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SBPDL: Year One

(Editor’s Note: Secession Week resumes at Occidental Dissent.)

Paul Kersey’s “Prospects for Racial Separation” was a runner up in the TOQ 2009 secession essay competition. OD readers should be somewhat familiar with his point of view. Kersey is the author of my favorite blog, Stuff Black People Don’t Like, an irreverent daily commentary on the sad chronicle of Black Run America.

Before moving into this review, I would like to plug his new book, SBPDL: Year One. Kersey has always excelled at using humor to introduce implicit Whites to an explicitly racial perspective without the albatross of extraneous issues. SBPDL is one of the few sites that I can recommend to mainstream friends who enjoy laughing at a good racial joke but are not yet completely on board with White Nationalism.

As with Michael O’Meara’s “Toward the White Republic,” I would break down Paul Kersey’s “Prospects for Racial Separation” into two parts. It is a defense of the idea of secession and a prescription for action. Both O’Meara and Kersey cast Sam Francis, an opponent of secession, in the role of Devil’s Advocate.

Defending Secession

Kersey’s response to Francis is straightforward: the demographic window is rapidly closing on the idea of “restoring” America. Whites are projected to fall to minority status by 2042, eight years earlier than previously expected, which suggests that doomsday might arrive sometime in the 2030s. White children will be a minority in American public schools by the 2020s.

America will likely experience an economic collapse long before 2042. Indeed, Kersey wrote this essay in 2009 while America was already plunging into what is now commonly being called the “Great Recession.” Meanwhile, California and dozens of other states like Illinois are in such terrible financial shape that a Greek style financial meltdown could land on our national doorstep anyday now.

In the mid-1990s, when Pat Buchanan was still a potent threat in the Republican primaries, Sam Francis could plausibly argue that a self confident White majority could reassert its dominance and reverse our national decline. In the Barack Obama era, some fifteen years later, the racial cancer is starting to look terminal and secession has become a more attractive option for racially conscious Whites.

Sam Francis was born and raised in a different time. The grandchildren of Generation Y won’t inherit a White America that resembles anything like the one Francis and Boomer paleocons nostalgically remember. They will be born into a Middle America under siege by an aggressive non-White majority and a corrupt, bankrupt federal government whose only real base of support will be millions of tax parasites intent on pillaging Whites in the name of “social justice.”

Nostalgia is the weakest link in Sam Francis’s opposition to secession. I found his argument that secession is tantamount to “starting over” as a nation the least persuasive part of his case.

The Confederates, for example, didn’t see themselves as starting from scratch. For the Confederates, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson remained Southern heroes. They wanted to preserve federalism and republican government from what they correctly perceived as an attempt by Lincoln and Black Republicans to enslave the states to the federal government.

The fact is, if the Confederacy had won the War Between the States, the White Republic would have survived in a truncated form. The South wouldn’t have been colonized by Jews and European Catholics. It would have retained an agricultural economy with race based citizenship. Undoubtedly, the Confederacy would have abandoned the Enlightenment pipe dream of equality in favor of the Antebellum ideal of social hierarchy.

This much is also certain: if the Confederacy had survived as an independent nation-state, White children in the South would have far more reverence for the Founders, Western civilization, Christianity, the White race, Anglo-American culture and heritage, and the ideals of federalism and republican government  – symbolized by Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson – than they do today in the United States under Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

It is a stretch of the imagination to argue that secession is somehow opposed to preserving what is worthwhile in America. A much stronger case can be made that preserving the Union, which will inevitably result in a victorious non-White majority hostile to the West, is the real threat to conserving American traditions.

Kersey himself doesn’t make this argument, but it is an extension of his criticism of Francis, which I found completely justifiable.


Like O’Meara, Paul Kersey steps onto shakier ground when it comes prescribing a course of action for pro-Whites. His view is that nothing much can be done to affect our situation until Black Run America collapses under its own weight. In the interim, we can support outstanding White Advocates like Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald, or academic journals like TOQ.

White Nationalists have been at their strongest in historical forecasting. If you had asked White Nationalists in 2000 what America would look like in 2010, they would have said it would be less White and the economy would be teetering on the brink of collapse, a forecast which turned out to be fairly accurate.

The problem with historical determinism is that it is not immediately obvious that an economic collapse would work to the advantage of White Nationalists. When the Great Depression struck, FDR was elected president and won three more terms, while the Old Right was marginalized and extinguished. When the economy collapsed in 2008, Barack Obama was elected president and used his new power to make matters worse for racially conscious White people.

