Giving Me The Creeps: Lindsey Graham and “Mr. Rogers”

Would you want to have this creature be... "your neighbor"?

I am glad to see that our great Southern patriots here on OD are taking a tough line on South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham – a terrible RINO, Neo Con, open borders immigration traitor, but he’s a bit more than that….

Lindsey Graham
gives me the creeps. He strikes me as something really different, really…queer.

When I see Lindsey Graham, he reminds me so much of the old PBS children show host “Mr. Rogers” of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” – this old guy in his sweaters singing about trying to get little children to be his/their friends…. really creepy.

Check out this video of Mr. Rogers and then take a fresh look at South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham – they’re the same queer creature!

Editor’s Note: I just found this video of Lindsey Graham’s recent warmongering against Iran. Take a look.

Here is Lindsey Graham on immigration:

Everyone here should be able to agree that it is time for him to go.


  1. He’ll be gone well before 2014, along with the rest of our dear leaders. His latest, apparently on cue from David Broder: “Must attack Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran….”. Cryoto-Fags have to endlessly prove how tough they are…in other words, “chickenhawks”. Which covers both perversions, warlove and boylove.

  2. HW: Peewee Herman was busted for public masturbation at a porno movie. He lost his Peewee job, but has had movie roles, most notably as a bad guy in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. (Donald Sutherland was absolutely superb in his role as Buffy’s mentor.)
    No homosexual acts or molestation as far as I know.

  3. Hunter,

    I see that you edited the post to include recent Neo Con war mongering by Lindsey Graham videos. That’s fine. But, we lost the creepy Mr. Rogers video, so I put this video back up.
    Mr. Rogers Neighborhood which ran in the 1970s, 1980s was really, really creepy – featuring this loner older guy “Mr. Rogers” dressing in sweaters and talk, singing to the audience as if everyone is a child under his spell. Really creepy – and Mr. Rogers does look exactly like Lindsey Graham.

  4. Fred Rodgers was a Presbyterian minister, and no queer.

    Rodgers was an actor, who tried to relate to pre-schoolers—in his non-theatrical persona he was a totally different character.

    Comparing Rodgers to Confederate fag Lindsay Graham is uncalled for.

  5. Earlmundo Armand Pitts III says:
    November 9, 2010 at 2:27 pm (Edit)
    Fred Rodgers was a Presbyterian minister, and no queer.

    “Rodgers was an actor, who tried to relate to pre-schoolers—in his non-theatrical persona he was a totally different character.
    Comparing Rodgers to Confederate fag Lindsay Graham is uncalled for.”

    Any healthy, sane White grown up is not going to want to have hist children be taught by strange very “queer” looking and sounding “men” like Mr. Rogers.

    People can debate who’s gay, who’s queer and who’s not for ever. The reality is to just check out Mr. Rogers really creepy kids TV show, it’s the most creepy, queer children’s show in TV history – one queer sounding, looking loner middle aged, old guy, putting on his sweaters and staring hypnotically into the camera to reach children everywhere and telling them:

    “he wants to be their friend”

    That’s really creepy. And Mr. Rogers is a dead on ringer for Lindsey Graham, who must have that same seductive effect on many voters in South Carolina. Graham just gives me the creeps.

  6. The reality is to just check out Mr. Rogers really creepy kids TV show, it’s the most creepy, queer children’s show in TV history

    The man was married for 50 years. Let’s see you pull that one off. And you don’t seem to know much about children’s shows and their history. Try this one on for queerish:

  7. Celestial Time says:
    November 9, 2010 at 3:32 pm (Edit)
    “The man was married for 50 years. Let’s see you pull that one off. And you don’t seem to know much about children’s shows and their history. Try this one on for queerish:”

    JR. OK – I concede that the link was indeed horrible, combined sick homo theme of licking a lolly with race mixing.

    But the Mr. Rogers show was queer and disturbing in a unique American way. The whole idea of a grown, middle age man, having an imaginary play world with toy cars and trains, imaginary “friends” and having this loner middle age guy do talking, sing song hypnotic talks with children over the TV airwaves to “Be their friend” – that’s just so creepy. Just look and listen to Mr. Rogers’ queer, creepy voice – he wants to “be your neighbor”, want’s to be the “friend” of 5 years olds and have them come over and “play” with all his trucks, trains and other toys. Are you telling me that’s not creepy?

