Good Jews

St. Paul... still looks a bit too much like Pharisee Saul of Tarsus

If you have spent any time working in American conservative politics or gone the extra step and engaged in White Nationalist activism – you should be aware of the Jewish issue – the Jewish problem. Most racially conscious White Americans understand that very powerful Jewish organizations and Jewish individuals in politics, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Wall Street have been very hostile to our people and our culture – many Jewish Leftists like “author” Susan Sontag (born Susan Rosenblatt) have called for the destruction of our people, because… well Susan Sontag says:

“the white race is the cancer of human history!”

Susan Rosenblatt Sontag - Sees White Race as Cancer of History

All honest political polls have shown that American Jews have voted “liberal”, “Left” Democrat by margins of over 80% since the 1920s and “liberal” Jewish financial contributers and Jewish advisers like David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel made an unknown, half Black African “community activist” Barack Obama the President of the United States! Yeah, Jews are very Liberal – push dreadful things like Federal Hate Crimes bill, pack the Supreme court with Jewish Lesbians like Elena Kagan or “New York-a-Ricans” like Sonia Sotomayor. You can basically count on American Jewish liberals/Leftists to push all kinds of terrible programs like homosexual marriage, open borders immigration, anti White affirmative action, political correctness, cultural marxism – lots of very, very bad, Liberal Leftist crap.

But what about the Jews who claim to be “Conservative”?

What about the Jews who claim to have “seen the light” – to have come over to our side, the good side, who claim to be for “family values” – a strong military, less government, lower taxes, support for our “Judeo Christian” heritage, defense of Western Civilization against the threat of Arab terrorism?

What about Jews like Michael (Wiener) Savage – of “the Savage Nation”, tough French law and order, Interior Minister now President Nicolas Sarkozy or all the new Conservatives – the “Neo Conservatives” at National Review/The Goldberg Review, supposedly coming over to our side?

My advice is for honest folks here to closely study the phenomenon of the Jew who supposedly comes over to our side, who – like Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarsus supposedly had an “epiphany” on “the Road to Damascus” and became….

St. Paul – preaching the one true, gospel truth to our people … only …

St. Paul doesn’t really look like one of “our people”.

I’ll have lots of comments on this subject and not all negative comments towards individual Jews in America. Many individual Jewish people are good, decent people and they really are indeed…

On our side.


  1. Silver –

    It has nothing to do with what any particular Jew’s elders believed. It has everything to do with self-interest.

    What no rational Jewish person can do is join an organization that has a mission statement of “creating a Jew-free White Ethnostate in America”.

    They might dispair over the current situation, they might agree with the WN critique of current immigration trends, they might have a similar view of the causes of decline (as Lawrence Auster does), they might even believe that 1950s America was the best place ever for Jews – and seek a return to that paradise (as Michael Savage does).

    But when the solution being suggested moves to a state that will explicitly exclude them then they are not going to support that plan, or the people pushing it.

  2. The whole label JEW is problematic in and of itself because it doesn’t tell the entire story. When God send the Judahites, Benjamites Levites and and assorted Israelite remnant into captivity in 587 BC the land was mostly empty. When they began returning from Babylon during the reign of Cyrus the Great, they found that the Edomites in Greek Idumeans who are the children of Jacob’s evil twin brother Esau had occupied most of the land from Hebron to Eliat on the Red Sea. The Nabatean Arabs had driven Edom from their traditional lands at Mount Seir into the land designated to Judah. The Jews did not retake their land until Maccabee John Hyrcanus conquered Idumea and forced the Idumeans to become Jews.

  3. In 40/39 BC the Roman Senate made the decision to finally depose the Maccabees or Hasmoneans as they were called and established Herod, the son of Antipater of Sidon an Edomite who worked for Hyrcanus II and by 37 BC Herod had claimed the throne, with the full military backing of Rome.

  4. Now understand what happened here. A century before Judah conquered Idumea, but a century later, Rome declares the Edomites kings over their conquerors. Edomites ruled over the Jews and practiced a perverted form of Judaism with all of their idolatry cloaked inside. When Christ comes onto the earth, the Jews are now slaves to an Edomite Nobility with the backing of Rome.

    Fast forward to AD 70. When the temple is destroyed and Judah is largely enslaved and taken to Rome, Alexandria, Sicily, Cyprus, Hispania, etc, these Edomites were still the families of wealth and power they took their money with them. As friends of Rome they became the leaders of the Jews and in time were one and the same. Their religion their ideas became what we see here, the perverted idolatry of the Talmud, the witchcraft of Kabbalah and the perversions of the Zohar.

  5. A little shy of 1700 years after the destruction of the Temple, a family named Rothschild comes to power in Frankfurt Germany. The name Rothschild means RED SHEILD. Esau in Hebrew meant red as he was covered in red hair. Why are there so many Jews named Redfield, Redstone, Redberg, Redstein all manners or cognates of Red? BECAUSE THEY ARE OF THEIR FATHER. ESAU.

    The Children of Jacob, the Church of Christ that was founded in AD 33 are the true Israelites, the inheritors of Jacob’s birthright and blessing and the blessed of God. These Edomite fraudsters like their father Esau want to kill us because we are Jacob’s seed. Wake up

  6. The Apostle Paul was the scholar of Christianity, God chose him to write down the rules of the Christian Church because he as a scholar could communicate them to us in a scholarly way. The original 12 Apostles were largely uneducated men, Paul would be in our lingo Dr. Paul because he had the equivilent of a doctorate. He not only taught Christianity, he also knew Greek Philosophy and possibly as many as six languages on his own or more.

    Paul was the harshest on the Jews of any of the Apostles so honestly anyone who says he’s evil is downright mad. In fact the Jews hate Paul the most of all of them. Who made it clear Homosexuality, Adultery and all of those things which were unacceptable under Moses were unacceptable under Christ? Paul did. Read 1 Corinthians 6 and Romans 1

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