Blues and Blue Dogs

Heath Shuler and the decline of conservative Democrats.

Asheville, North Carolina

With a week to go until the midterm elections, the evidence continues to mount that Red America and Blue America are being pulled apart by tectonic ethnic and cultural forces. Most recently, I explored this theme in Red October and Whites Revolt. In Dead Aim, I predicted that polarization would drive “Reds” and “Blues” into segregated political parties.

I was given a lot of fresh material to analyze and work with over the weekend. Where to start?

1.) In The New York Times, Ari Berman (a Jewish writer for The Nation) advocated purging the Blue Dogs from the Democratic Party. In his view, a “rogue group of predominantly white men from small rural states” have blocked President Obama’s liberal agenda and antagonized the party from within.

The Democrats should abandon the “50-state strategy” and purge the conservatives in their midst – the “fake Democrats” like Heath Shuler and Bobby Bright that Rahm Emanuel and Howard Dean worked so hard to recruit. Shorn of White conservatives, Berman argues that Democrats would be able to govern more effectively with a smaller majority.

In an era of “near absolute polarization,” Democrats would be more united and productive if they adapted their political strategy to prevailing conditions. Essentially, this means giving up on White America except for homosexuals, SWPLs, unionized workers, college students, and single women with children.

Note: In 2008, 60% of Barack Obama’s voters were White. A Democratic Party which can’t win a sizeable number of White males (a healthy minority) can write off the South, forget about winning swing states, and prepare itself for massive losses in the Midwest.

2.) In Politico, Jonathan Martin announces the return of the 2004 political map, polarized into Red America and Blue America, which Barack Obama’s “post-partisan” and “post-racial” presidency was supposed to draw to a close. Barack Obama has been flying across America and plopping down in liberal urban enclaves to rally the Democratic base.

The unstated message: Obama is giving up on the Heartland. The Democratic Party is shrinking back to its bi-coastal, urban base of Jews, SWPLs, and non-Whites. The Republican Party is set to win races all across the continental interior, especially in the rural South and Midwest, where the Blue Dogs have been abandoned as roadkill.

3.) Also in Politico, Carol Lee draws our attention to the inescapable political reality of our times: Barack Obama is the president of Blue America. In 2008, White America voted against Obama. In 2010, less than 40% of Whites approve of his job performance, and less than 30% believe he deserves reelection. In Portland and San Francisco, Barack Obama is a rock star, but he is a demonic socialist (and possibly the Antichrist) in Nebraska and West Virginia.

4.) Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is campaigning like its 1992 in states that Obama has abandoned. He has stumped for the hated Blue Dog Health Shuler in Asheville, NC. According to a recent Gallup poll, Clinton’s endorsements now carry more political weight than Barack Obama’s, particularly among rural Democrats in the Scot-Irish Belt that he won twice in 1992 and 1996 and Obama lost in 2008.

5.) In The Washington Post, Charles Murray verifies what the Tea Party has always suspected: America is controlled by a “New Elite” that is suspicious, if not downright hostile, toward ordinary White people in the American Heartland.

This “cognitive elite” is the product of America’s meritocracy. It sucks up the brightest kids through the universities, brainwashes them into a progressive worldview, and sorts and concentrates the “best and the brightest” in selective geographic suburbs, where they have little contact with the common people and their culture.

The cogelites differ from ordinary people in everything from their travel destinations to their exercise routines to their favorite television shows to their taste in fashion to the sports they watch. Not to mention their political ideology, religion, zip codes, sense of identity, and moral sense. Most of them don’t have the slightest familiarity with the skills and intelligence it takes to run a successful business.

Lee Harris explored the implications of this in The Next American Civil War. Angelo Codevilla has also draw attention to the growing political chasm between the “Country Class” and the “Ruling Class.” His popular essay has since been released as a book.

What Lee Harris, Angelo Codevilla, and Charles Murray don’t tell you, which we can say openly here, is that Jews are the core component of the “Blues” or the “Ruling Class,” as we saw when CNN fired Rick Sanchez, or when Jimmy Carter begged for forgiveness from the Jewish community.

Every Jew isn’t a “Blue.” Jews aren’t the only people who are “Blues.”  Quite often, Judaism and “Blueness” are at odds, but it is fair to say that the majority of Jews are Blues, or that American Jewry is the “center of gravity” of the Far Left in America, and that its weight and cumulative influence in our political system (especially on our moral and aesthetic sensibilities) explains much of the SWPL phenomenon and the Left’s success in the culture war.