    Here’s Mr. Rogers appearing as a guest on lesbian dyke Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show.

    Strange how these supposedly “conservative”, Presbyterian ministers have such good connections with Hollywood lesbian/dykes/lib/mins etc.
    Now just step back and put away childhood attachments – listen to Mr. Rogers – Fred McFeely Rogers sing about “wanting to be your neighbor”.
    People, we need to get better at trusting our senses, profiling – that means checking out airplanes for hostile, bad vibe Arab Muslims, checking out the subway for Black thugs, sensing when some half Jew marxist like Tim Wise isn’t “telling it like it is” when he says he’s “Scottish” or when John Stewart doesn’t really seem to look and feel like some White British guy of the House of Stewart.

  8. Mr. Ryan is showing his young age. When I was growing up, it was the exceedingly rare exception of a gentleman who merited less than the benefit of the doubt. What was more important was that they held up as deserving of this presumption of innocence and goodwill.
    Please accept this as fact and stop debating what can be spoken to by authority of wisdom and age. Mr. Ryan would agree he is the worst off for not knowing of such a time, while our remembrance makes all of today more bittersweet for us older folks.

    P.S. when I was five, I was more of a Mr. McFeely aficionado than Mr. Rogers. How’s that name “grab you,” Jack?


  9. I always enjoyed Mr. Rodgers too when I was a boy. This man was more like a male elementary school teacher then some sort of freak. I found him pleasant and sympathetic not queer like. In reality, he was a very conservative married minister who I am sure enjoyed teaching his grandchildren.
    The electric connection piece was sick though! Gramnesty looks like an aged lesbian like some democrats have claimed. He could be Janet Reno’s girlfriend.

  10. OK, I’ll leave Mr. Rogers alone and give him the benefit of any doubts.

    Lindsey Graham still gives me the creeps whenever I see him smiling that sick smile and lisping some spiel about telling the “bigots to shut up” and embracing Ted Kennedy. With the death of Ted Kennedy and the departure of Arlen Specter – Lindsey Graham and Harry Reid are the US Senators I hate the most. Graham pushes the whole anti White immigration, hate crimes/thought crimes Frankfurt school agenda, but he seems to get back in the good graces with South Carolina Christian ZIonists and military folks by supporting endless neo con wars against Iraq/Iran. And, yeah, Lindsey Graham gives me the creeps. For some reason a lot of White women go for these lisping poofters, they like to have gay friends.

  11. Mr. Ryan, your attitude towards Fred Rogers is a product of what was probably a lifetime being bombarded by homosexual propaganda. It’s now completely normal to see any gentleness or regard for children by a man as a sign of perversion. This was not the case in even the recent past.

    Children, and most especially boys, simply do not develop properly without the sensitive regard of men who exhibit the virtues they need as adults. At the time “Mr. Rogers” was made, Fred Rogers was likely the most stable male role model for many kids with divorced parents. Pitiful, but better than nothing.

    Consider who benefits from destroying trust between men and between men and children.

  12. “While Middle America is revolting, Counter-Currents can be found reviewing “Legally Blonde 2? and discussing Coco Chanel’s Nazi love affairs.” from Midterm Elections: Mainstreamers vs. Vanguardists

    How is this post any different? This “homosexual” labeling schtick is getting old , and is as unhumorous when the left chuckles while saying conservatives are “tea baggers”.

    Jack Ryan is right in his assesment of Senator Graham’s warmongering. Confront Graham on the issues which Mr. Ryan has shown he is quite capable of doing, and refrain from personal ad hominem attacks.

  13. Graham is the most vile and loathsome of them all, no doubt about it. It personally doesn’t matter to me if he’s gay though. I have gay relatives.

