Angle and Anger

Smelling blood, Sharron Angle goes for the kill in the Nevada Senate race.


White America is furious.

For the past three months, I have written about little else. I have explored the connections between implicit Whiteness, the Tea Party, and the polarization of the United States into Red America and Blue America. White America is so angry that even a long shot perennial candidate with “extremist views” like Christine O’Donnell can succeed in this political environment.

The Capstone

If there was a defining moment of this election cycle, which symbolizes the changing mood of the White electorate, it came earlier this week in Nevada when Sharron Angle released a new political ad that bludgeons Harry Reid on immigration and multiculturalism.

You have to see it to believe it:

The dog whistle of implicit Whiteness is blown so hard here that it literally bursts your ear drums. Make no mistake about it. This is the closest thing to an explicit appeal to White racial consciousness that we have seen in years.

Hordes of marauding Hispanic barbarians invading White America while Harry Reid robs White families in the Senate to redistribute the loot in exchange for votes. A White family is terrified by violent criminals coming across the border. White children learn in school that Harry Reid is opposed to the English language. Reid sides with the President of Mexico over Arizona natives.

The culmination: “Harry Reid … it’s clear whose side is he on … and it’s NOT YOURS.” In a struggle between “us” and “them,” Angle is stands with White Nevadans while Reid supports the Mexican invaders.

The response from the Left was electric. Sen. Robert Menendez denounced “The Wave” as a despicable racist ad. Joy Behar of The View slammed Angle as a moron and a racist bitch who is going to hell for vilifying undocumented workers. Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have waded into the fray with “racism” accusations.

Angle’s camp responded to Behar with a bouquet of flowers and a sarcastic little message: “Joy, Raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sharron Angle”

Online donations came flooding in from across America. Angle has surged ahead in the polls. She now has a 3 in 4 chance of beating Reid next Tuesday. “The Wave” was a tie breaker.

Behar responded by upping the ante and making the contest even more about White racism. Much to the delight of the Angle campaign: “I’d like to point out that those flowers were picked by illegal immigrants, and they’re not voting for you, bitch!”

Moral of the story: at some undefined point over the past five years, it became an advantage for a White challenger to be browbeat with “racism” accusations by the Left  and MSM with less than a week to go before the midterm elections.

The Angle campaign certainly knew this ad would spark a race debate, but they calculated the resulting polarization (as we saw in Gatesgate) would work to their advantage, and that rallying the White electorate would propel them to victory in the Nevada Senate race.

The MSM’s legitimacy has sunk to such an incredible low that many White voters instinctively react against them and do the opposite of what they suggest. They figure: if Sharron Angle is being attacked as a “racist” by these elitist snobs, she must be doing something right.

The Temperature of White America

White voters reject Barack Obama.
At the national level, what is playing out in Nevada holds true across much of the rest of the country. A new CBS preelection poll has revealed an enormous racial divide in perceptions of Barack Obama and the American future.

– 90% of blacks approve of Obama, 7% disapprove; 37% of Whites approve, 55% disapprove.

– 88% of blacks approve of Obama on the economy; 33% of Whites approve of his economic job performance.

– 85% of blacks say Obama has made progress on healthcare; 40% of Whites share that view.

– 90% of blacks are satisfied with the Obama presidency with 46% who are very satisfied and 44% who are somewhat satisfied; 36% of Whites are satisfied with only 8% who are very satisfied and 28% who are somewhat satisfied.

29% of Whites are somewhat disappointed by the Obama presidency; 34% are very disappointed.

– 48% of blacks think the next generation will be better off and 24% expect it will be worse; 56% of Whites think the next generation will be worse off and just 16% think it will be better off.

The CBS poll found that a shift among Independents was handing the midterm elections to the GOP. By 47% to 32%, Independent voters are breaking Republican. Independent voters are typically White.

The Guts of the Shift

The coalescing of the White vote can be seen in several key areas. According to The New York Times, Republicans have wiped out the historic Democratic advantage with Roman Catholics, women, the working class, and independents. In particular, women are expected to vote Republican in this election cycle for the first time since exit polls began tracking them in 1982.

