Effective Metapolitics

D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation is an example of "effective metapolitics."

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Ideas have consequences.

I have been unfairly portrayed as an enemy of intellectuals and their ideas. That is not the case at all. Sitting right here on my bookshelf, I have a copy of Richard Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences. I own thousands of books and enjoy reading, writing, and political analysis as much, if not more, than most White Nationalists.

You get two posts today.

While I was being accused of “anti-intellectualism” over the past few months, I was writing book reviews of Rules for Radicals, Reveille for Radicals, Civilization and Its Enemies, The Next American Civil War, and American Insurgents, American Patriots. I was actually working overtime to diagnose the problems of the White Nationalist movement and prescribe practical solutions based on key insights that could allow pro-Whites to make progress in this tough political environment.

Several commentators have directed my attention to an essay written by “White Republican” on Metapolitics at Counter-Currents. I don’t dispute the importance of “intellectual work” to be done in the White Nationalist movement. It is the nature of the “metapolitical struggle” being proposed that I find objectionable.

I would like to draw a critical distinction between “effective metapolitics” and “ineffective metapolitics.” The definition of “effective metapolitics” would be “intellectual work” that is successful in narrowing the gap between White America and White Nationalists. Conversely, “ineffective metapolitics” is intellectual activity which is counterproductive and expands the artificial divide that now exists.

The weakness of this essay is that it is short on specifics. The author is correct that “each form of activism” should “complement and reinforce the others.” If the “metapolitical struggle” isn’t complementing the community organizing or the ground game, then obviously there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Here are some examples of “effective metapolitics”:

1.) The Anti-White Concept/The Mantra – The most effective weapon of our avowed enemies is the sting that comes from accusations of “racism,” “nativism,” “homophobia,” “bigotry,” “sexism” and the like. Conservatives run away and hide under their beds when they are accused of this type of bad behavior. No respectable person wants to be associated with a “hate group.” Similarly, “diversity” is put on a pedestal as something that is inherently a positive good.

The enemy has been very effective at demonizing normal White behavior and pathologizing any and all forms of conservative resistance to their leftwing agenda. Conservatives have internalized the ridiculous anti-White double standard that it is righteous and just for blacks, Jews, and Hispanics to organize on the basis of racial and ethnic identity while White people who do so are moral monsters.

The “anti-White” concept is a rhetorical sledgehammer that can be used to break out of this self imposed cultural isolation. The Left can be accurately portrayed as being driven by hatred and animus toward White people. The idea that White people are the victims of anti-White bias and discrimination is already breaking out in the mainstream.

“Anti-White” is our “anti-Semitism.” It is the milk cow with a thousand tits. In particular, I would like to call attention to the great work of Bob Whitaker and Horus the Avenger, who have developed this concept into “The Mantra,” which is now gaining ground outside of White Nationalist circles. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter now regularly call attention to anti-White double standards.

Their version of the “metapolitical struggle” is making it easier for ground based activists to talk to ordinary people about the racial matters that concern us.

2.) HBD/Racial Differences – The HBD community has created a lively underground discussion about the existence of racial differences. Arthur Jensen, Phillipe Rushton, Richard Lynn and numerous other scholars have methodically worked for decades to undermine the smug egalitarianism of the political class.

The most famous example of a successful broadside from the HBD community would be the publication of The Bell Curve by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein. Less well known, but equally effective, Murray has another book called Human Accomplishment which is an empirical demonstration of Western superiority in science, technology, and the arts.

Nicholas Wade, a science writer at The New York Times, has been chipping away at Stephen J. Gould’s Mismeasure of Man for years. The work Steve Sailer has done in mainstreaming and popularizing HBD is similarly invaluable.

The figleaf of mainstream legitimacy has allowed Murray and Wade to reach a far larger audience than would otherwise be the case.

3.) The Sailer Strategy – Steve Sailer has spent years crunching the numbers and articulating the “Sailer Strategy” of GOP outreach to White voters. This is helpful in explaining to mainstream conservatives why open borders amounts to political suicide and why only an embrace of White identity politics can ultimately enable them to “take their country back.”

4.) A Conversation About Race – Craig Bodeker’s A Conversation About Race is a fine introduction to the race debate. It is trailblazing in that Bodeker has demonstrated what White Nationalists can do with film.

5.) Racism, Schmacism – James Edwards Racism, Schmacism is a helpful little book for disseminating Bob Whitaker’s Mantra (anti-racism is anti-White) to a mainstream conservative audience.