  14. It’s not that I want to see violence come to gays, it’s just that gayness is funny, South Park knows this and so does the electorate. It isn’t just like realizing someone prefers Blue Cheese to Monterey Jack. When you hear that someone is gay, the first thing that goes through you minds’ eye is a vision of that man reduced to being down on all fours taking a dick up his ass. When that happens you just lose some degree of respect for his manhood. Gays are furious at human nature that this is so and wage a Quixotic battle against the general public against even the slightest snicker about it, but this is as fultile as trying to make the command economy work. Whining about Lindsey Grahm’s support for Israel won’t ring with the general public, on the other hand reminding them that he likes dicks up his butt could very well cost him the election unless he runs in San Fran’thithco.

  15. What matters here is that Lindsey Graham is a neocon warmonger and open borders advocate, not the sexuality Mr. Rogers. That is peripheral to the point being made. This post would have been better if it was not tied to this extraneous issue.

  16. This post would have been better if it was not tied to this extraneous issue.

    Agree. Graham’s perfidy needs serious exposure.

    Can’t it be untied?

  17. I watched Mr Rodgers Neighborhood every day when I was a little kid. I guess it does look creepy now as an adult, but as a child my favorite part was the Neighborhood of Makebelieve. As soon as that trolley started to roll into that tunnel and that music was playing I’d be jumping up and down with excitement like Beavis after he had too much sugar. It’s better than that cartoon about the Mexican girl with the Filipina name teaching Spanish that they push on little kids these days.

  18. I remember when Mr. Rogers first appeared. No one had ever seen anyone like him. HE WAS VERY CREEPY AND VERY WEIRD. Men did not talk like that in those days. We learn to accept what is on TV as “normal”.

  19. 1.) As Governor of Colorado, Tom Tancredo would have had no role in foreign policy, but would have been in a position to push the immigration debate forward.

    2.) Sarah Palin isn’t an elected official. She has endorsed candidates though who are strong on immigration who were running in state and federal races. Thanks to her endorsements, we now have twice as many “true reformers” in the House and many more in the Senate.

    3.) If memory serves, Sarah Palin endorsed Rand Paul.

    4.) We’re not in any financial shape to attack Iran. Even George W. Bush didn’t attack Iran.

    5.) An attack on Iran couldn’t get through Congress.

    6.) It sure is funny that you have nothing to say about Joe Biden who just recently went over to Israel to stick his head up the ass of the Knesset.

    7.) As far as I can tell, your sole purpose in posting here is to discourage White Nationalists to vote for candidates who are tough on immigration.

    8.) I voted against John McCain in 2008.

  20. I can see why the current generation, raised on media-driven fears of child molesters, would find Mr. Rogers creepy. And why such a suspicion seems shocking and rude to the generation that very innocently grew up on Mr. Rogers. The child molestation hysteria is one of the more insidious ways in which the media has portrayed White men as sinister. In any case, I agree that it was irrelevant to this post.

    But while we’re on the topic, many things mass media has done with White children have been creepy when you think about them with our current generation’s mindset. Going back in time they get in some ways even creepier. For example, 1930s child actress Shirley Temple got her start in movies for adults called “Baby Burlesks” that featured children in adult (not of course pornographic) roles, for example a 5-year old boy trying to seduce 5-year old Shirley Temple in a bar, both wearing only diapers and the bartender serving milk. Hilarious or creepy depending on whether the audience was from 1930 or today. And of course there was the Shirley Temple dress, the first miniskirt, for preteen girls. Even in the 1930s Hollywood was subtly encouraging Whites to raise our daughters to be sluts, starting with getting them accustomed to dressing like sluts. Back in those days the idea that sexualized children could be anything more than a joke seemed to be so beyond the pale of possibility that to even raise such a suspicion would have been unfathomably shocking. So AFAIK no such suspicion was ever seriously raised. Even though the tots were up there on the silver screen dressing like prostitutes and seducing each other and starting fashions that were widely emulated.

    Along with the subtle sluttification of children, “Golden Age” Hollywood plots incessantly promoted unfaithfulness and other slutty behavior for adult White women. Rich men preposterously, but with all the seriousness Hollywood could muster out of the finest actors in Hollywood, fell in love with, and, after overcoming the Puritanical bad guys, marrried shiksa prostitutes. This perverted variation of the Cinderella plot goes back to at least the 1930s, it hardly started with Pretty Woman. Hollywood movies often lobbied to stop enforcing laws against adultery, to do away with lawsuits for alienation of affection, for no-fault divorce, and so on. Hollywood was hard at work destroying the White family long before the culmination of its efforts in the 1960s.

