Update: Netherlands

Geert Wilders escapes prosecution.

Before the election, Freedom Party and anti-Islamist campaigner Geert Wilders was brought up on charges of inciting racial hatred.  It was not enough for the democratic liberal leadership of Holland that Wilders was confined to quarters, but he was also being actively prosecuted and threatened with serious jail time.

All in a day’s work for the average modern American style liberal democracy.

Wilders, however, beat them at their own game.  While employing every procedural trick in the book to delay his trial, there was an election.  And in this election, Wilders showed his strength.

And, now?

Well, let’s just say the powers that be have changed their tune.

The Dutch Public Prosecutor has sought the acquittal of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders on all three charges against him. Earlier this week, the prosecution asked for an acquittal for the charge of insulting Muslims and asked the judges not to award damages to the plaintiffs. Today, the prosecution asked for an acquittal on the two remaining charges: inciting hatred and discrimination.

Ealier today, the prosecution said “Criticism (of religion) is allowed as long as it does not lead to incitement of hatred against people.”

Lesson: There is no substitute for power.  In any other situation, he is put away and lost.  If and when we play, we must play to win and remember that our enemies will crush us, if we do not crush them first.


  1. Did the Judge accept the recommendation of the Prosecutor?

    If I’ve read my Kafka carefully enough, there may be some reason to think it not outside the bounds of possibility that the trial will go on in spite of this development.

    At the same time the ruling party is, at this moment, dependant on Wilders.

    So probably he’ll get off.

  2. As insrugents we must refer to our enemies dogmas as “Taboo” and nothing but taboos placed before us by superstitous retrogrades who ply our racial genocide.

  3. No, the election changed nothing. The prosecutors declined to prosecute in the first place. They never believed there was a case to answer. The court in Amsterdam disagreed and ordered them to proceed.

  4. There is a paranoia amongst jews regarding islam in the west. The jews still have some wriggle room in the USA so that is why they are setting up a mosque at “ground zero.” Americans still have room for islam so it can follow in the footsteps of Europe and bring them in or order to be hated. In Europe however islam is becoming a threat to jewish survival. For whites islam has been a thorn in the European side for decades (possibly even centuries) yet jews invited them in by the tens of thousands to rape and pillage. Now that jews are losing money and popularity it no longer serves their interests to have islam in Europe. This is why leaders and being allowed to be somewhat anti-islamic (like Merkel). White interests are NEVER taken into consideration, only how the country can best serve jews and israle. So, before you get your hopes up, just realize that while passively it may help white folks it is in NO ONE INTENDED TO. In fact, jews are probably sticking a fork into their hands to see whites be safer in their own countries but I believe they have no choice.
    P.S. has anyone noticed the goblin Angelina Jolie and the anti-Serb movie she wants to make? Milosevik was killed in prison so the White Serbs wouldn’t have their story told and NOW, this bimbo comes along and wants to tell the story in an Orwellian fashion; White Serbs tried to genocide the Islamic Bosnians, poor babies. In fact, that area is completely dominated by USA jewish interests using Bosnian Muslims as their slave masters. At the flick of a switch the jews and USA can have an islamic force to be reckoned with absolutely crush a nation or a people. The irony and doublethink are endless…

  5. “P.S. has anyone noticed the goblin Angelina Jolie and the anti-Serb movie she wants to make? ”

    I read something about it the other day and was sickened by the premise. The focus of Jolie’s film will be on a Serbian who rapes and brutalizes a Muslim woman. Not surprisingly, it will be a complete rewrite of the actual historical events.

    The American neocons and their counterparts in Europe had no problem turning those Islamic animals loose to rape, pillage and murder in the Balkans when it suited them. But now that Muslim immigration to Europe is becoming somewhat of a problem for the Jews themselves, it seems they want to pull back on the race replacement throttle just a bit.

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