do – love our own people, take our own side.

    Kindness means loving your own kind.

  9. Answer to Jack Ryan: Softer Gentler Kinder Approach. I beleive it wont work, never has. Our race is facing total destruction and death, how can you not be straight forward. Pastor Dan Gayman of Church of Israel says we are in Suicide Phase/curve of civilization. Read Francis Parker Yockeys Imperium. We are in the last phase – Death. No Crusade can be raised and only a small remnant will survive! If you try to start a crusade your own people will be the the first ones to get the hang mans noose to hang you! The Culture Curve is like a steam roller and it gets worse and worse. Dan Gayman says no one has been able to disprove this! Pastor Robert E. Miles of Mountain Church use to tell me, we are the New Heretics, The New Gypsies – We are not allowed an opionion on anything. If you say the word White almost all sissy whites will run and say, oh my god, thats terrible – we have to go watch our multi cultural sports and drink beer and later watch Kendra (Heffners x whore bitch friend) with her darling little pìcaneny mulato kid from a jig football player! Maybe you are right Jack we have to try to be more sneaky to get our views across, maybe like Tom Metzgers Lone Wolf Tactics, infiltrate and cause disruption!, maybe Lone Wolf is only way to go! I personally beleive that at this time in history, A WHITE MORMON CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST needs to be formed. Underground and secret right now. We are the new Cathars, the New Witches – This is the Burning Times and Dark Ages and Inquisition against the White Man. Pastor Dan Gayman beleives America is Apostate! God Will punish us for being Anti White and Anti God! Joseph Smith was way ahead of his time! He understood what true White Masonry is! and the Powers that Witches Use and Magic is Real! Its amazing what he did in such a short time! WHAT AN ORGANIZER! The WMC must Form! The Raven and Holy Smoke of Cedar is returning! SO MOTE IT BE! WHITE MORMON POWER! Jack hope this gives you idea, we are in desparate times, maybe SHOCK is only way! You have keen mind and 100 percent right about original Mormons being Racist! JT