25% of voters say they are willing to back an “extreme” candidate and 57% of voters are willing to take a chance on candidates with little or no experience. Such is the dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Congress has a dismal 14% approval rating. Nancy Pelosi, a lightning rod and liability to the Democratic Party, has a 15% national approval rating. Even if Democrats were to maintain their majority, Pelosi won’t be returning as Speaker of the House.

In the South, White Southern Democrats are being relentlessly tarred with the Obama/Pelosi brush and hunted to death with spending by outside groups. Several popular longtime incumbents are expected to go down to defeat. The GOP is expected to make bigger gains in the South in 2010 than in 1994 when the region famously tilted into the Republican column.

So there you have it: a polarized White electorate with its center of gravity in South, Midwest, and West, which is convinced America has been derailed, with tentacles that stretch deep into Democratic territory in the Northeast and along the Pacific Coast. The unpopular Republican Party is the most readily available vehicle for lashing out at a deeply unpopular political class that has betrayed White America.

Final Thoughts

If White Nationalists only had the will power and a reasonable strategy, they could easily make headway in these conditions. We only have this to work with: a terrible economy that is getting worse, a deeply unpopular black president, millions of illegal aliens making noise with periodic rallies, a discredited mainstream media, a political class with no legitimacy, a vulnerable GOP establishment, and a receptive audience in which only 16% of Whites think their children will inherit a better world.

We can make the existing political system more hospitable to our interests. 1/4 of House candidates are immigration hardliners. An even larger percentage is against “comprehensive immigration reform.” All this braying and crying about the end of the world is hopelessly premature.

As early as Tuesday, our enemies will be on the ropes. Let’s get busy winning.

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  1. “Once more?” Anyway keep up the good work HW, since I for one cannot stand the news and never ever watch it I’m still glad someone cares enough to watch that drivel and discern what is really important.

  2. This bit of news seems relevant to the election topic here, so I just thought that I would slide it in, if Hunter doesn’t mind:
    This is posted over at American Thinker
    It is stating that voter fraud is already showing up at the polls in various states and that voters who are trying to vote a ticket of straight Republican are experiencing their votes counted as Democrat:
    “The reports are rolling in from all over the country. A Craven County, NC resident attempts to vote a straight Republican ticket, but his choices come up straight Democrat four times, despite receiving assistance from poll workers…”
    Many other instances are cited. They intend to get their agenda through by any and all means. Some of us have been expecting this to happen.

  3. “It’s the economy Simmons, it’s the economy.”

    It’s not the economy. It’s the underlying conditions in which the curent state of the economy plays a huge part.

    In terms of activism where does saying it’s just the economy lead?


    “But there isn’t going to be anymore wars, that’s what nobody seems to get. ”

    This is critical. There’s people who say we live in ***ZOG*** but we don’t. In any country as big as America no-one actually controls anything. What people have is [b]influence[/b]. That influence then gets used to push things in certain directions. They do have a *massive* amount of influence and because of that we do live in Little Zogistan but influence is like money. It gets spent.

    In terms of influence Afghanistan initially cost them very little because of 9/11 and the direct link to AQ training camps. However getting the West to attack Israel’s enemy of Iraq when it had nothing to do with anything cost them a huge amount – not only to create the war but to keep it going when everything went wrong. The constant drain on their influence from keeping Iraq going may be finally coming to an end but they still have Afghanistan, which they alone are trying to sustain against growing public discontent, so every month they have to *pay* out of their influence to keep that going.

    So there’s both no money and a lot of resistance from inside the US forces who have been ground down by over-stretch for years. Those are the barriers that their influence has to overcome – large barriers. At the same time their war-making influence is in the red.

    The way things are at the moment i’d say the only way they could get an attack on Iran is either leave Afghanistan completely and then refocus all their influence on Iran or a pretty massive Gulf of Tonkin type incident involving US ships.