    As for homosexuality, has anybody done a good study on the improbably frequent associations between Jews and gay Whites? Jews seem to greatly prefer the company of gay to straight Gentiles. For example the law blog “Volokh Conspiracy”, which has about a dozen law professors posting various observations and opinions, has for many years consisted solely of straight Jewish and gay Gentile law professors. Jews in my experience tend to loathe straight Whites, especially Whites in intact families raising their own children, but they adore our gays. Since straight Gentile Ted Turner sold CNN their lineup seems to consist almost entirely of straight Jews, gay Whites, and NAMS (at least some of them also gay). My hypothesis is that homosexuals, lacking a family of their own, make easier “extended phenotypes” to turn against non-self-genociding Whites.

  21. You need some consistency on here in order to establish any credibility. You can’t go around denouncing a homosexual warmonger on one hand and love and praises for a race mixing warmonger on the other. They both spell death for White America. Are you against the wars? If you are why does Sarah Palin get a pass while other neocons like Graham get eviscerated? Don’t try to sugar coat the same poison pill.

  22. On that subject, I can’t seem to find a single newly elected Republican that isn’t a warmonger, Rand Paul excluded. Don’t paint yourself into a corner you can’t get out of.

  23. as with Putin, as with Chavez

    Vladimir Putin is not anti-Jewish. He locked up a few of the worst robber barons in Russia and became wildly popular as a result. But as for actual reform, there has been little in Mother Russia, unfortunately. Moscow is a popular haunt for the Chosen these days – but then, it was the same way during the USSR. I would submit that the US neocons opposition to Putin’s regime has more to do with conflicting interests than it has to do with Putin’s antisemitism, which is nothing more than a figment of the WN imagination.

  24. As an addendum to my post above, I would like to state that Russia is a better place for white racialism than Western Europe or the US. WNs are not wrong about this much. But this is largely due to the hideous conditions which have prevailed in Russia for so long and which Westerners never really experienced. Russia furthermore never really bought into the anti-racist propaganda of the postwar era, the USSR government supported it but it never caught on with the general populace. Grassroots level racialist activism has been common since the late 90s but the elites have never particularly supported it. Putin’s actions regarding the corrupt oligarchs were undertaken to diffuse a potentially revolutionary scenario, not out of some special animus for Jewry. Jews are still well-to-do and influential in Russia today.

  25. People are getting too serious and defensive.

    My post was just to show the similarities between arch traitor, RINO, Neo Con, open borders idiot South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and 1970s, 1980s PBS children’s show personality Mr. Rogers. Forget about politics, just look at these two “men” and see how they speak – they’re almost identical.

    As far as the “gay” issue of Mr. Rogers – I don’t bash gay people. There have always been homosexuals in White Western society – if they are on our side – hey that’s great. Pym Fortuyn is one of my favorite post World War II Western leaders and I concede there are many, many very talented White “gay” – homosexual people – Elton John, Freddy Mercury, Greg Luganis. National Socialist Germany would never have won without the great contributions of White “gay” activists in the SA…. of course when we won, there was the….
    Night of the Long Knives – we can’t let this type of stuff go on forever.
    My post was just to present the truth that Lindsey Graham is very creepy and queer and since he is clearly 100% in the enemy camp, we should use his flaws to get him out of power. As for “Mr Rogers”…. I really don’t want him for a neighbor.
    14 words

  26. I’ve made my position clear:

    1.) I am against foreign wars.

    2.) Immigration is my number one issue.

    3.) Lindsey Graham is a warmongering open borders advocate. There is nothing redeeming about his presence in the Senate. The way to dispense with Graham is to knock him off in a primary challenge.

    4.) Sarah Palin would probably sign tough immigration reform as president. She is also one of the most polarizing figures in America. I like the way she divides Red America from Blue America.

    5.) There is no immediate threat of war with Iran. There is no support for that in Congress or with the public. No one talked about foreign policy on the campaign trail.

