Tim Wise on CNN

Nashville, TN

Tim Wise appeared on CNN this weekend to defend himself. He was interviewed by Don Lemon who asked him a bunch of pathetic softball questions. Lemon deliberately ignored the most incendiary remarks in the article and gave Wise a platform to lie and dissimulate:

Don Lemon, who has repeatedly brought Wise on CNN as a guest, described the article as “a withering rebuke of the white right” and goes so far as to make the revealing comment, “we know you tell it like it is.”

Wise stood by his anti-White remarks. He apologized for nothing. If Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh had said anything remotely like this, they would have been crucified in the mainstream media. If I remember correctly, the same Don Lemon bashed George W. Bush over the “slow response” of the federal government to Hurricane Katrina.

Lou Dobbs was forced out of CNN because Hispanics disliked his reporting. Rick Sanchez was fired for unintentionally drawing attention to the Jewish Question on a radio show. In the world of “white privilege,” you can openly call for the genocide of White America without suffering any consequences.

Glenn Beck’s website has finally picked up the story. Van Jones has chimed in via Twitter with his gleeful reaction, “Tim Wise is on FIRE!” “Hatewatch” has remained silent. After crying about Tea Party racism for months, Little Green Footballs weighs in with its nodding approval of the article.

The stink of anti-White racism now covers the entire progressive movement: from Tim Wise to DailyKos to The Huffington Post to Democratic Underground to Hatewatch to Little Green Footballs to Van Jones and through him to Barack Obama. This has also quickly become a story about anti-White media bias.

Nothing new has been revealed here: the whole point of James Edwards’ book “Racism, Schmacism” was that “anti-racism” is synonymous with “anti-White.” It is merely a rhetorical tactic to fool credulous Whites into dropping their shields. This is just one of the handful of the most memorable incidents that illustrate the type of racial double standards that Whites live under in America.

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  1. I went to college in Nashville TN. We have to do something about this jerk Tim Wise, end his cushy $5K college appearances as some “anti racist” expert.

    This A. hole insulted the Andy Griffith show – stated that elderly White folks who liked the world of the Andy Griffith show and Leave it to Beaver should die off and the whole nation they represented will be replaced!

    There are lots of things we can do that are not illegal or excessively violent – just put the word out to what this piece of scum has done to our people.

    Let’s see Tim Wise be went to Saudi Arabia and have him insult the locals there!

  2. I already saw this, somebody commenting on one of the previous posts linked to it. At first I was sickened that the MSM is going to rehabilitate this puke, when I thought that they would want to throw him down the memory hole. But this is better for us. The left is embracing this tar baby, and if Rushbaugh and Beck and Savage and Hanity have any value whatsoever, they will smear all these anti-White fellow travelers with the same brush. Let the TPs know what they’re really up against.

  3. Wise knows that in this society nothing anyone can say is too egregious as long as it’s anti-White. Not even a call for genocide. Wise knows he can say whatever he wants and the whole media establishment will be behind him 100% no matter what. This is the same media that made James Byrd and Matthew Sheppard household names while making sure no one has ever heard of Channon and Christopher. The injustice of it is so outrageous it’s hard to keep from saying the kind of things in public our enemies are trying to provoke us to say and want us to say.

  4. Just as the rise in Gold/Silver tracks the decline of the dollar, the increasing racial/political polarization in America tracks the decline of the economy. Thank you, Tim Wise, and all the rest of the Jew MSM. This is getting better by the minute.

  5. “I was sickened that the MSM is going to rehabilitate this puke, when I thought that they would want to throw him down the memory hole. But this is better for us. The left is embracing this tar baby”

    Yes. It could go either way but they’re taking the risk of smearing themselves with him rather than rehabilitating him. I’d guess maybe 70/30 chance of this being a mistake on their part.

    The simple fact is someone who identifies privately as jewish makes a living pretending to be white and attacking white people. That ties in so perfectly with “anti-racism” being invented by jewish racists as a stealth way of attacking white people that it’s hard to see how they can win this one over time.

  6. In spite of all this “white privilege,” and the fact that we’re such a deeply “white supremacist society,” people like Tim Wise are the ones getting paid good money to speak to college students and employees, appearing on mainstream media outlets, etc.

    No only does Tim Wise get away with spewing his filth, but he THRIVES in the process.