6.) The MacDonald Trilogy – Kevin MacDonald has made an invaluable contribution in creating a serious space for discussion of the Jewish Question. He has done us no small service in taking the subject out of the hands of the kooks and conspiracy theorists. He has demonstrated the reasonableness of anti-Semitism.

7.) The Ethnostate – Wilmot Robertson provided the White Nationalist movement with a sensible long term vision and center of gravity.

8.) Pat Buchanan – Pat Buchanan has done more than anyone else in America to tie together a coherent ideological worldview for White Nationalists. He has spent years explaining the connections between radical multiculturalism, political correctness, Israel and American foreign policy, differential birthrates, free trade, globalization, foreign wars, immigration, affirmative action, racial double standards, abortion and birth control, and the mortal wounds the World Wars inflicted upon Western Civilization.

No one else has done a better job at tying it all together for a White conservative audience. His many books about these subjects including Death of the West, The Great Betrayal, and Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War awakened thousands including this writer.

Once again, the importance of working within the mainstream with a fig leaf of legitimacy can be seen in the success of Buchanan’s work. Discourse poisoning is far more effective when it is done on the mainstream end and taps into conservative distribution networks.

9.) Sam Francis – Sam Francis was prescient in explaining the long term importance of the MARs constituency and Middle America. We saw that in spades two weeks ago. The importance of Francis is that he identified our target audience and our geographic arena of action.

10.) Birth of a Nation – Digging deeper into history, The Birth of a Nation singlehandedly led to the creation of the Second Ku Klux Klan and played an important role in the reconciling the North to the Jim Crow South.

11.) Darwinism – Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species was undoubtedly the single most influential book in the history of ideas since the Bible and the Koran. It may ultimately prove the longest lasting.

12.) Passing of the Great Race – Madison Grant’s The Passing of the Great Race changed the immigration debate in America. Like Darwin’s Origin of Species or Murray’s The Bell Curve, it was a poignant illustration of the ability of ideas to shape political opinion … by working within the mainstream.

13.) The Tanton Network – Everyday without fail I check Imagine2050 to get the latest updates on their war against The John Tanton Network. The importance of John Tanton’s contribution to mainstreaming immigration restrictionism is obvious.

14.) Whiteness and Christianity – This is a field that is wide open for a “metapolitical struggle” of the likes which “Counter-Currents” advocates. We need some aspiring racialist theologian to prove that White Nationalism is absolutely 100 percent compatible with Christianity.

The Kinists of Spirit/Water/Blood and Cambria Will Not Yield deserve honorable mention in this respect. I think their work is grossly underappreciated.

15.) Whiteness and the Founding Fathers – Historical revisionism is another field that is wide open to a “metapolitical struggle.” The raw White Nationalism of the frontiersmen of Colonial America, the Founders, the 19th century expansionists, the Texas Revolution, and 20th century American imperialism in Latin America is easy to demonstrate.

I haven’t gotten around to reposting the American Racial History Timeline. That was my small contribution to grounding the legitimacy of the White Nationalist movement in authentic Americanism.

See Thomas DiLorenzo’s books which chip away at the Lincoln cult.

16.) Authentic Americanism – Yet another wide open field. It should be a cake walk to write hundreds of books about how White racial consciousness shaped the American people and the very counters of the United States over a time period spanning over three hundred years.

The only scholar who has written a book close to documenting the destruction of traditional Americanism is the Jew Eric P. Kaufmann. This is a wide open field for aspiring White Nationalist scholars.

17.) The Passion of the Christ – Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ showed how the Jews murdered Jesus. It drove the ADL nuts.

18.) Whiteness and Morality – Another wide open field. White Nationalism doesn’t have anything like a go to moral philosopher like Kevin MacDonald. Frank Salter has made some contributions in this area.

19.) Alexander Solzhenitsyn – Alexander Solzhenitsyn has done important work on the Jewish Question which Kevin MacDonald has publicized. He has made it easier to talk about in Russia.

20.) Saul Alinsky and Lee Harris – Finally, Saul Alinsky’s ideas were of invaluable assistance in diagnosing what is wrong with the White Nationalist movement and how it can get back on track. Lee Harris’ concept of “fantasy ideology” was also applicable and insightful in many areas.

21.) Liberty and Whiteness – We need someone to prove that traditional American values like liberty, equality, and tolerance are absolutely compatible with White Nationalism. Aside from a few scattered communitarians, no one is doing much work on reviving the authentic republican tradition either.

Toward Effective Metapolitics

Those who advocate a “metapolitical struggle” to change the reigning anti-racist mores of American culture should be trying to make our job easier. There are any number of people (some of whom I have drawn attention to above) involved with or linked to the White Nationalist movement who are succeeding in doing just that.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are vanguardists who want to dig a deeper hole, reduce our effectiveness, increase the gap of alienation, abandon any pretense of a ground game, empower our enemies, and attach a moral and cultural stigma to White Nationalism. Their counterproductive activity is not helpful and it should be recognized as such.