  10. WHAT REALLY GETS ME – Why no one has come forward to form a WHITE MORMON CHURCH (WMC). I have read in various White Nationalist Publications thru the years where they talk about the good points of Mormonism, like storing food for bad events to how they (LDS) sends out teo Missionaries to promote and gain new members and how the LDS has White Priesthood till 1978. Yet no one has thought about forming a WHITE MORMON CHURCH (WMC). Since no one that I know of has done so, I will step forward and give a few ideas. WHAT DOES THE WMC BELEIVE IN AND STAND FOR? All of the points of the TLC of James Harmston, Warren Jeffs FLDS and other Fundamentalist Mormons. The WMC will be a White Racist Organization with Dual Seedline Christian Identity Theology and White Israel Identity. This is my vision of WMC: 1.) Gathering at correct time, secretly in begining stages 2.) Law of Celestial Plural Marriage 3.) Law of Consecration 4.) Adam God Doctrine 5.) Priesthood White Male Only 6.) Original Temple Endowments and Rites 7.) Personal Revalation 8.) Preparation for Last Days 9.) Anti Government NWO 10.) No Abortion 11.) Doctrine of Whiteness and Darkness (How if effects DNA thru, by Righteousness or Sin 12.) Dual Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) 13.) Pastor Martin Lindstedts Tribulation and 10,000 Warlords 14.) White Whiggers to get their just reward 15.) Oath of Vengenance – UPDATED 16.) Creating a future White Kingdom Nation of God like Deseret 17.) New Temples to be like Dewey Buddy Tuckers Pyramid Temple of National Emancipation of White Seed (NEWS) 18.) WMC is a Star Wars Religion (see Banned Mormon Cartoon on You Tube) 19.) WOTAN ODIN IS ELOHIM! The Heavenly Father 20.) Wasting Disease Doctrine 21.) Destroying Angels (WHITE CHUCKYS – Phineas Priesthood Ha! Ha! Ha! 22.) The True Order of Prayer . These 22 points are just a few of the doctrines and beliefs of the WMC. The WMC is Anti-Judeo Christian and Anti NEW WORLD ORDER (We are all one blood of Deist Judeo-Masonic Garbage) The WMC is ANTI-SALT LAKE, they have become traitors to true doctrine and are hell bent on destroying anything WHITE and Adopting and compromising to the NWO Agenda. The WMC recognize true heros like Robert Matthews, Gordon Kahl and David Lane and Bruce Peirce. BEN KLASSEN is right on race but wrong on Positive Christianity and MORMONS and Joseph Smith. David Icke and his anti-Mormonism is a Scotland Yard Plot. Icke took all the Old Spotlight Papers and other White Nationalist works and formulated his Shape Shifting Reptillian Lizards are the true evil ones and completely downplays the True Evil Seedline. Then he says Queers are OK and at one time in the past we had both sex organs! WOTAN works of David Lanb are tremendous. I will say this – THE WMC will go farther and be more racist! The Ancient Original Egyptians were a White Civilization. Imagine a little box (White Stone) with the WHITE BOOK OF MORMON, WHITE BOOK OF ABRAHAM and White Moses with the beautifil fragrance and smell (Odor) of CEDAR with a WMC AMULET in Gold with a RAVEN on one side and on the other side a WMC PYRAMID TEMPLE! The Raven is the first letter of Egyptian Alpahbet and maybe the last letter in reversed position direction – THE ALPHA AND OMEGA SIGNS! The First and the Last! like WOTAN ODINS two RAVENS, Thought and Memory! In the begining phases the WMC must be Invisible and use Lone Wolf Tactis of Louis Bean and Tom Metzger and Alex Curtis. May God WOTAN – ELOHIM have mercy on the White Race and save us from destruction! White Mormon Lone Wofs get busy! Do the good work! Form the WMC! The Heavenly Odor of Cedar and the Raven Returns!. Jesus Christ is King and Joseph Smith is the Enoch Holy Ghost Spirit. September 21 and September 22 are special days. 21 is the vision and 22 is the revealing! The WHITE HORSE PROPHECY is the WMC! 2018 could be the end of the Evil Seedlines power over the earth. The Two Witnesses, the Law and Prophets Return! The enemy likes to brag how Fumerase Deficiency will destoy White Polygamy families. God Elohim has the Wasting Disease to put on those who curse and persecute the true White Abrahamic Seedline. Those who bless the White Abrahmic Seedline will be blessed. PAY LAY ALE!!!!!!!

  11. I happened to find this site. I was cast from the Mormon church for my convictions, including my concerns over race. If someone has felt inspired by the revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith (called the Doctrine and Covenants), they should consider more recent non-LDS Mormon revelations found in the “Second Book of Commandments”.

    http://www.2bc.info/pdf/2bc-fi39.pdf early 2BC
    http://www.2bc.info/pdf/2BC%20Identity%20of%20Israel.pdf Identity of Israel
    http://www.2bc.info/pdf/2BC%20Lineage%20&%20Seed.pdf Lineage and seed

    Here is an article on the issue of authority:



  12. Richard: Excellent info on Mormons. The New White Mormon Pyramid Temples should enlay over The Pyramid THE NEWS FLAG of Dewey H. Tucker! Check out THE NEWS FLAG on Truth From God.com Other Articles! May the Odor of Cedar and The Raven Return! White Mormon Power!

  13. The Mormons have always had this fascination with the Amerind or the more correct term, Mesoamericans. That is why I am not surprised that they seek converts from the Mestizos and Pacific Islanders.

    I do not think they are totally off-base in their strategy. IMO, in spite of the conquistadores’ unfortunate race-mixing in Mexico, Hispanic culture is infinitely more pro-White Christian than English culture (which was co-opted by the Jews the moment Oliver Cromwell allowed them back into England) has ever been. Spanish is the original language of White European Christian resistance under Ferdinand and Isabella. Reconquista may have been appropriated by the Azatlan types, but it was the term the Spanish used to drive out the Non-Christian invaders of Spain.