  4. I absolutely love this:
    …Angle’s camp responded to Behar with a bouquet of flowers and a sarcastic little message: “Joy, Raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sharron Angle”…

    Am I seeing things, or are Whites FINALLY taking the offensive when these liberal losers attack them with the dulled blade of racism?

    Finally, a spark of hope in the demographic darkness. Here’s to many more Sharron Angles emerging from the political wastelands of America.

  5. @Hunter
    I didn’t bring it up.

    But, no one can refute the fact that there is a Roman Catholic & Jew political alliance in Congress. Although, more than a few will be history after this election like Lisa Murkowski. 🙂

  6. @ Hunter

    Rumor has it that the Holy Catholic Peolsi is going to retire if the Obamaites lose the House! 😉 How about that.

  7. a Roman Catholic & Jew political alliance in Congress

    The Democratic-controlled 110th Congress had 284 Democratic Congresspersons.
    — 103 were Catholics, 36.3% of the party’s Congresspeople
    — 40 were Jews, 14.1% of the party’s Congresspeople
    The Catholic-Jewish bloc formed a majority of the Democratic delegation.

    — Add in the 44 blacks at 15.5% of the party’s Congresspeople, and between the three of them, that’s two-thirds of the governing party of the U.S. Congress. Incredible, but true.

  8. Wandrin:
    You seem to reflexively try to contradict me. Please, only a fool would get the causation backward. Do you truly think: “It’s not the economy.”? One more time, again, the economic malaise is a necessary but not sufficient condition for what we now see. If the economy was actually growing at 10% in real terms and its real growth was visible to all would we even be having this discussion and discussing Sharon Angle’s ad? Clearly, where the economy goes so goes the “activism”. The proof is in the timing. Again, first the economic malaise happened, then the activism, not the other way around. Grow up and deal with reality, then get on with the “activism”. Finally, lest we forget recent history, ignoring causality is largely what ZOG has done to get us into this mess.

  9. Let’s just say that the bad condition of the economy and the bad condition of our people have some common roots. Neither will really recover without addressing those root causes. I, and I suppose most here, are more concerned about the condition of our people, knowing that the economy will largely take care of itself in a free, White, nation. A Jewish run, multi-cult cesspit will never work for anyone but the manipulators.
    The reason to emphasize the economy at this point is that Whites who live in largely White areas might be unaware of the real racial transformation and its consequences, but they know unemployment when they see it. Ignorant as they are, they might reasonably ask why they should worry about Mexicans in Los Angeles when they have more pressing concerns in their own state. Taking up their economic concerns, we should show them how the destruction of California or Arizona hurts them. From there we can explain what the invasion will do when it reaches their county, the more explicitly racial angle.


    President Obama’s post-partisan America has disappeared, replaced by the politics of polarization, resentment and division.

    In a Univision interview on Monday, the president, who campaigned in 2008 by referring not to a “Red America” or a “Blue America” but a United States of America, urged Hispanic listeners to vote in this spirit: “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.” . . .

    Instead, since taking office, he has pitted group against group for short-term political gain that is exacerbating the divisions in our country and weakening our national identity

