We are “The Stranger” in Mayberry

The Andy Griffith show is arguably THE best television program in American history. This TV show present an idealized vision of an all White, Southern American small town, Mayberry – a place where all the White residents know each other and care about each other. Sure there are problems in Mayberry, but nothing the wise Sheriff Andy Taylor can’t handle and make everything all right and Mayberry stays…

All White.

Lots of White Americans would now like to live in a place like Mayberry ~ 1958-62 and some of us WN actually try to move to White small towns, White rural areas. We try to start new lives, fit in and maybe do a bit more – try to become the leaders of these White small towns, try to educate the locals about the dangers in NW big cities, the dangers of mass immigration, the dangerous enemies they/we have in politics, the media, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Hollywood, the Federal Reserve etc.

Most of the times we FAIL in our quest to lead these small town White communities. The locals think we’re the “Strangers in town” we’re the ones intent on causing trouble, trying to change things, or else they think we are just “different”, “too rich”, we’re – “Yankees”, “Catholics” or worse NAZIS! The reality is that small town White America doesn’t embrace NAZISM, at least not without a lot of time and hard work.

Today I present links to one of THE best episodes of the Andy Griffith Show – Stranger in Town.

This AGS episode explores most of the issues WN will face when they attempt to start new lives in someone else’s all American, White small town.

Please view at least the theatrical trailer and preferably the entire episode – it has a happy ending, thanks to the intervention of kind, wise Sheriff Taylor. We might not have “Andy” to bail us out or worse, our Sheriff Taylor and “Opie” may have taken the 30 pieces of silver and gone over to the Obama/Rham Emanuel side, which has unfortunately happened with the actors Andy Griffith and Ron “Opie” Howard.

Click below to view the complete episode in 3 parts.



  1. White flight is causing Whites from different parts of the country with different cultures and different religious inclinations to move to our small towns and it’s causing unwanted sprawl and the degradation of our cultural mores. The town I live in is growing at an uncomfortable rate and some wealthy people are coming in and building their McMansions which they will require cheap third world labor for maids and gardeners.

  2. Alex,

    Can you elaborate on the cultural and religious friction that these newly arriving Whites are causing with the indigenous population? I’m curious, because I live in a White area that has just about every Christian religious denomination I am aware of, and everyone seems to get along reasonably well, so to speak.

    Andy Griffith is great viewing. I always enjoyed how they’d have Andy, the “hick cop” out-smarting the city detectives. Sadly, country people are now portrayed on television and movies as dumb, toothless rednecks. Probably started with “In the heat of the night.”

    Quite a parallel can possibly be drawn with the red/blue dichotomy Hunter and others bring up here.

  3. Don’t misunderstand, we’re not lower class people by any means but these newcomers come off as the snotty liberal progressive types who always take time to stop and talk to some black stranger that they don’t know and it always comes across as if they’re forming alliances with them. These blacks seem to get ever more numerous as the years go by where before there were none and now there’s a few hundred.

  4. I wonder if that is why they moved here or if there’s some sinister plan at work. I don’t know. Perhaps as the nonwhites take over the cities the liberals push out in the suburbs and small town America to deliver their coup de gras. Even conservative Whites moving out of their region is destructive to the culture to the culture they’re moving into. Northerners moving into the South are having a devastating affect on the culture in the area. White flight is destroying what made America unique.

  5. Speaking of the “stranger,” I think the most important thing for white advocates is to let their fellow white advocates and other fellow white people know that they are not alone.

    The more white advocates feel isolated and powerless, the more they embrace extremism and reinforce negative white nationalist stereotypes that plague us.

    There is strength in numbers. We just need to let our fellow white people know that we indeed exist and that they are not isolated.

  6. You can’t lead with your ideology. You must lead with practical things that you do for the people in your town, and “sniff the wind.” You don’t tell people your beliefs before they tell you theirs! Never ever ever.

    You don’t appeal on an intellectual level; appeal on a gut level, and tell stories. Tell a story about a female cousin who was “groomed” to be a “ho” when she was 13, became a mudshark/crack whore and got AIDS AND NOBODY CARED because this was considered “progress to racial equality.” Tell a story about your brother in Arizona living next to a Mexican human trafficking cartel, and the bullet holes in his house and how he was driven out of his house because the police couldn’t protect Americans.

    Focus on how you feel pity and compassion for the victims of multiracialism, rather than your (admittedly justified) hate for the treasonous liberals and satanic jews who are creating these conditions.

