Unitarians – Show Their Banners

Unitarians – Many Paths, One People…. All Anti White

Have you heard the expression “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable”?

This expression pretty much sums up the position of the non-White world on the White world in the post-WW2 era. Whites are constantly told that Blacks have some inalienable right to all of sub-Saharan Africa and Black Nationalism is the only way to go. Whites in sub-Saharan Africa must either leave or serve Black interests.

It was similar with Arabs and the Arab League. It’s the same with American cities as once prosperous White majority cities like Detroit, Gary, Memphis, Atlanta become Black-run cities – where there had to be a “Black mayor” and “Black congressional districts.”

Though the media gives constant lectures about the evils of “racism,” Black racism is presented as something positive and understandable. There are Black fraternities, Black Entertainment Television, a United Negro College Fund, historically Black colleges, a Black Congressional Caucus – and that’s all supposed to be good. But for traditional White institutions – anything overwhelmingly White from the Mormon Church to NASCAR that’s not good, these White institutions must be integrated, forcibly “changed” to welcome all non-White, non-Western cultures, including openly homosexual groups and NW Muslims… (strange bedfellows there).

What’s even worse are formerly White institutions pushing the anti-White double standard on themselves. Mainline Liberal Protestant Churches like the Unitarians are some of the worst offenders.

Here in my neighborhood – the beautiful Gothic Unitarian church now features large banners promoting “diversity” and “multiracial unity”. I’ve attached 3 of the banners which loudly proclaim that this Unitarian church welcomes Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Gays, Earth worshippers etc.

Our natural reaction is to simply respond with extreme hatred for this idiot White liberal/minority traitors that would welcome NW Muslim immigrants and homosexual activists and promote anti-White, anti-racism as their main and only religious commandment that’s supposed to make the whole world live as one, in peace and harmony.

Looking at things a little closer, we can see that we are dealing with a religious cult and the best way to deal with this cult is to expose the cult, marginalize the cult with evidence, ridicule so the cult loses more power, more members. For White Americans who are still trying to be a part of a traditional Christian church, we need to show them the truth that this Unitarian cult embraces and promotes open homosexuality – a biblical sin and also promotes Islam, which is a rival threatening religion; plus the Unitarians are just complete useless idiots for trying to embrace both open homosexuality and mass Muslim immigration as Muslim laws and traditions are simply to kill homosexuals.

One of the keys to successfully opposing this anti-White, multicultural Unitarian cult is to take away the cult’s position of “holiness” of being for lofty ideals of “peace” and the “brotherhood of man.” We must show up these traitors as selfish idiots who have little or no concern for poor and working class (Whites) in their own communities.

Please everyone study these banners, these symbols, and what they mean. Whenever you see that gay rainbow flag, be on guard and whenever you see both the gay rainbow flag and the Islamic star and crescent – understand you are dealing with complete traitor idiots and get ready to go on the offensive.

The best defense is a good offense.


  1. I have gone to Unitarian churches a number of times to hear music, and I usually stop and look at their bulletin boards. Almost every notice is political, all of it multi-cult lefty. I also have an in-law, a morally deformed man, who is a Unitarian. In my limited experience, they are a really twisted bunch. The advantage for us is that they are such caricatures. They are easy to discredit in debate, for the benefit of onlookers. Debate a Jew, and he’ll do his best to twist out of the way once he sees you have a brain. Unitarians are more like cattle, having lobotomised themselves. The pro homo/pro Moslem dilemma is a good example. Unitarians don’t even see that there’s a conflict between the two.
    I have heard them referred to as “Jewnitarians”. Are there many ex-Jews among their clergy?

  2. I just recently started going to church again and I’ve discovered that most of the mainline Protestant denominations have been corrupted by liberalism. In my research I’ve discovered that Episcopalians, Anglicans, Lutherans and Disciples of Christ either accept female or gay clergy, sanctify homosexual unions, are pro-abortion, teach sex education or believe in multiple interpretations of the Bible. It’s absolutely unbelievable that this is going on in churches. What’s even more interesting is that the conservative churches are pushing Christian Zionism, something that isn’t believed by 90 percent of the world’s Christians nor is it biblically supported in the New Testament. It’s as if someone is trying to kill off the traditional covenant theology churches by making them repulsive to herd the masses into the arms of Zionism. This is why I’m strongly considering converting to Catholicism.

