The Complicit and Culpable Jews

by Val Koinen
October 31, 2010

In writing about the problems facing White people these days I frequently refer to the “complicit and culpable Jews.”

I usually try to make it clear, in context, just what it is that I mean by that term. Still, it might be helpful to readers if I explained and clarified the term.

To me, and from the standpoint of their having a detrimental effect on White culture and society, and to the extent they say and do things that further that effect, the term “complicit and culpable Jews” refers to many if not most of the members of such groups and organizations as those listed below (and no doubt others as well):

Religious Jews (adherents of Judaism, including Orthodox, Talmudic, and Rabbinical Jews)

Organized Jewry

Jewish Financial Contributors and other Supporters of Jew-Identified Organizations

International Jewry
High-Finance Jews and Jewish Bankers and Brokers
Jewish Investment Scammers
Jewish Zionists
Israeli Jews
Jewish Neoconservatives
Jewish Politicians and Office Holders
Jewish Bureaucrats, Government Executives and Administrators
Jewish Lobbyists
Jewish Lawyers and Judges
Jewish Psychiatrists and Psychologists
Jewish Spies
Jewish Supremacists
Jewish “Holocaust” Liars, Scammers, and Frauds
Academic Jewry
Jewish Media Moguls and Executives
Jewish Journalists, Columnists, Novelists, and other Writers
Jewish Radio and TV Personalities, Commentators, and Pundits
Jewish Garbage-Artists, Dealers, Curators, and Patrons
Jewish Gangsters and Criminals
Jewish Terrorists
Jewish Think-Tankers
Jewish Entertainers, Producers, and Directors

Jewish Leftists, Ultraliberals, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists

Jewish Radical Feminists

Jewish Homosexuals, Pornographers, White Slavers, Smut Peddlers, Pedophiles, and
Other Perverts

Social Activist Jews


Have you spotted what is truly amazing about this list? No? Well, it is this: Such a list would be largely meaningless, even ludicrous, for any group other than the Jews.

I list all of these types of Jewish individuals and groups (include them as “complicit and culpable Jews”) because it makes the point that it is only the Jews – the self-identifying and group-survival-strategy-practicing Jews, amongst all the other religious and ethnic groups in the country (and in the world for that matter) – that can be legitimately characterized in this fashion. The Jews are all these things, and they are prominent in all these areas. And more than that, a significant part of their being members of these groups is, for many of them, saying and doing things that are, overtly or covertly, inimical to the best interests of White people.

Just about everyone who reads this list will instinctively recognize what I mean when I say these “types” of Jews are often malevolently “complicit and culpable.” And one reason they are so recognizable is because only the Jews have historically banded together in so many ways, developing such a consensus of common purpose; such a network of nepotism; such a mutual understanding of each other that enables them to cooperate effectively in such a common strategy and effort to achieve so many common goals and with such unified, clannish dedication.

I just couldn’t prepare and put forth this kind of list for any other ethnic or religious group in America. Not for German-, Scottish-, or Italian-Americans. Or for Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, Christians in general, or even Muslim-Americans. It just wouldn’t make sense. It would come across as being ridiculous, or just plain silly. It wouldn’t even make sense for the most problematic groups when it comes to being in the forefront of effecting our dispossession and demise – the blacks and the mestizos. Or even the Muslims versus the Whites in Europe. Or the Swedes or Irish versus anybody.

Certainly some of these “types” might make sense and be a recognizable fit for some of those other groups, in situations where they have had an adversarial relationship with the interests of some other, targeted out-group. But most would not. Other groups just do not have so many areas of substantial social and political influence that can be tied to such common “what’s good for my group at the expense of your group” behavior. Such a broad and comprehensive yet specifically inclusive list would just not “ring true” when applied to any other group.

But not so for the Jews. For them, it makes perfect sense. That is what is so telling about the Jews.

Now don’t get me wrong here – I haven’t “gone off the deep end.” I’m not saying that I believe all Jews are knowingly and actively conspiring to destroy White people and Western Civilization. I’m not saying that they all support the efforts of their fellow Jews to destroy our culture and our gene pool. I’m not even saying that I believe all of them even know about these things.