    You have to look at your audience. If they are shutting down and rejecting you, try a different approach. If they are balling up their fists and shaking thier heads in empathetic outrage, you are doing it correctly. Admittedly, it’s an effeminate approach, but it’s what works. Go after the older women, and talk to them about your poor girl cousin, and don’t lead with her mudsharking, but rather how she is living on the skids, her children were taken away, she’s in and out of jail, she’s a shadow of what she was. Find one of those “before after” pictures of methamphetamine users/prostitutes and say “this is my cousin.”

    Once the middle aged woman has bought into the story, tell her it all started with your cousin really getting into the whole “racial equality” thing, and “it seemed like it all started when she got an A on her essay about Martin Luther King, Jr.”

  7. Excellent comments Kievsky.

    I agree that we can’t “lead with our ideology”. Instead, we should earn the respect of others through our conduct, slowly develop trust that first and foremost:
    “We’re on their side” – we’re smart, well educated and know how to handle situations. Most regular White Americans are not history buffs, they’re not walking around 24/7 thinking about historical events that happened or didn’t happen 70 years ago.
    After losing lots and lots of election campaigns with libertarian economic conservatives/pro business with mixes of pro life Religious Life folks, I was very, very happy to work on a winning US Congressional campaign in Southern California. Our candidate featured controlling illegal immigration and just controlling the border, keeping out Mexicans, Mestizos but that wasn’t the main theme of the campaign. Instead it was:
    “He’s on your side”. In all areas, our candidate was on the side of regular (White) voters – our candidate would work to get people’s social security checks delivered, he would work for solid funding for the US Navy – the areas largest employer, he could relate well to most folks – secular, religious, married, single, retired – he was “on their side”.
    We won.

  8. Can folks watch the 2 minute trailer I linked here to The Stranger in Town and comment on this specific TAGS episode? It is a good one.

  9. That was a good show. It’s Whiter than the town in Northern England where I live 🙂

    As someone who has tended to move around a lot, it’s a good idea not to try too hard in the beginning and give people a chance to get used to you.

    Good advice from Kievsky, I’ve tended to wear my WN on my sleeve way too much and need to not talk about it until the moment is right.


  10. “We” are not the stranger in Mayberry, we are Mayberry, at least some of us. Jack Ryan is the stranger.

    Mayberry wasn’t just all White, it was all Nordish. Jack Ryan and those like him want to coopt Nords and try to make us believe that “white” Latinos, Mediterraneans and West Asians would behave in a similar fashion. This is one of the crucial differences that gets left out or is deleted and silenced in these discussions. All Caucasoids are not the same, it’s absurd.

    First we lost our ethnicity, then we lost our sub-race, and now we are losing our race.

    The “white” Canadian Jew Paul Saltzman is an example of the stranger in town, he wrote and directed Prom Night in Mississippi, which was funded by Morgan Freeman. Apparently “progressive” Whites and Jews just can’t stand that some little part of the world has White people that want to preserve their race and culture.

  11. I deleted a few comments, mostly my own – as I felt (in particular my comments) had gotten off topic, not specifically addressing the topic of this excellent episode of the Andy Griffith Show and how we – WN should try to introduce ourselves and our WN ideas to Whites in small towns, rural areas. In my case, after a few beers I had made lengthy comments about the conflict between White Northerners (Yankees) and White Southerners and that was simply way beyond ths scope of this thread. I also deleted a comment which included personal attacks on the author of this post – which is not allowed under the new O.D. comment guidelines.
    I think the comments sections of O.D. has improved 100% since Hunter tightened up the comments guidelines.

  12. No one wants a stranger coming to town to lecture them about race. I recently had a minister of a very large church (which I had never attended) drop by uninvited. As soon as he picked up on my accent he started in with a load of crap on the south and integration. It took all the restraint I could muster to end the conversation civilly. One should consider there are plenty of folks on the other side who would feel similarly to such an intrusion. There are plenty of people who agree without having to force it on those who don’t. Just work with the like minded folks and leave the rest alone.

  13. fred says:
    October 19, 2010 at 7:14 am
    “I recently had a minister of a very large church (which I had never attended) drop by uninvited. As soon as he picked up on my accent he started in with a load of crap on the south and integration. It took all the restraint I could muster to end the conversation civilly.”

    Fred, you have my permission to be “uncivil” with this terrible, preachy idiot “minister”. Do some research, find out where he preaches, where he socializes and put the word out on him. Most Whites will really turn on a renegade Lib/Min minister trying to push this crap through a Christian church. He likes racial integration so much he can get to share a jail cell with some bi-sexual Black gang banger rapists!

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