    The one important strength that WNism can capitalize upon is that the Mormons are both implicitly and explicitly White. This is their drawing power to their many Mestizo converts who feel a strong attachment to their own White European Christian genes.

    The bad news is that Mestizos will see the Mormon Church as an easy portal to intermarriage with intelligent, good-looking White people who will not see them as racial aliens. Many Mestizos seek to produce offspring with White spouses, calling it “mejorando la raza” or improving the race.

    The good news is that those Whites in Utah who are inclined to race mix will end up with the Mestizos who more fiercely cherish White culture and values more than pure-blooded Whites do. Mestizos despise Negros and are ruthless about dispersing them so a loose alliance with them, including marital ties with those of them that have hooked up with Whites who are inclined to mix with them is not a bad idea. Naturally, everyone must do whatever it takes to discourage Whites from race-mixing with Negros.

    There are enough unawakened Whites who have no problem with race-mixing to provide a buffer between aspiring Mestizos who want to go Whiter and racially aware Whites who prefer not to race mix and who can firmly but quietly train their own children to keep from race-mixing.

  14. Clytemnestra. Excellent Comment. David Lane in his articles stated that the Mormon Church was a White Race Religion exclusively for White Race! In REVALATIONS OF JESUS CHRIST by ART BULLA Section 13 Prophecy concerning the destruction of HAM (the Negro) upon this the American continent by racial conflict. Warned to flee to land of the fathers. Boundaries and habitations of men determined before foundation of the world. Art Bulla also has interesting article why Obama should not be President. He also has interesting articles — one article about how Ancient Relics of Ancient White Race was found around Great Lakes. The musuem that had all these Relics was closed by the Traitor Salt Lake LDS. The Relics were Ancient Jaredites. CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA BEFORE COLUMBUS by Pastor Earl Jones is interesting book also. I have respect for Ben Klassen and his works and also David Lane and his works and H. Millard and his 3 books. They are right on Race but wrong on Spiritual and they denounce Jesus Christ and Yahweh. I believe that a WHITE MORMON CHURCH should be founded and it should be more militant and Racist than any Religion ever! The attack and hatred against White Race is stepping up. More and More Black Race Sites are popping up now—they all say we dont have melanin and the ultraviolet rays will kill us off, that the suns rays destroys folic acid in whites so we are becoming STERILE. Another attack is THE ISIS CONSTITUTION that says everyone with o blood is part mongolian, etc etc all of these attacks come from the evil seedlines hatred of White Race. I believe a WHITE MORMON CHURCH, more militant and racist than KKK or Aryan Nations would a solution for the world today with NEWS as its Party. The Odor of Cedar and the Raven Returns!

  15. I have read both David Lane and Ben Klassen’s articles and think the biggest tragedy for both of these men is that neither one of them could understand that it is necessary to advance their ideas within a Christian framework and it never occurred to them to create their own Christian sect as the Mormon Church founder did.

    I realize that established Christianity, most likely from the beginning, has been subverted by Jewry and other Anti-White elements, but after two thousand years, it is all that WNists have to work with.

    Smith erred in not adhering more tightly to certain Christian dogma. He made the mistake of introducing some stuff that would never fly, thus reducing Mormonism to a certain cult status.

    What is desperately needed is a White Nationalist with strong theological training who can incorporate teachings of Klassen and Lane into Biblical Scripture. He can back up any separatist arguments by citing God’s separation of the continents during Peleg’s time after confusing mankind at the Tower of Babel. He can expose the hypocrisy and self-loathing malice of Disingenuous White Liberals demonstrated by their robbing Whites to finance their government charity towards Non-Whites while ignoring the plight of Whites in need.

    Another thing that such a man would need to do is to avoid falling into CI’s mistake of assuming that Whites are lost Israelites rather than Japethites. Jesus Christ Himself was never a Judean or an Israelite; he was a Japhethite from Galilee, “Land of the Nations,” an area where Romans exiled troublesome Gauls, Celts, Greeks, etc. Like Edom, Galilee had been conquered and forcibly converted to Judaism by John Hyrcanus.