    If this were such an irredeemably white supremacist society, as he says, wouldn’t people like James Edwards and Jared Taylor be supported by the MSM and overall establishment?

    The only time people like Mr. Taylor are ever given media time is for the purpose of being viciously attacked. The only place where he can get a fair hearing and be treated fairly is over at Russia Today.

    Ironic, isn’t it? Our people enjoy greater access (the leader of BANA also appeared there) to a Russian T.V. station than the supposedly “white dominated media” of the U.S.

    Who would have thought 30 years ago that we could get greater truth from a Russian news source than the U.S. media.

    Tim Wise and his ilk aren’t “fighting the power.” They ARE the power.

    Our task is to acquire power of our own. At least in Europe, true white people are starting to do just that.

  7. CNNs (coloreds news network) ratings are in the toilet.

    Segments like the one with Tim Wise are one of the reasons why.

  8. “The only place where he can get a fair hearing and be treated fairly is over at Russia Today.”

    Yes, it’s good the Russkies have realised their best way to combat the neocons is through a TV station.

  9. Tim Wise and the establishment have just surrendered the moral high ground to us! So use it to convert the last wavering doubters in your friends and family.

    We are the Pro-Whites! They are the anti-Whites!

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White.

  10. I do believe Jon Stewart was trying to stuff these anti-whites back into a box, but they seem to not want to go.

    So the country with the world’s reserve country has as its titular leader a kook from the Tim Wise/Soros faction of his party, Zimbabwe dollar anyone?

  11. I always used to wonder why Jews had been kicked out of every European country at least once over the past 1500 years. Thanks Tim Wise. You have made me see the light.

  12. CNN has become absolutely appalling. They were bad enough when Lou Dobbs was still on the air, but at least with Lou Dobbs Tonight there was some reason to turn on the channel. I honestly haven’t watched a minute of it since he left, and I used to occasionally leave it on in the background if I was reading or net browsing. Dobbs really had no place on a network with multi-ethnic drone newsreaders like Don Lemon and Ali Velshi and Rich Sanchez and Larry King and Wolf Blitzer. He was too opinionated and the wrong ethnicity. This Tim Wise interview just proves yet again the anti-white agenda of CNN and further discredits them. They’re really no better than MSNBC.

    Here’s hoping some of the more popular right wing radio hosts will pick up this story, but I’m not holding my breath. The double standard, as usual, is incredible. I wish some in the so-called mainstream right would point out that white people are only going to be a minority in America in a few decades because of immigration policy, and not because of some inevitable natural order of things. And it is within our power to change this policy.

  13. 03/1/11: Tuscaloosa, AL University of Alabama

    Hunter: Tim Wise speaking engagement near you, if you care to attend. I could only guess at the theatrics you could anticipate.

  14. Even through the CNN filter, this puke has still admitted the following: “You old White people who built this country will hand it over to Blacks and Mexicans.” Isn’t that damning enough?

  15. Yes, how interesting too that after claiming to be White incessently for years he now addresses us as “you whites…”

    Pretty much puts the lie to his previous claims, I’d say.

    The term we use when talking to each other Timmy is “we”.

    If you want to play race-hustler you should spend more time listening to Jessie Jackson. You will definately not her him refer to his black brothers and sisters as “you” “you people”. Nope it’s “we” “our” “us” “ours” and “our people”.

    Too late now though – the cover has been totally blown. You probably need to go re-tool.

  16. “You old white people” – how aliens look at us.
    “Our parents and grandparents” – how we talk about ourselves.

  17. Can a cable station tell what channel you are watching ( or at least have the tv on to )?
    I have noticed for a while how weekend Color News New Work has become a real mover of anti white programing. ( I have also noticed how they prove the one drop rule is quite true. Well, it is more then one drop, it is at least a little dab, and it will do to end the white race ). Some times I watch, but if I knew that by never having CNN on I could hurt their ratings I would make real effort never to have it on my tv.

  18. There’s a new piece on Alternet about Tim Wise and the recent controversy.


    The comments are more interesting than the article. I am amazed at the importance that liberals put on “destroying whiteness”. As if whiteness is the cause of all that ills liberals..

    Many of these anti-whites do seem to be convinced that time and demographic trends alone will ensure them success down the road. I suppose that we shouldn’t let that idea die, it motivates Whites and gives our enemies an excuse to sit around and wait.

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