Comedy break – preparing our youth for rough times ahead

We had a music break. Now here’s a comedy break and it looks to be all White, even if the future isn’t… all right!

The subject is a White American nuclear family – mother and father, son and daughter and the teens have some “issues” with pot smoking and people are concerned with the future – what do our youth want to do in life and what’s realistic in these times.

Comedian Chris Farley (died a rather bad death) is the inspirational speaker brought in to say the things that a father often can’t say to his teenage children.

Click here to access video
click here for full length skit

Where do you see yourself in the years ahead?


  1. Great concept for a post. The left has always made taking over the culture as their core theme. Brutally honest but funny humor is something we can do. Humor is on the edge and if ever there was a group on the edge it is WN.
    I know that there are young white men and women with talent out there.
    Talent, some video gear, smart use of the internet and any public event you can get on the stage.

    Humor is a mighty weapon.

  2. I agree humor is often the best defense against the humorless PC forces we face.

    I use humor all the time to come back to the “YOU’RE RACIST” charge.

    Here’s how it can go:

    (Accuser) “You’re RACIST”

    (me) “I’m not RACIST, some of my best friends are Al Qaeda terrorists. I think it’s just great that our government lets in these Islamic terrorists to mass murder our people here in our country – this brings us the joys of DIVERSITY.”

    Then I proceed to go on the offensive and suggest that my PC Leftist accuser go sample the tolerance and diversity of some Gay pride parade in Saudi Arabia.


    Have some fun out there folks – even if things look bad, lets smile in the face of our enemies.

  3. Anyone noticed the latest propaganda shorts being aired during TV commercials to erase any ethnic identity amongst whites? It has a whole bunch of people renouncing ethnic identity and claiming to simply be “Characters.” The “I’m a Character” thing I’ve seen a lot for a month now, seems to be encouraging people to look at themselves purely as atomized individuals.

  4. Anyone noticed the latest propaganda shorts …..
    no I have not seen them.
    What I have noticed is a good many advs. for major items like cars and the like where there the couple is made up of a white man and an Asian women.
    Some times you have to look hard to realize that it is not a white woman.
    In one of the advs. I believe that she is pregnant.

    The white/Asian issue aside I always suspects such items are a lead into many advs. showing happy young white women with black men. That is something I do not see much or yet.

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