    Racially, he was neither the new Jewish Edomite Semite that had assumed dominance nor the older Judean Semite; he was a Japhethite whose ancestors had been forcibly converted to Judaism. His whole mission to all the Jews obviously was an effort to teach them the laws of xenos, a Japhethite tradition, which they tended to flagrantly break whether they were Hebrews – see Abraham’s antics with Sarah where the rulers of the Egyptians and Philistines were concerned OR Edomite Jews being driven from one country they enraged after another with their own antics.

    I could and would make a strong case for the Ashkenazi Khazars being the Lost Tribe of Israelites as alleged by the Cohen gene that was found to validate any historic racial claim to Israel. That is how strong I see the need to distinguish White Christians from Ashkenazi Jews.

    So, the first order of business should be to restore the Christ to his racial roots which would go a long way in educating any Christian Zionist Japhethites out of their double-minded confusion where Israel is concerned. It would go a long way to force them to see that they have different religious interests from the Jews.

    IMO, it was a great tragedy that Marcionism, an early Christian belief that the Jewish god was actually an evil demiurge AKA “the god of this world” and that the Christ was the son of the true God was decreed a heresy and eradicated from Christian belief. An effective WNist Christian Church would do well to resurrect this belief, which is validated by the old Annunaki texts about Enki or Ea versus Enlil who strongly resembles Yahweh and Allah.

    I also think that such a leader would do well to focus on the Christ as the redeemer that was promised by the real God to Adam and Eve during the Fall of the Adamic race in Eden. He needs to distinguish the Christ from any Jewish messiah who is allegedly going to enslave us all to the Jews. The more that can be one to give Christianity a distinct Japhethite identity from any Semitic religion, the better.

    The only way for Japhethites to break this yoke of Jewish dominance is to sever any Christian connection to Judaism whether or not its founders originally observed Judaism or not. Otherwise, we will continue to hobble along with a divided mind and spirit.

  16. Clytemnestra: Dewey H. Tucker did what you are saying and even had a Temple Memorial Church in Knoxville, Tn., in the 1970s. Richard Butler was a member of Tuckers NEWS (National Emancipation of White Seed) and Aryan Nations was born out of NEWS. Tucker had plans to start Identity Churches all over America, but got put in jail for income tax evasion. The Feds had fear of him and so they neutralized him. He had everything that you talk about going. He had a RV and traveled all over america working to set up Identity Churches. Wesley Swift had a church in California but did not have the fire that Tucker had but had brilliant sermons and teachings. Buddy Tucker is back on the net and he says he is not a leader but a waiter bringing forth the message. I agree with you on Lane and Klassen. Your comments are acknowleged.

  17. Clytemnestra: Read KEEPER OF THE CELTIC SECRETS by Betty Rhodes. You might find it interesting. In it she talks about Type O Blood. She says Whites came from Neburi Planet. Maybe right up your alley of thoughts.

  18. John Thomas:

    Again, my biggest difficulty with CI adherents is their need to be Semites. Aside from making for some interesting reading to me and referential Biblical historical figures, I find nothing heroic and altogether too much that is seedy about the Semitic patriarchs of the Bible. As Ben Klassen noted, Abraham basically pimped his own wife, Sarah off to the Egyptian AND the Philistine rulers until “the Lord” visited plagues on their households and then he extorted considerable wealth from them to take her back. Jason extorted his hungry brother, Esau out of his birthright and then turned around to cheat him of Isaac’s blessing.

    If a Japhethite looks at their antics dispassionately, using the same criteria of honor that he would apply to another Japhethite, he would write the Semitic patriarchs of the Bible as the opportunistic low-lives that they are.

    Indeed, this laxity of judgment where these seedy Semites are concerned reflects the Japhethite’s own “bigotry of low expectations” towards anyone who is not of his race and he instinctively understands that the Semites are a different race even though he does not consciously know it, because so much of his history as a Japhethite has been lost to him or subjected to the Semite belief systems.