  3. Alex: You might look at the Orthodox churches. They are usually ethnically based, but a German or English descended man is much less out of place in a Serbian Orthodox church than in a feminist/homo Episcopal or Methodist church.
    And I think you’re mistaken about the American Anglican church. They are a splinter group off the Episcopal church, consciencious objectors to female and homosexual clergy.

  4. There are no Eastern Orthodox churches where I live. I believe the Anglicans split over homosexual clergy and allied with their African counterparts, if I’m not mistaken.

  5. Oh never mind what I said, the Anglicans joined the Vatican over protest to homosexual clergy. We don’t have any Anglican churches here either.

  6. @Alex,

    The craziness in these theologically fuzzy denominations has helped me to understand why battling “strange worship” and heresy was so important to the ancient Hebrews and medieval Church.

    The Episcopal Church is disintegrating, and may be doomed financially (they just took out a $60 million loan to fund their litigation, which I don’t see how they can expect to pay back). The Anglican Church of North America is the new breakaway organization that is recognized as orthodox by the Global South primates.

    Some Episcopal churches are accepting the Pope’s offer to become Catholic while maintaining their Anglo-Catholic liturgy. That strikes me as a very appealing compromise, since the Anglo-Catholic rite is (IMO) the most beautiful form of the mass in English.

    Be sure to check out Catholic churches that offer the Tridentine latin rite, since they attract the most serious traditionalists in the Church.

  7. With these PC, anti racist, pro Muslims, pro homosexuals, anti Christ cults functioning out of former Christian churches, I think our side is entitled to educate Muslims about these idiots. The PC anti racialists Unitarians really believe that NW Muslims will embrace them for being tolerant and loving to Muslims along with homosexuals and NW Muslims can best educate these idiot Unitarians that NW Muslims do not like being embraced by homosexuals.
    Have some fun out there, our enemies are ridiculous.

  8. @Discard

    The female/homosexual bishop issue was only the straw (or anvil) that broke the camel’s back. This break-up was simmering for decades. If you know Christian theology and read the writings of Bishop Schorri and her allies, you can see that they aren’t even recognizably orthodox Christian, let alone Anglican. Most of the orthodox churches were willing to simply ignore what went on in the more liberal parishes and dioceses. That became impossible once openly apostate or heretical women and gays were ordained as bishops.

  9. Alex: You are uninformed to make a statement like “The Lutheran Church is liberal.” Your ‘research’ has failed you here:

    There is not a “The Lutheran Church”. As of today, there are three major Lutheran church-bodies in the USA (and several smaller ones): Two are very conservative and very German; the third is moderate, leaning “liberal” [ELCA].

    All protestant branches of Christianity are like this, especially in the USA which never had a state church. There are two or more Methodist bodies, Baptist bodies, Presbyterian, and so on. I’m not sure about the Episcopal Church. (The decline of that church mirrors the sad decline of the old colonial stock of the USA.)

    This is the beauty and freedom of a protestant: If you don’t like one church, you go to another.

    With the Roman Church, OTOH, there is only one. You tow the Pope’s line or else. Or else you’re a “heretic” and outside “The” Church. The Pope says all must accept and promote miscegenation? His subjects must all follow suit. There is no alternative. Your liberal postmodern protestant church preaches the Pope’s One-World-ism? You can say “I don’t like this”, and go to a different church.

  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexuality_and_Lutheranism

    I don’t mind homosexuals coming to church as long as they are looking for salvation and repentance but if I’m sitting next to one and they have their gay lover with them or they’re made up to look like Cher, I know obedience to God is the last thing they have on their mind. They want acceptance of their lifestyle not salvation. Homosexual clergy are out of the question. The way I see it in modern Protestantism you have a choice between faggotry and feminism or worshipping the Jews.