  11. Discard & Hunter:
    So right you are. It seems to me that he seems to act out of emotion with little or no thought as to consequences. If either of you care to read a rather lengthy series of spliced quotes, I was reading some Orwell that seems apt (George Orwell Collected Essays THE LION AND THE UNICORN: SOCIALISM AND THE ENGLISH GENIUS (1941) PART I: ENGLAND YOUR ENGLAND): “They had to FEEL themselves true patriots, even while they plundered their countrymen. Clearly there was only one escape for them — into stupidity. They could keep society in its existing shape only by being UNABLE to grasp that any improvement was possible. Difficult though this was, they achieved it, largely by fixing their eyes on the past and refusing to notice the changes that were going on round them. … It is important not to misunderstand their motives, or one cannot predict their actions. What is to be expected of them is not treachery, or physical cowardice, but stupidity, unconscious sabotage, an infallible instinct for doing the wrong thing. They are not wicked, or not altogether wicked; they are merely unteachable. Only when their money and power are gone will the younger among them begin to grasp what century they are living in. … ruled by people whose chief asset was their stupidity, to be ‘clever’ was to be suspect. If you had the kind of brain that could understand the poems of T. S. Eliot or the theories of Karl Marx, the higher-ups would see to it that you were kept out of any important job. The intellectuals could find a function for themselves only in the literary reviews and the left-wing political parties. … Another marked characteristic is the emotional shallowness of people who live in a world of ideas and have little contact with physical reality. …And underlying this is the really important fact about so many of the English intelligentsia — their severance from the common culture of the country.
    In intention, at any rate, the English intelligentsia are Europeanized. They take their cookery from Paris and their opinions from Moscow. In the general patriotism of the country they form a sort of island of dissident thought. England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. … Both Blimps and highbrows took for granted, as though it were a law of nature, the divorce between patriotism and intelligence. If you were a patriot you read BLACKWOOD’S MAGAZINE and publicly thanked God that you were ‘not brainy’. If you were an intellectual you sniggered at the Union Jack and regarded physical courage as barbarous. It is obvious that this preposterous convention cannot continue. The Bloomsbury highbrow, with his mechanical snigger, is as out-of-date as the cavalry colonel. A modern nation cannot afford either of them. Patriotism and intelligence will have to come together again. It is the fact that we are fighting a war, and a very peculiar kind of war, that may make this possible.”

    Orwell was discussing the English socialist ‘intelligentsia ‘ in England between the wars, but might as well be discussing the socialist/Marxist ZOG today, and especially their handpicked idiot Obama. Except in this case the economic malaise may make victory over them possible, and wouldn’t that be something?

  12. Report: 25 states considering Arizona-style immigration laws

    An immigrant-rights group has released a report (PDF) predicting that 25 states may try next year to pass anti-illegal-immigration laws similar to Arizona’s controversial legislation. . .

    Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma and South Carolina are most likely to pass a similar law next year, the new report says. Tennessee, Utah, Florida, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Colorado, Virginia, Minnesota, Missouri, Idaho and Kansas made the report’s “maybe” list. In Maryland, Nevada, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio and Rhode Island, the legislation is seen as less likely to pass.

  13. Discard,

    It depends upon who you mean by “us.” Barack Obama has been a boon to conservatives and the Republican Party. He has done wonders for Rush Limbaugh’s career.

    As for White Nationalists, Obama in the White House hasn’t made much of a difference. WNs were hopelessly disorganized and unprepared to take advantage of the White backlash. It was channeled into the Tea Party as a result.

  14. Could it possibly be any more clear that Harry Reid has to be defeated on Tuesday?

    Reid: DREAM Act vote after midterms

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is promising a vote on immigration legislation in the lame-duck session after the Nov. 2 midterms.

    He told Univision’s Jorge Ramos in an interview scheduled to air Sunday morning on the network’s “Al Punto” show that he will bring the bill to the floor during the session. . . .

  15. Nancy Pelosi might retire if Democrats are pounded hard enough.

    Pelosi, Among Others, Could Exit if Dems Lose House,8599,2028212,00.html#ixzz13lZqK3Uz

    As Nancy Pelosi goes, so might a generation of her colleagues.

    If Democrats lose control of the House of Representatives next week, as most political observers expect, there is a good chance that the House Speaker will opt to spend time with her eight grandchildren rather than toil in the relative obscurity of the minority. Even if she wanted to stay on, it’s not at all clear that she would win the position of minority leader: seven Democratic incumbents and several candidates oppose her leadership — on Wednesday, North Carolina Representative Heath Shuler suggested he might challenge Pelosi for the spot — and another 20 have refused to say one way or another. Pelosi is more likely to leave gracefully, trading the red-eye slog for the pleasant commute between her San Francisco and Napa homes, and leaving the caucus in the hands of majority leader Steny Hoyer, who has been chafing in her shadow for decades.

  16. Tracking the Red Rebellion:

    President Obama tanks, Republicans surge in Iowa

    BETTENDORF, Iowa — The state where Hope and Change first took hold appears to have a case of buyer’s remorse. . . .