It is based upon dangerous wishful thinking that civilization will collapse and they will somehow emerge in a Mad Max world as the benefactors. No thought is given to exactly how many White people have to loose their lives for the Elect to get to the promised land.

The trademark characteristic of the vanguardist version of the “metapolitical struggle” is that it is based on a radical sense of alienation and wild fantasy based thinking. They set up an abstract ideal of a White Republic and use it to devalue all real existing communities (which are formed by historical processes) on that basis. It is fool’s gold which is exposed upon close inspection as a false alternative.

The Hitler on a White Horse never comes.* Neither does the White Nationalist version of The Rapture which is usually referred to as The Collapse. Like a mirage in a desert, it has led countless White Nationalists on a neverending chase after the Aryan El Dorado.

The Great Disappointment was a major event in the history of the Millerite movement, a 19th century American Christian sect that formed out of the Second Great Awakening. William Miller, a Baptist preacher, understood by studying the prophecies in the book of Daniel (Chapters 8 and 9, especially Dan. 8:14 “Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed”) that Jesus Christ would return to the earth during the year 1844. A more specific date, that of October 22, 1844, was preached by Samuel S. Snow. Although thousands of followers, some of whom had given away all of their possessions, waited expectantly, Jesus did not appear as expected on the appointed day and as a result October 22, 1844, became known as the Great Disappointment.

In every iteration of this particular fantasy I have seen, whether it be The Day of the Rope or White Nationalists on Mars, every Jew and non-White on earth has been exterminated and vanguardist fanatics (the true believers) ultimately emerge as the lords of the universe. I’m told that in some versions of the tale polygamy has been legalized and they even have their own version of the promised 72 virgins.

Ideas are great and wonderful. Just not every idea. Especially those that make us look foolish.

* In the case of Eugene Terre’blanche in South Africa, the Hitler on the White Horse actually did come, but he died a mainstreamer petitioning the United Nations for a White homeland.

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  1. Thank you for a beautiful list, Hunter. It is a keeper, as I have a tough time shuffling the various approaches to match the situation. This is nuts and bolts stuff like Alinsky’s stratagems and some of the other reviews you have done for us. We need to pass out a <= 6 page manual for advocates, from the personal/individual (i.e. Kievkys' Mind Weaponization) upwards.

    I'm 100% on building/creating (traditionally, what is supposed to be a white man's strength, rather than the poison of the "culture of critique" that you just have to shake your head about when you see it coming out of avowed WNs). The time for dissertations and hand-wringing over the problems is OVER. It is now "Do or Die."

    Thank you, Mike

  2. LOL. Great job, Hunter. Sometimes I start laughing while reading your writings thinking of the intellectual contortions your opponents will have to twist themselves into to come up with anything resembling an intelligent rebuttal your views. Hat’s off for this one.

  3. James Edwards and Pat Buchanan are two of our greatest leaders.

    We cannot put on an explicitly white nationalist act in the presence of our fellow whites. But your list will do, Mr. Wallace.

    Simply demonstrate to them that “diversity”, “anti-racism”, “multiculturalism”, etc, are all anti-white.

    Show, not tell!

  4. RACE AND THE AMERICAN PROSPECT has chapters on biological race differences, the founders American history and race, immigration in American history, race and Christianity, race and philosophy, etc.

  5. There is nothing objectionable about Sam Francis, Pat Buchanan, Richard Lynn, Steve Sailer, Kevin MacDonald, Wilmot Robertson, Craig Bodeker, Frank Salter, or James Edwards. They are all doing valuable work.

    There is actually plenty of room in the White Nationalist movement for a genuine “North American New Right” project. Such a website could engage in exactly the sort of metapolitical Kulturkampf that Johnson advocates. I would have nothing negative to say about it.

    What is most striking about Counter-Currents is the sort of material that is absent there. In an overwhelmingly Christian nation, I don’t see any strong voice trying to reconcile Christianity with White Nationalism. There seems to be little interest in Christian theology on that website.

    Trainspotter was emphatic that there was plenty of “intellectual work” left to be done. The neglect of Christianity is the elephant in the room. I can’t think of any other area where a “metapolitical struggle” would be of greater service to the movement.

    There is a wide open field for American historical revisionism. If someone really wants to engage in a “metapolitical struggle,” their time would be much better spent attempting to demolish the MLK halo and the sanctity of the Civil Rights Movement. Something like that would actually be helpful.

