White Preservationists are natural conservationists

White Preservationists are natural conservationists. We are not genocidal maniacs fixated on destroying. We actually like to perserve and maintain things of value. We do not desire the extinction of the other Homo Sapien races; contrary to popular belief, we want them and our people preserved!

An important issue for White North Americans is environmental conservation. I am not going to pretend every individual on our racial side supports the environment. But, those who utilize the relevant logic, will notice that Environmental protection and White Preservation go to together-just as Universal Human Bio-Diversity goes together with White Preservation.

The quasi-populist Left realizes this, and goes on the attack against one of its most loyal constituencies. Previous articles posted here by Hunter Wallace presented the case of this regime betraying the White Working Class and politically Moderate average race-neutral White voters. And, the voters responding in kind. I am going to show another factional split. It might not be as politically significant among most common “environmentalists,” and leaders with a conflict of interest. But it has the potential to bring us at least some intellectual support and even some dedicated environmentalists who finally find their spines on the immigration issue.

The article I linked to, above (in blue, “split”) was from a little while ago, but it is still relevant to our political observations and discussion.

The story is about Anti-Racists protesting the Weeden Foundation, presumably for not advocating the party line in favor of deliberately massive Third World Immigration. It granted money to (race-neutral organizations) Californians for Population Stabilization,  Center for Immigration Studies, and NumbersUSA. The organization, WF, was being punished for being rational, and applying the logic of actually supporting the environment (on the issue of massive immigration). Actual environmentalists not wanting a Billion people (through massive immigration) living in and destroying the United States’s and Canada’s natural environments, who would have thought?

Here’s a quote to take lightly:

“It’s sad that companies like BP can have a huge oil spill, ruin the environment and the focus is still on immigrants,” said protester Adama Foneh, a leader of Sistas and Brothas United (SBU), one of the organizers of the event.

Mr. Foneh tries to belittle the damage being done to America’s forests and other ecosystems, through massive immigration. However, he should note the individual BP Spill has stopped; the damage it has done is done-no more, in and of itself (I support at least stronger regulations on oil drilling, by the way). But, the damage of massive immigration is still happening, with no end in sight. Its effects are also exponential, as opposed to BP’s Oil Spill’s linear, finite damage. And, because he has to bring up the ‘those poor little  immigrants*’ card, here is my complaint, not that I actually agree with unrestrained oil drilling:

It’s sad that there is massive legal and illegal immigration, leading to much serious crime and the destruction of many families-as well as leading to the destruction of forests, for future Wal-Marts and Apartment Complexes(to be patronized largely/mostly by recent arrivees); and the focus is still on oil companies who hire men with families to feed.

(* I am not quoting him, I am just referring to the Far-Left’s general canard he clearly seems to imply.)

Well, to make things better, somebody gets it. And he hits it out of the ballpark:

“This is what we’ve descended to in this immigration argument,” said Rick Oltman, national media director of Californians for Population Stabilization. “They cannot say mass-illegal immigration will help the country, they cannot say it will decrease crime, all they can say is that the opposition is racist.”

In the archives, I found comments about the political coalitions, in End-Game, Anyone? By Val Koinen

Wandrin correctly points out that Feminists, Gays, and Animal Rights will lose political power-if not get purged from the Left’s Democratic coaltion. But, he is skeptical about environmentalism being ditched. He is partially right.

Many nominal environmentalists are rationally speaking, not logically concerned about protecting the environment where it actually matters, and actually opposing those who actually care about keeping the ecosystems. And many of these official environmentalists will continue seeking the goal of an all powerful One World Government, which would actually destroy the environment. Ironically, this type is the true group of destructive zealots; and also ironically, they are the ones who lack credibility on preserving the macro-environment. They are concerned more about betraying their Race, Religion, and Nation than actually saving trees and chimpanzees. Thus, Steve in the Swamps is correct that the fringe element, if not the broader Far-Left will gradually drop domestic environmentalism as an important political issue. Kind of hard to represent the wishes of hundreds of millions of recently arrived Latinos, when you oppose cutting the forests on the land needed for their housing and commercial centers, no?

This could be an opportunity for us, as polarization ensues. Most White (and even most non-White) Americans are consciously opposed to the ultimate results of massive immigration.  Almost any sane person realizes the problem, and yet to be called “racist” for accepting common sense, even on a purely race-neutral basis? The Far-Left is pushing out, purging more moderate and well-intentioned people from the Official Rainbow Coalition. If we ignore it, the Fringe of the Far-Left might eventually succeed in making any form of dissent arbitrarily almost borderline criminal. But, if we take the advantage, we will break taboos as strong as those broken in the 1960’s and ’70’s. We only need to gather our cards, and play them right.  As our political system is still democratic-republican, we still have the chance to score next. We only need the motivation.


  1. Open spaces and outdoor recreation (hunting, fishing, backpacking, etc.) appeal more to whites than to other races. Immigration is the primary driver of population growth and population growth leads to fewer open spaces. This is a potentially important wedge issue.