    6.) George W. Bush couldn’t attack Iran with a Republican Congress at his back in the aftermath of 9/11 when the neocons were at the height of their power.

    The only scenario in which I can envision a war with Iran is if the Iranians were blamed for some type of terrorist attack on America. The U.S. didn’t even support the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

    7.) As Governor of Colorado, Tom Tancredo would have had no input in American foreign policy. That is not a state issue.

  27. I don’t get the obsessions with foreign wars and Israel. What do these have to do with what is good for the Whites? Yes, they are wasteful but far less so than the generous pensions paid to government workers, disproportionately non-White, and SS/Medicare that is paid mostly to Whites too old to have babies. Ultimately the only real WN issue is our survival, and survival is about babies. More Whites are lost to sub-par fertility in a day than are killed in our foreign wars in ten years. As for whether our foreign policy should be pro- or anti-Israel, the two significant relevances of that issue are that, on the one hand it may signal a tendency towards judeophilia or lack of it. On the other hand, a foreign policy that encourages Jews to live in Israel rather than among Whites where they can more easily genocide us may be a good idea. Yes, our finances would be in somewhat better shape without the foreign wars. And most people even in D.C. now realize that. But foreign wars are not what are genociding our people.

    Less realized than the obsession with Zion is that we can’t afford welfare, free health care, etc. for NAMs. And far less realized still, even among WNs, and far more important for our finances than foreign policy, is that we can’t afford self-genociding Whites, be they our senior citizen parents living alone in big houses and squandering precious imported oil in their RVs, gays in their pricy urban real estate, or straight DINKS and SINKs (double or single income, no kids). All these self-genociding Whites are debt-enslaving the children of those Whites who do have children in order to fund their luxurious retirements. DINKs and SINKs as well as homosexuals are self-genociding perverts and we can’t afford them. Instead we need to be having those babies and raising them up to be free men and women rather than debt-slaves to Asia.

    WN politics must be first and foremost about the babies. All other issues are secondary or tertiary. Our political priorities must then be the following:

    (1) Encourage White fertility. There are many ways to do this, including tax breaks for rural housing and non-coastal jobs. A more subtle but even more powerful way to do this: White role models such as Sarah Palin. Each White child is another weapon in our arsenal. Every White politician and media celebrity that trots out their large family on TV encourages the rest of us to get in on the act. Pro-life positions should be promoted locally in our White communities.

    (2) Discourage third-world and domestic non-White fertility, through policies such as the empowerment of non-White women and distribution of free birth control and abortion services. There is actually a strong if cryptic IW movement here in the media and politics (especially emanating from Europe) that has already greatly reduced South and East Asian, Muslim, and Latin American birth rates far below from where they had been projected to go just a few decades ago. Largely through economic empowerment of women and distribution of birth control. Without these efforts Whites would already be a minority in every country on the planet that didn’t very consistently and thoroughly shoot illegals at the border. We should be strongly supporting these more peaceful and effective efforts to stabilize non-White populations.

    (3) Stop immigration and deport illegal aliens.
    [tied with]
    (4) Halt subsidized health care, welfare, etc. for immigrant families, legal as well as illegal.

    (5) Cancel pensions for government employees and increase the retirement age for all to greatly reduce the debt-enslavement of our children.

    (6) Get rid of the last vestiges of affirmative action which discriminates overtly against Whites.

    (7) Stop foreign wars. Of all these issues this is the least important.

    Given these priorities, the pro-immigration positions of Lindsey Graham are far more odious than his warmongering. Alex’s obsession with Israel and Zionists and neocons is misguided. After all, even the Nazis cooperated with the Zionists. That was the original “Final Solution” — move the Jews from Eastern Europe to Palestine — and it was a joint project of the Zionists and the Nazis. I am not promoting such a pro-Zionist position, just that it is not obviously worse than an anti-Zionist position for those whose highest priority is the welfare of Whites. And it is a distracting irrelevancy. Thus, if for example a Christian Zionist strongly supports anti-immigration and anti-affirmative action positions, without opposing third world birth control, and focus their pro-life position on their own communities rather than on laws or policies effecting urbanites or foreigners, they make an attractive politician to support despite having a position that suggests an unhealthy dose of judeophilia. Likewise we should be supporting leftwing feminists like Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State or head of the CIA or the IMF or the World Bank, but not for any domestic positions outside NAM-heavy urban and coastal areas.