    Go forth metapolitical warriors!

    How about a project documenting the ways that liberals/progressives have undermined the American republican tradition and twisted it advance their own ends? A “metapolitical struggle” could add enormous clarity to the disconnect between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on the one hand and Barack Obama on the other.

    Another underserved area that I have identified is moral philosophy and White racial consciousness. Ian Jobling made forays into this area on White America. Once again, if the metapolitical warriors really want to do something valuable, they should be coming up with compelling moral justifications for anti-Semitism and a White ethnostate.

    The whole question of strategy and tactics is being adequately addressed here.

    Instead, Greg Johnson wastes most of his time posting retreads of alienated vanguardists and European neo-fascists, combining it with anti-Americanism and anti-Christianity and other throwback “progressive” ideas like dropping out of the system. The total package ends up being non-responsive to the American cultural and political environment.

  6. Isn’t it odd that HW seems to be finally coming around on the topic of “metapolitics,” but he can’t resist taking personal potshots at me and insinuating lies? I long ago concluded that HW has deep character defects — histrionic narcissism, pathological dishonesty, pettiness, meanness — that make it impossible to work with him and foolish to trust him.

    I am not cynical enough to try my hand at Christian apologetics, but I have published such work in the past at TOQ Online by “Thomas White.” I would be happy to publish more work by White. There are other Christians whom I respect and whose work I have published: Edmund Connelly, Andrew Hamilton, F. Roger Devlin, to name just three.

    I will, however, gladly keep putting pressure on Christian WNs to come up with a plausible account of how their religion and its values are consistent with the survival of our race. I will gladly put pressure on Christian WNs to take back their churches from the enemies of our race. They really need constant scourging to do that.

    But you know what I have noticed? Christian believers (excepting the ones named above) are generally more interested in silencing honest criticisms of Christianity from our ranks than they are in combating anti-White hatred in their own ranks. Whenever Christians try to sell me on shutting up about their religion’s role in our decline, I tell them their efforts are better employed at shutting up their anti-White co-religionists.

  7. As usual, I have to add my own $.002 worth (and that is probably ALL it is worth) by knocking off a few quick thoughts. I would say that a major problem with White Nationalists is that, though they see the plight and future dismal trends realistically, they have not come up with flexible programs to adapt to them. WNists tend to love losing causes, simply because they are just and right and glorious. This tendency blinds them to the pragmatism that enables them to hold the line while they gain enough breathing and maneuver space to push back.

    Part of this is natural and understandable. White males have been the dominant culture for so long, it is second nature for them to take a strong approach. Moreover, the truth of their own dispossession is so painful for even the most realistic, they subconsciously operate from a state of denial and have a strong reaction. So they overlook the effectiveness of using the weapons of the weak. They do not understand that, rather than confronting and openly opposing the Anti-White agenda, their new mission must be to subvert it, sabotage it, and where they can turn it against the enemy.

    Let’s start with the DREAM Act. It’s going to pass, sooner or later … I think it will be sooner, if this Lame Duck Session of Libtard Losers has anything to say about it, so it is time to change tactics NOW. What better way than to call for a One-Size-Fits-All College Tuition? When colleges reward the children of or illegals themselves by offering in-state tuition only to them are they not punishing foreign nationals who have respected our laws, come here legally with out-of-country tuition? Are they not also punishing residents of other American states who have respected their rules enough to be honest with them with out-of-state tuition?

    Of course, the colleges will predictably try to cover their financial losses by raising tuition across the board. And the families of in-state students who are here legally will predictably raise hell over it. And the families of the out of state students who thought they would get a big tuition break will predictably raise hell. And since Mexico and several Latin America countries have set precedent by suing the country over matters of border sovereignty, you can be damned sure the countries of the foreign students will predictably raise hell.

    THIS is how White Nationalism can implement the “Worse is Better” theory, Hunter and Greg.

    Affirmative Action (or what I call, Affirmative Discrimination). White males have been fulminating against this without success for how long? It’s here to stay, folks. But we can still make it work FOR us rather than against us. Consider this:

    Proportionate Representation. White nationalists need to demand that Affirmative Action be amended to reflect proportionate representation. That means detailed censuses that determine race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, and religion. That, in and of itself, would blow up that White Privilege Myth that “racial justice” agitator, Tim “Tick Tock” Wise likes to blather on about. It makes the entire country look at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. And it’s the last thing a certain ethnicity wants to see in this country. Because it would shine the line on exactly WHO has all the privileges and advantages in this country.