    I like the Mormon belief that the Amerinds are blood descendants from the lost tribes of Israel. It dovetails quite nicely with the Solutrean Theory and furnishes a cogent reason for all those ancient skulls belonging to Caucasian who, I assume, were the Nephites who were later overrun by and absorbed into the Asiatic Lamanites that Smith referred to.

    The main reason I like this belief is that it assigns this Lost Israelite identity to someone else so White European Christians can maintain their own real identity as Japhethites. Again, it is vital to divorce Christianity from any versions of Judaism which is why I find CI’s belief that Whites are Lost Israelites so revolting.

    Christianity’s strongest selling factor for me is The Christ as the fulfillment of the original promise the Creator made to the progenitors of the Adamic race during the Fall from grace in Eden. The Christ does not need to be sold as the Jewish messiah to validate Him as Humanity’s savior that will break the yoke of slavery from about our necks. Indeed, any version that would actually make him the Jewish messiah would mean he is the guy who is going to further enslave us for Jewry.

    Moses had already come for the Israelites. One can assume that the Muhammad came to fulfill that function for the Ishmaelites and most Non-Whites. It is interesting to note that most Non-Whites favor Islam over Christianity, instinctively sensing that it is the defacto religion no matter how many of them White missionaries try to convert. Isaiah did make reference to Jesus Christ as a great teacher who would be a light unto the Gentiles, or Japhethites. So, maybe there is a reason why they maintain their distance. It does not make a good racial fit for them like Islam does, even though Muslims enslaved them long ago.

  19. Instead of reading the insane rantings of ignorant religious fanatics, you all would be better served by getting your GED’s and then taking some science and math courses at your local junior college.

  20. @Rudel

    My sentiments exactly. I don’t give one shit about Jews or Israelites or Solutreans or who is who or bizarre interpretations of ancient religious scriptures (all of which, were probably little more than a combination of the hot, desert sun and generous helpings of hallucinogenic poppies in the first place). I just want the government out of my life and the nigger out of my face.

  21. Rudel and Chris: You guys have the solution – so tell me what it is and I will listen. You guys need a history lesson from Pastor Martin Lindstedt, no insult intended. When you guys have the answer let me know. Do you think Francis Parker Yockey is right, that we are in the death phase of Western Christian Civilization and you cant raise a Crusade? Is it biological or what? Or will the conditions have to get a hell of alot worse before the awakening occurs? Like Terrible Tommy says— The worse the better…… Buddy Tucker says Yahweh is only way—everything else will fail…..

  22. Rudel’s comment is typical of you know who. Ignore it. I’ll direct Rudel to the IQ stats post which lays to rest the juice intelligence superiority meme that is so egotistically and hypocritically thrown around to explain away dominance. Anyone with a slightly above average intelligence knew this to be patently false, via the logic of standard deviations applied to two groups that differ in population by a multiple of approximately 50. There are many more of us with Doctorates then there are of you. Don’t confuse the benefits that come, due to your culture set up by your Brahmans thousands of years ago, with the specific achievement of your people as they live today. However, I do encourage your continued arrogance. It helps to wake people up.

    Chris, if indeed you aren’t here to lend a poor image to the comments section, you have to realize that your wants are meaningless. Seriously. Totally meaningless. Slaves want lots of things. They don’t get them because they don’t know how to go about it.

    The discussion here is based in the white cultural mechanism that need to occur to throw off the yoke of slavery. If you aren’t willing to think about why that is long and hard enough, then you will lose. The people in charge care about these things, to an extent, but frankly they haven’t needed to care about them in a long time, to the extent that we need to today, because their structure for dominance was put in place a couple of thousand years ago. Now, it runs almost on auto-pilot, with just a few adjustments here and there when necessary. The machine is based in deep religion inclusive of a truly conservative and pervasive priest class (only the Amish compare), culture, racial identity, and minority. All of these things are necessary for its success. Because they have this machine, they can have their racialist government and a country that is kept essentially free from outsiders by a very high wall. To the degree that outsiders are in their country, there are strong cultural biases that limit their status to the lowest possible. Additionally, intermarriage is often physically dissuaded if the strong cultural taboo against it doesn’t prevent it. Don’t you want these things? If so, you need care about the religious mythology. Otherwise, you will continue to be too easy to put into slavery because you will have no group which will lend you deep exclusive co-operation based in blood.

