A Shoulder to Cry On – Whites Seek Empathy

Radio Free Northwest #40 – October 28th 2010

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Mr. Covington discusses White people’s desire for empathy – someone to share their pain and loneliness in a world gone bad, and how this natural desire gets in the way of effective WN activism.

In addition, here is a link to an NPR interview with a leading British anti Nationalist activist, describing the successful “Hope not Hate” campaign to defeat the BNP. This interview shows how our enemies reach out to suffering White working class communities and provide empathy – they tell our people that “they feel our pain”.
Click here to listen to interview \"hope not Hate\"

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  1. This is one of the best of Harold’s podcasts. He really is excellent at what he does and it is a shame that more WN’s don’t give more serious consideration to this man and his plan.

  2. I listened to a few of HC’s broadcasts. If he’s the feckless character I’ve read about from various sources online, you wouldn’t know it from his well-modulated, intelligent voice. He sounds reasonable.

    I don’t know much about his NW initiative. For instance, how do 150 million* of us fit into what seems like a smallish area? Meanwhile, surrounded by a vast, and constantly growing, number of NW’s determined to render us extinct, armed with the FedGov’s limitless weaponry.

    * The 150 million number is HC’s.

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