    We need it desperately and we need it NOW. If we can force these top-notch universities and all these companies to be required to set aside the percentage of openings that reflect OUR percentage of the population, then that inevitably cuts into the grossly disproportionate representation of that certain ethnicity. But they can’t scream about “Anti-(fill in the blank), because its based on population demographics, nothing more, nothing less.

    Rigid Meritocracy: Taking the tact that a stopped clock is correct at least twice a day, I harp on George Dubya Bush’s theme about “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

    White Nationalists are making a terrible mistake by harping about the Bell Curve and IQ differences between White and Non-Whites. By doing so, they provide a ready-made excuse for Affirmative Discrimination against Whites, the dumbing down of education and, finally, for instituting all these welfare programs. ANY kind of White Supremacism inevitably creates the kind of White Burden that Whites will never be allowed to set down and kick to the curb once it is assumed. Stop that!

    Yes, there will be limousine liberals or compassionate, country club conservatives who will snivel that this discriminates against Non-Whites. Well, play “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” Smack them over the head with the Boaz “Race is Just a Social Construct” Club. Accuse THEM of being White Racists. Make THEM prove that Non-Whites can’t cut the mustard and then refuse to accept their findings no matter what they come up with. And on top of that, refuse allow THEM to encourage/create substandard people by insisting that the standards be upheld.

    Rigorous means and skill testing need to be enforced. That means the same standards across the board with STATS, merit exams and employment testing. Whatever one can say about the French, they adhere to strict merit testing and their system is run much more efficiently than ours.

    But what if suitable Non-White candidates for open positions can’t be found, you may ask. NOT A PROBLEM. If they can’t be found, then the positions must be filled with suitable candidates. It’s that simple. The responsibility for making a candidate apply for and be suitable for an open position should belong to the candidate. It is up to the candidate to make himself competitive, not society at large. It is not society’s responsibility to ensure equal outcome; only equal opportunity.

  8. they should be coming up with compelling moral justifications for anti-Semitism

    I don’t really think these grandiose “anti semitic” theories are worth much. I don’t particularly dislike jews. I’ve known some that I’ve liked quite a bit. But there’s no getting around the fact that some jews employ a double standard when dealing with others. Most people, jewish or not, do the same thing so its not like its something exclusive to jews. But it annoys me when jews attack other whites for this while denying they do it themselves. I was a critic of this on GW’s blog and came up with three valid and undeniable arguments which put jewish antipathy towards others in perspective. I repeated each of them several times on different occasions and GW simply pretended that I hadn’t said it. I once addressed him specifically in asking him for his opinion on them and he simply refused to discuss it. Which was very conspicuous because he always attacked anything that was even slightly critical. He shut his blog down a few weeks after I made my last argument. And I’ve always wondered if that had something to do with it.

    I will gladly put pressure on Christian WNs to take back their churches from the enemies of our race.

    I think it would be interesting to know how the churches got hijacked in the first place. After all, when one looks at polls on immigration one sees that the congregations are generally against it but the leadership is still pushing it as hard as they can.

  9. Hunter Wallace:

    “What is most striking about Counter-Currents is the sort of material that is absent there. In an overwhelmingly Christian nation, I don’t see any strong voice trying to reconcile Christianity with White Nationalism. There seems to be little interest in Christian theology on that website.

    Trainspotter was emphatic that there was plenty of “intellectual work” left to be done. The neglect of Christianity is the elephant in the room. I can’t think of any other area where a “metapolitical struggle” would be of greater service to the movement.”

    There is that strong voice. It’s called Christian Identity. It takes the tact that the White races of Northen Europe are misplaced White Semites called the Lost Tribes of Israel which was dispersed into Europe by the Assyrians. It rips off the whole Chosen People Mythos of the Jews. Because what else can they do to preserve the race? Like Islam, Christianity in and of itself, is not a racial religion; only Judaism is. And since what is now known as Judaism inspired both religions, everyone else can mix except, of course, the Chosen People, the Jews.

    There SHOULD be some Biblical proof somewhere to convince Christians that it is flying in the face of God to race-mix. Because genetics prove that. The dirty little secret of miscegenation is the difficulty of coming up with medication and providing organ transplants for sick biracial people. The story about God confusing the tongues of mankind to stop the erection of the Tower of Babel is fine for explaining linguistic differences, but there is no Biblical explanation for racial differences. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that He further frustrate mankind’s aspirations by creating visible racial differences to destroy any kind of homogeneity that would produce unity of purpose and consensus?

    As usual, we don’t have enough information. The Bible was written by and for The Chosen People who have become experts at controlling and disseminating it.