    Christian religions are a bad path. Yeas, they are in our blood and we are sentimental for them. But at what cost? I would consider Mormonism the last great effort to build a racialist Christian tradition, and in the end it seems to be corrupted. The egalitarianism that is central to Christian dogma seems to be the eventual death knell for any and all Christian political power. It’s the chink in the armor. It’s a slaves mentality, as it pacifies people and ingrains deep cultural biases against fighting. Even if the fighting is necessary for survival or freedom. However, I’m not the first to say this. I ask, what do you think that you can create that will have a better chance than Mormonism did? If you think that you can do it better, and that we have enough time, than have at it. However, I think that the smarter move is to start fresh with a dogma that mirrors that of Judaisms survivalist, racially centric spirit.

  23. Ed: Good Oberservation. On google: Richard G. Butler – Great White Desert.org ARYAN WARRIOR. The orginal Mormons were Racist but got infected with the virus like all the other religions. I went to a Mormon Church in the 60s and it was so WHITE. I never saw any movement or organization as White Family Oriented. But the bacillus brought them down like the Baptist, Lutherns , Catholics and all the rest. Buddy Tucker of Truth From God.com OTHER ARTICLES says that all the old religions will be swept away. 2bc.info (Second Book of Commandments) believe in Gathering to safety refuge areas. Being on a Farm is no gurantee of safety, but its better than the big Metro Cities. Remember what happened to Boers and their Farms, The White Southerners and how their farms were taken after war and of course the Ukraine were millions died and farms were taken. And of course today -South Africa and whats happening to Whites (Genocide). May the Odor of Cedar and The Raven Return………………….

  24. I am a Mormon. Fuck you, you racist fuck. Stay away from my church you fucking fucktard racsict fuckwad. And I’ll say it to your face, in church, if you ever show your fucking fuck face there. Oh by the way, did I say fuck you? Well if i didn’t, then fuck you.

  25. @Mike

    My, my… That doesn’t sound like a very Mormon thing to say 🙁

    I thought Mormons didn’t like niggers?

  26. 313Chris – that rant, about yours – I seriously doubt that’s a Mormon. Stinks of old gefelte.

    Take the “M” from “Mike”, and replace it with a “K”.

  27. Looks like people are getting stirred up. Stumble Inn a has a blog on White Mormons. There is an underground movement in the hearts that is taking root. The Forming of a White Mormon House of Yahweh more racist than Klan, NS Germany and Aryan Nations. It will be Dual Seedline and The Book of Mormon will be called Book of White Mormon with The word JEWS true meaning. All the Original Doctrines and Rites in Temples will be restored of Joseph Smith. True White Adamic Masonry will oppose the Judeo Masonic Mormoms of Utah and elsewhere, Also a White Mormon Doctrine will be written A thru Z. Joseph Smith was an Ephraimite. David Lane has written that Mormonism was a Religion Exclusively for WHITES! The Raven Returns and The Sweet Odor of Cedar ,,,Praise White Yahweh! PAY LAY ALE!!!

  28. No Cool Aid: Sword, Battle Ax and Guts and Love of Race and Yahweh! Brigham Young was no sissy. He created a White State, Deseret and had alot of wives and children! Read Sidney Rigdon July 4th Speech about Extermination Order and THE OATH OF VENGENCE…. WHITE MORMON POWER! PAY LAY ALE! JOHN THOMAS TO HELL WITH JUDEO-MASONRY…

  29. “White Mormons are really good at sports – provide lots of opportunities for basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee activities.”

    Why is that significant?