The Tea Party is a “pointless rebellion” unless it is willing to take on the sacred cow of meritocracy which is the ultimate source of this type of social stratification.

Final Thoughts

I don’t see this sorting and polarization going away anytime soon. The most likely scenario is that the “Reds” (the coalescing White vote) will concentrate in the Republican Party and the “Blues” will concentrate in the Democratic Party. Identity politics will gradually come to the fore and polarization will drive a wedge between the American Heartland and the political class.

In the context of a collapsing economy and the declining legitimacy of the federal government, White Nationalists will be in a position to spread their radical message to a broader, mainstream White constituency. The success or failure of the White Nationalist project will ultimately turn on their ability to connect with and mobilize Red America around separatist ends.

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  1. Book recommendation: The Revolt of the Elites, by Christopher Lasch, an honest, old time leftist. Been dead for maybe 6-8 years, too bad.
    He writes about using SATs to scour the country for sharp kids and shipping them all off to elite schools, where they lose contact with and respect for the working class.

  2. This “cognitive elite” is the product of America’s meritocracy.

    This new class may be identified as the product of what we ceremonially call a meritocracy, but as we both know, underneath it, it is an interest-group with nepotism, cronyism, and elbow rubbing. cf. Elena Kagan.  Merit may get you in the door, but it is much more than that which determines which office you get once you’re in the building.  (We used to call it WYK and WYB) Mike

  3. You guys should watch “The Social Network” to see what these people are like. A bunch of degenerates who hardly study, except how to make lots of money.

  4. I was watching Dylan Ratiggan(sp) this afternoon on MSNBC.

    Dylan had a Jewess named Epstein on who has a blog, and is encouraging people not to pay their mortages. Her Jew logic is that even though the home owner lied to get the mortage, the mortage lender knew it—and went along with it in order to make more loans and get more leverage.

    What about us poor fools who pay our mortage payments, and bought homes we could afford? We are supposed to bite the bullet for the wastrels, liars & crooks?

    We have a mess on our hands, but, lets not dump it all on the responsible citizen, and let the Jews & other non-Whites off of the hook.

  5. No sensible person thinks Obama is the anti-Christ. The anti-Christ is supposed to be liked by all and good looking.

  6. The talk of the blues you come across on message boards, the radio, even TV has gotten incredibly hostile towards white America. I was flipping through HBO over the weekend and caught Bill Maher, it must have been the same show Keving McDonald blogged about because every other word out of Maher’s mouth was “teabagger.” He also gave several rants about what ignoramouses Americans are by “a bunch of utterly ignorant redneck hillbillies came out to vote against gay marriage in 2004 and pulled the lever for that moron Bush” He had an Amen chorus that included Rob “Meathead” Reiner. I’m surprised that the FCC allows all this “teabagger” rhetoric to play, it’s a disgusting homosexual act of lowering a man’s scrotum into anothers mouth and oral sex slang like “blow job” and “eating pussy” are normally censored. I bet if five years ago conservative whites had coined the term “teabagger” for gays in general it would have been promptly denounced as “hate speech” by the very same leftists who now seem to use it more than the F word in a rap song. Heck, Maher can’t even talk about Brett Farve without bringing up “teabaggers.” Wow is the jewish community ever hostile towards whites.

  7. I’m wondering about that too…”SingleWhiteParentLesbian”??
    @Nightowl: “Wow is the jewish community hostile to whites”. You have no idea. Only way organized Jewry can keep itself from being holocausted again (and again and again and again…) is to create a centrally-controlled, low IQ’d, globalized, non-white (i.e., no whites) world order. That’s the whole point of open-borders sweatshopping, freetrade job-outsourcing, Israelite wars, and dollar-destruction via debt pyramiding. This will end badly for all concerned, but – since they have hugely mis-timed their final power-thrust – especially badly for the Chosen.

  8. SWPLs are urban White progressive yuppie hipsters who construct their sense of identity against “Red America.” Aside from the Jews, this group is another one of the major “Blue” constituencies. They are pretty easy to recognize. The website “Stuff White People Like” is only the most comical description of this peculiar class of status obsessed White people.

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