  11. On liberalism in Christianity:
    In Germany there was a survey which asked “How important for citizenship — in your opinion — is having ancestors from this country?” [World Values Survey, 2006]

    Summary of the results:

    Percent thinking “having ancestors from my country” should be important for citizenship:
    Those born before 1976
    30.3% ALL
    29.4% EKD [Official Protestant Church]
    42.9% Free-Protestants [“Selbstaendige Kirchen”]
    34.4% Catholics
    29.0% Persons-Claiming-No-Affiliation

    Those born 1977-1991
    25.6% ALL
    18.9% EKD [Official Protestant Church]
    29.0% Catholics
    33.0% Persons-Claiming-No-Affiliation

    Two things to point out:
    1.) Free-Protestants are the most “voelkisch” of any religious grouping.
    2.) The young who still identify with either the EKD or the Church-of-Rome are more liberal than their parents — but the irreligious are getting more “voelkisch”. (Free-Church maybe too — sample size was too small in the younger bracket, not included). You can guess at why this is.

  12. Your figures show just what percent of the German people should be citizens and what percent should be serfs. Feudalism should have been reformed, not abolished. Even among Whites, only a minority are fit to be citizens of a republic. Those who think that having German ancestry isn’t an important criterion for citizenship ought do a few years indentured servitude in Pakistan or Sudan. They might learn to appreciate what they have, if they survive.

  13. Why was this deleted?

    You’ve totally lost me. If I’ve offended you I apologize. I just don’t think the teachings of Zionism is compatible with Jesus’ message of salvation.

  14. David F. @ “Have some fun out there, our enemies are ridiculous.”

    This is true. Or is at least true of white enemies, and is why one can go on liberal forums, like say the SF Chronicle reader reply forum (SFGATE.com) and spank liberal idiots all day long. It is a turkey shoot.

  15. I deleted a few posts where people accused each others of being “trolls”, nothing vicious, but it seemed to be getting too personal and bordering on flaming.

  16. @ Riley DeWiley—that’s a funny comment.

    Unitarians believe that belief in Jesus Christ is optional. So by their own self definition they are not Protestants. The closely related to the Unitarians, the United Church of Christ hasn’t gone that far, as far as I know.

  17. Earlmundo Armand Pitts III says:
    October 31, 2010 at 12:27 am
    @ Riley DeWiley—that’s a funny comment.

    Unitarians believe that belief in Jesus Christ is optional. So by their own self definition they are not Protestants. The closely related to the Unitarians, the United Church of Christ hasn’t gone that far, as far as I know.

    JR Replies

    It seems that crazed, White hating, Black Revolutionary Theology mentor to Barack Obama – Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church was and is affiliated with the United Church of Christ – Trinity Trinity United Church of Christ. This makes sense to me.
    Basically any church that goes in for Liberal politics and caters, panders to urban Blacks and nationally welcomes homos is going to eventually go all the way and reject Christianity entirely as part of the culture, history of evil White European people. This PC, Lib/Min cult embraces anything and everything that isn’t straight, White mainstream American. It’s an anti church, so they don’t see any contraction in embracing all kinds/forms of homosexuality and also welcoming any and all NW Muslims – they see the groups as both victims of us evil White people.
    NW Muslim immigrants, homosexual extremists and PC marxist Revolutionary Theology nut cases like Rev. Wright – they all deserve to in bed with each other. M’thinks Rev. Wright would prefer to hang out in his new multi $ million mansiion in 95% + White Tinley Park suburb of Chicago.

  18. Let me try to whitewash my post to let it be allowed– I think it was important:

    Beware of “people” who are too negative. A common one I’ve seen several times is for someone to come on a white-racialist site and say “Why are white women such enthusiastic miscegenators?!”.

    The facts: 87% of white women who state a preference say they prefer a white romantic partner — Rising to 93% among self-identified conservative women. The same figure for white males is 72%, rising to 82% among male conservatives. In simple terms: White women are more racially-loyal in romance.

    But a “certain type of person” will come on white-racialist sites claiming “Most white women are miscegenators!”, either out of ignorance or malice. They point to a few instances and claim them to be universal. Beware of this behavior where-ever you see it.