  10. One idea on how to “take back” the churches. Churches are dependent on donations. What is needed is to set up a parallel association among the congregation without the approval of its leadership. The parallel association would simply point out that the leadership is pursuing politics against their interests and encourage its members to withhold tithes. Or better yet, contribute to them instead.

  11. Nestra-

    I’ve read that the commandment against adultery is actually a commandment against miscegenation. Apparently, the original meaning of adultery was to mix unlike things. I’m not a linquist so I’ve never been able to determine whether this is true. But the old testament is full of commandments against miscegenation. So it might well be.

  12. How about a project documenting the ways that liberals/progressives have undermined the American republican tradition and twisted it advance their own ends? A “metapolitical struggle” could add enormous clarity to the disconnect between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on the one hand and Barack Obama on the other.

    Preston’s altright Schmitt series recently touched on this:

    Most important, Schmitt opposed methods of constitutional interpretation that would serve to create the political conditions under which the constitution itself could be overthrown. The core issue raised by Schmitt was the question of whether or not anti-constitutional parties such as the NSDAP or KPD should have what he called the “equal chance” to assume power legally. If such a party were to be allowed to gain control of the apparatus of the state itself, it could then use its position to destroy the constitutional order.


  13. The Serpent Seed is a belief ripped straight from the pages of “seedline” or “two-seed” Christian Identity theology, the hard-line version of the theology that holds that Eve was impregnated by Satan and gave birth to his son, Cain, described as the first Jew. That is, Jews are seen as biologically descended from Satan, and are allegedly hard at work preparing the earth for his rule. Identity adherents also argue that whites, not Jews, are the real Hebrews of the Bible, and that non-whites are sub-human “beasts of the field” created without souls.

    Certainly sounds preferable to political correctness. I just have issues with going along blindly with beliefs that we cannot prove and are historically inaccurate. I think truth should always be on our side and something we value, even though sometimes lies may be to our benefit.

    Additionally many Christianity Identity people are very militant, advocate genocide and want America to be a sort of dictatorial theocracy. Those who don’t believe as they do, even if they are White, are often viewed as being an enemy along with non-Whites and treated accordingly.

  14. Like Islam, Christianity in and of itself, is not a racial religion; only Judaism is.

    I’ve done a few G**gles looking into this, and AFAICT Islam is a more racial religion than Christianity. Christianity is not anti-racist IMO (for every “there is neither Jew nor Greek” there’s a “dogs begging for scraps from the (racial) master’s table” or a “good Samaritan” (a careful reading of TGS will show it is a racist, not anti-racist, narrative), but neither does it seem racist, except insofar as it sanctions Judaism. But Islam designates separate roles for the races, a bit about how the sons of Shem have this destiny, the sons of Japheth have another, etc. And of course there’s the Arabism.

    But step back a bit. Scripture’s one thing, theology’s another. Does anyone think a just God – a God of all men – would allow racialism for only one group? Because he certainly mandates/sanctions it for the Jews. Which means racialism per se is okay with the big guy, at the very least, since AFAIK he never revoked his mandate/sanction on Jewish racialism. So the question becomes, are Jews really the only group allowed racialism? Is God everyone’s God, or is he really just the Jews’ God? There are only two choices here, IMO:

    1) God is a Jewish bigot who mandates/sanctions racialism only for the Jews – not really a God many will worship for long.
    2) God mandates/sanctions racialism for all peoples.

  15. An interesting twist on CI might be a middle ground where we scrap the silly “we’re the lost Semite tribe” thing but keep the benefits; Christ broke the original covenant with the Hebrews and passed the torch to all of humanity. Ergo, you get Judaism for every group, since all the old law is still valid (excepting that which contradicts the new law, if any).

  16. Regarding a Christian rationale for racism: Point out to Christians the moral habits, especially sexual habits, typical of Blacks, from MLK to the grinning mulatto that’s been coming to the White church youth group. Let them know the risk they put their kids in by associating with people who only pretend to observe Christian norms. Nowadays, any town that has Blacks has got abandoned White girls with their tan offspring. Let them be a lesson to charitable Christians.
    Every social pathology that Blacks excel at is an affront to Christian morality. Let them chew on that.

  17. Regarding rational anti-Semitism: If you don’t like greed (Wall Street) and selfishness (Washington DC) and dishonesty (the media) and intellectual corruption (academia), you by and large don’t like Jews. It makes perfect sense.

  18. Examining the evolution and escalation of anti-White themes in TV, film, advertising and pop culture would be a good project. How do we go from Jimmy Stewart, Charlton Heston, and Andy Griffith to Will Smith, Homer Simpson and Archie Bunker? From Gone with the Wind to Machete? The number of themes and trends to study here could fill an encyclopedia. Miscegenation, the denigration of the White male, the denigration of White culture, attacks on the traditional family, the celebration of deviancy, abnormality, and perversion — the possibilities are endless and each theme could probably fill a volume.