    In summary, WN politics should be first and foremost about the babies. In the long run what is good for the Whites translates in the short run to what is good for having more White babies. Immigration restrictions and deportations are very important, but ultimately these are only putting our fingers in the dike until fertility rates are equalized. And the endless arguments over what countries we should and shouldn’t support, and especially the obsessions pro- or anti-Israel, are grotesque distractions that WN political activists should avoid like the plague.

  28. Jqhart, I support Israel to a point and the only reason I do is because I know if Israel collapses the rest of these Jews will move to America. That doesn’t mean go to war on their behalf or sit on the sidelines while they kill innocent women and children. I want them to have a place to live among their own kind and I wish all Jews in America and Europe would move there. The problem is these Zionists who control our government are also supportive of things that are destructive to White America like immigration and globalist economics. They have to be taken out if we’re to regain control of the government. They were in retreat because public opinion had turned against them but now they’ve repackaged their brand with a little populism and the idiots are falling for it again. In my opinion, there isn’t a quarters worth of difference between the Republican Congress that was thrown out in 2006 and 2008 and the people they just elected.

  29. Wasn’t it only a few months ago that this guy was talking about ending birth right citizenship for illegals? He seems to have forgotten that subject now. He needed cover for what…health care, I think. War with Iran. He should be put in an insane asylum

  30. I think Bush was gearing up for an attack on Iran – you may recall the incident with the Iranian speedboat and the fake radio message – but it was stymied when the CIA leaked that NIE report.

    I think there are (were) elements inside the US government trying to prevent an attack because they know (knew) how much the US forces need(ed) a break after Iraq.

    I think McCain would have done it because he’s an idiot and a puppet. If Obama doesn’t then i think the neocons will prepare Hilary as a primary contender for 2012.

    They may not be able to achieve their goal but they’ll keep trying.

  31. Rodger, you make some great points. It’s crucial not to miss the central point: that such foreign policy considerations are not important. We lose more Whites in a day to sub-part fertility than we have lost in the last ten years to foreign wars. Yes, it’s slightly good for Whites if we cut out the foreign wars but to obsess on such issues takes our eyes well off the ball. To make them an important criteria for supporting or rejecting politicians can lead us to wrong choices, especially to failing to ally with Zionist Christian Whites who are often otherwise quite strongly IW: against immigration, affirmative action, etc.

    To say that “Zionists” tend also to be pro-immigration tends to be true but insufficiently accurate. There are plenty of Zionists who are consistently nationalist for both Israel and the U.S. and thus strongly anti-immigration. A much more accurate statement is that *Jews*, and especially secular Jews (who are less likely to be Zionist) are likely to be pro-immigration. A White Zionist is no more likely to be pro-immigration than a White anti-Zionist.

    The important point is to cut through all this nonsense about trying to guess their position on important issues from positions on other ones, and instead focus directly on their positions on the important issues. Focus on whether a politician is in fact pro- or anti-immigration. On whether in fact for or against policies that would increase White fertility. On whether in fact pro- or anti- empowerment of Third World women and distribution of birth control to them. Whether in fact pro- or anti- affirmative action. Too high a dependence on and obeisance to Jewish contributions, especially secular Jewish contributions, by a politician is certainly a negative, but whether or not they are Zionist is a distraction.

  32. I wouldn’t put it past Israel to false flag a terror attack if they have to. Then it won’t matter who is in the White House. They know neocon influence is waning and won’t want to miss their window for action.

  33. In my opinion Senators Bob Menendez and Lindsay Graham are both homosexual pedophiles that the Israeli Secret Service extorts and blackmails to get them to constantly vote their way, and sponsor legislation as Heads of the Foreign Relations Committee, even if the majority of the American people don’t want their legislation for continued warmongering and killing in the name of Israel. This is exactly what they did to FBI’s J Edgar Hoover with their pictures of him as a cross-dresser.

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