    [The source for the numbers if in the post of October 30, 2010 at 11:27 pm]

  19. “They” point to a few instances [of bad behavior] and claim them to be universal.

    This is the core of what I want to say. I won’t press it anymore.

  20. I used to walk by a Unitarian church in Charlottesville. It always had ridiculous multicultural signs outside. Same with the YMCA which had a sign that said “End Racism.”

  21. The number of Unitarians is extremely small, about 271,000 in the US and 500,000 worldwide. In Britain it’s dying off with about half of the 6,000 they have being over 60. The mainline liberal Protestant churches are dying off with shrinking congregations being registered each year.

  22. Promoting the idea that only white people are racist, explicitly, or implicitly through *only* ever accusing white people…

    is in itself racist.

    The whole multicult is a gigantic anti-white scam.

    And the perpetrators get away with it through targeting white children before they are old enough to argue back.

  23. This so-called “christian” church even embraces atheism? That “A” with the atomic sign around it is the symbol of Madeline Murray O’Hare’s Atheist Church. These Unitarians are self loathing fools.

  24. An enterprising soul might deign to photoshop a swastika into their panoply of logos logo. But don’t do a half-ass job, I’m a real logo Nazi.

  25. Just a reminder to folks that O.D. is not an anti-Christian site as many of our best White folks are Christian and manage to live very positive lives and work for the best interest of our people.
    Yes, many, many “Judeo Christian” churches, sects have been corrupted by the enemies of our people – but these same forces are capable of infiltrating and corrupting any institution that is White, pro White. It is just reality that that there are not large pro White pagan or other non Christian religious institutions, organizations where young White Americans can find wives, husbands, White family values community – as they still can in many non corrupt White Christian churches.
    Just all should note that the Unitarians are so clearly corrupt, so clearly anti White that this vile institution is in the enemy camp, Unitarians can not be “saved” for for our people.

  26. As James Edwards has said, you can either get used to this anti-white assault, or you can start fighting back.

    But this stuff is NOT going to go away on its own.

    Our enemies are relentless and uncompromising. We must be relentless and uncompromising as well.

  27. are pro-abortion, teach sex education or believe in multiple interpretations of the Bible

    The Episcopal church I grew up in tended to have a pretty tolerant view of scriptural interpretation. Protestantism in general is pretty tolerant of that kind of thing, IMO. Kinda the point, ain’t it?

  28. And the perpetrators get away with it through targeting white children before they are old enough to argue back.

    Not in my family. My nephew and niece knew the score by the time they were old enough to think. And they’re going to keep hearing it from me until I croak.

  29. May seem facile, but I think Lutheranism (named such) has good prospects for reform; how do you take the “anti-Semitism” (and by extension, race-realism) out of a church named after Luther? Pray your congregation never G**gles his writings?

  30. I do not mind Unitarians, they are too small. What I find frightening is Methodist bishop Minerva G. Carcaño. Methodists are one of the biggest churches in USA and this “first female Hispanic bishop” is their official spokesperson for the Council of Bishops on the issue of immigration with this agenda:

    Out of her conviction that the church is “called by God to be a faith community of welcome,” Carcaño has promoted a variety of ways to create dialogue, including “a bilateral ministry between Mexico and the United States” that is a natural way of “leading with a servant spirit and faithfulness.” As a symbolic act of practical outreach to those who continue to risk crossing the deserts of the Southwest, Carcaño has also worked with Humane Borders in establishing water stations along known routes in the desert.

    “As the suffering of immigrants and their families grows every day, we as people of faith long to bring healing to them and this land. As with people of all faiths, United Methodists stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters. Immigration reform that is just and humane is the only way to bring healing to our land.”

    This is pro-mestizo racial propaganda thinly veiled as Christianity. It is designed to make white Christians feel comfortable when being overrun by alien race. I actualy have a great respect for this woman. I would be thankful to God if there was a white female bishop defending the ethnic interest of her progeny. Unfortunately there is none, here in Europe and in America as well.