Look at California: a minority-majority state on the brink of fiscal collapse. In California, Jerry Brown is running neck and neck with Meg Whitman in the Governor race. Neither Brown or Whitman are inspiring to White Nationalists. If “worse is better,” California shows that “worse” is often just “worse.”

We’ve gone from bad to worse and racial attitudes haven’t boomeranged. It is so bad that even Whites whose children are viciously raped and murdered by non-Whites are so brainwashed and cowed by anti-racist propaganda that they won’t openly embrace White Nationalism.

Then you have the Tea Party. Instead of turning to White Nationalists for solutions, the White masses created the Tea Party movement from scratch, which in less than two years has succeeded in pulling the political mainstream in its direction. This is another indicator that White Nationalists are failing to exploit the historical opportunities they have predicted.

I can envision a scenario in which the American economy experienced a Mad Max style total collapse over a historical dark horse like Peak Oil. In such an unlikely scenario, which is at the furtherest end of the “worse is better” spectrum,  it is far more likely that religious lunatics of the sort that James Howard Kunstler described in “World Made By Hand” would seize power on a local and state basis, as White Nationalists would lack the organization and physical numbers to compete with them in the real world.

Unlike Kersey, I think there are lots of ways that White Nationalists could “prepare the ground” for secession. I will try to flesh out this subject in my own upcoming essay. If we don’t start pushing political reality in our chosen direction, I don’t see any historical opportunities resulting in a victorious White ethnostate in North America.

The Merits

Paul Kersey makes a stronger case against Sam Francis than Michael O’Meara. In particular, I want to call attention to the fact that he rejects the use of violence as a means of securing political ends. Kersey understands that violence will only result in another Oklahoma City backlash against pro-Whites that could cripple the movement for years and be invoked as a pretext for attacks on our Second Amendment rights.

When James von Brunn shot up the Holocaust Museum in DC, he only succeeded in portraying White Nationalists as unhinged psychopaths driven by Jewish conspiracy theories and Neo-Nazi fantasy ideology. The White masses didn’t see him as a martyr. They didn’t respond to his call to violence anymore than the Whites of the Pacific Northwest rallied to the cause of The Order.

If some disturbed individual on the Far Right had assassinated Barack Obama, the media would have glorified him like JFK and turned him into the second coming of Saint MLK, both of whom would have been discredited like LBJ if they had only been allowed to fail.

I think Kersey makes a plausible case for secession. He painted a dire portrait of the historical conditions that Whites will be facing in the near future. If I was forced to play the role of critic, I would only say that Kersey could have done a better job enumerating the practical ways that Whites could translate the ideal of secession into reality.

Verdict: A good thought provoking essay.

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  1. I’m considering doing an in depth exploration of the whole idea of secession and White Nationalism.

    1.) There are so many jumping off points in these essays worthy of further exploration.

    2.) Several of the essays kick off with responses to the original Sam Francis, Richard McCulloch, Michael Hart exchanges. It might be a good idea to review those.

    3.) There is a lot of other material to work with like HAC’s Northwest Quartet, which I haven’t reviewed, or the LoS and its proposals.

  2. Realistically speaking, I don’t think that separation will work. I agree with Dr. Francis (RIP) that the solution to our problem is for whites to unapologetically assert our racial consciousness and pursue our racial interests without surrender or apology.

    As Dr. Francis pointed out, if whites wanted to truly solve our racial problems, we could do so tomorrow. We just need to instill in our people a greater sense of pride, ethnocentrism, and self-interest.

    That way, separate racial states or no separate racial states, we will prevail. To me, separation is a bit of a cop-out and a sign of surrender. Besides, it’s simply not going to happen.

    Instilling in white people greater pride, however, IS a realistic goal.

  3. I think the prospects are not good.

    The scenarios advocated always require either a generalized uprising and Civil War (HAC, Pierce, etc.) or a total collapse of society. The former seems completely implausible, despite the hard work that Covington put into showing otherwise.

    The latter seems more possible these days: some sort of economic collapse on the order of the Depression clearly can take place here. But we are much more a nation of sheep now than in 1930, yet even then the result of the Depression was people empowering the central government. even more. It is impossible to imagine the central government being anything but deeply progressive at this point.