  2. Excellent article.

    And Whites who do actually care about the environment are naturally on our side. It’s a question of style, dress, how you see yourself and want others to see you.

    Most Environmentalists do not want to see themselves as Right Wing Racists, bigots, NAZIs etc. So the power of the Left is to demonize anyone who dares flirt with any ideas that are designated as “Ring wing, Racist, NAZI” etc.

    It takes a lot of courage to break through this and few have done so – men like Theo Van Gogh and Pym Fortuyn in Holland who were murdered for speaking out against mass Muslim immigration in to Europe, speaking from an honest Liberal/Left position.

    We have to encourage/support these courageous Liberal/Left White men, even White gays who risk the loss of their social status, even the loss of their lives for taking our side on issues of immigration, population, culture.

  3. Wandrin correctly points out that Feminists, Gays, and Animal Rights will lose political power-if not get purged from the Left’s Democratic coaltion. But, he is skeptical about environmentalism being ditched. He is partially right.

    Animal rights are of very little importance in the war between stronger Left and fuller Right. However, Feminists and Gays are huge. Vast numbers of women – and half humanity is women – have been indoctrinated to see the the Left as in line with women struggling for a better position in society. As for gays, they are not at all half humanity, but for some reason they are extremely important to the left in the struggle with the fuller right. I don’t think that the full right, in its present form, will ever be able to address a constructive, open, truthful relation with Gays. We are on an uncertain battle front, fighting for survival, but the real right is still unable to make some of the most basic decisions. Militarily, that is a formula for losing, along with all the pain that goes with losing.

    As for the environmentalists, they indeed have failed, as a group, on the Left. Maybe a year ago, somewhere, I was reading an environmentalist who was trying to be as diplomatic as he could be. He was apparently in complete frustration at trying get the idea across that it was population, dummy. He wasn’t that blunt of course. I was surprised there were areas of rationalism in the environmentalist movement. So the article White Preservationists are Natural Conservationists is a very important article for the full right, as a way to move some of the genuine environmentalists toward a position more constructive and honest for our side.

  4. Feminism has probably been the single most destructive Jew cultural poison. It’s done an excellent job of dividing our people and destroying families. I marvel at how it’s gone virtually unchecked for the last 60+ years. WTF were the older generations doing. Us younger guys have inherited a real mess.

  5. Showing the environmental effects of unchecked immigration is a great way to expose some of the nonsense that comes from the left. This article also illustrates effectively the differences between “White Preservationist-Nationalist” and the mostly non-existent media favored term “White Supremacist”.

    Most non-WN’s that stumble across a site like OD would probably be confused while reading an article like this. It doesn’t fit the stereotype presented on the television, it destroys it.

  6. This article also illustrates effectively the differences between “White Preservationist-Nationalist” and the mostly non-existent media favored term “White Supremacist”.

    It does, but why would any leftist in a battle of popularity bother labeling his opponent “soldier on guard” when he could instead label his opponent “rampaging gunman”?

  7. I’m sure you have heard the term “watermellon” green—green on the outside, red on the inside.

    Most White men are natural greens, but, most political greens are watermellons, and Jewish watermellons in particular. That’s the way it is in real world politics.

    A big problem today are these Latrino dope growers about in the woods—these are really deadly, greasy, mestizo Roman Catholics of the worst type. They are killing, and maiming innocent White people who love the outdoors.

  8. Earlmundo Pitts III: Haven’t you heard? The dope growers are all Nordic followers of Odin these days. I guess the spirits of the forests couldn’t tolerate those desert-spawned Papists, and gave them all a big case of the willies. The Druids moved in to gather the abandoned marijuana plants at first, but with the shortage of woad for body painting, they lost their mojo and the Teuton Mob took over.

  9. Earlmundo, in truth, I don’t think that anything less than the Green Berets or Marine Recon can clear those people out. The Posse Comitatus law forbids using troops as law enforcement agents within the U.S., but shooting foreigners should be OK. A straightforward search and destroy mission.

  10. My brother visited China a few years ago. He told me his most striking impression was the eerie silence of the countryside. No birds sing there; they’ve all been eaten.

    Africa will go the same way. Say goodbye to the gorillas, the elephants, the lions, buffalo, wildebeest…

    Thanks to Western charity, the human population (using the term loosely) of Africa is way over sustainable level. When the free food dries up, everything that moves will be eaten, before the final famine.

  11. Analog Man: I’ve thought for some time that the only thing keeping Africa alive is White food aid, and that at some time the aid will stop and the Blacks will starve en mass. I had accepted that fact and moved on, giving thought to repopulating the more livable areas with White indentured servants drawn from the offspring of liberals. But I had not thought of the creatures! I could live without Negroes, but a world without giraffes or hippos would be a much less beautiful place. Rather than allowing America to be a refuge for genetically impoverished humans, we ought throw open the gates for the threatened fauna of Africa.

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