But I am saying that too damned many of them – probably most of them and especially most of their better educated and most successful and affluent individuals, if only through their loyalties and contributions to Jewish organizations and their “what’s good for Jews” mindset – are either knowingly and actively or at least passively working to support and advance their generally undeclared but mutually understood “Jewish agenda.” And that agenda all too frequently works to the detriment – oftentimes the lethal detriment – of White people in America and around the world.

Oh, by the way – yes, if I had wanted to make this essay a bit longer, I could have easily put a good many names to the Jewish “types” listed above. It’s not very hard to find numerous Jewish individuals and formal organizations, both historical and contemporary, that fit every one of the listings; including individuals and groups that have in fact done great damage to our culture and society, if not to Western Civilization and the White race itself. A suggestion: why don’t you do that research yourself? I guarantee that you will very easily turn up numerous names of a good many major culprits (complicit and culpable Jews, remember?) (along with literally hundreds of lesser players).

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  1. At this point I’m more interested in forming a white equivalent to Jewry (a small, intelligent, forward-thinking, disciplined, ethnocentric European-descended elite) than I am in polishing the brass on the Titanic, which is what frame most WNs are looking through.

  2. Svigor, I don’t subscribe to the WN “it’s the Jews” orthodoxy. I see two categories of fraudsters: 1) Jews and 2) Members of our own tribe who work with Jews to carry out the fraud, and not always because of bribes but because some of them want to. My position is that we need to attack and jail # 1 and # 2, not just # 1. My experience in WN circles is that the emphasis is almost entirely on # 1, when # 2 is at least an equal problem. Throwing out every Jew tomorrow won’t do much good as long as there are legions of White anti-racist liberals ready to step and continue the Jews’ policies. The White man has gone from dominating the globe to the edge of genocide in a relatively short amount of time. If that isn’t evidence of pathological susceptibility to pernicious ideas, then I really don’t know what it is.

  3. I don’t blame 1 and ignore 2. I don’t pretend to be balanced, either, since, as has been pointed out like a zillion times to you and sundry that everyone and his dog criticizes “WASPs” and “whites,” etc. I also don’t go around saying “Jews aren’t the problem,” either, because it’s dumb.

    It’s called occupying a niche. #2’s pretty well covered by the wusses already.

  4. I strongly disagree. We need to attack and jail #1 and hang #2.

    Why, so they can be let out later, and their kinsmen can flee to some other nation?

    Those #2 types will change their tune when they see the fiddler dancing on the graves of #1.

    The world has only been retarded, never advanced, by sparing Jews.

  5. @Svigor:

    Look, I’m not sure why you’re being so smarmy and rude over a trivial difference of opinion, calling me dumb and so on. 

    I didn’t think it was necessary for me to unequivocally denounce Jews in every comment in every article about Jews. I have always assumed that everyone can infer that I oppose Jews by the fact that I read here. 

    But let me be as clear and direct as I can be about my position on the Jews and the JQ in general. 

    I believe Jews are a hostile, malevolent tribe working overtime to genocide our race. I think Jews need to be exposed, confronted, stopped and ultimately expelled from our lands. If it were up to me, every elite Jew would be tried for war crimes and expelled today. Using your own metaphor of Jews as fraudsters, I clearly acknowledged in my last comment I favor attacking Jews. 

    My preference, however, is to attack Jews in a reasonable way that might actually convince someone who has lived his whole life submerged in Jewish propaganda that Jewish influence is a serious problem. This means considering all aspects of the problem so that when we attack the Jews, we can attack them for what they have demonstrably done (heavily influenced Kennedy), not what some fuckin’ paranoid Internet WN imagined they did, and not for things that are entirely speculative, can’t be proven and that come across as conspiratorial (“the Jews” bribed Kennedy).

    When I wrote that Jews aren’t the problem, it was an off the cuff remark and I figured if people thought it was unclear they would ask for further clarification. 

    When I said that, I did not mean Jews should not be attacked or that Jews are not a problem at all, just that they are not ultimately the most basic problem. Race traitors and susceptibility to their influence are the most basic problem. 

    Quit talking down to me asshole. 

  6. Where does the Tea Party go from here? Can it sustain itself or even expand? Is it time to sharpen the message by attacking “affirmative action” and “hate crimes” laws as part of their anti-racism posture or is it time to broaden the implicit White-conservative base? Can both be managed? What are the prospects for Republicans and WNism given different Tea Party contingincies?

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