  30. With their mythology they are doing geneaological research (!!!) as incongruous as Creationist literalists who are sending their church- or home-schooled children on dinosaur fossil hunting trips.

  31. Athletics helps create the physical required to dominate outsiders. It also helps create the will to dominate. Both are important, and as history shows we as race, and as kin groups will dominate others or be dominated.

  32. Mormons love niggers which is why romney wept with joy when the Mormon church went soft on race. You know, the romney that some folks here were all fired up to vote for. Like some nigger loving yankee would reverse the course all the nigger loving yankees but their empire on…

  33. Stonelifter: Read some of Ogden Krauts books like THE GATHERING and Segregation of Israel. I agree with you—the new Judeo-Mormons are a bunch of crap. The Old Original Mormoms were Racists–Young was Anti Jew and Smith restored True Whjite Adamic Masonry to oppose Judeo Masonry. Young created a White State: Deseret which the Judeo Masons went crazy about and outlawed having more than one wife and made UTAH a State. Romney I bet you—-is a MASON!!! The Old Mormons got infiltrated by them and what you have today in Salt Lake is JUDEO-MORMONS. Warren Jeffs has some good info on Cain and the Darkies and their Music. The Judeo Mormons and Powers That Be will go crazy when they see a White Mormon House of Yahweh forming.

  34. Hello,

    I am a Mormon. I am a White Nationalist. I am a Life Member of CofCC.

    There are more of us than you know, but we put our faith before politics. This may slowly start to change if the policies of the nation force us to make more secular decisions regarding nation building.

    I help my fellow mormon’s come face to face with the reality that they need to be a voice for our people, inside and outside of the church. Just like our founders did.

  35. Hello,

    I am a Mormon. I am a White Nationalist. I am a Life Member of CofCC.

    There are more of us than you know, but we put our faith before politics. This may slowly start to change if the policies of the nation force us to make more secular decisions regarding nation building.

    I help my fellow mormon’s come face to face with the reality that they need to be a voice for our people, inside and outside of the church. Just like our founders did.

    More info:

    After a nice smooth easy going message, he closes with what is really being pushed. Read the whole thing and then focus on the last few sentences.

    President Spencer W. Kimball’s Counsel on Interracial Marriage

    Cultural differences pose dangers for marriage. When I said you must teach your people to overcome their prejudices and accept the Indians, I did not mean that you would encourage intermarriage. I mean that they should be brothers, to worship together and to work together and to play together; but we must discourage intermarriage, not because it is sin. I would like to make this very emphatic. A couple has not committed sin if an Indian boy and a white girl are married, or vice versa. It isn’t a transgression like the transgressions of which many are guilty. But it is not expedient. Marriage statistics and our general experience convince us that marriage is not easy. It is difficult when all factors are favorable. The divorces increase constantly, even where the spouses have the same general background of race, religion, finances, education, and otherwise.

    The interrace marriage problem is not one of inferiority or superiority. It may be that your son is better educated and may be superior in his culture, and yet it may be on the other hand that she is superior to him. It is a matter of backgrounds. The difficulties and hazards of marriage are greatly increased where backgrounds are different. For a wealthy person to marry a pauper promises difficulties. For an ignoramus to marry one with a doctor’s degree promises difficulties, heartaches, misunderstandings, and broken marriages.

    When one considers marriage, it should be an unselfish thing, but there is not much selflessness when two people of different races plan marriage. They must be thinking selfishly of themselves. They certainly are not considering the problems that will beset each other and that will beset their children.

    If your son thinks he loves this girl, he would not want to inflict upon her loneliness and unhappiness; and if he thinks that his affection for her will solve all her problems, he should do some more mature thinking.

    We are unanimous, all of the Brethren, in feeling and recommending that Indians marry Indians, and Mexicans marry Mexicans; the Chinese marry Chinese and the Japanese marry Japanese; that the Caucasians marry the Caucasians, and the Arabs marry Arabs.

    (Spencer W. Kimball, The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, edited by Edward L. Kimball [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1982], 303.)

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