  19. Hunter, nice mention of BUGS and Horus of “follow the white rabbit” fame. But there’s another group which should be included in that section ….

    Bo Sears and friends over at http://www.resistingdefamation.org

    They have developed a whole “syllabus” of tools for “attack-backs” against anti-White bigotry. Not exactly the same as the Mantra, but a very versatile set of tools if one uses them correctly.

  20. One more thing Hunter. Glad to see you found value in the publication of (parts, not finished) “Two Hundred Years Together”. I did too.

    In fact, if you read Chapter 5, your ability to do so was courtesy of the financial support of little old ME. Yeah, someone you dumped into your disordered category of “Vanguardist” made it possible for you to read that chapter, in English at least.

    Yup, we “Vanguardists” are just worthless pieces of crap that have nothing to offer the “movement” and until we get serious and start fantasizing about Sarah Palin for Prez we’re just “out there” and have no function.

    Get over it Hunter.

  21. Hunter says, “There is actually plenty of room in the White Nationalist movement for a genuine “North American New Right” project. Such a website could engage in exactly the sort of metapolitical Kulturkampf that Johnson advocates. I would have nothing negative to say about it.”

    But you HAVE been saying nothing BUT negative about it!

    Make up your freakin’ mind.

  22. Point out to Christians the moral habits, especially sexual habits, typical of Blacks, from MLK to the grinning mulatto that’s been coming to the White church youth group.

    Explicit negativity directed at the Other is difficult to pull off among any current mainstream people including religious. It tends to turn into its own goal in humor at the expense of others and readily drifts away from white unity as the only goal.

    The best approach is to avoid singling out a specific group and instead state that multiculturalism fails all of us. It’s a fruitless obstacle, a social experiment gone wrong getting in the way of human progress everywhere it is implemented.

    In combination with the antiwhite mantra, this is a positive and winning strategy that both alienates and pushes to the margins the few antiwhites who are, as everyone can see, the only hateful racists in today’s world.

  23. Alex Kurtagic reviews G. Faye’s “Archeofuturism” and concludes “I find Faye’s one of the most lucid analyses and statements of a metapolitical proposition I have yet encountered.” I agree, and this is an accurate review of the book.

    Read it here: http://www.alternativeright.com/main/blogs/untimely-observations/what-was-must-be/

    This may help some here understand the “Why” of what Hunter calls “Vanguardists”. There’s probably a better name for people who think in this manner, one which doesn’t carry the odor of Marx-Lenin Think. Perhaps Archeofuturists is that name?

    One thing I will agree with in Hunter’s idea about “Vanguardists”: they have little use for changing a hopelessly corrupt system. They believe the point of no return has already come and gone, and that something entirely New-Old must be resurrected from the ashes of the corrupt “system”.

    Here’s another link on the idea of a “resurrection” only following a collapse of the current zeitgeist. Yup, none of this is “mainstream”, and will not resonate with the good ol’ Merry Cans on Turkey Day. But that’s not the point, at this point …

    “Surviving Multiculturalism” — http://www.wermodandwermod.com/newsitems/news271020101511.html

  24. The Mormon Church still officially discourages miscegenation and only admitted Negroes to the Priesthood in the 1970s under US Supreme Court pressure.

    There are plenty of racist passages in the Book of Mormon. God punished the Lamanites for theirs sins by giving them a skin of blackness so they wouldn’t be appealing to the fair and delightsome righteous people. Also, Black skin, big lips, flat nose are the mark of Cain.

  25. Drifter: Some people might accept a statement that multiculturalism fails us all, but how do you demonstrate that to the millions who have been taught that diversity is a strength? There’s nothing like a rock hard example. Put real-world phenomena before people and ask them to explain to you what’s going on. Leftist platitudes crumble when put to the test.

  26. With multiracial society removed, things like the color of crime are then irrelevant for us. Let the Other bring themselves to ruin as is apparently their tendency. We are then out of the picture economically, politically and morally and able to forge ahead unburdened. That’s the inner goal.

    As an outer goal, with mixed society as a whole in focus rather than just a given demographic, which is only a part of the whole problem, the left is then robbed of its ability to rationalize imposing a successor demographic.

    For example, in the U.S., it has been trendy to swap out an old black minority for a new Mexican immigrant majority minority. In Europe, they’re probably seeing the muslim demographic fall out of favor and considering a replacement, like Chinese for example.