  31. The Episcopal church I grew up in tended to have a pretty tolerant view of scriptural interpretation. Protestantism in general is pretty tolerant of that kind of thing, IMO. Kinda the point, ain’t it?

    It takes a thorough warping of scriptures to allow homosexual clergy in the church. When you reach that point nothing is off limits. I currently go to a Baptist church that is pretty hard line and conservative on social issues, which is keeping with biblical teachings, but I can’t stand the Christian Zionism. There’s is nothing more offensive to me than for someone to suggest that God has a special place for a people who rejected Jesus. If you read the New Testament it actually says something quite the opposite. I bring these passages up to my pastor whenever he refers to the chosen people and he agrees with what it says but he still calls them that. I bring up the Talmud and he tells me he doesn’t know what that is although I find that pretty hard to swallow given that it’s mentioned in the Bible. I point out in Hebrews that it explicitly states that the Old Covenant is no longer in effect and that there are no New Testament passages where God renews the promise of land deals to the Jews. The responses I get are mixed and he tries to brush over them. Next week I’m going to ask him why the Christian Zionist movement doesn’t have traditional roots in Christianity given that it was started by John Darby in the mid 1800s. This whole doctrine has more holes in it than a piece of swiss cheese which is why I want to find a conservative traditional church to join.

  32. With the Roman Church, OTOH, there is only one. You tow the Pope’s line or else. Or else you’re a “heretic” and outside “The” Church.

    That’s true, but so what?

    You don’t have to agree with anything the pope says. If anyone assails you for deviating you can defend yourself by saying, “Look, I just want to focus on the mass, okay? Not the pope/bishops and his/their politicking.” The higher-ups won’t like that at all, of course. But they can’t penalize you in any way nor is it obvious to me they can even enforce your excommunication. The average churchgoer is far more likely to agree with your common sense views so by attacking you the church hierarchy risks alienating the flock. I can’t help but think this is an excellent way to undermine the modern church’s bullshit. When you get down to it, punishing prelates is not materially different to punishing politicians.

  33. Re: Catholocism

    The only things a Catholic *must* do is obey Church teachings. The liberal proclivities of many bishops have nothing to do with doctrine and a Catholic does not need to support or agree with them. The pope can only require obedience to teachings on matters of faith or morals.

    You won’t be excommunicated unless you preach heresy, assault the pope, participate in an abortion, and a few other obviously un-Catholic actions.

  34. The root of all religion is a lay understanding of timeless, objective truths and principles of the world. Chief among these is a lay understanding of genetics and the patterns of society that affect genetics — SELECTION, in other words. Selection for those qualities which put man on an upward path to greater truth, greater survival over the long-term, and greater ability to overcome obstacles to higher man. Sin consists of those things which do not take our higher collective genetic future into account. Sin is doing things merely for the sake of selfish desire and passions now–such as power for it’s own sake, envy, or indiscriminate sexual behavior. Even in the Hindu religion, there are concepts that are nearly perfect parallels to evolutionary principles such as the idea of actions in this life affecting whether you become a higher or lower organism in the next life. Specifically, if you act like an animal and go for selfish pleasures and desires without thought for truth and timeless principles, then you come back as a lower animal with less truth and more mindless passion. Probably the primary thing that separates us from animals is our ability to see these higher things of evolution and genetic paths we can follow — we self-select. Discrimination IS religion — the whole point of it, choosing reality, a higher path, moving toward truth.

    These religions that follow the political patterns of the day in embracing genocidal and animalistic “diversity” are becoming something quite other than religion. They are destructive patterns forming around politics and desire. We can always discern true religion by how it embraces the truths of science, and what it says we need to do to truly embark on a truth-increasing, eternal-principle-following higher path for humanity. Most religions today are not doing this. Therefore, they are logically diametrically opposed to the true spirit of religion as it was conceived by our ancestors, and willfully ignoring truths written by the hand of the creator in reality itself. Not good. Religion is all about genetics, but most religions today were conceived before we fully understood this. We can, however, use these ideas to guage the legitimacy of current religions. Science is the litmus of religion.

    I discuss these ideas in great detail in my book “The Textbook of the Universe: the Genetic Ascent to God”.

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