    Perhaps some sort of State based seccession might take place if a failing FedGov simply has no value. We will then have 50 states, or perhaps some groups of states, replacing the USA. But again each of these political subdivisions will have a lot more important things to worry about than racial purity. The states with the most racially aware white are also the states with the most blacks. It’s difficult to imagine Mississippi or Alabama expelling millions and millions of citizens. Even at the height of the civil war that didn’t happen.

    So seccession as a result of devoluion of the USA might happen, but the prospects for an ethno-state coming out of even that event are extremely small.

  4. The WN vanguardists who support secession do want to start from scratch. They hate Christianity and the Constitution and want to do away with both. Just like at their ideal north Anerican nation as embodied in the fictional works by Pierce, Lane, and Covington. Lane portrayed an ethnostate where White people practiced polygamy and Wotanism.

  5. “This much is also certain: if the Confederacy had survived as an independent nation-state, White children in the South would have far more reverence for the Founders, Western civilization, Christianity, the White race, Anglo-American culture and heritage, and the ideals of federalism and republican government – symbolized by Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson – than they do today in the United States under Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.”

    First off, thats a mighty big “if”. The Confederacy didn’t survive because of it’s own flaws and incompetence. Your blithe statement glosses over that little fact.

    Southerners have no real allegiance to the “White race” or “Western civilization”. They only appear to, because in contrast to the blacks, they’re the closest thing to either. Obviously, that isn’t saying very much. The line about “not being colonized (sic) by European Catholics” gives you away entirely.

    As for Christianity (Are “Papists” Christian?) and Anglo-American culture, they are moot points.

    Obama won the Democratic nomination largely through Southern state primaries.

  6. Joe,

    The Confederacy didn’t survive because it was militarily crushed by the North which had superior resources at its command. The Union victory in the War Between the States resulted in the abolition of slavery and negro citizenship.

    If the Confederacy had won, that scenario would have been unthinkable. As late as the 1960s, White Southerners had no real desire to treat negroes as equal citizens. The integration of the South was wholly attributable to outside forces.

  7. When the collapse comes, the Federal Gov will have nothing to offer the public this time. Roosevelt brided the working class whites. They won’t be willing or able to do that this time. Some of the power hungry elite oligarchial class sadists (Jews particularly) seem to have a cruel desire to cease using propaganda and prosperity to justify their reigns in place of pure brute force.
    I think that when the situation gets bad enough, non-WN secessionists will have their chance. If Vermont, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Alaska, maybe a Confederated States sequel to the original Confederacy leave the Union for non-explicitly racialist reasons, this could set a precedent that WNs could use.

  8. Southerners have no real allegiance to the “White race” or “Western civilization”. They only appear to, because in contrast to the blacks, they’re the closest thing to either. Obviously, that isn’t saying very much. The line about “not being colonized (sic) by European Catholics” gives you away entirely.

    Wow, what blatant disrespect to White Southerners.

  9. The states are all small countries, with their own legislatures, executives, and judiciaries. The vast majority of police in the U.S. are local or state lawmen, and the states even have their own militaries. The state governments are the default heirs to a crumbling national authority. Yes, their governments are filled with many of the same sorts of scoundrels as is the National government, but if keeping their office means repudiating Federal laws, they will. If Washington DC loses the means to bribe the states, and lacks the will to bomb them, de-facto secession is a real possibility. Remember, if the Confederates had merely ignored the Union rather than fighting it, they would have got their independence.

  10. If a section of America set off on this white separatist program it would bring total war from the regime. Any situation where that succeeded would require a massive realignment in the popular imagination of whites, a re-imagining I doubt is possible. If somehow whites en-masse converted over to a racial thinking then there would be no stopping us from taking our whole country back. Settling for a sliver is almost a total retreat. I can envision “Singapore” style partitions such as New York City, L.A. or Miami. I don’t advocate handing over whole regions, but in Gaza size entities a few of the nastiest parcels and their tens of millions of non-whites can be given the boot.

  11. The Confederates, for example, didn’t see themselves as starting from scratch.

    The Preamble to the Constitution of the CSA:


      WE, the People of the [United States] Confederated States, each State acting in its sovereign and independent character, in order to form a [more perfect Union] permanent Federal government, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity [provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare], and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the [United] Confederate States of America.

  12. I think the prospects for racial separation is, if you look under the hood, a difficult collection of words.

    We are already pretty much separated.

    In Eastern North Carolina, outside of a few cities, Jim Crow is still the custom of the land.

    Some step out of that, but, most do not.

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