    Yet, after all the years of denouncing and bringing into some acceptance the nature of the black or Middle Eastern demographic, the basic problem of multiracial society remains. No gain.

  27. The Left has invested decades in infiltrating and twisting Christianity to suit their purposes. Just look at Utah where the Church of Latter Day Saints is trying to stand in the way of restrictionist immigration reform.

    A “metapolitical” rollback of this sort of nonsense would be welcome. It would make our job easier. If this was a serious project, you would think something like that would be the top priority.

  28. But you HAVE been saying nothing BUT negative about it!

    Make up your freakin’ mind.

    That’s because there doesn’t seem to be any genuine “North American” aspect to the project. It suffers from exactly the same problems that I have identified elsewhere: refusing to adapt the message to the experience of the audience, going outside their experience, starting where you are today.

    If we sat here and seriously thought about what “effective metapolitics” would look like in American conditions, there would be priorities like reconciling Christianity with White Nationalism, undermining myths like “we are a nation of immigrants,” destroying the halo that surrounds MLK and the Civil Rights Movement, reinterpreting the ideology of the Founders in a way that emphasizes White racial consciousness.

  29. Examining the evolution and escalation of anti-White themes in TV, film, advertising and pop culture would be a good project.

    Not to mention the proliferation of “whiteness studies” and “critical race theory” and “multicultural centers” at the universities. Once again, there is plenty of room for a “metapolitical struggle,” but the topics that are being selected are not particularly responsive to American conditions.

  30. Or, how about a site that documents the predominant role played by Jews/Jewesses in the family-destroying, civilization-corrupting porn rackets. This by way of focussing on the MAIN enemy, instead of endlessly antagonizing anti-Jew ethnoids.

  31. Well, this may sound blasphemous, but one of the problems facing European Christianity vis a`vis Judaism and Islam is that Europeans never created a monotheistic god in their own image. The Arab Muslims have their tribal moon god, Allah. The Jews have their desert god, Yahweh and the Christians simply claim an association with Yahweh through what we believe is his son, Jesus Christ. So the other two Abrahamic religions have their deities (or team mascots) and we don’t.

    My take on the Bible is that Yahweh is a Jewish god and he is only interested in the Jews. Christians, I guess, are like the dogs that get to lick the crumbs off the floor from under their master’s tables.
    The Jews, as the Chosen People, remain his top priority and in view of how they always manage to come on top of every situation against White European Christians, I don’t see where Yahweh could be considered our team mascot or personal deity.

    I don’t think it’s an accident, especially after their great victory against Germany and subjugation of the West that the Christian churches have become this Judeo-Christian corruption. If Yahweh is on OUR side, he has a strange way of showing it and that’s who we give our worship and spiritual power to.

    The logical solution would be if some charismatic White European Japhethite did what the Semites (Jew and Arab) did; go through the whole assembly of traditional White pagan gods and pick out the one that looks most powerful and say HE’s the Supreme Being.

    Hell, we could even name HIM as the deity who fathered Jesus Christ. But we missed that boat two thousand years ago. White European Christians are the most like that frog that is heating up in that pot full of water on the stove. They are too comfortable and dulled by Judeo-Christianity to jump out before they are boiled to death.

    Christianity only makes sense in a polytheistic fashion. For the Christian narrative to work, there are at least two gods out there. For who was paid the ransom (Jesus Christ’s crucifixion) that God put up to redeem us from our sins?

    I wish I had the answer to the Christian conundrum, but I don’t.

    I don’t want to be a Jew or some long lost Israelite Semite. I am a Japhethite. I don’t have a lot of admiration for the whole Chosen People Mythos anyway. I found Abraham rather seedy the way he tried to pimp Sarah twice. I found Esau more sympathetic than Jacob. And I want no part of Jewish Supremacism even if this CI thing is true, which I highly doubt.

  32. Nestra-

    I tend to agree with most of what you said. We definitely need some kind of unifying mythos. But it’s not simply a matter of coming up with the perfect “religion”. Even if we had it, getting everyone on board would be like herding cats. There are a thousand denominations for a reason.

    I personally don’t see the need for the supernatural when one has science. Why not simply create a philosophy that promotes healthy values and behaviors? If it’s designed properly it could be palatable to everyone while leading them towards a concensus.

  33. Some people might accept a statement that multiculturalism fails us all, but how do you demonstrate that to the millions who have been taught that diversity is a strength?

    Of the millions who’ve been taught that diversity is a strength only a few hundred thousand believe it, and most of them would qualify for the Special Olympics.

    That’s one of those judeo-liberal slogans that’s become a joke.

    A lot like the Special Olympics, actually.

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