    Raw numbers tell the story of the Republicans’ revival in the Hawkeye State: GOP voter registration is up by more than 36,000 from a year ago, while the number of registered Iowa Democrats has plunged by nearly 24,000 during the same period.

    Last minute swing voters are breaking heavily for Republicans and against Democrats:

    Swing Voters Are Flocking to GOP

    The Democrats’ final push to woo undecided voters appears to have fizzled, potentially putting dozens of competitive House races beyond reach and undermining the party’s chances in at least four toss-up Senate seats, according to party strategists and officials.

    Independents, a crucial swing bloc, seem to be breaking sharply for Republicans in the final days of the campaign.

    The revolt of the white working class

    It is therefore no coincidence that a disproportionate number of endangered Democrats are in the states where white working class voters still have sufficient numbers to exercise political power. The states of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee are in that category along with Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. Added together, the states included in the revolt of the white working class includes the Ohio River Valley and the upper Midwest, and it is easy to see why Olsen thinks the revolt of the white working class might be the defining characteristic of the election.

    Immigrants gain over U.S. workers

    Montana now deep Red:

    Poll: Montana voters swing to GOP; 32% approve Obama’s performance

    Nearly 60 percent of Montana voters disapprove of the job President Barack Obama is doing, according to a Montana State University Billings poll released Friday.

    Only about 32 percent of those surveyed like how the president is carrying out his duties.

    That contrasts with recent national polls that show about 47 percent of Americans approving of Obama’s performance, said Craig Wilson, MSU Billings political science professor who helped oversee the poll.

    Obama hurting Dems across the country:

    Poll: Voter pessimism helps GOP in 4 states Obama won

    WASHINGTON — Republican candidates vying to win Democratic-held Senate seats have inched ahead in two once-deadlocked states and are in virtual ties in two others, four new McClatchy-Marist state polls found Friday.

    The polls, taken Oct. 26-28, showed the Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Senate races leaning Republican, while Washington and Colorado remain tossups.

    “These are states where Democrats are at best struggling for their political survival,” said Lee Miringoff, the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

  17. I never trust polls. I regard them as one more political weapon, a propaganda tool to encourage or discourage one side or another, hoping to influence the turnout.
    But I still hope that the immigration advocates get beat, and that the fires get hotter and the pot gets stirred. Open polarization is the immediate goal.

  18. Bonus Gift:
    “You seem to reflexively try to contradict me”

    Apologies for the impression. Not intentional. I look at arguments not just as arguments but extrapolated to what activity they entail so if someone says “it’s the economy” then i instinctively pounce even though obviously the state of the economy is critical in many ways.


  19. “Earlmundo Armand Pitts III says:

    “Reid is on the Jewish side of the Jew-Catholic Alliance in Congress.”

    “Holy Catholic saints like Bob Casey will get scared straight if Reid loses.”

    “But, no one can refute the fact that there is a Roman Catholic & Jew political alliance in Congress. Although, more than a few will be history after this election like Lisa Murkowski. ”

    Rumor has it that the Holy Catholic Peolsi is going to retire if the Obamaites lose the House! How about that.”

    The above quotes are just from this thread.

    Hunter, I request that you ban Earlmundo Armand Pitts III, aka Tom, aka Tom Watson (on this OD site), aka Old Dutch (on another site). He has been “hobby horse” Catholic bashing under various names on this site for some time now, and I assume he will continue in the future.

    In addition, he shows a high level of overall maliciousness towards others when they disagree with him.

    I believe he needs to go.

  20. “As for White Nationalists, Obama in the White House hasn’t made much of a difference. WNs were hopelessly disorganized and unprepared to take advantage of the White backlash. It was channeled into the Tea Party as a result.”

    Its ok. In the mean-time Tea Party Republicans in the new Congress will hold the line against amnesty, saving Western Civilization from the abyss, whilst White Nationalists get our act together and draft a candidate in the George Wallace mold…

    David Duke 2012!?!?!?!

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